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  1. ralphonz

    Arduino Controller - Rotary encoders jumping around

    Hi All, I'm a total novice when it comes to this but hopefully someone with a little more experience can help me out? I'm building a small MIDI controller to use with my Axe FX II. It's four endless rotary encoders (pulled from a BCR2000) connected to an arduino uno. It transmits midi on...
  2. tysonlt

    [SOLVED] Arduino sysex problem

    Greetings! I have been working on a DIY MIDI controller with an Arduino Nano. I have a problem where I can send sysex commands to get preset name, scene name, firmware version... but not sequentially. It seems that whatever sysex I send first is the only one that arrives. For example, I can...
  3. K

    Unlocked FBV3 / MkII controllers (full color / MIDI)

    While I don't have a Fractal....yet, here's a way to use a Line 6 FBV3 with full color LED and MIDI functionality using an Arduino and Raspberry Pi. You can also use a Shortboard MkII if you'd like. It's fairly straightforward to put together with minimal parts and based off of prior Vlotech /...
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