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another day

  1. cdub

    Dream Theater - Another Day

    Just made some slight tweaks to Gurtej Singh's Goodnight Kiss patch that he has posted. Great song that is really personal for me currently.

    🎶🎸 Les Videos du Lundi #50 - “Another Day” (full guitar cover) 🎸🎶

    🇺🇸 Cover of Phil Collins' "Another Day in Paradise" 😉🎸 The Axe-Fx III for all guitar, electro-acoustic and bass sounds. Cygnus 16.05 firmware. 🇫🇷 Reprise de “Another Day in Paradise” de Phil Collins. L’Axe-Fx III pour tous les sons de guitare, électro-acoustique et basse. Firmware Cygnus 16.05.
  3. Hamer90

    FW Q9.04 Dream Theater - Another Day (guitar solo cover) PATCH INSIDE!

    DREAM THEATER - ANOTHER DAY (JOHN PETRUCCI'S GUITAR SOLO COVER) Hello everyone! This time I played one of my favorite guitar solos. I tried to get as close as possible to the sound of John Petrucci. Check it out! More videos here: https://guitar-science.ru/guitar-video/ Patch...
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