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  1. S

    New Tune! 2-Man Quartet As Usual

    Greetings, Hello everyone, another tune is up! This started off with 80s pop vibe in mind, and morph to having no 80s vibe at all.:tearsofjoy: Anyway here it is, my bro on drums and me on guitars. I am using Deluxe Tweed on the rhythm guitar, Fox ODS on lead, Angle Severe 2 on solo, and Dirty...
  2. Symbolic

    Atheist - Mother Man (Q7b2 Angle Severe)

    Hi, guys! Covered this great song just for fun. Used my Gibson LP Deluxe '71, Angle Severe 1 amp and some minor post-EQing. Learned by ear. Hope you enjoy it!

    Misha Mansoor + ML Hangout and Cab Pack 19 talk!

    Special thanks to Brock for making all this happen! We hung out and talked about the collaborations, Axe-Fx, creating tones, capturing IR's etc. and thought you guys might find it interesting. It was actually the best 3 hour talks I've ever had but sadly it had to be cut down to a more enjoyable...
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