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  1. Jj1986jj

    Some Clean and Dirty Tones using Amps & Pedals

    Amps AC30/Fender in Stereo 5153 Blue/AC20 in stereo Pedals Klon (based on settings shared here) FET boost Amps &Pedals(Fractal FM9)

    What Amp Models would you like to see added?

    I was curious on what the process was for new amp models so I thought I’d start a thread to see what everyone thought and what others would want to see. Personally I’d love to see an Omega ampworks model of the Obsidian or Granophyre, A Randall Satan, And possibly something like a Marshall...
  3. M.M.

    Powerline network interference solution? Amp noise, modellers not affected

    Hello, I've been using my amps with a loadbox for a while, and today when I was going to "dust off" my cabinet, I came across this noise. Tried with different amps and it doesn't make any difference. I'm pretty sure this is being caused by powerline network adapters I installed recently...
  4. E

    Need help with the Ax8

    Hi, yesterday i got the ax8, it works fine until i want to use (USA model amps) if I use them there isn't output signal, even if i change to another amp that previusly worked the output signal would still be 0. To use the ax8 again i have to switch it off and turn it on . I noticed also that...
  5. Entasis

    One bank with every single currently available amp (FW 14.05) (16.00b12)

    One preset for each one of the 120+ amps, and scenes for each one of the modes. Nothing has been dialed-in, everything is at default values (noon or as-is when loaded) Cabs were narrowed down according to the recommendations in the wiki and @yek's guide (you did a yeoman's job; thank you!) and...
  6. Guitar Of Justice

    Modern Rock/Metal Lead/Solo Preset/Settings Recommandations and Advice

    Hi there I'm try to get a nice fat modern high gain lead tone for heavy rock, soft metal :) I'm interessted in your approaches to get this: What I know: high gain amp, reverb, delay 320ms, distortion stomp But there are so many options and settings possible, so my question to guys is: What...
  7. N

    How many of you use also real amps and pedalboards and why?

    Hi, I just got my invite for an FM3 HP and have some decisions to make. As a bedroom / home studio player I'm using an AX8 for occasional recording but in the last couple of weeks I somehow got into pedals, pedalboards and especially analog drive pedals (probably due to GAS). Finding myself...
  8. R

    Using an AX8 on a Yamaha THR10?

    I’m planning on getting a Yamaha THR10 as an amp upgrade from my old practice amp. I was looking at the AX8 and fell in love with the sound of it. Question is, would the AX8 sound good if I use it on this amp? Or would is sounds awful?
  9. Belensky

    Diezel Herbert vs Diezel VH4 shootout

    There are couple videos on youtube comparing these two amps, I didn't like the way they sounded so I decided to record my own. Both amps recorded exactly the same way, with volume that I would typically use when playing with band.
  10. ThrillGrill

    Combat "too many amps" issue

    A neat idea I had the other day when I was feeling overwhelmed by how many options are in the AX8.... Save, then delete ALL presets. This includes factory, purchased, user presets, etc. Then add 1-3 amps at a time. Amps that you know well will serve as a great starting point. I found that...
  11. voes

    Implemented Option to make a block scene-independent

    Since there's a good chance that the III will include 3 AMP blocks, I wish there was an option on each block to select if it was Scene independent I would like to make one big Preset which would contain 3-4 AMPS (using different blocks or channels) and 8 scenes to change between FX settings...
  12. C

    Breaking Benjamin’s patches?

    I know these guys started using Fractal a few years ago now. At first I wasn’t that impressed with how it was sounding for them but I just watched a video of a guy that got a VIP experience with them and you can hear the tones being used in their soundcheck and a short clip of the actual live...
  13. A

    Your go-to high gain amp?

    Yesterday I was going through some amps on the AX8 and happened to find the FAS Modern III and it was amazing. The growl, the clarity, the tightness - just great. I used that in our band practice and even our singer noticed I had a new tone and everyone complimented it. So I believe that will...
  14. C

    Tips for making the amps sound more raw??

    All I love the Fractal, but my only gripe is that it tends to sound a bit too much like a recorded guitar tone. This is where I give Kemper a slight edge when it comes to guitar tone. I am looking for any tips on how I can get my amp models in the Fractal to sound a bit more like an amp that...
  15. marklumsley

    How do you sort/arrange your amp presets on your computer?

    By that, I mean: say you're one of (presumably) many Fractal users who make presets/global blocks of each amp (and their most suited factory/user IR) so that they can be easily called up, ready to be smothered with effects (or not!) for recording/jamming at a moment's notice. Would you arrange...
  16. N

    Preset creation help

    For some reason when I select an amp to use in a preset,the little picture comes up in the chain as black and white,yet on other presets,it's in colour.Does this mean anything and is it affecting my tone? Thanks.
  17. N

    Basic Amp help

    Hi all,would anyone be able to explain to me in lamens terms what the Input Trum does on an amp model? I've struggled to completely understand from what it states in the guide. Thanks for the help
  18. Nakul Sharma

    Respective Amps Best Factory Cabs

    Hey all, I use Axe FX 2 XL+ for live and for recordings. Played more than 15 gigs now. Hands down the best gear I have by far.. I love it. Each day it gives me goosebumps. Ok so back to my query.. As of now I don't have Cab packs. Many of you guys use Cab packs. And many are like me who use...
  19. Nakul Sharma

    Best amps to dial!

    Hey folks, I made 8 to 10 presets. As of now they are my go to sounds. But I want your suggestions abt which amps u play on category wise. 1. I want a clean sparky sounding amp. 2. A gritty mid gain. Where the amp just break up. 3. A alternative rock sounding tone(modern rock). 4. Metal Amp 5...
  20. Alan Benjamin

    output level variation between modeled amps (at default settings)

    Greetings, As I mentioned in a separate thread yesterday (about the most practical ways to build presets from scratch), I spent a bit of time last night dialing in what sounded like a good starting cabinet and then auditioned every available amp to see which might work best for my "stock" clean...
  21. ralphonz

    How to Match Amps and Cabs?

    Hi everyone, I've had my axe fx II a while now. I don't have a lot of knowledge about amps or cabs. I have a few standard set ups which I always use as a basis for creating new tones. I mainly bought the axe to play with interesting fx set-ups and use modifiers as it was before the release of...
  22. marklumsley

    Dispelling a FIABD Joe Satriani myth...

    While Satch did indeed use a respectable bunch of amplifiers during his 'Flying...' album - including the Mesa/Boogie Mk IIC+, it was NOT used during the recording of the title track. Used instead was a silverface Fender Pro Reverb as stated by the man himself on his Tumblr account whilst...
  23. Samho

    Banks Samho : All amps sorted by trademarks and models

    Hi all! I would like to share with you presets that I made (and that I use too) when I'm looking for a specific sound. Actually, it's not some presets but 3 banks organized in a special way : All amps are sorted by trademarks and models. All amps are sorted from clean to overdrive. The...
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