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  1. Hyper Planet

    Alternate picking fashion in pentatonic and double harmonic scale

    Hi fellers this a little shot of my practicing on alternate picking with a little bit of bending in Pentatonic and Double Harmonic scale, also I used amplitube 4 -mesa mark iv Follow me on instagram for more vidoes ;) my instagram : https://www.instagram.com/aminhyperplanet/?hl=en Have fun :)
  2. Hyper Planet

    My daily practice in alternate picking land - Using amplitube Mesa

    Hey guys this is a short journey into my daily practice in alternate picking land with my Boy RG1820X loaded with BNP-Juggernauts, 98% of times I'm using plugins for practicing, My blacky box is resting :) what about you guys, are you using Axe-Fx for your daily practicing ?
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