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  1. sixtystring

    Wish Soldano Hot Rod (schematics included)

    I've been researching Silverchair's huge post-Frogstomp tone recently and found that they used Soldano Hot Rods. Not sure how different these are from the other Soldano models or other "hot rodded" amps for that matter. There's also video from back in the day where Leon mentions the HR-50+ is...
  2. ozzyslant

    Fractal Audio and amp profiling

    Hi, first time poster. I heard rumours on TGP about Fractal having an impending patent on some amp profiling technique or something. Wanted to come straight to the source and ask if there is any information about such? Maybe if there's already been discussion about this you could point me to the...
  3. musicology

    WTB Trade my Supro head and cab for JMP 100

    Would like to trade my Supro black magick head and cab for a Marshall JMP 100 with 4x12 cab. I'm located in Waco Tx. so, I'd be open to a drive to the surrounding cities; Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, and so on. Here is the amps listing...
  4. musicology

    WTB Looking For VHT 2150

    Looking For VHT 2150. Hit me up with what you have. Thanks
  5. ApocalypticKatana

    Help getting this guitar tone

    From 0:10 - 0:27 What amp and cab from the sound do you think the player is using judging from the tone?
  6. Andrea Maccianti

    Bogner Atma Preset (ARES)

    Hey friends! Here my Bogner Atma preset for axefx2 axefx3 and AX8. Has 6 Scenes + one of my own custom IR. Hope you enjoy! 😊🎸
  7. Andrea Maccianti

    Marshall PLEXI 100w Jump Preset

  8. ZebulaJams

    Just bought Axe-Fx III

    So I just bought this rig and I was super stoked to get it. So far, the experience hasn't been the best. There is no help with understanding the device, you have to Google random forums and reddit posts to find out that you have to update the firmware and install the proper drivers, and figuring...
  9. Andrea Maccianti

    Friedman BE C45 Preset

  10. Andrea Maccianti

    MESA/BOOGIE Lone Star Preset

    4 Scenes.
  11. Andrea Maccianti

    Reb Beach

    Some Reb Beach stuff. All guitars was recorded with AxeFx2 Backing Track created by me. Hope you enjoy!
  12. Andrea Maccianti

    Testing a new Lead Guitar Tone

  13. Danny Hayoun

    Magnatone Panoramic Stereo Amp?

    Not necessarily needing the stereo capabilities, but I played this amp today and was FLOORED by it and a few other Magnatones I checked out. I intend to TRY and approximate it but would be ETERNALLY grateful if the good folks at Fractal could actually properly model this beast!!! The reverb and...
  14. m3talmike

    WTB Seymour Duncan Power Stage 170 [EU]

    Hello, i would like to buy a used Seymour Duncan Power Stage 170 in the best possible condition from Europe, i live in Athens, Greece. If someone has one and wants to get rid of it please make me an offer. Thanks.
  15. novorandall

    FS Splawn Nitro 100 Head PRICE LOWERED!

    I have for sale a Splawn Nitro amp head. 100 Watt. Excellent condition. Works perfectly and is an absolute MONSTER!! If you are looking at this, you KNOW what this amp is. I am asking $1399 & $85 shipping. Splawn website say: *All the Splawn tone with more saturation and voiced for a...
  16. novorandall

    SOLD Rocktron Velocity 100 LTD stereo power amp

    I am selling a Rocktron Velocity 100 LTD stereo power amp. Great amp to use with an AXE-FX or any preamp. Amp is in overall excellent condition. Has a minor bend in the right rack ear due to improper mounting, but has been tested and works perfectly. Comes with power cord. Street price new...
  17. Feiner-mechaniker

    Dedicated cabs to Amp-types

    @Cliff: Is it possible create a possibility to get information with which built in standard cab you created your Amp-modeling for the certain types? I recently played in vacation with my old POD HD (which is so far wüaway from Axe Fx). When you chose an amp there is a dedicated cab automatic...
  18. I

    Carvin R1000 noob

    Hello! Our band is new to having halfstacks! Last year we got a Carvin R1000 for our bass rig paired with an Ampeg 4x10. After 5 months which included a tour and several shows, two speakers ripped. I think there was too much power for the speakers to handle. I do know know much about speakers...
  19. Andrea Maccianti

    Suhr PT100 Preset

  20. C

    Inherent hiss in amps?

    I'm asking in regards to the Brit 800, and comparing with the Friedman 2018 model. Both amps have similar character, but the Friedman has more gain with less background hiss. I've found that the hiss is mainly caused by the 'Bright Switch' being engaged. I've been using the Brit 800 with it...
  21. Andrea Maccianti

    PARK 75 In The Mix NO Post-Production

  22. Andrea Maccianti

    PARK 75 Preset

    E dopo quasi 5 settimane di fermo (causa tendinite) si riprende piano piano, anche se il dito indice della mano sinistra non è al 100% Ma lo scopo di questi video è quello di presentare il preset. Quindi niente acrobazie :) PARK 75 4 Scenes.
  23. B

    Vetta combo HP

    hello everybody, I have a vetta combo that i don’t use anymore. I have an AX8 , :D. But, i think that i can use the speaker as frfr cab. I have found no specs. I just know what is written on it. Does someone try? ( sorry for my english i am french)
  24. R

    Hole in between?

    Hi there. I am new here. I don't have the ax8 unit and don't know if i will but it. Some people tells me that when they change amps, there is a "big hole" in between, a sort of interrupted sound. Is that it?
  25. guitarfreak365

    Problems switching from physical cab with a mic to direct

    Im kind of lost. I have been running my axe fx ii with a real cab with the cabinet modeling off. Last night at practice I decided to go direct and switch the cab modeling on to a similar cab to what I own. A MESA 2x12. Any way I thought it sounded killer and seems very transparent and cutting...
  26. Shamash

    PRS Archon

    Please add the PRS Archon amp.
  27. rascarvalho

    Momentary DPDT Footswitch to control Boost

    Hi! I have an MFC101 and I've just got a footswitch loaded with 2 toggle DPDT to connect on it and I'd like to know if it is possible to control BOOST parameter of the AMP Block with it. I'm trying to avoid using an expression pedal for this, but when I used this footswitch, BOOST parameter stay...
  28. D

    Live amp solution for the Axe Fx II

    Hi everyone, I’m new here, I’m thinking of buying an axe fx II, I play in a jazz/fusion context, and I only have a small jazz combo and it’s tones don’t cut it for me. I’m in a tight budget and I was wondering what would be the best live amplifying solution for little money to start with! Ps: I...
  29. MAYissues

    Review of Blue Ella vs. the original Blue MoFi Headphones

    Review of the Blue Ella vs. the original Blue MoFi Headphones TLDR; If price is no object go ahead and buy the Ella. If you have the original MoFi’s and are happy with them there are a few upgraded features that might help make a decision to upgrade. If you are on a budget I cannot recommend...
  30. moffar

    Rig/rack/amp stand

    Hello folks! I'm on the lookout for either a rig-, a rack- or an amp stand, whatever one would call it. Something to help me put my rig way up in the air, to prevent me from bending down every time I need to turn a knob/press a button on my Axe while playing upright. I'm using a "SKB R8W...
  31. D

    Amp into Passive FRFR using Axe FX Cabs?

    I recently acquired my matrix FR10p and had an idea, but not sure if it would work or be safe. Using a tube amp into the passive frfr cab, but using the axe fx in the fx loop to use the cab simulation? My thoughts are that the amp powers the frfr cab like normal and that with the axe being in...

    The Ultimate Amp Tweak Guide: "ML Method"

    This is definitely the FAQ #1 for me. I've talked about this "ML Method" a couple of times in the past but there hasn't really been a proper video explaining how it's done so I tried to create a quick explanation video... and failed miserably, so instead here's a 28min video going through the...
  33. M

    How Many Watts Do You Actually Need? PA Speakers

    Hey guys, I've made a few posts here already in preparation for my AX8 which just got delivered a few hours ago! So a question I'd like to ask in regards to amplification is how many watts do you actually need? At the moment I'm looking into the Mackie series and am having trouble deciding...
  34. M

    Pros and Cons of Different Powered PA Brands/Models?

    Hey guys, I have an AX8 due to be delivered very soon and I still haven't decided on what speaker I want. My mind is set on a powered speaker, its just that it's hard to track down what certain speakers do best. The brands I've been researching are Mackie, QSC, JBL and Yamaha. I only want one...
  35. T

    Spillover with different amp blocks

    Having some problems with spillovers between patches with different amp blocks. Wondering if anyone can help. Today I decided to start messing with routing the Axe for FOH as well as into my poweramp and cab. I've been going just into an amp and cab for years so the direct thing is pretty new...
  36. M

    MFC 101 - Axe FX Mode - Scene Midi PC#

    Hi, I have an Axe FX 2 XL and MFC 101 Mk3. I am running the MFC in Axe FX Mode and would like to program a single preset which has buttons 1-5 change scenes as well as send a PC# Midi message to my Marshall JVM 410c. The other IA buttons I would like to assign to Axe FX functions like 'Delay...
  37. J

    small frfr for jazz questions

    Hi all, First of all: Finally Ive ordered new axe fx ii three days ago, it should come soon - I am so excited! So obvioulsy I am a 100% newbie here, please excuse unpolished questions. In any case: Thanks in advance for all your help - this forum is simply great. Since I am (obvoiusly)...
  38. cnaufel

    Spongier Sound - Amp Tweak

    Does any one know which amp parameter I need to change to get a spongier amp drive sound?
  39. musicman0001

    Post Amp Moddeling FXloop EQ-ing Filtering low & highs & separate Block

    I bought ROKIT 6SE monitors and Native Komplete Audio 6 for HOME and have made loads of presets to play with. See lot's of people having the CAB directly after the Amp. And when going live through PA it sound pretty similar then the Rokit 6 monitors. EDIT: So nowaday's I trim the LOW CUT FREQ...
  40. Volvagia

    Is Axe Fx Viable?

    I have heard from people like Ola Englund that the Axe Fx isn't as good as real amps. But isn't tone really subjective? Personally I think that Periphery has some of the best sounding guitar tones that I've heard on an album. I haven't bad much experience with real tube amps but I really do like...
  41. pull75

    Rack Case that looks like a guitar amp head?

    Does anyone know who makes a rack case that has the appearance of an amp head like a Marshall, Mesa etc.? I'm sure someone has posted something but it's kind of an oddball thing to search for.
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