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amp and cab matching

  1. D

    Wish/Question: how to choose most suitable cab for amp

    Do you also feel that only handful of cabs (in relation to the possibilities) pair best with a particular amp? If so, should Axe-Edit assist the user in finding the best combination by e.g. having a new tab "suggested cabs" that would bring out only the suggested cabinet models for the amp to...
  2. JRkelley

    Yek's amp guide questions

    I spent some time reading through this guide last night. Aside from the very practical insights into how to use the actual FAS models, it was perhaps the most I have learned about amps in a single sitting. I can't wait to really dig into some of these models on my new Axe 3! A few questions...
  3. Feiner-mechaniker

    Dedicated cabs to Amp-types

    @Cliff: Is it possible create a possibility to get information with which built in standard cab you created your Amp-modeling for the certain types? I recently played in vacation with my old POD HD (which is so far wüaway from Axe Fx). When you chose an amp there is a dedicated cab automatic...
  4. A

    Wish Ampeg B15 Bass Amp

    Requesting more bass amps seems to be a common theme here. Let's prioritize. I think the Ampeg B15 is ripe for being the next bass amp added to the Axe Fx III. 1. It is arguably the most sought after bass tone (The A-Designs REDDI, Broughton P15, Ampeg Portaflex, and more are all just copies...
  5. ralphonz

    How to Match Amps and Cabs?

    Hi everyone, I've had my axe fx II a while now. I don't have a lot of knowledge about amps or cabs. I have a few standard set ups which I always use as a basis for creating new tones. I mainly bought the axe to play with interesting fx set-ups and use modifiers as it was before the release of...
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