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  1. Georgy

    Wizard MCii or MTL anyone?

    Hey guys.. this is a question for anyone that has actually owned/played an actual Wizard (either Modern Classic or MTL).. Are there any amp/cab sims that get you close to that Wizard sound? My setup is simple; AX8 and two Yamaha HS7’s. Not looking to run this through a power amp setup. Many...
  2. diezel013

    Highlights from last night's show (using Axe FX III)... Featuring Rush, AC/DC, G n R, Boston, Billy Idol, Metallica, Def Leppard, Journey and more!!!

    Just pluggin' in the Axe FX III straight into the house. Featuring my Angus Lead patch for Highway to Hell, my Alex Lifeson patch for Tom Sawyer, my Boston and Def Leppard patches (Thanks to Leon Todd's Rockman tonematch... THANK YOU LEON), my Crunch Berries patch for Metallica, and more. I've...
  3. diezel013

    Angus Young

    Here's a little Angus patch I've been working on. Someone was kind enough to share some insight on how to duplicate the Schaffer wireless that Angus has frequently used and I think it sounds pretty good. Also, I know Angus is known for using 65w Celestion's but he also uses Greenback's and...
  4. Roby Rocks

    Vendor AC/DC - Angus Young Preset V3

    Hi People!!! One year ago I tried to recreate the Angus Young' sound from AC/DC. In these days I've re-make it also for Fractal Axe-Fx III. That's a really new version (named V3 version), not a FracTool conversion! ...and it sounds really much better! In first track I had to delete the backing...
  5. Roby Rocks

    Vendor AC/DC - Angus Young Preset

    Hi People!!! This time I tried to recreate the Angus Young' sound from AC/DC. In first track I had to delete the backing track (except for drum track) because YouTube blocked my video for copyright issue. Available on www.robyrocks.it It based on Marshall Superlead Plexy with Factory-Cab. I...
  6. Rob Suelfllohn

    "Have a Drink on Me" AC/DC Guitar Cover

    With Billy Gibbons Goldtop Les Paul and AX8 ...I used the AC-20 Preset on this
  7. Rob Suelfllohn

    Guitar cover of AC DC's "Have a drink on Me" with Billy Gibbons Les Paul Goldtop and AX8

    using the Billy Gibbons Les Paul Goldtop and Fractal AX8
  8. Rob Suelfllohn

    Hells Bells , AX8 using Mark Days Preset -New Frankie

    Using Mark Day's New Frankie, I think AC/DC sounds better with a lil more dirt in the tone !!
  9. Rob Suelfllohn

    Hells Bells Guitar Cover - EVH Wolfgang, Fractal , using Mark Day New Frankie Preset

    Using Mark Day's New Frankie, I think Ac /Dc sounds better with a lil more dirt in the tone !!
  10. Andrea Maccianti

    AxeFx2/AX8 "JTM 45 on AC/DC Style Backing Track"

  11. Marco Fanton

    AX8 new Firmware 8.00 is AMAZING!!!! Marshall JCM800 sample

  12. Andrea Maccianti

    "A.M. MARSHALL JUBILEE" (Quantum 8.00)

    This patch is available through Paypal donation at https://www.paypal.me/AndreaMaccianti and I will send you the patch within 24h. Thank you in advance for supporting my work!!! This Patch has 6 Scenes + one of my own Custom IR. Cab included. For any questions, please contact me at...
  13. Andrea Maccianti


  14. Andrea Maccianti

    AC/DC Improv Style Backing Track - Andrea Maccianti

    Patch used A.M. Marshall PLEXI 100 watts Jump. Ha 8 Scenes. Cab Pack 3 needed. Cab not included. I hope you enjoy! :)
  15. Jason Scott

    Q2 + JS410 -- AC/DC Style Intro

    Just messing around with the JS410 Crunch Rd and felt inspired to record this short intro:
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