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80's rock

  1. Mesa770

    80's Rock Preset

    Hello all, I have been searching my factory presets to no avail. I am playing with a band that does all 80's songs...from Quiet Riot to Blondie....Does anyone have a nice preset they can share a link to or suggestions on what to use to begin to build a good product for this genre.....Thanks...
  2. Andrea Maccianti

    John Sykes Crying In The Rain Guitar Solo Lesson

    Hey guys, here's my guitar tutorial about Crying In The Rain solo by the mighty John Sykes, in this video I used the AxeFx2 with my John Sykes preset, obviously bypassing all the fx, to get a clear and dry sound in the tutorial. Hope than helps!
  3. Mark Pritchard

    Top Gun Theme Tune (80's Rock) Preset

    Hi all, here is a quick simple preset I made for 80's rock, I thought I'd play a bit of the Top Gun Theme tune. I'm using the Marshall JVM orange channel with lots of Delay and Reverb for that 80's tone. Enjoy.
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