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  1. Fredneck

    FC-12 freeze

    My luck is I always get the 🍋 with all gear not just FAS. My new car, gear, you name it. My experience with the XL, faslink, and now Axe III with FC12 & 6 is they freeze sometimes. I play 120 gigs annually with the band and leave the unit on after soundcheck. Used the III for the first time live...
  2. Fredneck

    Expression Pedal Controlling Different Things in Different Scenes

    Is this really the only point to multiplexer? I don't notice a gap now with using AMP DRIVE etc. channels on single blocks VS multiple blocks+MUX. The manual states you should use MUX for input switching particularly without the need to utilize scenes. The example given is 4 Drives in parallel...
  3. Fredneck

    FC-12 vs FC-6 decision

    If you do the kitchen sink preset with 8 scenes and lots of effects blocks accessing 4 channels each, the FC6 is too small. The FC12 is perfect for big presets, because you can get all your scenes and effects on one layout, plus you got twice as many holds! I recommend reading the manual...
  4. Fredneck

    FM3 and channel switching in Amp block

    I think IEMs are way more commonplace these days and correlate with the wide implementation of modelers. I've been playing for 20ish years and just noticed "the gap" when I started using an Axe II XL AND scenes. I used to have tap dance with pedals and amp channel switch footswitches. I...
  5. Fredneck

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.09 Public Beta

    Make Perform screen act as a single "layout" like FC6 & FC12, but allow per preset overrides for all 10 perform screen slots. That way you can change it quickly and be done with programming, or override per preset. But mainly to save time. I didn't download it, but I heard the tuner takes you...
  6. Fredneck

    WISH: More Control Switches

    I'm confused why you need a CS for those except Reverb Hold? Can't you just use effect bypass/toggle/channels for those? I only use one control switch for PITCH 2D for Eb (-1) when set to ON, since I use a setting of "last" in all 8 scenes. That way I don't need an "Eb redundant preset." Perhaps...
  7. Fredneck

    Only 3 Switches? What were they thinking?

    I'm stoked to have a III that stays in a band rack, and the FM3 is for mobile and studio applications. I have a pelican for the FC6, FC12, and a Mission SP1. No more lugging racks for me! That's guitar and steel guitar on one Axe Fx III or FM3. Collect them all!
  8. Fredneck

    Upgrading (drop tuning)

    It's tough to roll off the volume and track the pitch well, so play cleanly when you're on the clean and avoid rolling too much on the vol pot. At least for the Axe pitch tracking. Poly tracking mode and Tracking is set at 5.
  9. Fredneck

    Upgrading (drop tuning)

    I assign Pitch 2 to Control Switch 1. Virtual Capo only and it's set to -1. I Custom name is "Eb." Set Control Switch ON for block on with detuning and Off for block bypassed. Under Controllers - CS per scene - Set the entire CS1 column to LAST. Program a switch to control switch 1 and you're...
  10. Fredneck

    Lead volume boost question

    Interesting! I'll have to try moving Filter 1 before Delay/Reverb.
  11. Fredneck

    Lead volume boost question

    Why not at the end of the chain?
  12. Fredneck

    Problems with Axe-Fx III as USB soundcard

    I can't play usb audio back either on my windows 7 PC with Axe III as main sound device. It works fine when I set my Avid Mbox as default sound device instead. I'd rather use the Axe, but this is weird.
  13. Fredneck

    Axe-Fx III flakiness as an interface

    I wasn't getting audio playback from Google Play Music in the Google Chrome browswer from my windows 7 PC when the Axe III was the playback device, but I'll update the USB firmware and report back.
  14. Fredneck

    [fixed] FC12 Bug: Bank Increment/Decrement Upper Limit Not Saving

    I just saw that today, updating now. Thanks Muudrock.
  15. Fredneck

    AX8 Off Load CPU resources, Reverb ?

    You put it in I/O 2 and the FX loop block is your reverb. Turn the Output 2 up all way. I've used TC electronic Hall of Fame 2 and it works great because you can get bigger presets out of the AX8.
  16. Fredneck

    [fixed] FC12 Bug: Bank Increment/Decrement Upper Limit Not Saving

    I use my main Axe III preset on FC-6 with a MAIN layout that has all my gig presets instead of using the default PRESETS layout. Then I ported over Simeon's Axe II presets into presets 29-128 or bank 7-31. Is it unavoidable to select that PRESET LAYOUT when you're outside the bank wrap, the FC...
  17. Fredneck

    Announcing the FM3 Amp Modeler/FX Processor!

    I didn't realize I may be able to have the axe III do guitar AND pedal steel guitar. Still learning layouts. I think I may be able to use a FC 6 for steel guitar and FC12 for guitar I want to experiment with FC6 at front of stage too! Once I determine how I prefer to use the FC's with AXE III...
  18. Fredneck

    I ported them over to my Bank A on the III. I made preset templates for myself that let me have...

    I ported them over to my Bank A on the III. I made preset templates for myself that let me have my normal delays on DELAY 1. Then I made per preset layouts that access DELAY 2 and 4 channels of delaygoodiness ;-) I repeat for every block type. I made a Africa synth preset from a Simeon preset...
  19. Fredneck

    Anyone using both the FC-6 and FC-12?

    Thanks for the info! I have a FC-6 offered and now that's I've had it for month, it's too small for big presets that use 8 scenes, basically you don't want your scene changes on hold functions when you run 8 scenes like back on the MFC. It'd be nice to have three versions of utilizing a FC12+6...
  20. Fredneck

    Announcing the FM3 Amp Modeler/FX Processor!

    I'm staying with AX8 for my pedal steel guitar, and a Axe III with FC 6 and I want the FC 12 to be slave to the FC 6, but my spot in the line is 9/18/18. I like 8 scenes on TAP functions like the MFC for giant presets.
  21. Fredneck

    FC-12 + FC-6 - A Rig For Live Improv

    These video files don't work for me. Can you instead upload these to youtube, set them to private or unlisted, and provide us the links. Especially since most folks chat from their mobile and wouldn't be able to download your video files anyways.
  22. Fredneck

    Custom Harmony Issues

    I do Africa by Toto and use two scales to play the synth lead. I use a horn ensemble preset by Simeon. I made a Axe III Preset that also has my bassman 412 rig as a scene with the first two for the synth scales. B Maj Pent to E Ionian.
  23. Fredneck

    IEMs with Axe-Fx 2 and 3

    Seal, seal, seal. If you're not getting a seal, you're hearing the room too. I'd rather have single driver IEMS with custom mold than a quad driver with poor seal. Sometimes you can get decent seal with triple flange, but I'd recommend the Sensaphonics sleeves that work with universal fit...
  24. Fredneck

    No Global blocks for Input/Output/MUX?

    Same with Megatap Delay and Ten Tap Delay.
  25. Fredneck

    Per-Preset Overrides Stuck????

    I'm on 5.02 and FC 1.04 and I had this happen randomly to my user presets. I had to manually turn those over rides off. Axe Edit III needs a way to set all PP overrides to off.
  26. Fredneck

    Opinion - Flat v. Angled Pedalboard for FC-12?

    No board at all. What!?
  27. Fredneck

    Bypassing the same block in all scenes?

    So you can't have a latching control switch that ignores scene revert set to ON on the bypass state of a PITCH block to properly utilize the virtual capo? Otherwise you need PRESET "MAIN PRESET Eb."
  28. Fredneck

    [solved] Why does my FC-6 not work? Firmware 1.04?

    My Axe Fx III had to be sent back initially for display failure. FC-6 only main displays what preset/scene I'm in on the Axe and the strips display are frozen blank. Weirdly you can do the MLM and only see Layout 7 and 8 in the bottom row...to go to more blank buttons. haha o_OEverything looks...
  29. Fredneck

    Axe-Fx at Cruise to the Edge

    My friends from District 97 were there and met members of Dream Theater!
  30. Fredneck

    Wish Multi-band distortion

    I have the Source Audio Multiwave Distortion Pro with the graphic eq and presets. Very weird! They make one for bass too.
  31. Fredneck

    Possible Drive block makeover ~ pedal vs. model?

    Shedding those tone chops
  32. Fredneck

    Possible Drive block makeover ~ pedal vs. model?

    3 knob Tube driver ala Eric Johnson is lv tube clipping sounds great for plexi Octave dist into Germanium fuzz face into a clean amp. Use neck pickup. Roll down tone knob to bring out octave.
  33. Fredneck

    Best way to set up a Lead Boost for Solos?

    I learned that 770 Hz from Yek, but still use a Null filter boost. I turned the PEQ down for the added volume, that way I can use FILTER 1 global block 1 as a global boost, if I'm playing for different FOH guys that mix guitars lower or higher in the mix. I just edit the FILTER 1 null gain and...
  34. Fredneck

    wha and volume with the same pedal FAS EV1 (no toe switch)

    I hear the gapless switching for DRIVE & AMP utilizing the MUX, but is there any benefit to using MUX for effects other than switching external control? I have to dedicate a scene to my single expression pedal. One scene for VOL, another for ROTARY, toe switch for WAH. I don't use a scene for...
  35. Fredneck

    Wish: FC footswitch to change exp pedal assignment

    For the EDM filter trick, how are you setting the filter? Are the mixes changing from 0-100% ? Never heard that one before with a guitar!
  36. Fredneck

    Synth Jam - Arturia DX7 & AF3

    Sick! You could use IN2 and have a real synth on stage and still be able to play guitar. Full Geddy Lee is possible.
  37. Fredneck

    FC-12: More than one expression pedal needed?

    I use a large clean/lead preset in axefx mode and just memorize my modifiers. No pedalboard. just a Mission SP-1 and the mfc III. Toe switch controls IA bypass for Wah1. Scene 3 engages COMP1+REVERB1+MULTIDELAY1+VOL control after CAB. Scene 4 engages COMP+DELAY2+REVERB1+VOL. I use a DELAY2 X/Y...
  38. Fredneck

    Wish Amp Block "Chug" Parameter

    Rick Beato suggests using a notch FILTER at 150 hz. I place it after the CAB.
  39. Fredneck

    On the Passing of our Co-Worker Charlie Vessey

    That’s sad. He was so patient with all my frustration when troubleshooting my MFC & XL over videos and calls. I’m sure his family will miss him dearly.
  40. Fredneck

    40 Synth presets available to download!

    I play in a country/top40 band and it's getting more common to not have actual guitar parts. The other guitarist plays keys, but prefers to avoid it I use "Synth Lead," "Synth Strings," and "Moog Lead." The band just added "Africa" by Toto. I have to cover the synth kalimba sound in the solo...
  41. Fredneck

    Yek: Whammy and Dive bomb preset

    Yek, I always place PITCH blocks first. 1) Why did you place PITCH 2 after the AMP? 2) I copied the "golden whammy" settings from your PITCH block on the II, but would someone care to elaborate on the modifier settings? I never learned what was going on. Basically when you have PITCH engaged...
  42. Fredneck

    [fixed] Can't seem to get the EXP1 to work with Axe-Fx III

    Plug the TRS into EXPRESSION 1, set wah control to PEDAL 1. When you're using the FC, you'll set the modifier control to EXT 1.
  43. Fredneck

    Wish More scenes

    If you read the FC's manual, building presets, and you find yourself running out of scenes, first watch this video. Especially if you've never played the AX8 or a Mastermind controller with HOLD functions. Keep in mind Chris doesn't cover HOLD functions. I subscribe to the BIG single preset...
  44. Fredneck

    FC Series Controllers Waitlist

    I want to see a demo of Layout Links use when the FC-6 is hooked up to the FC-12 transforms into a layout master changer thingy! Beyond stoked. Why don't they just make a FC-18 and fix the need for power supply?
  45. Fredneck

    FC Series Controllers Waitlist

    Can you first daisy chain the two and report back?
  46. Fredneck

    Exploring the Fender Models

    Me too! I love the "one preset" concept that you preach. Are you making a GIANT preset with the III? I ran out of CPU on the II, before I needed a footswitch bigger than the MFC. Your GT22 MAIN preset is HUGE, but now you shouldn't have to compromise. Are you going to explore the FC6/12's vs...
  47. Fredneck

    Wish More Tuner String Offsets (for pedal steel)

    On PSG, you have compounding tuning. You tune open, and also a pedal/lever combo. Most players don't use equal temperament. It takes longer to tune with fine tuning, but it's great for a guitar tech or a pedal steel guitar.
  48. Fredneck

    Wish More Tuner String Offsets (for pedal steel)

    Do you have the Peterson StroboPlusHD? I run it into my vol pedal and into the AX8. I have a custom Sweetener based on Jeff Newman offsets (E's +9.8 cents) and just adds my complete copedent. Plus, it's a separate, always on screen, and the strobe is accurate to 1/1000th of a half step. I...
  49. Fredneck

    Wish More instances of Looper block

    That's why I made an acoustic pedal board based around my TC Electronic Ditto X4 and Roland SPD1:Kick. 2 independent loops that either sync or alternate can be very musical. Sync is good for 1 bar drum loop and a longer chord progression. Alternate is good for A/B sections.
  50. Fredneck

    Wish Multiple nameable/selectable tuner offsets

    Peterson StroboPlusHDPlus rules! Sweeteners let you have custom offsets for any group of pitches. I have a custom tuning for my pedal steel guitar, which doesn't tune to equal temperament...
  51. Fredneck

    Wish Named global blocks

    +1 on the Axe II currently I keep an iOS note for my global blocks. It'd need a settings/block type preview, because you could easily save over a GB and forget to rename it...
  52. Fredneck

    Wish Copy current channel to all

    +1 in Axe Edit
  53. Fredneck

    Wish Axe-Fx IV wireless IEM transmitter

    Terrible idea since pros hook up ethernet networks of wireless devices regardless of being an instrument or mic. Then one monitor engineer controls ALL the wireless. If you're just on your own the Shure stuff is great. Line 6 is fine.
  54. Fredneck

    Wish Wish List: New Amps

    More solid states amps and bass amps. Peaveys Nashville 400's are standard for pedal steel guitar! I currently use the Roland Jazz Chorus and the Empire 1x15 Mix.
  55. Fredneck

    Implemented Any plans for a performance screen?

    Let them finish the FC’s first and then it’ll happen!
  56. Fredneck

    Stereo vs. Mono at gigs. What are you using?

    For the cover band gigs in a different drunken venue every night: I send out Mono Sum LR. For the modern church gig with a seated audience: I also send out Mono Sum LR, but finally last gig sent out Stereo. This was done on an Axe II, but I'm excited to get 4x as many Multi-delays now on the...
  57. Fredneck

    Great success with using pitch shifter to tune down

    It's drop D down a minor third (3 frets). Plus, they calibrate the tuner +40 cents. B F# B E G# C#
  58. Fredneck

    Rack Suggestions for Axe-Fx III

    I have a Gator Road Rack 4U filled with my XL, Furman, and 2 Shure ULXD4. I l want a Gator Audio Rack Bag 5u to upgrade to the Axe Fx III.
  59. Fredneck

    Bug? Metronome tempo changes by itself

    I mostly use the same preset, so a GLOBAL would work for those presets. I still need to make special one off presets and copies of my main presets with PRESET tempos. My compromise on my Axe Fx has always been to utilize PRESET mode and set my main presets to 120 BPM. I have the same AX8 bug...
  60. Fredneck

    metronome changing speed when exiting the menu

    Please link the bug thread here. I'm having the same issue and found the workaround. The AX8 doesn't allow you to set how tempo tap updates based average or last two taps. I assume it's defaulted to average. I have to tap my F3 button to enter tempo mode, set the tempo with A knob, exit the...
  61. Fredneck

    Breaking up with Apple....

    Google Play Music (My pref app) just added CarPlay. I looked everywhere in the app and didn't see anything new on my Iphone 6 LOL o_O
  62. Fredneck

    Breaking up with Apple....

    great thread! You guys know your tech! What the noobs want to know though is...Iphone 7 and on...Do you have to have bluetooth audio to charge simultaneously, and does it actually work?
  63. Fredneck

    RIP Glen Campbell.

  64. Fredneck

    Can't Update

    I'm experiencing the same "Can't update" issue from Ver 2.0. My security/firewall is diabled. I purchased MFC-Edit when it came out, never used it, three years later I give it a go, and I'm unable to update. My software opens and recognizes that there is a license to my name. I'm also on Win 7...
  65. Fredneck

    New Factory Presets - Axe-Fx II XL/XL+

    When I updated to 8.02 from 7.02 and loaded Q6 presets, I experienced the same "global blocks switcheroo bug" in my global blocks for my CAB. My normal user 9 was switched with a random user cab and saved across all presets utilizing that global block. I had to manually unlink, save my CAB...
  66. Fredneck

    has anyone looked inside the MFC-101?

    <blockquote class="instagram-media" data-instgrm-captioned data-instgrm-version="7" style=" background:#FFF; border:0; border-radius:3px; box-shadow:0 0 1px 0 rgba(0,0,0,0.5),0 1px 10px 0 rgba(0,0,0,0.15); margin: 1px; max-width:658px; padding:0; width:99.375%; width:-webkit-calc(100% - 2px)...
  67. Fredneck

    MAB Shred Tone

    MAB is a primary upwards two way pick slanter, who swipes in the descending direction. There's a lot of info to unpack there, but Troy Grady is truth in a sea of click bait!
  68. Fredneck

    Just how good are the Friedman BE models?

    If anything, it's enabled guitar gas. I've since purchased an Ibanez M80M 8 string that sounds amazing through the FAS Modern amp. Probably didn't need that guitar for my Top 40/Country band!
  69. Fredneck

    Axe Fx 2 / MFC-101 MK3 and Mission Engineerig SP-1 Set up Help

    With an SP-1, I set the switch to control Wah1 bypass, while the volume block is after the CAB so I can get delay and reverb trails. The volume is set to external 1. I only have one scene with the volume block engaged. That way you don't need 2 expression pedals.
  70. Fredneck

    The wireless unit you love?

    I'd recommend the Shure GLXD System. You can get a rack or pedal version. When you get it, set the group for Group 4 unless you have multiple systems in your band's setup. The transmitter is metal. comes with a newer version of the 1/4" that threads the housing. The lithium ion battery has...
  71. Fredneck

    [VIDEO] Ax8 tutorials, tips and tricks - compiled list

    You could have changed the REVERB to spring and could have saved more CPU I'll have to A/B the tone with these "economy" settings for more blocks packed in with my single row preset. Thanks!
  72. Fredneck

    When are they going to elect a new USB Driver?

    I updated to 8.01 last Friday and experienced a lot of USB issues with my XL and Win7. I spent over 12 hours of building rigs, so the connecting/disconnecting to Axe Edit happened quite a bit in that all day session. Hasn't happened this past week. Just updated to 8.02, because I had my #1...
  73. Fredneck

    Wish Any news about the sound gap?

    If you can use 2 AMP blocks, copy your Y settings in AMP 2, you'll be good to go. Now if you're using an AX8, you'll just have to switch AMP X/Y one beat earlier!
  74. Fredneck

    Wish Amp wishlist

    For the Pedal Steel guitarists out there, Little Walter is THE boutique tube head (Paul Franklin, Travis Toy) with Eminence Travis Toy 12's or 15's. Paul Franklin also has a signature Eminence 12" speaker. My favorite factory cab is Empire Mix 1x15. For now, I use the Jazz 120 because it sounds...
  75. Fredneck

    Kudos to Fractal ! Metallica/AX7 gig in Baltimore.

    Each time I've had mechanical issues with the XL or the MFC-III, FAS always took care of me. I'll always invest in this product, because it's the best. I always recommend this product, because it's a worthy investment. Now I own an AX8 for my pedal steel guitar/backup rig.
  76. Fredneck

    Scenes question

    I use a zero bank size on my MFC Mk3. Buttons 1-8 are scenes 1-8. The rest are IA's. I change presets with up and down. The trick is to utilize preset wrap, so you can go down from the first preset to the last and vice versa. You have to set the limit to exactly how many presets you use.
  77. Fredneck

    I need a handcontroller!

    Just put your bar down and use the left hand on QUICK CONTROL knob "A." You don't need more gear here. Just a surface to get the knob within reach. A plastic cooler will do.
  78. Fredneck

    Pedal Steel?

    We'll be at the Brat Stop: Saturday, April 29 for the Scout Leaders Rescue Squad Benefit Saturday, November 4 for the Bristol Fire Dept Fundraiser Our bandleader/drummer is a Waukegan firefighter.
  79. Fredneck

    Pedal Steel?

    All the time! My band, Bella Cain, fills 'er up!
  80. Fredneck

    Pedal Steel?

    These presets don't import into my AF2XL. How does one "convert" them?
  81. Fredneck

    Pedal Steel?

    I play PSG and prefer solid state, because it doesn't distort. A popular amp is the Peavey Nashville 400. I've opened with my band for Lonestar and their steel player was using one. I play a Mullen 12 string extended range E9 On the AxeFX2, I use the Jazz 120, based on the Roland Jazz Chorus...
  82. Fredneck

    has anyone looked inside the MFC-101?

    I play pedal steel guitar (PSG) and bass without an MFC. My MFC is just for electric guitar. On the Axe FX, I just use scenes for PSG and bass and utilize the QUICK CONTROL "A" Knob. If I'm just playing PSG, I prefer the AX8, since I don't need my heavy rack and wireless units, and can similarly...
  83. Fredneck

    Bug? Why does Axe FX II freeze?

    FAS stands behind their products, so regardless you can get this figured out. It takes troubleshooting as the first step. Don't use Axe-Edit and operate the MIDI controller and expect seamless performance. The AxeFX isn't designed to perform that way. Other than that, the AxeFX shouldn't be...
  84. Fredneck

    Fixed Mfc-101 Loses Connection?

    Had the same issues with X001, X002.... I personally called FAS and Charlie recommended you get an XLR from here https://btpa.com/Standard/ Get the MIC1 model and I went with a 25 footer, but you can have as long as you need since it's not transferring signal. FASLINK is THE way to go.
  85. Fredneck

    Fixed AxeFX2XL USB not working since Q6 update

    SOLVED: Solution was to delete ALL windows driver programs for FAS and reinstall. I had been simply able to reinstall drivers in the past. Plus, I had the issue when I updated my firmware, so I thought I had found a possible bug. NO BUG! AxeFX2 XL doesn't work as a soundcard or communicate with...
  86. Fredneck

    AxeFx into Port City Pearl

    Which model???? http://www.portcityamps.com/cabinets/
  87. Fredneck

    https://www.facebook.com/events/855923974551675/ Bella Cain @Brat Stop for the Bristol Fire...

    https://www.facebook.com/events/855923974551675/ Bella Cain @Brat Stop for the Bristol Fire Dept. Fundraiser 9PM 11/05/16 Hope you can make it out!
  88. Fredneck

    Wha engaging itself......

    Weird, I use a mission SP-1 with the toe switch. The WAH is connected to EXT 1 and the switch is setup to control the IA of the WAH block. None of my scenes have the WAH block on, but yet the block intermittently turns itself on when I change presets or power up the Axe FX XL. Usually I can...
  89. Fredneck

    I want to update my IRs

    I love Cab Pack 8 ($30) for Marshall 412 TV with the 25w greenbacks for my Plexi Hi 50W. I like how I can pick studio quality multi-mic combos and save that as a user cab WITHOUT having to go down the Cab Lab rabbit hole. I will maybe one day purchase Cab Pack 20 ($75), which includes Cab Pack...
  90. Fredneck

    Ibanez TAM10 Tosin Abasi

    @Ziyan Thanks for your post about the tonality difference. Yes I hear it now. You gotta spend the money on that extended range! I'm sure the EQ solution works but then you have to constantly check that. I play E9 pedal steel and there are infamous student models that are tuning nightmares. The...
  91. Fredneck

    Tone Matched a Banjitar??

    I'm a multi-instrumentalist in my band, Bella Cain (Country, Top 40). Besides electric guitar, I play 5 string banjo (Scruggs style with the thumb/finger picks), even on songs that were played with 6 string banjo. For example, "Country Girl, Shake It For Me" by Luke Bryan. All the modern country...
  92. Fredneck

    Just can't get FRFR vs amp/cab to work for me?

    When I bought Cab Pack 8 I realized how crucial the cab is. Sounds great with in ears or FRFR and obviously throught the front of house. Have you guys tried Yek's PEQ trick? It simulates the mid boost of a real cab: 770 Hz, .350 for the Q, and 4 db of gain I use that PEQ block for my JBL when...
  93. Fredneck

    Powered FRFR 4x12 cabinet?

    I've seen AxeFx users do this IF your band has a truck...Roll with a dummy Marshall 412 cab and put the CLR on the floor in front of you. But if you have to haul it, yeah, that would be a PITA.
  94. Fredneck

    Atomic CLR vs Matrix Q12a

    My buddy has the CLR and it's amazing. I remember it being dead quiet. Our band uses in ear monitoring, but I borrow the CLR if I have a one off gig with wedges. Haven't tried the Q12a's though.
  95. Fredneck

    Acoustic Tone Matching and the Fishman Aura

    Are you using the Aura? Are you just using the piezo on 100% wet and letting the preset do all the work?
  96. Fredneck

    Effects Loop Best Way?

    I'd suggest using a DRIVE pedal on the Axe first of all! But if you must use the Joyo then you use input 2 in the back. Place the FX loop before the AMP block like you would any other DRIVE pedal. The FX LOOP trick will have to be used for any preset you want that effect used on.
  97. Fredneck

    If you like ML Sound Lab IR's...

    What about Cab Pack 8? I'd love to record my playing with my Marshall Plexi preset and the Brit TV 4x12.
  98. Fredneck

    Is there a particular clip-on tuner that you suggest?

    Let me be clear and say, for the price, the Snark is the best deal for tuning for the average player in a controlled environoment. The Polytune Clip is for anyone who owns the snark already wants a more rugged, professional, and accurate tuning experience. It's $50 and totally badass. It works...
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