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  1. Techboy57

    Matching levels of exported TMA blocks to IRs?

    What is the best way to match levels when exporting TMA blocks to IR's . I seem to lose anywhere between 6-10 Db compared to Factory Cabs or 3rd party IR's. Thanks, Perry
  2. Techboy57

    Bug? MFC 101 III ext pedal bug

    My MFC 101 III is frozen for XP 1, 2 & 4 in the set up menu , and I cannot seem to reset it to Min 000 Max 127 XP1 Min 000 Max 001 XP2 Min 000 Max 001 XP3 Min 000 Max 127 XP4 Min 000 Max 001 Help !!!!!!
  3. Techboy57

    Imported preset levels to II XL+s 6 db

    Greetings to all the Fractologists out there. I recently upgrade to a II XL+ and I seem to be having an issue with overall level of presets imported for axe change, purchased packs and old II Mk II presets converted in Fractool. Regardless where my presets come from my levels seem in the...
  4. Techboy57

    Wish Beyer M 180 Mic for Axe FX II

    Is there any chance that the Beyer M 180 ribbon mic will be added in future updates for the Axe FX II.
  5. Techboy57

    Is Cab Lab now obsolete in Axe FX III ?

    I was wondering with cab blending in the AFX III will cab lab become obsolete ?
  6. Techboy57

    Wish Peak hold metering

    would it be possible to have peak hold metering available in the utility section VU meters. It would assist in getting accurate level setting for presets.
  7. Techboy57

    User cabs in Axe Change posts

    Hi to all, just a reminder for those posting presets in Axe Change. Please don't forget to make mention of what type of cabinet you have used to get your sound. Especially if it's not a stock cabinet. there is no way of knowing what you have in your user cabinet slot. Cheers, Techboy57
  8. Techboy57

    Wish Metering In Utility menu

    I make my living as a sound engineer, one thing that I find useful is having either a peak hold or slow ballistics for my metering to be able to see the peaks. Any possibility of having this feature added to the utility menu? Cheers, Perry
  9. Techboy57

    Wish Undo

    Seeing that the Axe Fx is a sophisticated audio computer, is it possible to add an Undo feature to go back to a previous state. Cheers, Perry.
  10. Techboy57

    So Many Roads preset

    Does anyone have a saved copy of preset #114 from Q 6.02 So Many Roads by Cliff to emulate Joe Bonamassa's live tone to from the song ?
  11. Techboy57

    Fixed Block Error

    I'm getting a recurring error message, it says: Errors were encountered while reading Library entries. Please see the file "block_librariy.log" in the block library directory for a listing of errors. Where do I find this Info, why is it occurring and how do remedy these issues.
  12. Techboy57

    IR Repository

    Is there a repository of Impulse Responses from all versions of the Axe FX from its inception. If not please add this to the wish list, Cheers, Perry.
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