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  1. Kriig

    Axe-Edit not recognizing FW Q1.01 - Mac 10.6.8

    Axe-edit has some hiccups. Downloaded (3.1.1?) the new one and it had some problems with recognizing firmware version. It said on some occations that it could not see FW version and suddenly could not read cabs (both mic and ir was empty, but active) or locked up. Closed Axe-Edit and...
  2. Kriig

    FW 18.01 Camron CCV [NOT A BUG]

    Could someone check the behavior of the drive knob for CCV 2a, b, c, d. On my axe it's mostly on or off. I don't think the real amp works like this... Never tried it though. Need to know if there is a bug, or a need to reload the fw in mine.
  3. Kriig

    Where is FW17.03

    Gone.... New one?
  4. Kriig

    Morgan SW

    Hi I think this is one of the very few amps i wish for now: Morgan SW22R/50/100R :eagerness: The reverb is not important, but it has a mid knob. I guess this amp is more common than a Dumble SSS. SW50: This amp started from a request by a customer to copy an amp from the early 70s...
  5. Kriig

    This is FIRMware 15

    I think FW15 is as good as this and would play with both if i could :D And she is FIRM...
  6. Kriig

    SeeD's demo of some new FW15 URir

    Found a nice demo of some of the new ir found in FW15. Sounds GREAT! Thanks to Morten :) Måtte legge ut denne Morten. Det låter grisefett :D
  7. Kriig

    Bug? FAS Class A (FIXED)

    I may have found a minor bug in this amp. Damping is at 0. Tried to move value up with the wheel. The marker jumped to level (and made play LOUD) Hi-cut changed name to Presence at the same time. No freeze up. Just changed preset forth and back to normal. Same thing happened until...
  8. Kriig

    Divided by 13

    No backing or music. Just a test of the new /13 amp. I´ll probably make another track for this OP later. Feels fantastic. Everything is even better. Cliff will improve something yet again. I never know before it´s suddenly there. Better, nastier, more beautiful. It is extremely...
  9. Kriig

    Bogner Blue and Suhr Modern

    Need some extra ears on this. Played for hours and really on´t know how this sound ended. Not trying to copy Timmons at all (tonewise, his playing i can´t copy). Just liked the sound. Great responding feeling with it. To much top end for many maybe, but it sounds killer at loud volume in...
  10. Kriig


    OMG!!!! I may not need anything else for now.......
  11. Kriig

    Don`t need expensive gear tosound like Aldrich

    to sound like Doug.. You just need those fingers and his attitude... Or John Norum....
  12. Kriig

    To all fellow forumites

    Hi A lot of users here ask for patches, some even demand them. When they are shared, many of the makers of patches or ir`s don`t hear anything from anyone again.. IMO this is not cool at all. If the patch does not work for you, you should still say thanks or at least hit "like". Patches...
  13. Kriig

    A Comet i really like!!

    Made a patch with the Comet. I really like that amp. Anyone else using it?
  14. Kriig

    Dumble blues

    Never played a real Dumble, but i like this one. Don´t listen to me. Listen to the amp ;) Any thoughts?
  15. Kriig

    Nik Huber Orca 59

    Has anyone tried Nik Huber guitars? I have heard only good stuff about them... I was looking at this: Nik Huber Guitars: Nik Huber Orca 59 de Luxe Faded Sunburst bei Guitars-Shop.de Not cheap, but none of the beautys are... :(
  16. Kriig

    Badger 30 and tremolo

    Inspiring sound... https://soundcloud.com/johan-kriig-aavitsland/tremo-badger-30
  17. Kriig

    FW10 Plexi/Marshall TV ir and a Suhr

    Made a really simple patch: Plexi, Marshall TV ir, mono tape delay, medium room... Suhr Modern GG with Aldrich pups. FW10 is.. well.. fantastic. Sorry for my clams. I can see why the plexi is a "INEEDTHATAMPSOBAD" type of amp.
  18. Kriig

    FW10: LMAO.... What to say?

    I have to say: HolyShitBalls !! I stopped playing and laughed.. I was not sure i was awake. It IS that good. Beta testers and (leaked beta) testers was right. I can see why Cliff was excited. I have always loved the sound i get from my Axe. This very evening even my wife heard that it sounded...
  19. Kriig

    Factory Presets F10

    In the recording section.... :D :D :D Moved to the top in Axe II discussion forum.... :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
  20. Kriig

    FW10 in your Easter egg

    I hope so for everyone.... But i just want to state how i feel :D http://youtu.be/V92tFAFvgEE
  21. Kriig

    One of my fav sounds ever...

    So nice IMHO... Still FW9 ;) Sounds amazing trough my Yamaha HS80.
  22. Kriig

    Axe-Fx Norge

    Noen norske brukere er det her, men hvem og hvor mange?
  23. Kriig

    Atomic Amps and Matrix

    It is good days for us as users of modeling gear. The FRFR solutions are getting better every day. Atomic and Matrix are fighting a battle to get the customers. This has resulted in gear like CLR (AA) wedges and cabs, Q12, Q12a and CFR (Matrix). You also have XiTone. We must not forget XiTone...
  24. Kriig

    MM LIII Jam

    Recorded with AXII to garageband. Using my MM Luke III. Not aiming for the original tone, as you can hear. Used CAE rythm, low cut at 300!! It`s cool to jam along, but i love the way it should be. With the one and only Andy Timmons. Serch for "Timmons on Jeff Beck" on youtube. Best ever...
  25. Kriig

    Suhr SE-100 Hand Wired

    Has someone made a SE-100HW patch yet? That is one bad@ss amp. SE-100
  26. Kriig


    This is one of the best amps for lead ever.. I´ll post another one tomorrow. A completly different use of the same preset. Just a BB on top, and delay. This one is pretty dry... https://soundcloud.com/johan-kriig-aavitsland/carolann I used my Suhr Modern w/ Aldrich and ML pup´s. Just...
  27. Kriig

    Angry Cameron

    https://soundcloud.com/johan-kriig-aavitsland/test-cameron Just a short test. This is not Cameron Diaz. Sorry :D
  28. Kriig

    AC30 tones..

    Hi again. This one is with a blues backing... I can´t remember where i got them, but if anyone here made this: Thanks :) https://soundcloud.com/johan-kriig-aavitsland/blues-with-my-luke AC30 TB with the BB pre on top. All Axe-Fx. Nothing else.
  29. Kriig

    Dirty Univibe with a little octave od

    Last one for a while. I promise :) This one is the TX Star.. Soooo it Mesa´s Lonestar. I run the amp really hot, so it gets mushy. But it sings under my fingers. All takes a done at late night volum, so i don´t get the nice feedback so easily at that volume.. I used the volume pot on the...
  30. Kriig

    Mesa Mark IV - Still Hurts

    Hi Don´t kill me for doing this song. I´ve never learned it properly, so there is some real mess in here. But i wanted to hear someone´s opinion on the tone. When i play it, it should be named: This REALLY Hurts.... https://soundcloud.com/johan-kriig-aavitsland/still-hurts-2
  31. Kriig

    A little Two Stone

    Sorry for the noodling and mistakes... But i like the sound of the amp.... https://soundcloud.com/johan-kriig-aavitsland/two-stone
  32. Kriig

    Wish User stompbox

    Just wondering if it is possible: Is it possible to make room for user patches, like user ir`s to save stompboxes? Now that Javajunkie and others are doing such a great job cloning a bunch, it would be great to save them as a "finished" and dedicated stomp. If it`s possible it`s great...
  33. Kriig

    Wish Brunetti, Jim Kelly

    I wish i had a Brunetti and the new Suhr Jim Kelly Amp (including the IR for the SJK) in my AXII. Maybe even a Two Rock :) It may seem demanding after we just got V9, but it`s just a wish ;) Peace
  34. Kriig

    New Firmware and Axe-Edit

    There should be a "don`t use Axe-Edit" in the release notes. All those new to the Axe has never read this before. There is one standard thing with every update: -Use Axe edit to update. -Do not use AE to edit. It can corrupt the presets. -Use front panel to edit. Until a new updated...
  35. Kriig

    3 months in... And now V7

    Hi I´ve used Axe-Fx for 3 years now. First Ultra, and now AXII for the last 3 months. I got the MFC at the same time as AXII. Smart move. It´s sooooo easy to work with. My setup with the Ultra was: Ultra, Mesa 50/50 and a pair of custom 2x12 cabs(V30+Greenbacks) This sounded, and still...
  36. Kriig

    AXEII on the way to ME !!!

    This is a TOTAL waste of forum space, but still had to tell someone :D Axe-Fx II and MFC101 (and a highend cat) was paid 2 hours ago... Will it arrive before weekend?? I´m SO ready now. FW6´n stuff... OOOOOOOOOOooooooooooo !!!!!!!
  37. Kriig

    Wish Eggie R20

    If it´s possible to just port the model as it is in the Ultra, i hope/wish i ends up in the AxeII. This is one of the nicest clean/breakup tones with my Suhr Ash Classic and Suhr GG Modern. Sound really good with the Yamaha SG1802a too, but it kills with SS frets and ML pickups. PS: don´t...
  38. Kriig

    What does Stevie Vai got in his rack?

    Legacy 3, Steve Vai amp demo - Carvin - YouTube
  39. Kriig

    To avoid "HELP blablabla"-threads

    Why don´t you all just start with a blank preset, and build it from scratch????? V3 obviously sound different anyway.. This way, we don´t get so many "HELP, my sound is f..... up"- threads. 1- Make a preset from scratch. 2- Use the front of the Axe to edit as well, if you don´t find it...
  40. Kriig

    Found this

    Some dude on youtube (not me).. Plays his axe on the axe. Great tone and feel IMHO YouTube - ‪Shawn Lane - Epilouge for Lisa‬‏ YouTube - ‪Sting - Fragile smooth jazz version by Vinai Trinateepakdee‬‏
  41. Kriig

    Majik Box Rocket Fuel

    A Majik Box Rocket Fuel in my Axe-Fx is about all i want. Everything else (that i use) is in there. It´s a great od+boost from the high end of the stompbox world. It does something else, in a magic way ;) . At least the hardware does Check out the demos at their homepage
  42. Kriig

    Suhr Badger

    How about the Badger? Got the 18 watt in our music shop. Sounds out of this world.... Probably gonna buy one as a amp 2
  43. Kriig

    Marshall Plexi and JCM800(9.02)

    First sound to "tape" with my Ultra. Just recorded as we wrote the song... Used Plexi and JCM800 sim. Feel free to comment. http://www.soundclick.com/bands/default ... ID=1046573
  44. Kriig

    Doug Aldrich

    Does anyone have any Doug Aldrich patches? And if anyone could give me Coverdale´s voice at the same time.............. :D Lead at around 4.00 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uxGx5L9OtFw
  45. Kriig

    Want to say thanks

    Just want to say thanks to everyone here. Extremly kind and helpfull gang... With my other gear, i allways had to invent the wheel myself, so to speak. But with my Fractal product, I´m never scared of getting stuck in anyway. Either Cliff or someone else is helping anyone who asks for it...
  46. Kriig

    Recorded with video

    Did it for fun.. One take. No post pros. Bass and guitar is Axe-Fx. Yamaha bass and MM Luke. Never thought about showing it here. http://www.youtube.com/user/johanaavit# ... -_NXwH5Meo
  47. Kriig

    MFC101 Midi Controller: WISH!!!

    It's not your regular AXE wish, but to me it is important... It's christmas soooooooon. I wish this would hit us soon.... Any info at all?? Anyone????
  48. Kriig

    Global FXloop-->CAB

    I wish i could set up my entire Ultra with FXL->CAB on the global knob. Or at least within one menu. I use a poweramp from OUT2, and it would be really helpfull to have this option. Then i would not need to go in to the layout every time i want to check out some of the pre-stored presets.... Any...
  49. Kriig

    Wish: Hot Cat 30R

    BAD CAT, Hot Cat 30R. High priced. This is a amp i've only tested in shops. Some shops here in Norway stopped selling them because of too many repairs. Still: Incredible gain and the Bad Cat clean. I really would like this sim in the Axe. I feel that i can depend more on my Ultra, than the Bad...
  50. Kriig

    Wish: Mesa Lone Star

    I wish for a Mesa Lone Star in my Axe-Fx. It's a really fantastic sounding amp. Wish for both clean and od-channel. That's this years christmas wish :D Edit 02.nov09: Why do I want it? I had a Road King II before buying the Axe-Fx. The clean channels with a BB Preamp was a wet dream. I've not...
  51. Kriig

    Will tubes go away??

    Is the tube on the way out? No. .. Not likely. Guitarists are sometimes so weird and old school, that being innovative in this part of the music industry must be, to put it mildly, difficult. I have tried several digital amps and POD types. I have always gone back to tubes. Simply because the...
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