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    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.00 Firmware Release

    Any comments on the sound? I'm thrilled with the last quantum version. Whats this bringing?
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    Reviews on those that have received their FC's?

    Often hitting F6 while looking for the wah.
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    FS Axe-Fx Ultra, Mission SP-1, OFR Floyd

    All Items for sale, Location is Virginia, USA Fractal Axe Fx Ultra. I bought this new from Fractal like 10 years ago. Original owner. Gigged with it probably 100 times. It does have the COMMON value knob problem. Makes it annoying to try to edit from the front panel, but if you are going to...
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    Anyone using S/PDIF I/O with a cheap interface?

    Understood. In my experience, I prefer the sound from the analog outs of the Axe going to the analog ins of my IO. I've done AES/SPDIF and it sounds great, but for whatever reason, it sounds fatter even with the extra DA/AD conversion. If my interface was weak however, I'd probably always do...
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    Anyone using S/PDIF I/O with a cheap interface?

    You're bypassing all conversion with S/PDIF So, bluntly, no. But there are other pitfalls. Jitter and clocking and whatnot. If you're having success with the Axe as the interface, why not stick with it?
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    Why Do I Always Struggle With Cabs?

    I always hated my IRs (factory, 3rd party, whatever) when i would endlessly flip through them on a patch. It wasn't until i just settled on some, that I started loving them. I know that sounds dumb...but there is something that happens to your ears when you scroll through 30 cabs while looking...
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    Line6 POD Anniversary

    I got into 'modelling' using the COSM guitar crap onboard my VS-880 recorder (1997). I liked it enough to play it direct through a little PA. It was an 'interesting' sound and I was bored with my ADA MP-1 / Intellifex rig that I had used live for 4 years. I also got my POD in 1998 and got...
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    I miss a new Axe-Fx II firmware...

    New firmware was always like Christmas. Thanks to fractal for all the fun.
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    Purchased my first Axe-Fx II and looking for expression pedal recommendations

    For myself...the little rubber feet that act as spacers on the rocker plate (treadle?) ...fell out the first week. Thankfully I found them and glued them back in. But they still fall out occasionally. Once I lose one...the pedal will be useless. The white 'M' on the rubber skid really...
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    Old rack gear : sell it, keep it, trash it ?

    The Intellifex and Hush might actually do OK? Its been a few years but I got a decent return on my old Intelifex blackface and Rocktron 'guitar silencer' (specialized 2 channel rack hush) and Chameleon(that thing was absolute junk) Of course, with AxeFX standards and Ultras going for <$600 i...
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    Are Phil and Viv using Brit Pre or JMPRE-1 on the III?

    I watched some 'rig rundown' the other day...and Viv's tech said: 'we uploaded the stems from the recording to the rack' ... huh? I reckoned he meant IRs but then he went on to show a JMP1 and a Palmer speaker simulator in the rack. I don't know what the hell these guys were up to.
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    Hi-hat - sound replacement vs pads? Advice needed.

    Which seems odd to say on an AxeFX forum.
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    Hi-hat - sound replacement vs pads? Advice needed.

    I've had this conundrum for a while myself. Wanting the control of MIDI in case something needs tweaked ...but wanting to get a real feel on the hat. What I found: 1. Real Hats are very easy to record. Especially if the rest of the kit is relatively silent (MIDI) 2. Its way quicker to fix a...
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    Should I buy a EVH 5150 Striped Series Guitar even though it's made in Mexico?

    I have a MIM Charvel Di-Martini. IIRC the EVH stuff is made by the same people under Fender umberella as Charvel pro-mod stuff. Its a nice guitar. I've had one issue with it. The neck pocket is tight, and even with the screws cranked, it would still shift a tad if I pulled on it. I...
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    Ozzy’s Mama, I’m Comin Home (Preset included)

    Ha! I feel that! If you're interested, I was dicking around with my tone for the clean part and found that adding a touch of a pitch block with an octave up gave it some life that I was sorely missing.
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    Ozzy’s Mama, I’m Comin Home (Preset included)

    Very nice! I'm re-learing that tune today for an upcoming show...and its sort of encouraging to see that some of the glitches(for lack of a better term) in trying to do that song with electric are not just me. Please dont take that as a jab...its just that some of those moves are a real pain...
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    Auto wah block issues

    I'd like to do this also. And it seems like I used to know how. I'd like for the wah to only be 'enabled' in one scene, and yet, have it auto-engage on that scene. The problem I'm having is that if you enable auto-engage, it ignores the bypass state in the scene. oops, it appears I'm trying...
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    Sat switch... who uses it ?

    Yeah, I use it a lot. For exactly what you'd expect. It's cool to route a scene controller to when you need some hair on a patch.
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    Expression Pedals

    I have Fractal EV-1, the giant BOSS one and a Mission SP-1. I love the Fractal. The BOSS one is cool too. I've had trouble with the Mission, but it does feel like a crybaby if that's what youre after. I didnt start wah-ing until after MIDI so I couldnt care less about that.
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    Why not Solid State amps?

    I think you can get pretty close to the 'cowboys' era dime tone with a MetalZone Block into a cab. Dial up some 'air' on the cab with the freq around 7k.
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    I might be getting off the Axe-Fx train

    Laxu, I don't know you and have no quarrel with you...but as I mentioned on 'another' site, your username sticks out to me solely because I have seen you complaining about the value-wheel on Fractal products for ten years. I don't like dicking around on the front panel either. But I reckon it...
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    Who's Planning To "Eventually" Move Up To The III?

    I'll buy in eventually. Mostly for the firmware ride. It's always a blast. My II sounds so good, that I can barely imagine an improvement. My Ultra has several sounds that are just killer by any measure.
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    FC12 will be compatible with Axe Fx II mk I?

    If you've ever used a Line6 FBV with one of their amps or processors...then you understand what the new FC paradigm is...if I understand at all. And it's pretty slick actually...except for the fact that it doesnt use a 'standard' protocol. Essentially the controller sends a 'this button was...
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    Ian Thornley AXE FX

    He's in pretty deep with Suhr...correct? I doubt he's gonna blab a ton about a product that is perpendicular in a sense.
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    Underrated or unappreciated amp blocks

    Since about quantum 6...all the amps are great. Triptik...fas modern...even the Uber. Since about that same time...I keep coming back to the 50 watt plexi and 800. There's just so much juice there to mess with...the bright cap and Sat switch can entertain me for days.
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    Dodged a Universal Audio Bullet: update = Pulled Trigger

    There are other protocols like Open Sound Control (OSC) but MIDI is quite good for what it is. It's lasted like 40 years and is so fundamental that it still rules the roost. English is a dumb and illogical language, yet here we are.
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    Value Button On Axe FX Ultra Not Functioning Correctly

    This is common. My ultra has done it for years. There is a fix, but I don't remember it being super easy.
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    FAS, Thanks for the free cab packs...

    Huh? What did I miss? Free cabs?
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    Gigging Cover FRFR Guys???

    Similar situation here. Hundreds of gigs with AxeFx direct. My suggestion is to find a SMALL handfull of core amp/cab tones that cover the bases of the set list. You don't want the soundman chasing your levels and balance all night. Even with careful level matching and a good deal of...
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    Bandmates don't want to record to a click

    Thats the thing. If a click is actually hurting the 'feel' ... its because your drummer is great...and by the transitive property.. could play to a click easily. That's when pros use a tempo map ...to bump up a chorus by a few BPM or whatever. If you plan to copy/paste any part, or use any...
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    FCB1010 Optical expression pedals

    Are you trying to emulate a volume pedal in front of the amp, or a master volume after? Are you using a vol/pan block or attaching to some other control? Check out the 'volume taper' setting on the volume/pan block. Others will be more skilled at helping you do what you want...once you tell us...
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    Be careful, anyone can enter your Mac this way !

    Come on, dude.
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    FCB1010 Optical expression pedals

    Just for clarity, you HAVE messed with the curve on the modifier parameter page right? I agree that swell curves are tough to get right...but I think it may have more to do with perception than mechanics. Meaning...you have to match the patch with what you are trying to hear... and hearing...
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    Gibson Brands announced the end of Cakewalk

    "According to a statement posted by Gibson on the Cakewalk website, the corporation hopes to refocus its energies on consumer products rather than software" Then why did you buy it you stupid assholes? I spent thousands with Cakewalk/Sonar. I bought the fancy V-studio console/rack recording...
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    Ambient In-Ears

    At some point ...this is like skis on a boat. Ive been iem for several years...and hating the isolated disconnected thing...I used some cheap buds that you can hear the stage pretty well through. Gotta watch the volume...and prob won't work on loud stages...but I preferred it. Worth a shot...
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    Im a sucker for a great modern-rock song. Alter Bridge does it about as good as anybody. Tremonti's tone is great for what they do. That said, the more lessons he takes, and the more technique he gains....his solos get more stupid. Love his rhythm playing and writing tho.
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    Do we really want an Axe FX VST?

    Yeah, without the quality input and A/D ...any 'Axe-Native' plug would likely be disappointing anyways.
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    AXE FX II Models VS Amplitube Officially Licensed Models

    The first AxeFx (mesa) clip was great. Killer riff too. Listening on my recording rig (Yamaha Monitors) the Axe version sounds way more open and pleasing. The Amplitube take was more boxy and had an annoying presence. I'd gamble it's the IR.
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    Wish MkIII with power distribution

    I get it....but that is so outside the scope of an fx piece... Just get a power 'conditioner' ... even tho that is a bs term. Unless there is a giant capacitor or battery regulating the power, its a glorified power-strip.
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    Does your band tune down, from standard A440 ?

    We tuned down a whole step. Our original songs just seemed to ask for it that way. Was nice for the singer too, when we did 80s metal covers for most of the rest of the time.
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    REVISED - Cliff's Factory Preset Bank A - Axe-Fx II - Quantum 8.01

    Thank you guys. The Q2 presets were truly a joy to play with...after the 7.xx firmware they were kinda screwy... I've only played with the Brit 800 preset on this set...but it is truly badass. Worth the price of admission for sure.
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    Something wrong with my AXE?

    Possibly way off base, but I have a pair of AKG240M headphones, that do precisely this to my guitar. They don't exhibit the distortion when listening to program material (mixed music) but solo guitar distorts the highs noticeably. The same signal is fine through other cans, and my studio...
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    Axe-FX III on the horizon?

    Fractal doesn't even do NAMM.
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    Guitar / Computer Chair?

    search amazon for a drafting chair. Most have swing away armrests...can go very tall...and have the footrest ring which is crucial for playing IMO.
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    Ada mp1 in to what power amp?

    NMV = Non-Master-Volume. I'd go Guitar > ADA then the OUT of the ADA (not the loop, and remember the inst/line level switch set correctly) into the rear panel Axe-FX inputs. Then I'd start with a Marshall model like the Plexi 50W Hi 1 ... then into a cab like the 4x12 TV Mix. If you don't...
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    Ada mp1 in to what power amp?

    That said... I'd try the NMV Marshalls like the 50W Treble. MP-1s used to rip in front of those.
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    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.00 Firmware Release

    Thank you FAS. I always come back to the plexi models because...well because. and I loved them since Q1. If any of you have played through a cranked plexi...with a mic on it... it doesn't feel like a plexi. This way I get the feel and the sound... it's pretty awesome.
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    FCB1010 external Switch 1 & 2 CC#s?

    Pretty sure the 'switch' connectors on the FCB are for switching amp channels. You could possibly connect them to the AxeFx ext switch inputs, but that seems unwieldy, and doesnt get you where you want to go with another button.
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    What wireless system do YOU use?

    Cool. A lot of us were also worried about adding another AD/DA round trip before the Axe... latency and whatnot. Another 'non issue' for me with the G90. I'm pretty picky when it comes to a perception of 'losing gain' or input signal. As I said, the companding stage of the old analog...
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    What wireless system do YOU use?

    G90. I was skeptical but needed something 'right now' ... It's absolutely killer. The companding of old analog stuff is the WORST ... and I think Line6 actually understands properly loading a guitar pickup. I dunno... it sounds and feels better than most cables to me.
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    Few more rehersal videos. Jake E. Lee and deep cut Zakk contenet

    Honestly, I understand the love for those old GMWs, but I prefer the Pro-Mod Charvels for gigging. The neck on the GMW was thin, and with the JB it was just too bright for me. I played one of those tangerine WildCards with the hardtail, and I would rather have that than the GMW...pains me to...
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    Few more rehersal videos. Jake E. Lee and deep cut Zakk contenet

    Yup, that was me. It took about 17 minutes to sell. As a HUGE Jake fan, and Charvel fan, it was weird that I never bonded with that guitar. I love what you did with yours. Very cool. Great playing as usual too!
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    Communications paused. Click to Resume …

    I love the feature. Once I get some scenes happening, its nice to click through them for a sanity check with the MFC, and the dropouts that Edit used to cause was a bummer.
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    Few more rehersal videos. Jake E. Lee and deep cut Zakk contenet

    What's that blue Charvel? I had a blue GMW Jake up until last spring.
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    Can E Drums sound good?

    Yeah, I trigger Slate Drums with a Roland V kit for recording... live, you better have a nice interface and capable machine to keep the latency low..but it is definitely do-able. I'd recommend routing both sources to the console in case something goes wonky with the computer side...
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    Stereo Tape Double Tracking Studio Tricks

    Doesn't the 'enhancer' block (especially in classic mode) do all this stuff already?
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    This is why Boogie tones sucked...

    This solution is precisely the 'last step' in the RoomEQWizzard paradigm. The program can spit out a set of parms to use as a 'flattening' EQ. It's a bit crazy if you use a fully parametric plugin. Mine ended up having a dozen or so overlapping bands with crazy Q factors etc...ultimately...I...
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    Disappointed :(

    If you are running new firmware and 'old' presets...then I'd agree with everything you said. They aren't compatible. I'm one of the guys that has NEVER liked presets on anything...but the NEW Axe presets, running on the NEW firmware are really good. Almost all of them are great even. I'm...
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    Metal Instrumental featuring Andy James - Q6, ML IRs, GGD Drums

    I feel your pain. I spent FOREVER on our last album and was just frustrated beyond belief with mixing. I tried a new toy...a FREE limit/comp on the 2buss and I ended up being very happy. Check out the Density Mk3
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    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 6.02 Firmware Released

    Thank you FAS. The new presets are really great too.
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    Which strap locks?

    Dimarzio ClipLok .. 20+ years NEVER a FAILURE. I've seen every other strap lock fail in that time. The downside is you have that damn plastic tail on your guitars at all times...but for me, its the only serious solution. Vai agrees.
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    Odd Sound - Like a Wah Coming On Randomly

    I have had (what I believe) are similar symptoms at a gig. It would stop if I would change presets. Never tried changing scenes as the middle of a damn song wasn't the time for troubleshooting. I was using some modified (old and free) Freeman presets, and I always figured I hadn't carefully...
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    transporting the MFC 101

    I have the HUGE pedaltrain. and it never left the house because its HUGE. I toss my MFC in a cheap briefcase I had lying around. Works great.
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    Anyone not a fan of Quantum 6?

    Keep tweaking. 6 has it's own 'thing' for sure...but I think it's a dramatic leap forward. I think you'll end up loving it.
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    Modeling version knob on Q6.0

    Are you using a Mark 1 or 2? Did you check out the release notes?
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    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 6.00 Firmware Released

    Thank you! You are the man. I promise I'll buy a XL when I can afford it.
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    MK I/II/XL Legacy Firmware Poll... to remove or not to remove

    Well..thats one way to say it. another might be...'abandoning a large portion of the community because a very few cant commit to a version...and will complain.'
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    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 6.00 Public Beta

    If youre making your living with a particular set of patches...are you really updating with each revision? Yeah..im not doing the pissing match either..but this sucks for a good many of us. Im happy you arent inconvenienced.
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    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 6.00 Public Beta

    Mk2 here. pretty bummed. thanks for the ride Cliff...this and my Ultra were the best gear ive owned. Hope you xl guys are enjoying that one Q2 preset you need.
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    Sysex msgs that Axefx automatically sends.

    Thanks for posting this. Always nice to see how others are doing stuff with this.
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    Livin on a Prayer [Preset & Video]

    These sound great guys! I always just used a LFO for the formant and went with it live. Yalls are better for sure.
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    "Fast Food on the Radio": The state of popular music...

    Awesome insight guys. zenaxe...well done. Imo..being a musician is a fastrack to being a music snob..for good or bad. We work so hard at something and view it through such a microscope that we expect the world to share our mania. I can name like 3 painters besides picasso. Im sure...
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    My Band's album finally done. All Axe-FX

    Thank you for taking the time to listen!
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    My Band's album finally done. All Axe-FX

    We've worked on this thing for so long that the guitars are mostly Ultra, but there's some Axe2 in there also. Plenty of production/mixing/mastering faux-pa but it was a Natty fueled labor of love. Check it out if you get a sec. https://www.reverbnation.com/tk4218/songs
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    Show us your MFC setups! (post your pics)

    I'm baffled at why you label'd the first row, and the up/down edit buttons. Furthermore...you can get an extra scene button if you make the preset-recall scene one. I set up my MFC much like this..except row 2 is scene 2-6. Even with my poor memory/attention-span .. I'm able to remember what...
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    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 5.02 Firmware Released

    Man, 5.02 is really noticeable to me. Major step forward in getting thick-yet-ringing tones that are a blast to play.
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    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 5.01 Firmware Released

    Immediately noticed a difference. Have been playing 5.0 all day... this is fatter and has more grind...in a great way. Thank you!
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    Vh "Feel Your Love Tonight" Cover Video

    Great job Mark. Patch sounds great here too with my CU22. Thank you!
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    PRS Custom 24 owners - need pup advice

    I know it sounds old-skool... but I liked a JB in my CU22 a lot. I now have a Custom-5 in it...which I like even more... And I'm not the biggest JB fan..it just punched in that guitar.
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    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 5.00 Firmware Released

    Capt Hook 3B. When I put Saturation switch to 'Auth' it nearly goes silent. Is that correct? 3A too. Not that it cripples me or nuthin.
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    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 5.00 Public Beta

    Recto 1 seems to really have come to life too. Could be my imagination...but it seems less plastic-y ...and really responsive.
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    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 5.00 Public Beta

    Thank you! Loading now.
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    Question/Idea Regarding 'Dephase' in Cab Block

    After doing some experimentation...100% dephase certainly makes all IRs sound about the same.
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    Question/Idea Regarding 'Dephase' in Cab Block

    So from what I recall... the dephase control in the cab block smooths out prominent frequency spikes, or RESONANCES in a cab IR. Now... when I watch tutorials on mixing heavy guitars...a common theme seems to be hunting down and nuking these resonances. Lots of surgical cuts at 4k-ish and...
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    Does anyone else get a crackling sound out of their FRFR?

    Thanks man. This has been driving me nuts for years.
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    Halloween Party - band costume ideas ?

    We used to dress up as Iconic rock stars...we all pick one and then do a song featuring that guy and that star. For example one year: Me: Slash and did Sweet Child Singer: Freddy Merc : cant remember what we did Bassist: Alice Cooper : No more mr nice guy Drummer: Joan Jett : cant remember ...
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    AxeFx II Strength

    I use mine to chock the trailer wheels. Is that wise?
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    Cliff, Get rid of the older firmware modeling options to free up space!!

    Morbid curiosity.... can someone give me an example of an amp sim that you use the 'previous' switch on? And maybe what you feel is the benefit of the earlier modelling on that amp? I'm in front of my Axe and been putzing with the switch... in every case I feel that the dimension and 3d is...
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    Cliff, Get rid of the older firmware modeling options to free up space!!

    Ha! agreed. I got my MFC about 3 minutes before FAS couldn't fit new firmware on it. Sucks but thats progress. I still have my Ultra. I keep it at my bassist's house...when I look at the amp selection..I stroke my beard and scoff. Progress.
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    Cliff, Get rid of the older firmware modeling options to free up space!!

    I'd agree with that. It was a concession because a few folks couldn't get on with the new modeling. I didn't agree then, and I don't now...but I don't run the company. It was mighty nice of FAS to make that concession for those folks.
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    Cliff, Get rid of the older firmware modeling options to free up space!!

    Right? Owning a product isn't a democracy. This conversation is going off the rails. Like I said above, we are at the mercy of progress. And my device is a MK2 ...so I'm in the same boat as you.
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    Cliff, Get rid of the older firmware modeling options to free up space!!

    Was there nothing in the specifications about additional ROM?
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    Cliff, Get rid of the older firmware modeling options to free up space!!

    You are making the assumption that removing the switch will buy us unlimited time with FW updates. It won't. It's a stopgap. You are making the assumption that FAS will remove features to keep old product current. That might not be in the best interest of FAS. We have been BLESSED that FAS...
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    Cliff, Get rid of the older firmware modeling options to free up space!!

    I'd disagree with the spirit of this post. And if you read the underlying theme, the Mk 1/2 are facing EOL, deprication, whatever you want to call it. I don't feel entitled in any way, and asserting 'I paid for' ... doesn't really serve your/our cause. We are at the mercy of progress on...
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