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  1. Z

    Humbucker to Single Coil: Blend Knob. Holy crap it's great.

    Think of it this way: - Shorting the coil completely (normal coil tap) effectively bypasses one coil completely. - A resistor across the coil (fixed or variable, the latter being the spin-a-tap) effectively bypasses some of the coil, the lower the resistance, more of the coil is bypassed (it's...
  2. Z

    Humbucker to Single Coil: Blend Knob. Holy crap it's great.

    No. It changes the inductance of the pickup, both coils at the same time. It wouldn't just merely attenuate the overall original signal like a volume pot would. Would work very differently.
  3. Z

    Humbucker to Single Coil: Blend Knob. Holy crap it's great.

    I have done something like this with just a resistor to bypass one coil instead of shorting the coil completely - gives a fuller sound that than a normal coil tap. The spin-a-tap makes that variable which is a very good idea. I reckon you could probably go lower on the pot value too unless you...
  4. Z

    Soccer WC

    Congratulations on the birth of your daughter. You naming her after one of the goal scorers - Antoinette, Kyliana, Paula or perhaps Maria (after Mario Mandzukic)? :)
  5. Z

    Soccer WC

    Yeah, Ole, one of the best finals for a long time. Lots of drama & intrigue - fantastic spectacle for the neutral after the drab affairs that have occurred more recently. Also the presentation ceremony was hilarious in a bad way, with first just Putin getting an umbrella , then eventually the...
  6. Z

    Soccer WC

    You're drawing a long bow there fella! Not sullying the Croat's reputations, was just reporting that France received considerable help from the ref in this game, which many professional players & refs expressed and which I agree with. As stated earlier, I am not even claiming that the final...
  7. Z

    Soccer WC

    ^^^^ In reply to Ole: Don't agree with most of this but that's OK, haven't got the inclination to refute all your points, doesn't matter much. Football is a very subjective thing and everyone seems to see the same game or individual players differently ("He's great", "No, he's rubbish")...
  8. Z

    Soccer WC

    Are you new to the game? If not, you should understand that the game is not based on isolated incidents that are totally independent of each other. See Schmeichel's thoughts on the matter in the video posted above. That's without even taking into consideration the first France goal which...
  9. Z

    Soccer WC

    It seems pretty obvious based on a random google search... Sorry, but I haven't got the inclination to scour the net for every experts opinion nor to start a poll. You can go for your life though. You've made up your mind, you're welcome to it.
  10. Z

    Soccer WC

    Why ask me for them when you wouldn't accept them anyway? They seem to be in the vast majority. Go google some opinions you find that suite yourself better then. Just for you, here's another one from some famous Danish goalkeeper you may have heard of (or perhaps not):
  11. Z

    Soccer WC

    https://www.joe.ie/sport/decision-award-france-penalty-via-var-provoked-furious-reaction-633263 http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-5956203/World-Cup-final-VAR-penalty-sends-Twitter-meltdown.html...
  12. Z

    Soccer WC

    1st goal came from a freekick which awarded for a Griezmann dive. In that same kick Pogba looked offside and was interfering with Mandzukic who scored the own goal. Why no VAR there? Most professional observers agree that the VAR penalty call was a joke of a decision. No way that Perisic...
  13. Z

    Axe-Fx III in Australia

    + 1 to Andrew & Independent Music. They have been excellent in my dealings with them.
  14. Z

    Wish Cliff, roll up your sleeves - we need plasma modeling

    That pedal looks wicked & has some interesting sounds (& feel too I bet). The Anderton guys were having a blast! Their PLUS Pedal seems really cool & useful too. Tempted.
  15. Z

    Post Axe-Fx III Launch.....Amp Model Requests

    Agree with more bass and Fractal amps. Another one I'd really like is the Custom Hiwatt 200, DR 201 SAP with the switch & balance control. One of the nicest overdrive sounds I've heard via youtube. I think it's similar to some special Jimmy Page model. Demo below: Th Hiwatt CP 103 that...
  16. Z

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 8.02 Firmware Release

    That's plum brandy & not licorice flavoured. Had some home made (in Croatia) stuff tonight. Very popular in Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria & Hungary too I think.
  17. Z

    Legacy Firmware Solution

    Amazing! Thank you.
  18. Z

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 5.00 Public Beta

    This is a good question. I guess it's pretty much the same tech in the saturation circuit so I wonder if it has been implemented there as well?
  19. Z

    Q2.01 - Plexi 50W Nrml - bright cap doesn't work [NOT A BUG]

    OK, thanks for looking at it. It's just confusing as the parameters are there. I'm sure it worked in previous firmware revs though. Can always use the Bright knob to compensate somewhat.
  20. Z

    Q2.01 - Plexi 50W Nrml - bright cap doesn't work [NOT A BUG]

    On the Plexi 50W Nrml amp model there is no audible change when activating the bright cap, even with huge values. Checked using both the latest Axe-Edit and the front panel. You can change the values but no change in sound at all. I haven't played with this parameter on this amp for a while but...
  21. Z

    Fractal Audio AMP models: AC-20 (Morgan AC20 Deluxe)

    Mine too! So if the actual amp hasn't got a tone stack as such (which I guess is why it can overdrive quickly, little or no attenuation through the tone stack circuit), what does the Axe use - an "Active" tone stack? Also, how do they get 20W out of 2 x EL84s, especially in anything approaching...
  22. Z

    Hot Kitty question

    Is this happening only when you a playing 2 or more notes at the same time (or even letting them ring out together in an arpeggio)? If so that's what I think are called "difference tones" - the note you are hearing is at a frequency which is the difference between the frequencies of the 2 high...
  23. Z

    Reminder--PLAY LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Volume is important for both sound & feel - that acoustic interaction between the speaker & the strings adds a lot to me (love that edge on feedback sustain especially with clean/edge on overdrive sounds). I think so many people's complaints about lack of "in the room" sound & general...
  24. Z

    Q1.05 vs Q2.00 Friedman HBE

    I thought the greater differences are supposed to be on amps which drive the power amp more? The HBE would mostly be pre-amp distortion, no?
  25. Z

    AX8 vs Helix: Amp Tone and Effects

    I believe that something can be better than something else & that quite often the "not better or worse, just different" meme is a cop out. These days all 10 kids may get a ribbon once they have completed the 100 yard dash but one of them actually crossed the line first.
  26. Z

    Mikko goes USA

    I like the allusion to "Leningrad Cowboys Go America" in the title - another one of Finland's great exports!
  27. Z

    Fuzz Face Authenticity

    Would it be possible to add the the source resistance as a parameter & then use an volume pedal to both alter the input volume & source resistance on a fuzz? I originally thought of just having the source resistance change as a function of the sensed volume input (envelope, I guess) into the...
  28. Z

    Deluxe reverb model drive/gain?

    What's also very important is that your heater power supply on your power transformer can take it. 6L6s use a fair bit more heater current that the 6V6s.
  29. Z

    Wish Future Amp Models

    I would love to have the Hiwatt DR-201 SAP with the balance control in the Axe:
  30. Z

    Why not 2 amps, and zero fx possible?

    I believe the other issue is that the lower spec'd chips can survive without cooling (i.e a fan). I guess it would be problematic to put a fan in a floor unit?
  31. Z

    Cliff, need a bunch of amps to model?

    Late to the thread & missed the pics. I'd love to see them as well.
  32. Z

    Orig. Southern Rock Tune (no djent)only 6 strings (sorry) All Axe Fx2

    Really enjoyed that. Great sounds all round.
  33. Z

    VOX AC30 Model - Tone Cut Knob Emulation

    ^^^^^ I believe this circuit correction is only really makes a difference when the bass knob is sett to close to max. The error (copied from a Gibson amp) is explained here: http://www.blueguitar.org/new/articles/other/topboost.pdf I don't really think that this error is the secret to the "Vox...
  34. Z

    Why can't 'amp in the room' feel be modelled?

    AFAIK, it's not the modelling that's the problem but the limitations imposed by physics. I would imagine to get the "Amp in the room" sound with an FRFR rig you would need multiple speakers. Why bother? if you want AITR sound, connect to a power amp & open back cab & there you have it.
  35. Z

    String gauge on a Gibson J-45 straight out of the factory?

    No experience but the website says: "Strings .012" - .053" Gibson Light Guage" Not sure if it can be trusted because they spelled "Gauge" incorrectly... Gibson.com: Gibson Acoustic J-45 Standard
  36. Z

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 19.00 Released

    No, barhrecords values are correct. You are missing the fact that the Fender starts at 1 not 0.
  37. Z

    Struggling with dynamic and punchy cleans

    To me, this sounds very much like the acoustic coupling you get get between speakers & guitar stings when operating with a bit of volume (& generally you are always operating with a bit of volume with tube amps as they sound very unsatisfying at low volumes). I honestly think that people often...
  38. Z

    Gritty Sounding Clean Tones

    Lots of real life Fender amps start to get a bit of grit at around "3" on the volume dial (non MV amps). Remember that's around 2.2 on the Drive value on the Axe. Having values below this & with the Input Trim set to less than "1.0" on the amp as well will get you going in the right direction.
  39. Z

    Best way to combat digital high end w. Axe FX settings?

    This is a good approach. I have been experimenting with just X/Y states of the cab block - one for playing in a mix & the other when just playing guitar by itself (setup for a more "in the room sound").
  40. Z

    Amps that clean up well

    With both pickups on, if you drop the volume on one pickup (assuming there is a volume pot for each pickup), do you still get an output from the guitar (i.e. the other pickup only) or does it go off completely? If the former then there's your main issue - the pots are wired independently &...
  41. Z

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 18.04 Public Beta

    The only thing that's the same is the naming "Vintage/Modern" otherwise these are two very different functions.
  42. Z

    The Ridgewing Guitar - this thing is CRAZY cool!

    Nice idea but that price is crazy. Is the sound out of it worth that asking price? Someone will do a similar thing for less than $1k.
  43. Z

    Missing you.

    Who are you touring with Brett?
  44. Z

    Fw18... news?

    I would love some Tophat amps in the Axe! That one is Marshall based I believe but they have a few other models I have also been interested in.
  45. Z

    I'm Just Going to Leave This Here

    No. My car is functional, comfortable, very useful and is used every day. I enjoy it immensely & when the odd occasion comes when I have to carry more people than myself I can do it without borrowing someone else's vehicle. Meanwhile, you are wistfully looking at your custom 48" python black &...
  46. Z

    I'm Just Going to Leave This Here

    I have the same issue with my car. it's got a top speed of 180kph but I hardly get over 80 in my intra city driving. It can also carry 5 people but usually it's only me in the car! The trunk is hardly ever full either. I don't even turn up the radio full blast. Still, I appreciate & enjoy it &...
  47. Z

    Johnny Marr Jaguar + Prince Tone = BLISS

    Bliss indeed! Single coil goodness - the character of the guitar really comes through. Great demo, really enjoyed that & will try the patch.
  48. Z

    I'm Just Going to Leave This Here

    I'm wary of the "pay per module" concept, mostly from Fractals point of view. Currently things ar every clean with a new update. It's posted on their website & those that choose to do so download it. Not much management/infrastructure needed on the part of FAS. Go to the "pay per module"...
  49. Z

    'Let It Be' a Broadway Tribute to the Beatles (and they use Axe-Fx)

    He probably is using an AxeFX but the the MFC can be used to control other devices as well, so need to see that green screen in the background somewhere before we can say for sure.
  50. Z

    CPU capability

    I wonder if the FX8 can also be used to effectively control an Axe-FX & have it in the loop of the Axe. Would have massive effects capabilities with that combo.
  51. Z

    FW18 - AC30

    Treble boosters in Voxes are generally used with the Normal channel, which is basically just half a 12AX7 and no tone controls - a dull sounding channel. Wouldn't think they would be used to much with a Top Boost channel (another gain stage, cathode follower & tone controls).
  52. Z

    How much would it cost to own all the amps/cabs/effects in a Axe-FX II?

    Did you include patch & mic leads, mic stands, variacs, studio preamps & yearly cost of replacement tubes and general servicing?
  53. Z

    G3 modeling thread

    Rather than "digital clipping", I assume you mean the noise caused by using too much processing power? If so, then that would be mostly due to the CAB blocks as they are done by the effects processor. Interestingly though, turning an AMP block into a SHUNT drops the CPU usage reading by about...
  54. Z

    Deluxe Tweed is rather great amp

    BTW, this would translate to the following on the Axe: gain - 5.5, bass - 1.1, mid - 2.2, treb - 5.6, as Fender controls go from 1 to 10, but the Axe controls go from 0 to 10.
  55. Z

    G3 modeling thread

    My first impressions were that the 1st clip was rounder, sweeter & more airy or "3D" if you like) than the 2nd. As Clark Kent said "more authentic", which is a bit ironic I guess. So relieved when Cliff said that the 1st clip was G3! Looking forward to to this firmware upgrade big time now.
  56. Z

    Understanding All the Different Gain Controls

    I can't see why that would be the case. My understanding is that the bright cap function is dependent on the setting of the Input Drive knob - in real circuits, the position of the knob (and not a function of how much signal is at that point n the circuit). If set low, the overall signal is...
  57. Z

    Anyone Want to Test This Beta Firmware

    ^^^^ Like when people were using EQ curves to flatten out the response of the Verve powered speakers. That would be interesting, useful & it seems to me, wholly possible.
  58. Z

    Question: Why do different guitars react more with AFX rather than with a rea...

    I've heard some say that this partly attributable to the "miced amp" versus "in the room" sound. It would be interesting to see what the guys that use power amps into guitar cabs think about this behaviour. Saying that I think that perhaps the latest firmware revision may be more accepting of...
  59. Z

    Pick Two Factory Cabs to Replace

    The 1 x 6 oval has always been good to mix with other cabs to provide some mids/fullness. I'd rather that one be kept.
  60. Z

    Clean and underwatery

    That was very well done indeed. Great tones, but most importantly a really interesting & enjoyable piece of music.
  61. Z

    The Replacements tonight

    Great suits! I would have loved to have seen The Mats - I don't think they ever got to Oz. Was there any professional document of the show being done. Would be great to see/hear the show.
  62. Z

    D00d, s'riously... o_0

    Oh man, poor kid! Hope he never sees this thread!
  63. Z

    Light guitars, better sustain!?!

    I think sustain would be affected by a few factors - hardware used, break angle of the strings over the nut & bridge, perhaps neck & fretboard wood & neck joint construction. My own anecdotal experience, based on 4 different examples of the same model guitar, with the same pickups, is that...
  64. Z

    Different players, COMPLETELY different sound.

    Most of my gear sounds pretty good when I play it. It sound absolutely stellar when my friend does...
  65. Z

    Welcome MARK DAY!

    Cool! Is Adam Cook still around?
  66. Z

    Home Studio build

    Thanks for the response Luke, very helpful.
  67. Z

    Home Studio build

    Fantastic build & great photo report Luke! Very timely as I'm looking to do a similar thing (different situation - detached building, double brick walls, concrete floor & ceiling but window & sliding glass doors to deal with). I've never seen the peg board solution for a guitar wall. Allows...
  68. Z

    Need reality check on stock presets- HB neck pickup Bass flabbiness for clean Fenders

    Especially if it's dialed in for a bridge position single coil...
  69. Z

    Any tips on how to not get this tone?

    The video said "Plastic Ono Band" but it was actually Yo La Tengo (an "indie" band with a long & storied history) providing the musical backup. Musically the guitar sounded a bit thin (Ira Kaplan, the guitarist, sounded much better when he used my 64 Vibrolux on one of their tours to Australia)...
  70. Z

    3 x Bass presets FW 15 [SeeD] + video

    These sound great. Top job & thanks for sharing the patches & method.
  71. Z

    Just a future design thought:

    It's also "ultra light" as there are no power tubes or output transformer in the design. I also wonder at what voltage the tubes are run at (i.e. if there's a step up power transformer in the unit). Might sound great but I doubt I'll ever find out for myself...
  72. Z

    Input gain and sustain question

    The best natural sustain comes from playing at volume & the speaker pushing air & interacting with the strings.
  73. Z

    Weird low resonance

    Had/have this issue with Valvetech Hayseed 30 - a Vox clone. Took it to my tech who is a bit of a Vox expert & to his surprise all his vintage Voxes did it to. Did an updated mod which came from the manufacturer which seemed to drop off the lower end enough to minimize the issue but I think I...
  74. Z

    An Interesting Finding While A/B'ing the AFII and KPA

    Yes, that's the effect of those parameters. Reminds me of that axiom that to make something sound less "digital" sounding just take off some treble. A lot of "digital" sounding amp tones in the 60s & 70s on some well known records! Hoth, did you notice some differences in the lower mids as...
  75. Z

    Why no Ampeg love, as in V4/VT-22?

    From what I understand the Ampegs are pretty unique amps & it would be great if a model or two was added to the Axe.
  76. Z

    Johnny Marr Jaguar and Mr Z 38 SR

    Great demo. I want a Marr Jaguar now. Thanks, err, I think...
  77. Z

    Thoughts on FW 14 AST and other Clean-ish amps?

    Yeah, I did the calcs in Excel & when I copied it to the post the formatting got screwy & I must have accidentally deleted some points when trying to fix it manually. So my 6 was wrong & 7 was missing, the rest were Ok though. Yep, good ole y = mx +b but made the Axe "x" & the Fender "y", so...
  78. Z

    Thoughts on FW 14 AST and other Clean-ish amps?

    I just face-palmed myself for not realising this. Makes a big difference to the gain & also affects the tone controls. "3" on the dial is when a lot of Fenders can start to break up when hit a little harder, especially with HBs, which is a lot lower on the Axe: Fender____Axe __1______0.00...
  79. Z

    Imperial Tone King

    Find out what speakers are in it and then try out IRs of the same or similar speaker type. Most important!
  80. Z

    CAB > AMP

    From the 1st post in the sticky, 4 down from the top, posted by Cliff in May, 2012: "Impulse Responses (IRs) are the single most important part of an amplifier plus cab's sound yet they are often overlooked. People concentrate on the amp when it's the cab that has far more influence on the...
  81. Z

    Newb AFXII owner. Do I need a mixer?

    A mixer is great. Axe connected of course as well as the PC (with a MAudio soundcard) so I can play along to mp3s, youtube etc. Also connected are vocal mics, CD player. Also outputs go to studio monitors & CLRs. Sometimes it's handy to play a back tracking on the monitors & the Axe through the...
  82. Z

    TAF "The Legends" UltraRes IR OUT NOW!

    ^^^^ Yep, some people need to start up their own IR companies to show how it's done...
  83. Z

    TAF "The Legends" UltraRes IR OUT NOW!

    So some people want to certain cab packs, others want just the Mix versions etc. Maybe others just want the mix versions of certain cabs? I'm sure lots will see the value in having the whole bundle. It does seem to be difficult to please everyone. Whatever happens, I hope it is worthwhile for...
  84. Z

    TAF "The Legends" UltraRes IR OUT NOW!

    So the raw .ir files are included for mixing in Cab Lab but the wav files aren't? Any indication if the latter will be made available at some point?
  85. Z

    neck pick up issues with axe fx / is it just me?!?!

    One last general thought about using the neck pickup - picking position. I marveled at Dicky Betts lead sound using the neck pickup - so clear compared to the muddy mess I was used to. I thought it maybe he adjusts his amp to that pickup (& he probably) does but I also noticed he seems to pick...
  86. Z

    neck pick up issues with axe fx / is it just me?!?!

    Semih, nice website you have & very cool clips - digging the music/playing. Seems you got a good thing going with all your projects. Re your Guild Starfire - is that the one from the 60s model with the smaller humbucker (1 PU adjustment screw per side) or a 70s/80s with the larger humbuckers...
  87. Z

    Do You Hear a Difference

    Strange. I can get feedback quite easily with my CLRs & that's not playing too loud & also being off-axis from the wedges. Maybe we have really different ideas of what "loud as hell" means? Could be a phase thing as someone mentioned - I have a guitar which allows me to flip the phase on the...
  88. Z

    neck pick up issues with axe fx / is it just me?!?!

    It took someone far too long to come to this... On traditional amps this is often a problem as well, depending on the pickups used in the guitar. These days neck pickups are usually weaker than bridge pickups to compensate somewhat for this (makes neck have less volume & brighter than if same...
  89. Z

    Do You Hear a Difference

    This best sums up my experience. There may be a small difference but maybe a slight turn of the knob could minimize that even further. Nothing to agonize over, at least for me.
  90. Z

    The New Bright Knob

    They all work on different parts of the circuit. My understanding: Bright switch - models a cap on the drive pot which allows some higher frequencies to pass through the drive knob while others are attenuated causing an overall brighter sound. Greatest effect when drive values are lower & no...
  91. Z

    Wish Hybrid heads

    ^^^^ All that is saying is that he wants to stick another type of tone control in the circuit between the pre-amp stage & the output stage - it doesn't imply separating the two sections.
  92. Z

    Coming Soon: The Amp Factory IRs

    You're missing something that wasn't even available a few weeks ago? A feature you got for free? And you can still use all you factory hires cabs...you know, the ones you had when you bought the Axe... Don't pay for Ultra Rez IRs..no, save that money & buy some perspective.
  93. Z

    Wish Klon Centaur model in the drive block

    So in the interim will the cheap ass clone, the EHX Soul Food, do? Now what exactly does a Klon do? It seems most people like it as a boost rather than an overdrive. I heard that it does something to the midrange - boosts the 500 to 800 Hz range - if so can this be approximated with the Axe...
  94. Z

    Tweed deluxe jam

    I really enjoyed that!
  95. Z

    Cliff. Firmware 13 - now what? :)

    I imagine that could be quite difficult and complicated to do automatically. E.g. You could have different levels in different scenes (different rhythm patches, clean & dirty, a lead patch) or others may kick on an OD pedal or X/Y an amp for lead - which scene or state do you use? I imagine...
  96. Z

    POLL Ultra Res Vs Normal Res

    Yep, I know what you are trying to say & picked the first one for the same reason - seems to breathe & be more 3D, a greater feeling of space while the 2nd one seems "flatter" in a way.
  97. Z

    New cabs that came with firmware 13

    Lots of changes since 5.07 & it may pay you to go read all the release notes from 5.07 on. You may be able to get closer to ideal amps by checking out the "Modelling Mode" parameter - Amp (block) - Axe-Fx II Wiki
  98. Z

    The "Clark Kent" Personality

    INTJ as well. I remember doing these tests when working for a big corporation and out of 400+ people only 7 were INTJ. Made me realise that I had to get the hell out of there!
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