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  1. Alarto

    A singer you would like to rock...

  2. Alarto

    Finnish Christmas... Sylvian joululaulu- watch till the end...

  3. Alarto

    Tips for Mesa Bookie IV Clean & Cab

    Hi, my guitar wizard friend challenged me for good. He asked me to bring my AXE rig to his studio next week. His favourite rig is simple: Mesa IV combo / clean channel & some clean booster & some nice delay. Hard to admit but I have never played Mesa IV, so I don't know anything about it. I...
  4. Alarto

    Celestion Cream Alnico, experience or IRs anyone?

    Hi, this speaker sounds fantastic in Paul's many comparisons to other Celestions. Anyone tried it with a real cabinet and willing to share your thoughts? Would definitely like to try it as an IR! Haven't found one... It's said about alnico that it has a smooth compression when driven loud...
  5. Alarto

    Drive Block

    Hi there, I'm still a bit uncertain about the Drive Block functionality. Your advice is highly appreciated! 1. Some (if not all?) drive pedals pleads some amount of clean signal through. I assume this is already modeled correctly and I don't have to worry about the Mix parameter i.e. leave...
  6. Alarto

    What is happening when a "real" amp/speakers is cranked for a while?

    I haven't played through "real amps" since I bought my AFX two years ago. That's why I didn't remember this phenomenon happening with "real amps" until I heard it again at a great outdoor gig yesterday. I listened the guitarist's sound carefully as always but this time I was so close to the...
  7. Alarto

    Looking for a panning phaser settings

    Hi, I'm looking after a panning phaser (&tremolo???) settings like you can hear in the beginning of the following video. I can use external pedals to control it but it's not a must. Your ideas, a preset or settings would be highly appreciated, thanks...
  8. Alarto

    Merry Christmas From Finland

    Hi there, it has nothing to do with AFX... Tuomas & Erkka should have it :) I just ... aahh.. just listen... in Finnish!
  9. Alarto

    Please create a re-amping discussion group!

    Hi there, - please create a re-amping discussion group - post a couple of lectures of re-amping with known DAWs - members: send your direct guitar signal and let others to re-amp it (+ your preset and recording) - ask your question and let the forum help you with your sound problems...
  10. Alarto

    Modifier value vs. Mix value

    Hi, I'm not sure if whether this is a bug or do I have any settings wrong... Anyways, I connected Extern 3 to Delay block => Mix parameter. "Edit Modifier" shows min/max values but it does not match with Mix value neither in Axe-Edit nor AFX screen and the value does not change. The virtual knob...
  11. Alarto

    Amp distortion tweaks

    Hi there, I would be really appreciated to know your findings about which parameters affects on distortion character and how? The most problematic thing I usually run into is some kind of... hmmm... way too obvious sequential distortion wave shape which is especially bad while playing chords...
  12. Alarto


    Moro, no kun tälläinen mahdollisuus kerran on, niin... Eiköhän sitä enklantia kaikki ihan tarpeex hyvin osata täällä foorumeilla oleskellessa. Vaan.., lähinnä nyt ajattelin sitä, että olisko mahdollista kerätä porukkaa kasaan ja vaihtaa naamatusten ajatuksia, miten saadaan tästä hienosta...
  13. Alarto

    Help with "pop" sound when switching scenes

    Hi there, Sorry! I know this has been discussed earlier but I couldn't find a solution. How can I get rid of a "pop" sound when I switch scenes from 3,4,5 back to 1 or 2? I use one Amp block with X/Y. X = Dumble Clean (S1-S2) / Y = Lead (S3-S5). The preset is still in "work in progress" state...
  14. Alarto

    AFD100 preset, feedback please

    Hi there, if you have a chance to play this preset loud, please give me feedback how it sounds. Preferably play GNR Nightrain as a preference. Thanks!
  15. Alarto

    Power amp modeling on/off + exp pedals issue

    I quess this is not a general bug but there is something wrong with my AFX or??? 1. Problem: the first setting you hear is Global / Power Amp Modeling "ON" and then "OFF". I think they should be other way round or am I just deaf and green :mrgreen - preset I use is attached - CAB is user...
  16. Alarto

    Tips for QSC K12s???

    Hi there, What do you QSC K12 users do to make your sound better? I found speakers on-axis frequency response QSC Audio Forum • View topic - Frequency Response Charts. I have tried to make corrective eq in Global settings according to that but I don't know... They just doesn't sound...
  17. Alarto

    Long Road To Ruin solo, Brit 800 factory preset as is but MTD replaced by MBC block

    Long Road To Ruin solo - YouTube
  18. Alarto

    FW10 sounds strange? Try this!!!

    I'm one of those who experience fizzy / hissing sound with new FW10 & presets. The annoying sound could be described like an amp sound without a cab & 80 % with a cab sound (can not describe it better). I systematically went through all advices and tweaked all parameters that I thought might...
  19. Alarto

    A wish: Paul Gilbert tones

    As soon as V10 is out... I must have this tone for live playing & QSC K12 monitors! Multiple beers offered at my house for those who do it best :lol http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r75xMCrwlHg
  20. Alarto

    Give me these tones

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQXGlFJjYew ... Nuf said! ... Ok, for your ease; AXE FX II 9.02 => 2 x QSC K12 at about 85 db. Can you do it?
  21. Alarto

    Richie Sambora Live Rig

    Hello! If someone is interested in Richie Sambora's sounds, please tweak the attached preset and shear your ideas!!! I made this preset playing with my Warmoth "superstrat" & Crawler humbuckers. Extern 1 is controlling Wah & Formant and extern 2 is controlling Drive level, Amp Master Volume...
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