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  1. craiguitar

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 6.00 Public Beta

    Nope. Didn't work here. The outputs had bricked. Rolled back to 5.09 without any issue.
  2. craiguitar

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.09 Public Beta

    That's a great idea!
  3. craiguitar

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.09 Public Beta

    It's really seeing our part as users in the development process. This current release is a 'Public Beta' and as the name suggests, it's inviting us to try it out and make suggestions about its functionality, along with finding any bugs and issues prior to an official release. The cool thing is...
  4. craiguitar

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.09 Public Beta

    It would be no different to using real pedals and amp, so yes, bumping a button would cause a permanent change, but I'd say that was less likely than it is with a real amp/pedals. However if there was an option not to have auto-save engaged, then it'd be a failsafe if you absolutely don't want...
  5. craiguitar

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.09 Public Beta

    When you adjust a pedal or lean over and alter the settings on your amp during a performance, you don't have to then click STORE/ENTER/ENTER afterwards. This is the reason I'd suggested an Auto-Save option earlier in the thread. It would behave a lot more like a conventional setup.
  6. craiguitar

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.09 Public Beta

    It'd be nice to have the option (or setting) whilst in the perform mode for it to Auto-Save your adjustments. So for example, as it currently is, I make an adjustment on the fly at a gig, then I switch to another preset. When I switch back to the original preset, my adjustments have un-done...
  7. craiguitar

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.08

    Hi Cliff, as a guide, how much do you tend to roll off on those IR's? My main IR of my own cab which I use globally was shot with a '57, and it always has been a bit spiky on the top end. This new feature should cure that nicely!
  8. craiguitar

    Drivers issue?

    It is odd, as I didn't change anything at all prior to that, and it's never happened before.... Anyway, the support info was a great help, many thanks!
  9. craiguitar

    Drivers issue?

    Update. Problem solved. I followed the steps on the support page about drivers (the more in depth version) and, and although a little more complex than instructed (it involved a complete PC reboot) I got it working again. I don't understand why it stopped working in the first place, but at least...
  10. craiguitar

    Drivers issue?

    My Axe-Fx II XL just stopped working with my PC (Windows 10). I just couldn't get it working again despite several reboots etc. So I tried re-installing the drivers, but no luck. I get an error message (below) during the install. Any ideas what might be causing this?
  11. craiguitar

    update on foot controller?

    It depends greatly on which country you are in....
  12. craiguitar

    Playing an MP3 over Axe-Fx III

    Actually I'm interested in doing this, but for a different reason. We have been playing an ipod through our desk/PA for background music during set breaks. However the Aux in on our desk isn't that great, because there is no EQ on it, and we tend to have it set low in volume, so due to the...
  13. craiguitar

    Matrix GT1000FX

    I suppose in asking 'how is it achieved?' then the answer lies in the circuit design. I had read somewhere (unsubstantiated) that when Andy Hunt released the GT800FX, he was offered something like $100,000.00 for his designs by Fractal audio, but of course turned that down, because he knew he...
  14. craiguitar

    Matrix GT1000FX

    The Matrix design for the GT1000FX incorporates a slowed response, to mimic the sag you'd normally get from a tube amp. This also improves the 'feel'. A normal PA type amp can react too quickly to your playing, so Andy the designer addressed this issue from the outset.
  15. craiguitar

    Using the Looper to dial in presets and scenes

    Same here. I've ported over all my presets from the II using Fractool. Now, as I'm busy gigging, and I don't have the FC yet (Still on G66 waiting list ...) the III sits at home, still getting it's updates etc. In the meantime i'm using the II and MFC to get the job done at my gigs, which is...
  16. craiguitar

    Using the Looper to dial in presets and scenes

    I had read posts from people doing this before, and kind of dismissed it as a bit long-winded, but I've never tried it myself. Actually, now it seems to make sense. Might have to give it a go....
  17. craiguitar

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 4.01

    Was wondering the same. What parameter/s ideally need adjustrment to bring the tone back to 'something like' its prior tonality. To me, they sound cleaner and brighter, so more drive, and change to the EQ perhaps?
  18. craiguitar

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.00 Firmware Release

    My bandmates (and I) certainly enjoy the effect it has on the overall sound which must be a good thing. So there's no reason NOT to do it. After all, even if no drunken punters notice, nobody dies as a result.
  19. craiguitar

    Ran my Axe III in stereo last night for the first time

    I have mine panned hard L/R, but I'm the only guitar player in the bad so there's plenty of sonic space to occupy. For the FOH and monitor mix (Output 1) I use the Enhancer to widen it even more. I don't use the enhancer on Output 2, which feeds my amp & guitar cab. That is still in Stereo though.
  20. craiguitar

    Master template and using parallel effects

    I have a master template as my starting point for any new preset. It contains my volume block, assigned to an exp. pedal, my cab IR (of my own cab), a filter block for solo boost, output 2 block for my amp and cab, etc. These are the blocks which are always present in any of my presets. I have...
  21. craiguitar

    Instant access to 5 knobs on front for "normal" changes on fly???

    It’d be a nice feature, so in essence you could do what any normal player would do in a live situation, tweak the basic settings for the performance, amp gain, B/M/T, and master. However, that’d be for one preset AND for one amp or channel within that preset. So it’s still not putting you in the...
  22. craiguitar

    Axe-Fx II Firmware "Ares" 1.00 Public Beta

    YIKES!. I just updated my III yesterday, and now I get a II update too? This is just too good.
  23. craiguitar

    Stereo vs. Mono at gigs. What are you using?

    Stereo for me, all the time! Seeing as it takes zero effort to use a stereo setting, whether it's wasted on the drunken audience is their business. I don't care. They're getting a stereo mix, whether they like it, hear it, don't hear it, don't like it, whatever.... It sound's great and that's...
  24. craiguitar

    So, the Dumble thing...

    Walter was the first to admit he was truly outclassed as a player, (on both guitar & bass) by the studio musicians they employed to properly present their songs. That said, some of Walter's solo's were very fine indeed. a couple of exquisite examples are 'Black Friday' and 'FM'.
  25. craiguitar

    Mighty Dumble

    I've personally had more joy with Japanese & Mexican built Strats than I ever have with US ones, strange as that might seem.
  26. craiguitar

    Why do I like Drive + Amp more than Amp drive?

    Looking through all my presets, it's surprising how many of them feature a drive block. In building a preset, I just throw in there whatever creates the sound I'm seeking. I build presets for specific songs, so perhaps that's it really. Most of those amazing recordings, our favourite songs and...
  27. craiguitar

    Welcome: FC Controllers!

    That's good news, I was assuming it's possible to remove the end caps, so it can be mounted to a board. Judging by the dims, it'll be a squeeze, but it should fit on my board, along with 2 expression pedals. At present I also use a dual external switch to toggle scenes up/down. The FC-12 should...
  28. craiguitar

    Output 2 level question

    Aww, thanks man, well spotted. I didn't even check that page. D'oh! Happy New Year!
  29. craiguitar

    Output 2 level question

    It's possible to toggle between -10db and +4db. I have it set on +4db. Or do you mean the gain control on the Output 2 Graphic EQ page?
  30. craiguitar

    Output 2 level question

    I've attached one of my presets. All my presets behave the same way, so it's an example. Everything works fine, but like I explained, the Output 2 block level needs to be cranked all the way up in order to get the level to peak correctly.
  31. craiguitar

    Output 2 level question

    It's actually all presets, but I can post one as an example when I get home.
  32. craiguitar

    Output 2 level question

    In the meters menu. To get the level peaking correctly to the line, (same as on output 1) I have to crank the output 2 level all the way up, to get it it to peak correctly. It’s working fine like that, but it just seems like a odd thing to have to do....
  33. craiguitar

    Output 2 level question

    Hi all, I use output 1 to FOH and Output 2 to my amp and cab. The Output 2 block is before the cab block in my presets. Is it normal to need to crank the level of output 2 all the way up, just to get the level meter to 0db? I have both output 1 & 2 set to +4db on the global settings. This...
  34. craiguitar

    Do you all pretty much leave stock settings on amp for live?

    I always liked to tweak various settings in the amp block to get each preset just-so. However, when the glut of firmware updates on the II required an amp block reset, I had to re-think, and opted to leave many of the settings at their default settings, so I didn't have to go back in and...
  35. craiguitar

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 2.00

    This is great! You don’t find many tech companies willing to make these considerations. Bravo!
  36. craiguitar

    Decade with Fractal: Enter the Dragon

    Three things still holding me back from the jump from the XL : 1. The price of it here in Europe. (obviously!) 2. Foot controller not available….yet..... Plus no doubt this will put a severe dent in the wallet too. 3. Having to start all my presets from scratch. Although this one has the...
  37. craiguitar

    Matrix GT1000FX 1u Powering Off

    My Matrix turned itself off (protection mode) last night at rehearsal. After a minute or so, it would switch back on OK, but again, after another minute it went off again. This kept happening. Then I tried powering it on with the speaker leads unplugged, and then it stayed on OK. So I'm...
  38. craiguitar

    Matrix GT1000FX with cab Marshall 1922

    The 1922 cab doesn't have a switch.
  39. craiguitar

    Matrix GT1000FX with cab Marshall 1922

    Wherever is cheapest I guess. I bought mine on eBay. They are the Chinese made ones. I did swap them for some older British made ones that belonged to a friend, just to see if they were better, but I actually preferred the Chinese ones so I put them back in.
  40. craiguitar

    Matrix GT1000FX with cab Marshall 1922

    I bought them new, years ago to replace the stock G12 T75’s. They’re definitely the 16ohm versions.
  41. craiguitar

    Matrix GT1000FX with cab Marshall 1922

    They are the 16ohm versions.
  42. craiguitar

    Matrix GT1000FX with cab Marshall 1922

    Well what I do is use the cab on stage for me to hear myself, via the Output 2 to the Matrix and separately I send XLR's L&R (with cab sim) via Output 1 to the desk which goes to the monitors and FOH. The idea being that everyone is hearing the FRFR signal, but I'm hearing the 2x12 cab...
  43. craiguitar

    Matrix GT1000FX with cab Marshall 1922

    I use my 1922 / Matrix GT1000FX all the time in stereo. It's great. I got the cab new, and swapped the speakers for Vintage 30's. At first the cab was sort of 'stiff' sounding, The speakers took a while to break in but now it works just fine.
  44. craiguitar

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 10.01 Firmware Release

    Wow! Update for the Axe-Fx II...deepest gratitude. :-)
  45. craiguitar

    Is it me or is the Axe fx 3 aesthetically unpleasing?

    I’m butt ugly and I wasn’t offended.
  46. craiguitar

    Is it me or is the Axe fx 3 aesthetically unpleasing?

    I’m butt ugly and I wasn’t offended.
  47. craiguitar

    Is it me or is the Axe fx 3 aesthetically unpleasing?

    It looks a damn sight better than that toaster/fax machine thing that the one of their rivals makes. Either way, provided it does everything the Axe-Fx II does, and more....then I don’t care that much. Function over form wins.
  48. craiguitar

    Migrating from a II to a III

    For me I’d be happy to re-do all my amp block settings from scratch, but as for FX gs such as delays, pitch, etc. Well those settings are what they are, so it’d be helpful to be able to port the settings over somehow.
  49. craiguitar

    Will I still be able to use my MFC-101 with the Axe-Fx 3

    If the Axe-Fx III did work with the MFC, I’d be all up in it, but as it clearly doesn’t, that represents a huge additional outlay for a new foot controller too. So that kicks a potential purchase way into the long grass. Not to say I won’t still get saving, but all the same, it’s good to know...
  50. craiguitar

    Recommended Adjustment

    Is it worth updating the default on those models in a future update?
  51. craiguitar

    Wish VU Meters in AXE-EDIT

    I don’t have or use a DAW, or have any real use for one. Really it’d be fine just to have the VU meters sticky and available to view on the front panel.
  52. craiguitar

    Wish: Axe-Edit custom amp block reset

    Those tweaks made in previous firmwares may still be pretty close to what the user is after in the newer firmware, or indeed sound even better/improved. The existing settings are a better starting point on my 70+ presets than to be forced to reinitialise the amp blocks in all of them in order to...
  53. craiguitar

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 9.00 Beta

    Agreed. I'm one of those. And having the option available in the Cab block means it works well in this scenario.
  54. craiguitar

    Wish: Axe-Edit custom amp block reset

    I know it's probably been requested before. I'd like axe Edit to have an option to custom re-set the amp block after firmware updates etc. Ideally there'd be a customisable list of parameter settings to retain (similar to that little non-Fractal bit of software that also does this). Also...
  55. craiguitar

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 9.00 Beta

    Thought so, I guess what's authentic is subjective, and also in a live evnironment such subleties are barely noticable, to me, let alone any other band member, and certainly not a noisy audience of non musicians. Understood. I'm not one for seperate amp blocks, so i'll probably just leave the...
  56. craiguitar

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 9.00 Beta

    So what should the setting be when using a Matrix and real cab through output 2 whilst simultaneously using FRFR through output 1?
  57. craiguitar

    How many scenes you really use? Is 8 overkill?

    Depends on the song my covers band is doing. For example, on Dani California I use all 8 scenes on one preset, then move to a second preset for the outro solo, because I actually needed nine scenes.
  58. craiguitar

    Decisions....tube or solid state power amp?

    The Mesa 50/50 and then the Fryette 2/50/2 both came and went, replaced dutifully by the ever reliable Matrix GT1000FX. It's the Axe-Fx that creates all the tone, with no further colouration required downstream. The power amp then has the simple job of making it louder. Once I'd acknowledged...
  59. craiguitar

    New Factory Presets - Axe-Fx II XL/XL+

    So, I updated the new factory presets into banks B,C and D ( I keep bank A for my own presets). Then I discover all my own bank A presets now don't have the correct user cab (global blocks) anymore. I had to go through all 75+ presets re-assigning the correct global block. What happened there??
  60. craiguitar

    AxeFx 2 XL+ on board tuner

    MFC all the way. I also have a good old Korg rack tuner in my rack but I find the MFC display does the business, so I don't really use the rack tuner anymore. I am using the sweetened tuning on the Axe too, not that it's noticeable.
  61. craiguitar

    Live Setup - describe yours - direct or mic

    Output 1: XLR Stereo out to FOH and monitors (using an IR of the below cab) Output 2: To Matrix GT1000FX & Marshall 4x12 loaded with V30's and G12T75's.
  62. craiguitar

    Power Conditioners

    The Axe's power supply seems to be sturdy enough to cope with most, otherwise we'd see a heck of a lot more issues reported on here. As with the other components Cliff and the FAS team have chosen to use, they tend to be over-engineered, with good reason. I'd still advocate use of a decent power...
  63. craiguitar

    Power Conditioners

    Having a universal power supply means The Axe-Fx operates normally under such a wide range of voltages, so this means it's less susceptible to malfunction due to supply fluctuations. They are rare, but have happened. Simply replacing the power supply has fixed the unit in those cases as far as...
  64. craiguitar

    Matrix alternative? Possibly 1U?

    That's very strange. I have a GT1000 and I would never max it, otherwise it'd turn my speakers inside out, or launch my cab into orbit, one of the two. I have it set at about halfway with the Axe output set at around a third for most gigs. That's mighty loud even at that. Any higher, and people...
  65. craiguitar

    Horror gig - Axe stopped working mid-gig!

    A corrupt preset is a real drag, and the number one concern as a user, as opposed to conventional rigs. Scary stuff. The nearest I have come to that is a few weeks ago when my power conditioner failed to power up, and my rack wouldn't work. I circumvented the issue by plugging everything in...
  66. craiguitar

    Couple of hours with my XL+

    You really have to experiment with cab IR's to get it sounding right for you and your setup. It wasn't until I shot an IR of my own cab and used that instead that everything clicked into place sonically.
  67. craiguitar

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 8.00 Public Beta

    Quick story for perspective. My band's Keyboard player recently bought a new and pretty expensive keyboard (a well known & respected brand), and for some reason it was my job to get the thing connected to our PA, I saw it had two 1/4 inch jack line outs on the rear panel, for connection to an...
  68. craiguitar

    Double tracking-effect on live guitar?

    Always Stereo FOH, with an enhancer block. The enhancer block isn't going to my stage setup (output 2) though, only to the FOH. It works just fine. Try it for yourself. Nobody will get hurt in the process!
  69. craiguitar

    So what are the rear inputs good for?

    True, although if the above is the case, then this implies that any perceived benefit would be neither here nor there. That's likely good enough for most of us I would imagine.
  70. craiguitar

    So what are the rear inputs good for?

    If you're using a wireless, then the receiver is acting as a buffer, so you won't hear any difference. A buffer will negate the 'secret sauce' benefits on the front input.
  71. craiguitar

    Why does axe act up.. or is it my presets?

    Update: problem solved, by removing 'quite a lot' of bass from my presets. My theory is that the last firmware update/s have made the amp modelling so much more accurate that they are more sensitive to low frequencies, in effect the amp block EQs react a lot more like its real life counterpart...
  72. craiguitar

    Why does axe act up.. or is it my presets?

    Just fired it up again. same thing. Boomy and distorted. I re-installed my last bank of presets from when it was fine, but this didn't fix things. I thought it might be an issue with the cab block, but everything checks out. I can alleviate the issue somewhat by rolling off the volume on my...
  73. craiguitar

    Why does axe act up.. or is it my presets?

    This happened to me last night. All my presets suddenly became boomy and overly distorted, (the wrong kind), like there was too much input gain or something. Bearing in mind all my presets were fine before this and I had made no adjuistments whatsoever. I'm on the latest firmware, and this is...
  74. craiguitar

    How do I get different output levels from cab to PA?

    Yes, the above description is exactly how to do it. I've been using this setup for years, and it's the best of both worlds. It offers you the ability to control the PA level and your stage level independently using the two output knobs on the front panel. You need to make sure your cab block is...
  75. craiguitar

    Guitar cab vs FRFR?

    I still use both at the same time (Power amp & cab, plus FRFR direct to FOH & monitors). I only use one IR and that's the one I shot of my own cab. Now, to to die-hard FRFR users, that may seem a little resctictive, but what it does do is echo precisely to the FOH the sound I'm getting on stage...
  76. craiguitar

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.02 Public Beta

    Yes! I'm the same, using both FRFR (FOH), and direct to amp/cab at the same time, so I think Cliff has done this the right way.
  77. craiguitar

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.02 Public Beta

    The new default setting (which is about in the ballpark of the IR of my own cab) can put up the CPU by a couple of %. Most of my presets can handle it nicely, so it's OK, but just something to be aware of. Can anyone describe what the benefit of this compression is in an audio sense, other than...
  78. craiguitar

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.01 Firmware Release

    I always update too. But I don't build new presets from scratch. The majority of updates only affect the Amp block, so it's only necessary to re-select the amp block to benefit from any changes. The remaining preset routings are not affected. I have getting towards 100 presets now which I have...
  79. craiguitar

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.00 Firmware Release

    Agreed. It'd be nice not to have to reset the amp models internal GEQ though. Even so, minor issue in the grand scheme of things. I can reset all my presets in an hour or so using axe edit.
  80. craiguitar

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.00 Firmware Release

    Yes. I now have a lot of working presets, so when doing this last time for the beta, I had to pay attention to the following parameters: Master volume, presence, bright/cut/fat switches, and the GEQ section. That's quite a lot of stuff all on its own. Other than that I don't tend to mess with...
  81. craiguitar

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.00 Firmware Release

    Good info. I've been considering knocking a bit of the freq range out the IR I use of my own cab. Just because I'm conscious of keeping the IR in the right ballpark for live use. At the minute it's wide open, but now I'm going to try adjusting it a little.
  82. craiguitar

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.00 Public Beta

    Apologies if this has been asked already....just seeking some clarification. From the beta to the final release will it be necessary to reset the amp block in our presets once again in order to benefit from the changes? Reason I ask is, I already went through my presets and did the reset thing...
  83. craiguitar

    What wireless system do YOU use?

    Another Shure GLXD user here. Its half-rack receiver is mounted on a Shure rack tray in my rack. I would have preferred it to be 1U rather than half-rack sized, but thats a minor issue. The rechargable lithium battery was a major selling point for me, over some other brands. It's worked...
  84. craiguitar

    Wish - VU Meter that remains visible during editing

    This has been requested before I think. It would be good though. I sit editing at my PC which is at one end of the room and my Axe-Fx is at the other, so I have to ge up, go over to the unit and press the utility button every time I edit anything. It's a bit of a pain, but I suppose I need to...
  85. craiguitar

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.00 Public Beta #2

    I'm up to about 60 or so presets now that get used for songs in my covers band. Last night I went through each one, re-selecting the amp model, whilst checking the changes to settings. It took me about an hour. There were some presets where I had to re-select the Graphic EQ settings, or specific...
  86. craiguitar

    Taming the MFC LED laser beams!

    I also use LightDims, they do a good job, but like mentioned above, they do tend to fall off eventually. Buy more than you need so you can replace occasionally.
  87. craiguitar

    Dual Delay Live

    I use delays much bigger than the ones you state, in a live setting. No issues at all. It sounds huge. However, if i'm using big delays, the need for reverb as well diminishes. I tend to use one or the other, but not both, because it becomes too washy. You need your signal to remain clear and...
  88. craiguitar

    First strat , what string Guage do you use ?

    I always used 9's. I do a fair bit of bending / vibrato, so it's easier. If it's OK for Lukather, it's definitely OK for me. 10's or heavier never did it for me anyway, and there's certainly no tonal benifit whatsoever, as Billy Gibbons would attest to... (although I don't think I'd trust 7's as...
  89. craiguitar

    Bypass cab sims for on stage only

    I create all my presets in Axe Edit using a saved template, in which the cab block is at the end, and the FX Loop spurred off just before it. This way, any preset I make will always work for both FOH and power amp/cab at the same time. This avoids the OP's dilemma of having presets that cannot...
  90. craiguitar

    My axe fx tones sound dirty..

    Must be hot pickups. I have the same problem with one of my guitars. I inserted a filter at the front of all my presets (-6db) so i can kick it in whenever I use that guitar. All my other guitars sound fine with the normal settings. Another way would be to reduce the amp input trim on all your...
  91. craiguitar

    Disappointed :(

    I would say hold your horses, and don't panic, or do anything rash. This thing is not plug and play. Forget the factory presets. You can use them for ideas, routings etc, but they are usually no good for personal use. It's all about the cabinet modelling. Here's my experience, from an FRFR...
  92. craiguitar

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 6.03 Firmware Released

    That's good news, thanks for the info.
  93. craiguitar

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 6.03 Firmware Released

    Oh, OK, I understand. It's not very good, but can be tolerated / gotten used to.
  94. craiguitar

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 6.03 Firmware Released

    It does always go to the Control page instead of the main screen, when opening Axe-Edit, and also when switching presets using Axe-Edit. Something is wrong there....
  95. craiguitar

    Axe-FX II XL+ Sounds Dull/Dry?

    I always found the cab sims (both stock & third party) to sound dull/muffled. So, as a result, Just about all the factory presets were no good to me as FRFR presets. It wasn't until I did an IR of my own real cab that the whole thing made sense, the resulting IR was clear and bright. Just like...
  96. craiguitar

    Running Stereo to FOH

    I have always set the desk channels 100% left and right. I'm the only guitar player in our band so I can afford to mess with the stereo field quite a bit, whereas in other situations, if there's a lot going on with over guitarists etc, then it perhaps may not be as effective.
  97. craiguitar

    Why can't 'amp in the room' feel be modelled?

    Matrix amps don't colour your sound at all. They're very transparent. What they do is provide a slightly slowed response so they aren't immediate like PA amps, so you get the 'feel' of power amp sag. So it's more of a feel thing than tonal change. This slowed response is more pronounced on the...
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