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  1. lscottk

    *FREE* Far-Field Session #2 Cab Pack for Axe-Fx Users

    Thanks Cliff and FAS team! I am very grateful for this company and the awesome products you produce. Not to mention your generosity and penchant for constant innovation. You guys rock!
  2. lscottk


    Does the sound get better if you unplug the USB cable? Could be a USB ground loop.
  3. lscottk


    Some things to try: - If you reconnect your AxeFX2 does the noise persist or go away?l - If the noise goes away try changing the ground lift switch on the back. Does changing the switch help? - If the noise persists with both the AxeFXIII and the AxeFX2 then you could try changing out...
  4. lscottk

    Anyone run into this when ordering an Axe-Fx III ?

    I've purchased two versions of cablab, multiple cab packs, an AX2, an AX8, and recently (about a month ago) an AXiii and an FC-6. Even though I am a long time customer with the same address that I had in 2011 when I bought my AX2, it never crossed my mind to take issue whenI pput in my order for...
  5. lscottk


    PM sent
  6. lscottk

    FC-6 vs. FC-12

    Thanks for responding. Yes, more is typically better. I'm just trying to save some bucks without negatively impacting my ability to express myself as a guitarist. Hopefully I'll be happy with the FC-6. And I may end up someday soon with an FC-12. Based upon comments from others I'm giving the...
  7. lscottk

    FC-6 vs. FC-12

    Thanks for the reply Your setup sounds like a good reason to have extra switches. I have already placed my order buying a FC-6 I'll see if I end up changing my mind and I get an FC-12 In the meantime I just have to be patient as I wait for delivery Thank you for taking the time to respond...
  8. lscottk

    FC-6 vs. FC-12

    Thanks to all for the input .The insights shared are much appreciated
  9. lscottk

    FC-6 vs. FC-12

    I just placed my order for the AxeFXIII and an FC-6! Yeah! Now the waiting begins. :) Scott
  10. lscottk

    FC-6 vs. FC-12

    Cool - it looks like the FC-6 is the best choice for me too. Thanks for your input.
  11. lscottk

    FC-6 vs. FC-12

    Thanks for the great explanation I really appreciate your taking the time to write such a thorough response I have never used more than 4 scenes on my AX8. I'm leaning towards the FC-6. There will have to be some sort of compelling reason to go for the FC-12. Not sure that there is a reason...
  12. lscottk

    FC-6 vs. FC-12

    Thanks for your response Would you be willing to share more about how the FC-12 helped you avoid compromising your work flow?
  13. lscottk

    FC-6 vs. FC-12

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts Your comments are very similar to what I heard during the phone call. My AX8 is mounted on a pedaltrain board. I barely have room for one expression pedal. Having room for a second is a plus. I'm guessing that what I try to do is so basic that the FC-6 is good...
  14. lscottk

    FC-6 vs. FC-12

    I received my invite to purchase either an FC-6 or an FC-12. I had a brief phone conversation with someone who has used both and he said that in his estimation the functionality of the FC-6 is comparable enough to the FC-12 that he felt that the extra weight, size and cost of the FC-12 made the...
  15. lscottk

    An MBritt gets some tolex love!

    Beautiful cab.Is the tolex an upcharge?
  16. lscottk

    Thiago Pinheiro - drum solo on a keyboard

    Any more love for Thiago?
  17. lscottk

    Wish Guitar modeling like Sim1 pedal

    There is a guitar pedal made by Sim1 called the XT-1. This pedal is able to profile guitars and then reproduce the character of the guitar with regular input from any guitar. The manufacturer is based in Italy so there is limited availability in the US. I am not sure how different this is from...
  18. lscottk

    Why the resale price difference AX8 vs Axe Fx II?

    I'm right with you, brother. Stress + getting older = grey
  19. lscottk

    Sim1 XT-1 guitar modeling pedal

    Has anyone on the forum heard in person and/or tried this new guitar simulation pedal? It seems like a very cool idea. The tones on the video demos are pretty good. I wonder how it feels . . . If it sounds and feels decent, wouldn't it be cool if Cliff could integrate this technology into the...
  20. lscottk

    Thiago Pinheiro - drum solo on a keyboard

    I saw Thiago Pinheiro do a product demo for a VST synth. The product demo was amazing. This cat can play. So I looked him up on YouTube and found the following video showing him playing a drum solo on a keyboard controller. He is using the keyboard to trigger drums in Superior Drummer. This...
  21. lscottk

    What's the best AX8 amp alternative to Tonemaster?

    Check out this link for more information http://ampwares.com/amplifiers/fender-tonemaster/
  22. lscottk

    Just ordered my AX8, help me choose speakers...

    I have a pair of JBL Eon610's. I really like them a lot. They are reasonably priced @ $399.00, and can be bought for about $350.00 on sale. I have an Alto TS112. I like the JBL's better. However, never heard or played the Alto TS212 or TS312. Many people like them. The TS312 is the same as the...
  23. lscottk

    What's with all this Digitally Remastered Crap?

    Steven Wilson remastered a number of Yes' songs. They are posted on Spotify. I listened to many this last week. While I didn't always like them better, they were interesting. Often there was greater instrumental detail. Sometimes this was revelatory, deepening my enjoyment of some songs. Other...
  24. lscottk

    High Quality Cable vs Economy Cable, The SRV Story

    Only $16,999.00 . . . that's a steal!! What I want to know is whose bought one of these and cut it open to see if they truly use (the following description is taken from the above listed website): ------------------------------------ The Odin 2 Power Cord is constructed with seven...
  25. lscottk

    High Quality Cable vs Economy Cable, The SRV Story

    I really like George L cables - http://www.georgelsstore.com/ I did an extremely unscientific comparison and found that George L cables were more open, with more clarity and high end. They use solder-less connectors, which is great. More than once I've clipped off the end and re-seated the 1/4...
  26. lscottk

    Q10 Firmware for the AX8?

    Seems like X and Y states for each amp block is the equivalent of having 2 channels.
  27. lscottk

    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    I was on the original AxeFx 2 wait list - had to wait several months to get mine (I was late to sign up for the list). Had to sell it due to divorce and got by for a year or so with a Line 6 HD500 (not the x). Eventually I purchased an AX8 and still have the HD500 as a backup. Fractal Modeling...
  28. lscottk

    Has the Ax lll shipped yet?

    I think you are estimating low. When the AxeFX2 was released it was common to see them on eBay for $3,999.00. I don't know if one ever sold for that price but they were sure listed that way. Of course the wait for the AxeFX2 was hefty. I waited a few months for my purchase invitation. I bet...
  29. lscottk

    Modeler Stress Test

    I'll guess: 1. Axe III 2. Amp 3. Competitor
  30. lscottk

    A fun exercise in nostalgia

    When I was just out of high school I got a Mesa Boogie Mark 1, complete with a 5 band graphic EQ, blond tolex, and I don't remember what. I bought it used for $600.00 in mint condition. I wanted one because Santana played one. I ended up selling it because it was so loud I couldn't get decent...
  31. lscottk

    BIAS Tremolo in nuclear tone

    @iaresee, thank you for the tip regarding resetting the amp. I have been around here long enough that I should have tried that myself. Nice playing and tone on your clip. The friend that I was helping upgrade his firmware has a real Swartone Atomic he uses with his vintage Tele. Guitar and amp...
  32. lscottk

    BIAS Tremolo in nuclear tone

    I helped a friend update his AX2 XL to the latest firmware. We attempted to adjust the settings on the two virtual rotary knobs for bias tremolo in the Nuclear Tone model amp block (Axe edit is not in front of me so don't remember which tab in the amp block) and the bias tremolo did not engage...
  33. lscottk

    Some Les Pauls (and their copies) compared

    I have a black Bernie Marsden PRS that sounds awesome. I paid $400.00 for it. I had to drive 1.5 hours each way to pick it up. But it was worth it. Had Seymour Duncan P-Rails installed with mini switches to select different pickup types. It is a killer guitar, especially considering they the...
  34. lscottk

    Is Tosin Abasi using an AX8 in this video?

    Tosin played at the first AxeFest. I was there and saw his presentation in the Fractal room. He was playing an AX2 mk1 into a Port City head and cab. His presentation was mind blowing. That style of music is not something I listen to often. However, Tosin's playing was powerful and commanding...
  35. lscottk

    Best deals you've ever found

    I have a couple of great deals . . . 1. Back in the 90s I lived in Portland Oregon. I found a Louden Acoustic on Craigslist in as new mint condition. I bought it from someone who purchased new for a CD project (I have his CD somewhere, though I don't remember his name at the moment). The guitar...
  36. lscottk

    Goodbye Old Friend

    I'm very sorry to hear about your loss, Cliff. My feline friend of 15 years, Nutmeg, died from kidney failure about 7 years ago. I have since gotten another cat (Belle) that I love as much as I did Nutmeg. Belle will never replace Nutmeg, but she is special in her own and has found her own place...
  37. lscottk

    TIP: Free Tone Match EQ (VST) - today only

    Try running the MD5 hash generator on the entire zip file. I haven't tried it myself, but it's worth taking a look. The hash tag will not be the same for 3 separate files and only one is listed on the download page. If there's only one hash tag that it's likely the zip file.
  38. lscottk

    AX8 V8.00 Public Beta

    Nope, I am using a newer JBL EON610. It's not the monitor because I FOH audio just fine in the monitor. The EON610 has two XLR ins. I use one for monitoring my AX8, the other input has the FOH monitor mix. The only volume loss was the AX8. I never lost volume on the FOH mix. I think that it's a...
  39. lscottk

    AX8 V8.00 Public Beta

    I experienced a temporary volume drop at a gig on Sunday. All my levels were spot on and then during one of our last songs my volume got so quiet that I couldn't hear myself. I compensated by turning OUT1 volume way up and I still could only barely hear myself. Then, right before the song ended...
  40. lscottk

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.02 Public Beta

    I understand . . . ;) Wish I still had my Mk1 so that I could check out the beta. For now, I'm loving my AX8. Take care, Craig. Scott
  41. lscottk

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.02 Public Beta

    ;) To you guys who feel compelled to spill the beans for those of us who can't currently watch and who are recording to watch later, well, really? I'm thinking of all the places to go where no one will spoil the score. Yeah, the Fractal site will be okay. Little did I know . . . :p:(
  42. lscottk

    Beta Tester

    The jet, girls and cash are only for senior beta testers. Junior beta testers only get "Depends", for those unexpected revelatory moments during testing.
  43. lscottk

    This is crazy!

    Speaking of insane Rush covers check out this 11 year old girl playing YYZ. Just the footwork covering the bass lines is awesome. Putting it all together, well, you'll just have to listen for yourself.
  44. lscottk

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.00 Public Beta #2

    Why don't you create a schematic and send it to cliff? I'm sure that you could buy a pedal on eBay. If you don't know how to measure the comoponents in the pedal then you could hire somebody. I bet it would only cost a few hundred dollars.
  45. lscottk

    Fractal Audio Drive Models: forum threads

    Thanks Donald... um, I mean Yek. :)
  46. lscottk

    Want a backup alternative to axe +FCB1010

    +1 Ash few years ago I had an HD500 that I used with my AxeFX 2 mkI. I thought that the FCB1010 worked better but the HD500 would work as a backup. I found it hard to program,which is why I went the FCB1010 route with a Uno chip. Someone who is better than I am with MIDI would likely find it...
  47. lscottk

    wow...(pat martino content)

    I had the privilege of participating in a one day workshop with less than a dozen other students led by Pat Martino way back in the late 70s. I was a 15 - 16 year old long hair stoner rocker with aspirations to actually learn how to play my instrument. Most all of what he taught was way over my...
  48. lscottk

    Problem With Active Pickups - Help!

    I've had this type of symptom (static, crackles) when the battery for the active electronics is running low. Have you tried changing the battry?
  49. lscottk

    Question about volume of Drive Models

    Ok, got it. Thanks.
  50. lscottk

    Question about volume of Drive Models

    It seems like the level control sets the volume outside of the actual block. In other words, the level control allows setting volume of the block even though there is no comparable control on the device in the non-virtual world. If level is set to 5 there is a significant difference of volume...
  51. lscottk

    Question about volume of Drive Models

    I was working on a new patch tonight and I noticed that on some of the drive models there is a big change in volume when switching between drive models, even when the mix/level/drive knobs remain at the same value. For example, switch between the Tube Drv 3-knob and the Tube Drv 4-knob and there...
  52. lscottk

    Ugh...back to work 2017

    Well if I got to hang out with Metallica, Steve Vai, Satch, The Edge, Alex Lifeson, Andy Summers, and all the others that I can't remember, not to mention the genius that is Cliff Chase, and play guitar and play with top notch guitar and audio gear (did I read in another thread that Steve Vai...
  53. lscottk

    AX8 Arrived Today!

    Hi John, Pleased to make your acquaintance. I knew that I had heard of a Sleestak but I couldn't remember where. Google is my friend so I looked it up. Come to find out that it was a creature on Land of the Lost. For some reason I was thinking of the Original Star Trek, probably the episode...
  54. lscottk

    AX8 Arrived Today!

    I'm from Seattle and currently live in Olympia. I'm a big Bowie fan and I'd like to see your show. I'm going to try and make it up to Seattle to see your band. Love the Tractor. I've seen quite a few great shows there. Johnny A and John Renborn are two that come to mind. I'll introduce myself...
  55. lscottk

    AX8 Arrived Today!

    Though I do sometimes miss the greater processing power of the AxeFX2 I used to own, I love my AX8. It sounds so good.... I'm headed to audition for a new band tonight. I love my AX8 tonez.
  56. lscottk

    Carrie Fisher - RIP

    So very sad, so many deaths. Life is too short. RIP Carrie Fisher.
  57. lscottk

    Stroll Down Guitar Processing Memory Lane

    I have had some great amps over the years. Including the Axsys 212. I gigged with that amp for years. The bass player in the band I was in worked in a high end cabinet shop. He built a custom cabinet for me. It was a ground breaking product in 1996. I bought mine from MF before it was even...
  58. lscottk

    Steven Wilson - Hand Cannot Erase

    I'll check Raven out. Thanks for letting me know about this album. I planned on sampling all. I'll start with this one.
  59. lscottk

    Steven Wilson - Hand Cannot Erase

    I'll check out the videos later when I get home. Phone speakers won't do justice to the tonez.
  60. lscottk

    Steven Wilson - Hand Cannot Erase

    Thanks for the responses. I read a review of the show in Portland and Dave Kilmeister was the alternate guitarist. I did not realize that Guthrie Govan played on this album. I came across Hand Cannot Erase on Spotify and didn't look up the recording notes online. Really amazing playing.
  61. lscottk

    Steven Wilson - Hand Cannot Erase

    I recently discovered Steven Wilson's album Hand Cannot Erase. What a great album! He is a phenomenal guitar player and an epic composer. I love the guitar work on this album. The phrasing and harmonic complexity of his solos are the type of sounds that I've heard in my head since I was a teen...
  62. lscottk

    POST - its the little things that make the AX8 cool

    Well said, Nigel.
  63. lscottk

    New FAS Video w. Larry Mitchell + Free Presets!

    Thanks Matt. I love my AX8. Merry Christmas to all at FAS. Thanks for your wonderful company, your unparalleled customer service, and the continual generosity that you show to your customers. This company is terrific! Thanks for all you do for us. And thanks @Larry Mitchell for your...
  64. lscottk

    FRFR Recommendations

    I forgot to mention the Friedman ASM12 and the QSC K12. I used to have a pair of K12s. They were decent. However they are only a little less expensive than a Xitone or CLR. If I had the budget I would choose either CLR or Xitone over the K12s.
  65. lscottk

    FRFR Recommendations

    The Gemini 2 is the only FRFR solution that I know of that has stereo output. When people run stereo they typically have two separate speakers. Atomic CLR is a popular option. Xitone is also well liked. These are more expensive options. For the budget conscious many like Alto TS series...
  66. lscottk

    AX8 V6.02 Public Beta

    Thank you Joe and FAS!
  67. lscottk

    Leonid & Friends - 25 or 6 to 4

    What a great cover. I really enjoyed that. Thanks for posting.
  68. lscottk

    Updated AX8 factory presets

    Thanks Yek and Bradlake. I'll give Fractool another go.
  69. lscottk

    Updated AX8 factory presets

    The AxeFX 2 recently received updated factory presets. I was wondering if there are updated AX8 factory presets coming out soon. @joe rogers, are the presets in our beloved AX8 going to get some love too? On a side note I was practicing last night on an SLO lead patch and just loving my tone...
  70. lscottk

    Early Christmas present

    Congratulations! I love my AX8. I originally bought an AX2 mk1 (spent 4 or 5 months on the waiting list). Had to sell due to financial hardship. Used an HD500 to get by. Purchased my AX8 last March. AX8 sounds so much better. You are going to love it.
  71. lscottk

    CPU Usage Chart [UPDATED]

    This is very helpful. Thank you!
  72. lscottk

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 6.00 Firmware Released

    Is it spring loaded?
  73. lscottk

    USA or China by serial number

    The rarest of the rare - Made In USA with a blacked out Made In China box. One can only imagine how much that will be worth someday. Remember the Beatles Butcher Block cover. I smell big bucks in the collector's market.
  74. lscottk


    I was recently listening to some Steve Hillage recordings from the 70s and I was surprised to hear that Hillage's phrasing reminds me of Eric Johnson. Only Hillage was around first. This made me wonder if Hillage is one of Eric Johnson's influences .
  75. lscottk

    What to do while I'm waiting

    II'm from Seattle and live in Olympia. I love Vancouver. It's a great city. I bought a guitar years ago from Scott Heatley. He is a luthier that lives on Vancouver Island. I've also gone scuba diving near Nanaimo . You're going to love your AX2. It truly is a great piece of gear .
  76. lscottk

    What to do while I'm waiting

    Matt has many hats. He does artist relations. He's programed Fractal gear for many famous artists - the Edge, Steve Vai, Metallica, among many others. Matt's forum handle is Admin M@.
  77. lscottk

    My Halloween Costume

  78. lscottk

    AxeFx into Port City Pearl

    Tosin definitely had great tone when I saw him at AxeFest. His performance was really incredible.
  79. lscottk

    AxeFx into Port City Pearl

    I think that it was the 2x12 Vertical Wave cabinet. At least that's what looks right. I was one of several guys who helped him carry his gear to his car. But I didn't look for details on the cab.
  80. lscottk

    AxeFx into Port City Pearl

    +1 I saw Tosin Abasi play at the first AxeFest. He played his AX2 through a Pearl City cab with backing tracks. His tone was awesome. It was a mind altering performance. Tosin was playing an 8 string guitar. Tight powerful bass with no flub. For that style he sounded great.
  81. lscottk

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 4.01 Public Beta

    I have a 2008 Toyota. I have Bluetooth in my car. When it was new Bluetooth did not handle audio from cell phones, only phone calls. So to use my phone to play music I have to attach a cable to an Aux jack. Bluetooth is software based. The cost of the software is built into the cost of the new...
  82. lscottk

    New Warehouse

    I'm very happy that FAS continues to grow. Best company that I have ever interacted with . . . by a long shot! Congratulations Cliff and FAS!
  83. lscottk

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 4.01 Public Beta

    I was on the original wait list and had to wait 7 months before I got my Axe Mk1. There have been so many updates since I bought mine. And Fractal voluntarily kept two firmware paths updated for the last couple of years (MarkI/II and XL/XL+). This takes work and effort. Back in the day I bought...
  84. lscottk

    What's your favorite Q4.00 clean model

    One of my favorite clean amps is the HIPOWER BRILLNT. I'm surprised that no one has mentioned it yet.
  85. lscottk

    Buying advice please Axe FX2 older model

    Is the Footswitch an MFC-101? If yes then it seems like a good deal. I haven't looked at used gear for a while so I don't know current pricing, but I sold my mark 1 for $1550.00USD with no footswitch about 2 years ago. At the time this seemed like a good price.
  86. lscottk

    Intimidating for a newb.

    I should add that there are other folks with great video tutorials out there. Danny Danzi has some good stuff. So does Moke. I'm sure that there are others that are not coming to mind right now. There is a learning curve, but it is possible to get great sounds if you keep things simple. Follow...
  87. lscottk

    Intimidating for a newb.

    There are also excellent video tutorials offered by a forum member. Do a search on the Fractal forum for a member named Chris@axefxtutorials. He has several videos that are very well done, especially for folks new to Fractal products, and they are very reasonably priced. The videos are well...
  88. lscottk

    Pick the real amp...

    I liked 1 best. I'm thinking 5 is the real amp.
  89. lscottk

    axe fx sounds muddy

    Are experiencing muddy tones when you create a new preset? Just bare bones, amp plus cab? Can you try running another device in place of the AxeFX? Perhaps an mp3 player? Does the music from your mp3 player sound right if you're using the same input that the AxeFX is plugged into? The Scarlett...
  90. lscottk

    When firmware is updated.

    Then you should be good. If the AX8 editor works and you can work patches on your AX8 then Fractal Bot will update the firmware with no problems.
  91. lscottk

    When firmware is updated.

    USB works just fine. As long as Fractal Bot recognizes your AX8 then you can apply new firmware when it is available. The AX8 does not require special USB drivers. The AxeFX2 does because it sends audio over USB. If you can edit patches and send CABs to your AX8 then you're good to go.
  92. lscottk

    What to buy cliche thread

    I hesitate to make a recommendation because what you are considering is based upon personal preference. For example, while many, if not most people, rave about how great the CLR sounds, there are many who prefer other options. XITONE, Matrix, QSC, etcetera. There are many others that could be...
  93. lscottk

    What to buy cliche thread

    It's not a stupid question at all. Typically the CLR is used for live higher volume applications. If you are not playing out then purchasing a pair of monitors for stereo use might be a better investment. If you are playing out then you will need some method of amplifying and monitoring your...
  94. lscottk

    Is anyone else not blown away by the rotary speaker in the AXE?

    Sounds like the amp in the room versus mic'd amp discussion.
  95. lscottk

    Considering AX8 instead of traditional head/cab. Newbie questions:

    Another option is the Atomic CLR. They have a powered FRFR solution that looks like a guitar cabinet. They are on the higher end price wise, but sound terrific. Some have reported using them as studio monitors. They are obviously bigger than the average project studio monitors. They still might...
  96. lscottk

    Digital grungy noise.

    Can you post the preset? Is it happening on all presets including factory clean? Or is it just this one?
  97. lscottk

    AX8 Mark II?

    If I had to guess (which I don't, but I'm going to anyway), if there is ever an AX8 mk2 it will be some time from now. The current version is only 8 months old. Cliff already stated the design goals for the AX8 and it seems to me that he already hit the mark for everything he set out to achieve...
  98. lscottk

    "Behind" note buzz.HELP!!!

    I remember a comment that Cliff posted just prior to releasing Quantum 3 where he said that he was afraid to release the new v3 firmware because it was so close to real amp spit and fizz that people would complain. Is the IMD discussed in this thread what Cliff was talking about? I love the...
  99. lscottk

    AX8 V3.02 Release Available Now!

    Thanks Joe and FAS! Greatly looking forward to trying out the new firmware.
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