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  1. J

    Who's moving from a Axe-Fx II to FM3?

    this is like selling a 10 year old bentley for a new ford fiesta. i would definitely keep the bentley! lol
  2. J

    AX8 Discontinued?

    to go from ax8 to fm3 is a downgrade imo. the first unit from fractal that looks cheap/entry level to my eyes.
  3. J

    Any word on an update for the AX8?

    i bought my ax8 only a couple of months back. for sure i would love the excitement of upgrading firmware but if i had a choice now between the ax8 and the fm3.........i would still buy the ax8!
  4. J

    Any word on an update for the AX8?

    i woudnt hold your breath now the FM3 is announced.
  5. J

    Announcing the FM3 Amp Modeler/FX Processor!

    is this the end of any updates for the ax8 then? an official yay or nay would be nice. the FM3 just looks like 3 buttons of ugliness to me im afraid.
  6. J

    Is this embarrassing? EVH Content.

    i had the red...white, and green ones. just stripes....no mug shots.
  7. J

    Ray Hatfield tone

    thanx for the reply mate. well thats got me in the ball park...sweet! [ got rid of comp and peq] having a good ol tweak and getting near....any idea how i can get that 'icy' edge to it without adding too much treble, bright as that just thins it too much.
  8. J

    Ray Hatfield tone

    hi peeps, new ax8 owner here, i had a ultra years back and i found it pretty easy to get whatever tone i was looking for. maybe its because im a ol fart now but i just cant get close to this one. im not asking to have my arse wiped here chaps.....just a few pointers would be great! he uses a...
  9. J

    What are your favorite guitar tones ever?

    blackmore and eddies 'balance'.
  10. J

    Incredible Dream Theater Cover by Owen Davey

    looked like he enjoyed the drums most! good to see asia doesnt have a monopoly on kids talent!
  11. J

    "modeling technology" and Artists & 75% of the time..lol

    so steve aint a fan of the axe amp modelling? i always thought it was he was tied to legacy he coudnt endorse or use any other amp or amp modeller?
  12. J

    Steve Vai "For the Love of God"

    love this track and you played it superb.
  13. J


    get the eureka chip. easy setup.
  14. J

    Treble Bleed Circuits

    how about cap resistor and coil?
  15. J

    Perfect Strangers Cover

    ahhh guitar blast..that was it! and 101. I was 'slicer' on there :) you was always mega helpful there dan....no big shit..cant see you being any different here. :D its yer nature laddie.
  16. J

    Perfect Strangers Cover

    ffs dan! I remember you from that guitar forum that closed. you always were a fantastic player but never knew you had such powerful pipes!! my only trivial gripe here is me being a massive Ritchie fan I found your tone a wee bit harsh. sung this better than Gillian mate! jim.
  17. J

    Brown Sound Effects Video

    great vids!....gonna do a 'balance' tone? :)
  18. J

    Eddie Van Halen Interview at the Smithsonian

    absolutely!i read a small review back in 78 in sounds or another uk mag for the 1st album. tiny review less than 2 inches of column space but the reviewer said " you wont believe the guitar on this album" or words to that effect, so I ordered it at the record shop..the rest is history! done a...
  19. J

    Eddie Van Halen Interview at the Smithsonian

    I met a guitarist, chris....wish I could remember his last name in London in '71 who hacked a strat to put a humbucker in the bridge. nice interview, ed comes across well.
  20. J

    hi guys i just bpught a 2nd hand ultra yesterday. any tips?

    yeah, im a bedroom twanger, needed some wonger so had to sell my ultra. im now trying to squeeze a tone from a pod hd300 :(( tips..hmmm 1. forget all the default presets, they show what the unit can do but suck. 2. tweak!!..roughly at first, then fine tune. theres soooo many...
  21. J

    How do you guys stop your wife talking?

    a knob in her mouth usually does the job. :)
  22. J

    Poll, Would you buy a relic, or distressed looking new guitar

    I used to be anti-relic until I realised a lot of us don't have 30 years left in the bank to let em age naturally. corrosion is still a big no no though.
  23. J

    The loner with my Axe-Fx II

    great playing and a sweet tone.
  24. J

    Examples of excellent vibrato

    ritchie blackmore and gary moore [surprised he didn't get a mention so far]
  25. J

    VH on the Acoustic side

    well I loved it. unplugged classy musicians, cant be bad. im still old school tho...miss mike.
  26. J

    Behringer FCB1010...how many use them?

    I have one with an ultra. im only a bedroom user but it works great for me....had the uno, using the eureka now [10 stomp boxes and no programming needed]
  27. J

    I've been away building an acoustic guitar...

    looks a beaut! wish I had the skills n patience to do something like that.
  28. J

    Joe Satriani - Private Guitar Lesson Video

    'believe it or not, I know every key'!! LOL great vid, the other guy should listen more though.
  29. J

    My thoughts so far..

    this is the best EVH tone ive heard here... http://forum.fractalaudio.com/ultra-std-recordings/36954-eruption-solo.html and yep the best cover of eruption period! with your knowledge and perseverance dan, youll master the axe in no time.
  30. J

    My thoughts so far..

    Oi!! DD! know you from guitarblast,chaos forums [me jimbop or slicer] ive only got the ultra [sniffle] but if you get to grips with the axe II, and going from your past contributions/help with mixing etc....you will be a MASSIVE aid for axe II tone seekers! seriously, if you stay with the II...
  31. J

    connecting to computer

    I had the cheapo usb<>midi and with the right driver, worked perfect. I then tried a Chinese 4x4 as I needed to hook up my FCB1010 and axe edit, this was a real headache as it connected on a hit or miss basis. I now use a maudio 2x2 midisport and this has never failed me. oh, im on win 7...
  32. J

    Andy James - War March Cover

    good god! you'd need 1000 pages to tab that out!!! phenomenal playing sir.
  33. J

    Your concert experiences: 60s, 70s

    my sis took me to see the stones in 1965 when i was 12. it was in tooting bec granada [picture house] and on the bill were unit four plus two and spencer davis. i rember brian jones sitting cross legged on stage playing that white vox teardrop. there must have been 100 st johns ambulance there...
  34. J

    FCB1010 stomp box behavior

    check out the eurekaprom chip too, gives you 10 stomp boxes.
  35. J

    fcb1010 + eureka not changing bank on ultra

    well it seems like the prob is axe edit. after swapping cables and settings i got the fcb to change banks on the ultra but not on axe edit. i use 4 cables into a midiman 2x2 just incase anyone knows of a solution. cheers, jim.
  36. J

    fcb1010 + eureka not changing bank on ultra

    hi, the fcb1010 and eureka are working fine, displaying what it should do but i cant get the ultra to change banks. all the pedals are read ok by the axe, am i missing some cc setting in the ultra? cheers, jim.
  37. J

    All Time Favourite Guitar Solo

    ritchie blackmore.....'child in time' no one played like this in '68!! oh and gary moore 'empty rooms' 87 is melodic bliss.
  38. J

    Burn (Deep Purple cover) <--- Work in progress --->

    great cover...loved the solo and vox. keys sound sweet too.
  39. J

    Some acoustic stuff for you guys (Michael Hedges)

    some serious playing there mate. lovely tone too. enjoyed that.
  40. J

    Video : farewell to V7 and a nice idea (delay's feedback controlled by enveloppe)

    ahh, me bad..didnt notice the 'old' date. well those presets with v7 hardware, even more impressive! that looper section where you change synth chords in the background, is that a axe 2 thing or could that be done on an ultra? good to see you got the well deserved MFC.
  41. J

    Video : farewell to V7 and a nice idea (delay's feedback controlled by enveloppe)

    well it was your playing and vids that COMPELLED me to buy the ultra. now i wanna dump it and get the axe 2!! amazing playing and amazing patches mate. the 'looper test' part had me absolutely messmerised gawping at the screen!! if i were cliff i'd send you a MFC as this is the best ad...
  42. J

    What PC MIDI interface are you using for ULTRA ?

    i had one of those chinese 'midibox' 4x4 cheapo units that connected to windows when it felt like it. :( now i have a m-audio 'midiman' which is faultless. :)
  43. J

    Describing Keith Richards' top 10 guitar riffs

    the supremo riffmaster of all time!
  44. J

    My Axe-Fx Ultra Live Tones

    i liked that multi delay one..if you could post that please :)
  45. J

    YT: Axe-Fx II vs Axe-Fx Ultra

    time for you axe2 boys to sell up then and get yerself an ultra!! were on firmware 11 too! none of this 9.01 bollox :D
  46. J

    ultra+gr33 home recording setup help please!

    hi roland, thanx very much for your reply mate. option 3 looks good to me, im not worried about 2 leads. is there any benefit in having the guitar and synth in seperate outputs as this is just going into pute?
  47. J

    ultra+gr33 home recording setup help please!

    hi, just got a gr33 but baffled with the routing options. at the mo i have guitar in front input, 2 cables from output 1[stereo] into EMU 0204. if i run 2 cables from the gr33 to input 2, do i have to run cables from output 2 or can i blend the input 1&2 to output1? i would like to use...
  48. J

    Will any USB to MIDI generic interface work with Axe Fx for Axe Edit?

    yep, they work. need a driver though [ i posted about these yonks back] since then i had a cheapo chinese 4x4 midi interface which worked [connected to windows] when it fancied! now have a midiman anniversery edition.....flawless!
  49. J

    Official Axe-Edit Update Thread.

    AX'EZZ! :) never had trubbs with axe edit, until now. wont start for some reason. oh well.....
  50. J

    Strange white coating

    try sniffing it with a rolled up note
  51. J

    Jeff Beck at Ronnie Scotts

    now THATS tone from the fingers!
  52. J

    Axe2/FCB1010 (Eureka-p) help regarding wah/exp pedals

    sounds similar to the trouble i had http://forum.fractalaudio.com/other-midi-controllers/55423-fcb-1010-wah-not-sweeping.html#post699671 i took the eureka chip out and replaced it, bit drastic...maybe re-set [dont know key combo] will work? i tried changing all parameters on axe fx but my prob...
  53. J

    fcb 1010 wah not sweeping

    just to let you know that re installing this chip has worked! 4 cables..all sweet! :) cheers.
  54. J

    fcb 1010 wah not sweeping

    hmmm. installed the uno chip now. calibrated the pedals and i have a 08-127 range. however, as i push pedal down and stop [say at 80] the readout goes back to '08' doesnt stay at 80. this is same for both pedals. BUT......! SWEEP WORKS ON AXE. hopefully somethings wrong with eureka...
  55. J

    fcb 1010 wah not sweeping

    thanx for help anyway. the fcb is already setup for the eureka, i just change some cc's in the axe, and ive done the calibration twice now. i have a 4 cable setup as i use axe edit. i tried with just 2 cables with no success though. i was hoping it would be an axe setting....seems not :( i...
  56. J

    fcb 1010 wah not sweeping

    no as i have the eureka chip it doesnt display the numbers. i meant the small activity light[s] above the pedal[s]. i assume then that the fcb is transmitting ALL numbers between 0-127 and also as the axe 'midi in' light is doing the same, is receiving all numbers? i have reset the axe too with...
  57. J

    fcb 1010 wah not sweeping

    thanx for your help :) i was really hoping the 'omni' bit would fix it, but no :( that little ball on modifier page just flicks from top to bottom. pedals are calibrated, the midi light on the fcb1010 flickers all the way through pedal travel. the axe 'midi in' lights up if you move the...
  58. J

    fcb 1010 wah not sweeping

    hi, never really used the wah so i dont know if this problem is recent but i have the eureka chip installed.....pedals working and calibrated, but pressing the pedal it just goes from min to max. this is the same for both pedals. played with all the modifiyers with same result. any help...
  59. J

    Strat & Blackface (Double Verb) - Clean (well, kind of ;-)

    love the tone..and playing.....as usual! lol
  60. J

    What is the most "SCREAMING" guitar solo in your opinion???

    child in time is tops for me but gary moore has done some beautiful melodic solos. Gary Moore Empty Rooms Live 1987 His Best Guitar Solo - YouTube
  61. J

    Kirby's Adventure - Orchestral Version

    song done nothing for me alas....but i was absolutely messmerised by your playing...beautiful guitar and your massive long fingers!!
  62. J

    James Taylor Guitar Lessons- Pretty Kewl!

    thanx mate, dont think ill be able to play it but.. :) JT is a class act for doing this also! jim.
  63. J

    Ritchie Blackmore

    nice ballsy tone. i have an ultra so the patch is no good for me :( if you could post some settings id be grateful though. pity most of the replies here are giggly schoolgirl piss taking ones.
  64. J

    Who was your first Concert?

    rolling stones 1965 tooting bec grenada. also on the bill were spencer davis group and unit 4 + 2.
  65. J

    To all Blackmore fans

    didnt sound sloppy to me mate :) tones getting very near, blackmores must be 1 of the hardest out there to copy. im a ultra user and im grinding away for his 95 rock palast tone.
  66. J

    Finally bought an axe fx! ANY GOOD 5150 and Vh4 Patches?

    this place is 99% axe 2 posts now, ultra/standard users probably just poke their head in now n again. that said if you get a good 'balance ' tone please post it! :)
  67. J

    amp stand for axe fx II?

    well i got this for my ultra Stagg Adjustable Amplifer Monitor Stand | Andertons and DONT recommend it as the rear of the axe plugs hit right on the stand and cant jockey around it.
  68. J

    Your favorite guitar duo

    andy powell and ted turner
  69. J

    New Song with Axe Fx Ultra

    love the tone! and superb playing! must be easy with those long vai like fingers :)
  70. J

    Axe Fx Ultra - Dynamic Response - DEMO Part II

    'P. S. Sorry for some bad playing, but that's not really main point here :)' you taking the piss? LOL superb fretboard skills there, and im envious of them long fingers! very nice demo mate!
  71. J

    Midi Mess - PLEASE HELP!!

    by crossing your A' and B' in/outs, can you connect to axe edit that way too? i have a 4x4 wired A to A B to B i can connect to axe edit but have to have the pute on for fcb to ultra connection.
  72. J

    Axe II Cornford (& Strat) again

    love your playing :) and yes folks, thats solid state! no valves were used in this production.
  73. J

    fcb1010 +midisport/midi feedback+ripwerx Q's

    i 'think' when you change preset the stomp boxes are in a state of limbo, needing to be turned off or pressed twice, turned on. i have the eureka chip installed now and in stomp mode, all the buttons flash...until i turn em on/off.
  74. J

    fcb1010 +midisport/midi feedback+ripwerx Q's

    when i had the uno and 3 cables i never had all 3 [axe fx, axe edit, fcb] change state together. fcb would change axe fx but not axe edit. axe edit would change axe fx but not fcb. not sure if i have Q2 grasped. i used fcb editor with a stomp.syx to program my fcb [ top 5 fcb pedals were...
  75. J

    We want Firmware 12

    ahh it would be soooo nice for a little treat as a finale [gazes upwards] or a note from the 'master' saying " nope, thats yer lot!" as a second best. put us outa our misery.
  76. J

    If you have a FCB1010 did you know about this?

    i have the ultra not axe2. mines simple, axe connects to midi inA and outA, fcb connects to midi merge inB and outB. no ripwerx here either.
  77. J

    If you have a FCB1010 did you know about this?

    well got the axe, fcb1010 and axe edit all connected using 4 cables and merge on axe edit. :) just hope it all works tomorrow as this midi shit really is choosey, well on this pute anyway.
  78. J

    Behringer fcb1010 (without UnO mod) volume/wah pedal?

    have you tried the 'learning' mode? press i/o on axe press page > to 'ctrl' tab scroll down ro 'external 1' press 'enter' then move pedal repeat for pedal 2
  79. J

    If you have a FCB1010 did you know about this?

    arrgh, just spotted this on their site... 'Is MIDI Thru supported? Program Changes, MIDI Control Changes, and MIDI Notes are supported with MIDI Thru. SYSEX COMMANDS ARE NOT.' if i'd spotted that last bit i woudnt have bought this. :( wonder if one of those small midimerge boxes...
  80. J

    If you have a FCB1010 did you know about this?

    well got the eureka installed and the cc's in the axe changed to suit my stomp setup, and all is ok .......but cant get connected to axe edit! hopefully this is my problem as i dont wanna be pulling cables [axe on its own connects] . i use the 3 cable method and do all my patch tweaking...
  81. J

    If you have a FCB1010 did you know about this?

    do you have the uno chip stephen13? ive tried transmitting your syx file but i end up with corrupted config in fcb [banks 1-8 do nothing, 9 has a few strange presets]
  82. J

    fcb1010 labels

    link here if anyone wants it. [ file corrected original had 2 'delay1's ] MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service jim.
  83. J

    If you have a FCB1010 did you know about this?

    well ive edited stephen 13's syx file to suit my needs and ordered the chip. :) hmm im hoping ed dixons editor loads the syx file to the fcb1010, i like it nice n easy!
  84. J

    fcb1010 labels

    had another go at these, this time in pageplus. i have ZERO artistic ability but think these will suffice my needs. [bedroom player] included a jpeg and pageplus file if its any use to anyone out there. :) jim. edit: cant attach pp file but will mail it if anyone wants it.
  85. J

    Will there be further Ultra updates?

    its far from obsolete, but i think we have had our whack with the ultra/standard. all things come to a end and we have had great support. [sniffle]
  86. J

    If you have a FCB1010 did you know about this?

    yep, well worth the money with free shipping! would the fcb1010 editor work with this chip?
  87. J

    If you have a FCB1010 did you know about this?

    thanx, shame about the led's though.
  88. J

    If you have a FCB1010 did you know about this?

    i too would love a copy of your .syx file.
  89. J

    Favorite all time solo(s) and why?

    'child in time' deep purple in rock. waaaay ahead of its time, this album had a [nearly] similar effect on me as VH1. actually blackmore rips it up all the way in that album. nothing came close back then in 69/70.
  90. J

    [video] UltraSounds (whistle+U2strings+epic solo)

    sweet. cant beat piano minor arps, they really draw me in.
  91. J

    Double Verb (Blackface), Strat & Tube Drive

    terrific playing as always. are you getting very much more from the axe 2? you got great tones from the ultra.
  92. J

    axe edit and WMP

    hi, does axe edit take exclusive control of the sound card? in my case i have a EMU 0204. if im running an .mp3 in WMP then i run axe edit i lose sound on WMP. i unticked 'allow applications to take exclusive control of this device' on the EMU properties but that hasn't worked. WMP...
  93. J

    my tribute to Alice Cooper

    superb playing and tone. not a fan of the nail varnish though.
  94. J

    Blackmore's Tape Drive Schematic

    looks like a couple of guys done it. ill have to have a go at making this if it cant be reproduced on the ultra.
  95. J

    Blackmore's Tape Drive Schematic

    wow! didnt realise it was THAT easy! ill try that after i cook this chilli con carne. what you reckon? throw some mince, chillis and tomatoes in pot, stir after 2 hrs? :)
  96. J

    Blackmore's Tape Drive Schematic

    theres 2 pedals out there that 'supposingly' copy the aiwa tape deck. RB 1011 - Remake des AIWA Reel to Reel Tape Recorder Preamps - | guitarslingerproducts.com BSM SIGNATURE BOOSTER RPA - Thomann UK Cyberstore dont know if they do the business but their pretty expensive.
  97. J

    axe 2, fcb1010, midi cable (simple roland uno-1)

    /---midi out------in FCB out------in AXE out -| pute \---midi in---------------------------------------|
  98. J

    FCB1010 Labels

    they look good michele :)
  99. J

    Eruption Solo

    shame about not releasing the patch. i dont see a threat if you posted it, id need to download your fingers too for that.
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