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  1. MesaGuitarGuy

    What no one said it ? HAPPY FATHERS DAY, WHO'S A FATHER?!

    I'm pretty sure I'm not a father, due to the fact that I haven't been on the Maury show (yet)
  2. MesaGuitarGuy

    AX8 to a Headrush FRFR 1x12

    I use my AX8 with the Headrush 112. Sounds killer!
  3. MesaGuitarGuy

    8 Presets for the AX8

    thanks Leon! Much appreciated!
  4. MesaGuitarGuy

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.03 Firmware Release

    thanks Cliff! This has been an amazing ride with the II, it never disappoints!
  5. MesaGuitarGuy

    Gig video: Black Sabbath’s “Black Sabbath”

    you guys nail it every time!! great job, all of you!
  6. MesaGuitarGuy

    Hopes somewhat dashed........

    they might be waiting until we get our tax refunds.
  7. MesaGuitarGuy

    TC Talkbox Synth: secret weapon for ... backing vocals

    I just started doing backing vocals in our band too. That looks like a great option. I bought this and it works well https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/VTCorrectXT--tc-helicon-voicetone-correct-xt
  8. MesaGuitarGuy

    Need help deciding what to buy

    I'm going to try one of these, only $299 ea. https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/FRFR112--headrush-frfr-112-2000-watt-1x12-inch-powered-guitar-cabinet
  9. MesaGuitarGuy

    Not a Bug AX8-Edit suddenly not working

    Did it work on Windows 10 64 Bit version 1803?
  10. MesaGuitarGuy

    Thoughts on Super Bowl half time show?

    Prince's half-time show is my favorite one ever. It'll be hard to beat that performance
  11. MesaGuitarGuy

    Rhythm training app?

    our keyboard player has the same symptoms. I love the guy, but just don't understand why he can't get it. He sure tries though
  12. MesaGuitarGuy

    Gig video: Ozzy’s 'I Don’t Know'

    all you guys totally nail it!
  13. MesaGuitarGuy

    NAMM 2019

    looking forward to any cool gear coming out. trying to pay off current debt so I can get some of it
  14. MesaGuitarGuy

    The Who “Won't Get Fooled Again”

    I should have been more clear, I was looking for a patch for the sequencer synth part. thanks!
  15. MesaGuitarGuy

    The Who “Won't Get Fooled Again”

    @Moke hi Moke, do you have a patch for "Eminence Front"? Of course, I'd be happy to buy it! thanks! MesaGuitarGuy
  16. MesaGuitarGuy

    Pssst... new FC-6 owners...

    just super happy that MLM in this case isn't Amway :)
  17. MesaGuitarGuy


    thanks for sharing! This sounds great!
  18. MesaGuitarGuy

    Koch - The Greg amp

    and the Clapton 30th Anniversary Strat is sweet!
  19. MesaGuitarGuy

    Koch - The Greg amp

    anyone else feeling this?
  20. MesaGuitarGuy

    My new discovered love... Tim Pierce

    Tim is great! I was blown away to discover he did all the guitars on Bon Jovi's "Runaway"
  21. MesaGuitarGuy

    Rockman Tone Match

    great job! is it possible to make a tone match for the Axe FX II or AX8? we play a couple of Def Leppard tunes
  22. MesaGuitarGuy

    In the Bleak Midwinter

    wow, great performances by both of you! Merry Christmas!
  23. MesaGuitarGuy

    Any plans for a small stomp AX4?

    "Manuel is from Barcelona"
  24. MesaGuitarGuy

    Dead time between songs ideas???

    man, our band needs a new drummer :)
  25. MesaGuitarGuy

    Wish Color code presets

    +1 for all the products
  26. MesaGuitarGuy

    Vai Jamathon live stream... Now!

    I watched a lot on day 1. Everyone who was using Fractal gear in their rigs had a superior tone to the other guitarists. (IMO) I thought Theremin girl was pretty cool, playing For the Love of God.
  27. MesaGuitarGuy

    Weird AX8 behaviour - settings reverted?

    I've had that happen a few times. Not sure what caused it, but I've got it down to put the settings back the way I like them now :)
  28. MesaGuitarGuy

    What db boost do you have for solos?

    usually 4 to 5. Our keyboardist has the habit of playing louder during my solos than he does in the rest of the song. I can't make him stop :)
  29. MesaGuitarGuy

    ISP Technologies Vector FS8 - just bought

    Does it seem to have enough low end in it with the 8" speaker?
  30. MesaGuitarGuy

    Drinking at gigs?

    I quit back in '79, but some of my band mates still have a couple now and then on a gig. I figure if the crowd is drinking we'll have an awesome response to our last set of the night, which is almost always.
  31. MesaGuitarGuy

    Why Musicman Guitars?

    The Luke model has come in different colors. Mine is just the standard black, but man, the neck is so nice and the sounds are amazing
  32. MesaGuitarGuy

    Free presets from Fremen

    thank you, good sir
  33. MesaGuitarGuy

    Axe-Fx III users: still use outboard effects?

    yes, only because I keep watching gear demo's by Pete Thorn and Shawn Tubbs
  34. MesaGuitarGuy

    Price Increases Possible

    will that make it cheaper to build them in the USA again?
  35. MesaGuitarGuy


    I hear ya! I still haven't unpacked my 4 big boxes of CD's from the last time I moved in 2011
  36. MesaGuitarGuy

    Rescued 2 cats yesterday including the famous Lenny The Farting Cat

    maybe Lenny's previous owners were just blaming him for the farting
  37. MesaGuitarGuy

    Gig video: Ozzy’s Perry Mason

    man, you guys always nail it!
  38. MesaGuitarGuy

    Fractal Whammy issue

    are you using a stereo (TRS) cable?
  39. MesaGuitarGuy

    I accidentally left my AX8 on for 9 hours

    we played an outdoor 3 hour gig last week in 115 degree heat. My AX8 didn't even flinch.
  40. MesaGuitarGuy

    Yngwie at Sweetwater

    I still believe he gets paid by the note
  41. MesaGuitarGuy

    My Recording IR

    thanks! I'll try it this weekend
  42. MesaGuitarGuy

    Blondie or Toto?

  43. MesaGuitarGuy

    Shopping for a new processor for acoustic

    I have the GP-10 as well and it's a great, small unit. I also use the Tech21 Acoustic Fly Rig, which is even smaller
  44. MesaGuitarGuy

    AX-8 10.00 Public Beta

    I'm pretty sure that's Overly Enthusiastic Girlfriend. how apropos Thanks for the new firmware!!!
  45. MesaGuitarGuy

    MFC Port 'Doohickeys' - [Edit] Kudos to Fractal Support

    I've done that myself. They turned it around for me really quick and it didn't cost much to fix it
  46. MesaGuitarGuy

    Is it just something different or do cobalt strings sound GREAT?

    I haven't tried Clearsounds, so I can't compare. I can tell that the Opti's are coated, but they feel smooth to me.
  47. MesaGuitarGuy

    Is it just something different or do cobalt strings sound GREAT?

    haven't tried the Cobalts. I've been using Elixir Optiweb's 9-46 on my main 2 guitars and they are glorious. (and pricey, but I only have to change them after 8-10 gigs and no breakage)
  48. MesaGuitarGuy

    New Guitar and a Tune that wrote itself...

    I especially liked it when the guitars really kicked in around 2:30
  49. MesaGuitarGuy

    Those aging eyes.....

    they make "progressives" now that don't have a distinct line separating the top of the glass from the bottom, it's more of a gradual change, but I have a hard time with those too.
  50. MesaGuitarGuy

    Dweezil’s Rig Rundown

    amazing! I like how Nick was just shaking his head when Dweezil was jamming. It blows me away how Dweezil can remember all the complex songs as well as the sounds that go with them.
  51. MesaGuitarGuy

    Axe-Fx III Factory Presets v1.07

    I went and bought one of those last week, to use with my AX8. Thanks for the info!
  52. MesaGuitarGuy

    Best Wishes For Cliff on His Upcoming Spinal Surgery!

    hope all goes well, and they fix it right the first time and you recover quickly and fully.
  53. MesaGuitarGuy

    Wish Tap Tempo last two

    it seems to work that way for me. I'm glad, because our drummer speeds up everytime he sings background vocals :)
  54. MesaGuitarGuy

    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    I got notified today, but sadly, my tax return(s) haven't arrived...
  55. MesaGuitarGuy

    OwnHammer Basketweave GNR

    just bought it too. Thanks Kev!
  56. MesaGuitarGuy

    Powerbanks for pedalboards

    I bought one of these small footprint power box for a couple of pedals I run with my AX8. works fine for the smaller draw pedals. https://reverb.com/item/5602177-power-box-lithium-big-joe-stomp-box-company
  57. MesaGuitarGuy

    I would like to post a rant

    once I saw that he said he had thick Russian accent.
  58. MesaGuitarGuy

    I would like to post a rant

    was I the only one who read the OP post with the voice of Boris Badenov? :)
  59. MesaGuitarGuy

    BOSE S1 - possible new FRFR option

    I mainly use mine for an acoustic duo main, and it gets louder than the manager prefers :) Last week, I used it as my monitor for the AX8 in a band gig and it sounded great. And loud. Surprised me for how small it is.
  60. MesaGuitarGuy

    Wish HiRes Touchscreen

    it would be cool if the AXEIII had a HDMI output to add a nice touchscreen monitor, like the Soundcraft Ui24 does. works like a charm. But I'd still be happy with the AXEIII the way it is!
  61. MesaGuitarGuy

    Any Tips For 2 Guitar Band Setup?

    I wish our band was using 2 Fractal products. but for now it's just me.
  62. MesaGuitarGuy

    New FRFR option: Bose S1 Pro Multi-Position Powered PA System?

    I just bought the battery for mine. We had a gig a month ago where the power went out and I grabbed an acoustic guitar and started walking through the venue playing songs that all the nice people could sing. Almost like a campfire, but without the smoke. I'll be more prepared if it happens...
  63. MesaGuitarGuy

    Yamaha SPX 90 Symphonic Sound?

    I think mine was set to +23 on one side and -23 on the other not sure what that translates into the AXE chorus
  64. MesaGuitarGuy

    New FRFR option: Bose S1 Pro Multi-Position Powered PA System?

    I bought one for the numerous requests we get for acoustic duo's. it does sound great for smaller venues. I had an old 12" powered subwoofer I added just for giggles and that helped the low end. I might bring it to one of our band gigs this weekend to hear my AX8 through it. only 15 lbs! it is...
  65. MesaGuitarGuy

    New Atomic Amplifire 6.

    I'm using the Ampli-Firebox as a backup. It sounds much better with the Celestion IR's I bought. That Amplifire-6 has a lot of great features in such a small footprint.
  66. MesaGuitarGuy

    Anybody on a diet?

    I'm starting on PreBiotics. (as opposed to Probiotics) gotta drop 30 lbs again and keep if off
  67. MesaGuitarGuy

    Which Rack mount Mixer?

    we are using the Soundcraft ui24. It's got a great multi-track recording feature to USB drive, so we can finally get some good live recordings. Using a laptop and an ipad to control it (redundancy) so far, so good.
  68. MesaGuitarGuy

    AXE-FX III Rush Cover YYZ

    Loved it!
  69. MesaGuitarGuy

    Cover Band: Do you match the guitar tones?

    I usually use about 5 presets per gig, for different amp sounds. Marshall, Fender, Tucana, Vox, and Swart . Using those presets with different effects per scene lets me cover pretty much everything pretty close to the original tone.
  70. MesaGuitarGuy

    III Avatar competition ?

    BROTHER: "And the Lord spake, saying, 'First shalt thou take out the Holy Pin. Then, shalt thou count to three, no more, no less. Three shall be the number thou shalt count, and the number of the counting shall be three. Four shalt thou not count, nor either count thou two, excepting that thou...
  71. MesaGuitarGuy

    Cmon people, where the waitlist order thread lol

    MST Mon, Jan 29, 2018 9:18 am
  72. MesaGuitarGuy

    Presenting... The Axe-Fx III

    30 pages in now... I only read Cliff's posts saves a lot of time
  73. MesaGuitarGuy

    Which Line 6 Relay do you use with the AX8?

    G10 with the AX8 in smaller venues. note: I secured the USB cable to the back of the unit so it doesn't fall out. G90 with the AXE FX II on bigger stages no troubles with either.
  74. MesaGuitarGuy

    Tone Talk - Rectifier and Soldano

    I'm gonna be offering 2 new scents. Burnt Tubes and Moldy Tolex
  75. MesaGuitarGuy

    Ian Thornley AXE FX

    great voice, guitar tones and phrasing!
  76. MesaGuitarGuy

    Jam Pedals Retrovibe phaser block

    thanks! I'll give this a try this week when I have some time
  77. MesaGuitarGuy

    Anyone find they don’t “need” drive blocks in most cases since getting the AxeII?

    I mainly use the amp distortion. There are times when I do put a drive before the amp, but it's rarely more than 10% dirt. I mainly use it for solos for a little extra sustain and a little extra volume, if needed.
  78. MesaGuitarGuy

    60 Cycle Hum and the AX8

    I've also started doing this: (from Sweetwater) By nature, hum-causing electricity in the United States has a fundamental frequency of 60Hz (hence the name 60-cycle hum) and harmonics of different volume at 60Hz intervals such as 120Hz, 180Hz, etc., running throughout the frequency spectrum. EQ...
  79. MesaGuitarGuy

    A Gift from Fractal Audio! Free Cab Pack!

    thanks! Much appreciated!
  80. MesaGuitarGuy

    Ebay and Reverb question

    I've used Reverb more than ebay lately. I prefer Reverb now, seems like less fees than ebay.
  81. MesaGuitarGuy

    What's your opinion of the Gibson SG ??

    you'd think Gibson would have figured that out by now. Every Gibby I've had, had the G string issue
  82. MesaGuitarGuy

    Wowza! Carol Ann Tucana (lead)...geez it don't get much betta

    this is my fave amp. I'm using it with humbuckers too and love it.
  83. MesaGuitarGuy

    Mission SP-1 noob question!!

    if you search on YouTube, you'll find a lot of great videos. Mark Day did this one
  84. MesaGuitarGuy

    Mission SP-1 noob question!!

    yep, you'll need one for each output on the Mission pedal. Not sure you'll need that much length, I think mine are about 18"
  85. MesaGuitarGuy

    Mission SP-1 noob question!!

    use TRS cables on both outputs. I have one and connect the TRS cables to EXP 1 and EXP 2 on the AX8 You'll need to calibrate the pedal as well
  86. MesaGuitarGuy

    My Piano Adventure.

    I have the Korg Triton rack version for sale if anyone is interested. only $300 shipped to the lower 48.
  87. MesaGuitarGuy

    wookin' pa nub in all the right places (CA Tuscana)

    the CA Tucana Lead is my current fave.
  88. MesaGuitarGuy

    She's a Squirter ....lol

    so I start getting email from ebay about this squirter because I looked at the original post I guess they really want to sell it
  89. MesaGuitarGuy

    AXE FX 2 MRK 2

    I admire your patience
  90. MesaGuitarGuy

    How are the Celestion IR's?

    I bought some but haven't used them yet. Thanks for reminding me :)
  91. MesaGuitarGuy

    Some pedals to compliment my AX8 rig

    I use the Digitech Freakout and the EHX B9 with my AX8. If the Wampler Ethereal had tap tempo, I'd add that too.
  92. MesaGuitarGuy

    What is your hobby?

    spending money I don't have
  93. MesaGuitarGuy

    The inevitable happened!......help needed.

    thanks Yek. I don't remember doing that, but it's entirely possible. I'll make sure to give it more time to power down going forward
  94. MesaGuitarGuy

    The inevitable happened!......help needed.

    I am blaming the full moon for the weirdness in my AX8 over the weekend. For some reason, all the global settings got reset to default (my 3 F-keys and spillover, etc). My patches were still there. I was still on 8.02 and hadn't done any editing recently. Also, one of our subs stopped working...
  95. MesaGuitarGuy

    New Dreampop Song

    congrats on the record deal!
  96. MesaGuitarGuy

    The most convenient wireless system to use with the AX8?

    I've had good luck with the Line 6 Relay G10
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