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  1. DLC86

    Wish All block have been revamped, except..

    A few days ago I was digging thru the release notes of all firmwares, and noticed that pretty much every effect has received at least one major update since the axe fx III came out. All except the rotary block. Don't get me wrong, it's already excellent at recreating a classic leslie sound, but...
  2. DLC86

    EDITED: This Forum's Search Engine was down but is Back Up.

    Today all I get when doing a search on the forum is this screen (already tried from various PCs/browsers):
  3. DLC86

    Wish A couple wishes about Reverbs

    1) let us completely disable early and late reflections, currently the level controls can go down to -40dB but they're still somewhat hearable at that level. 2) pre-delay and level offset for L/R channels: I discovered these controls on a reverb plugin (cinematic rooms) and I think they'd be...
  4. DLC86

    I'm fairly new to high gain tones, is this good? (Tool - Invincible)

    Hi, as title says I've started digging into high-gain just recently cuz I've always been a blues/classic rock player mainly. I'd like to hear your opinion on this tone and eventually suggestions on how to make it better, cuz I'm still not entirely satisfied especially on palm mutes and in the...
  5. DLC86

    Etna eruption

    Thought I'd share with you guys these wonderful images that seem to come from another world but actually come from my land, right now. Nature's tremendous power and beauty.
  6. DLC86

    Ares is over ...

    Welcome Cygnus! https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/kemper-user-here-who-just-got-an-fm3-blown-away.169739/post-2039740
  7. DLC86

    Wish Delays and Reverbs level controls

    Make all level controls pre-effect rather than post (basically like the input gain control), this would allow smooth transitions between different settings. I'm talking about the various levels inside the blocks and not the main level knob (Head 1-4 level, L-R level, earley/late reflections...
  8. DLC86

    How accurate is Fractal DRIVE modeling?

    Title and subject inspired by another recent thread. I'm currently putting together a "small" analog rig, just for the pleasure of playing it from time to time and to have something where friends occasionally coming to our rehearsal room can plug and jam along. So I took the chance to make...
  9. DLC86

    Building an expensive modeler is easy, they say

    Today I stumbled upon this cheap chinese modeler description and I laughed out loud 😂 "We were impressed that a product like the Fractal® AX-FX had the foresight to use a high-definition TSAC (white-box) algorithm to do its Amp Modeling. So we took note and started development on an affordable...
  10. DLC86

    [POLL] Do you buy or have you ever bought commercial presets?

    Since this subject was being discussed in another thread I thought it would be interesting to make a poll to see what's the approach to modeling for the majority of Axe FX/AX8/FM3 users PS: if you think I should add other options to the poll just let me know
  11. DLC86

    Wish User memory slots for impedance curves

    I wish to be able to add my own impedance curves in the axe fx by loading .txt files generated with REW
  12. DLC86

    This is pure genius!

  13. DLC86

    Have you seen this? Google tone transfer

  14. DLC86

    Wish Cornish SS-3 (schematic included)

    It's basically a tweaked Mxr Dist+ so maybe it's not too difficult to model Schematic source: https://aionelectronics.com/blog/tracing-journal-cornish-ss-3-soft-sustain/
  15. DLC86

    Free Cab Pack! BassBreaker 212 - Fane F70

    Hi guys, hope you're doing well! These days I've been doing my first experiments in acquiring cab IRs and, since most of these turned out to be better than I expected, I thought I'll share them with you. The attached zip contains several IRs based on a 2x12" Fender BassBreaker cab loaded with...
  16. DLC86

    Anyone pushing the hell out of preamp?

    If you're into 60s and 70s tones try this: Go in the cab block in the preamp page, select a preamp type that you like (tapes, vintage and transformer are my favourite), set gain so that the vu meter goes to 6-10 dB above zero and turn up saturation a bit. I was tweaking my Led Zeppelin presets...
  17. DLC86

    USB latency compensation problem

    I have a problem, I'm currently reamping some tracks and I'm using the manual latency correction in cubase to perfectly align the reamped tracks to the original ones. The problem is that every time I fire up my axe and cubase I need to redo the latency measurement cuz it changes greatly. The...
  18. DLC86

    A reminder for those who reamp with the axe fx

    Check the pan law setting in your daw! Yesterday I was doing some reamps with cubase 10 but noticed that reamped tracks didn't sound the same as those recorded directly. Since they seemed to have less gain I checked the levels of the DI track and those "seen" by the axe usb input and noticed...
  19. DLC86

    FM3 vs Axe FX III - CPU comparison chart

    Thanks to the chart @chris posted yesterday, I was able to make this chart of the CPU usage per block, comparing FM3 on FW 1.02 and Axe FX III on FW 12.06. Hope this little contribution can be useful to anyone looking to purchase an FM3 coming from the Axe. PS: Chris, obviously feel free to put...
  20. DLC86

    Wish A couple Skreddy pedals (schematics included)

    At this point the only two pedals I occasionally fire up from time to time are the Screwdriver and the Lunar Module Deluxe, they have something unique going on that I particularly enjoy. I'd love if these would be modeled in the axe fx, I wonder if all it's needed is the schematic cuz, if...
  21. DLC86

    A documentary you need to watch

    ...especially if you live in the EU Available in English, French and Spanish here (soon in German too): https://vimeo.com/ondemand/piigs And in Italian here: https://www.raiplay.it/video/2017/12/Piigs-ca977e13-e24f-4dbe-acda-65f265d5959a.html?wt_mc=2.app.cpy.raiplay_prg_Piigs.&wt
  22. DLC86

    Countdown - Live from Italian quarantine (VR and Binaural/Ambisonics content)

    Given the amount of spare time we suddenly have these days, we revisited my buddy's song. Played from various parts of Italy. Obviously guitar and bass recorded thru the Axe FX III. Enjoy!
  23. DLC86

    Embedded media not working

    Hi, since a few days some embedded media on the forum doesn't work on my smartphone browser (Brave browser), this is what I see in place of soundcloud and amazon links: Anyone have an idea on what could be the culprit? I see them correctly if I open the same page on chrome or other browsers
  24. DLC86

    MIDI over USB

    The manual states this: The FM3 is NOT a USB MIDI Device. It uses “COMM over USB” channels for Fractal-Bot and FM3-Edit, but will not appear as a MIDI device in a DAW or other MIDI program Any chance it will become a MIDI class-compliant device in the future?
  25. DLC86

    FM3 CPU usage

    I've opened a bunch of FM3 factory preset on my axe fx and the highest cpu percentage I've seen is around 52-53%, I assume that corresponds to the 80% safe limit on the FM3. Not bad at all! But I suppose part of that "score" is due to the cab block being processed by an accelerator rather than...
  26. DLC86

    Machine learning amp modeling

  27. DLC86

    Wish Default scene selector

    As per title, my wish is a clearer way to select the default scene in a preset in place of the current "last saved scene". This would solve at least 3 issues for me: 1. No more forgetting to always save on the scene I want as default after editing a preset. 2. No more need to remember which...
  28. DLC86

    NOT A BUG - Scene toggles

    I've setup the bottom row of my FC6 with 3 scene toggle switches, all 3 having scene 4 as the secondary scene. With this setting I notice a strange behaviour though: when I'm on scene 1-3, two of the three LEDs are turned off instead of being dimmed. As soon as I engage scene 4 all three become...
  29. DLC86

    FC pedal initial value

    Can't find this option in the axe settings, I see it for the external controllers but not for the FC pedals. Is it there somewhere or it's only available for external controllers?
  30. DLC86

    Anyone using MBritt IRs?

    Anyone tried these? https://mbritt.com/product/mblended-ir-pack-1/? I see they get much love from other modelers users and his kemper profiles are probably the most revered. I also like the concept of a few "neutral" and mid forward IRs that can work for any live tone, that's something I've...
  31. DLC86

    Wish Generic/customizable rotary block

    This is a wish I had originally posted for the axe fx II a few years ago, so I'll just post a link to that thread and a cool video to show the potential of this feature: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/generic-customizable-rotary-block.97183/
  32. DLC86

    Wish A few wishes about Delays

    1) Motor speed parameter in the stereo tape delay too 2) IMPLEMENTED! PEQ in the multidelay block (or at least in the quad tape model), I mean the same we have in the delay block. I know that we already have tweakable low, high and band-pass filters in the multidelay, but the PEQ is just more...
  33. DLC86

    I found some free cab packs

  34. DLC86

    Ruckus anyone?

    These last few days I've been experimenting with the drive block in front of a clean amp to reach various amounts of gain, while scrolling thru the various drive types I stumbled upon the ruckus models and fell in love with them (thru the hipower jumped). I'm still undecided on which I like best...
  35. DLC86

    Electric Mistress Simulation

    Here we go with my attempt to simulate my electric mistress within the axe fx III. Sadly the addition of the new filter parameters in the flanger block wasn't enough to match the frequency response of both the dry and the wet path of the real pedal, my previous measurements were wrong due to a...
  36. DLC86

    Wish A few wishes about Flanger and Chorus

    These days I'm trying to refine my sim of the Electric Mistress flanger, but no matter what settings I chose I could never achieve that lush sound, so I opened up the pedal, desoldered the mixing resistors at the output and measured the frequency response of both dry and wet signals. What I...
  37. DLC86

    Cab-Lab crashing Cubase 10

    I recently upgraded my DAW to Cubase 10 Pro but for some reason whenever I try to load the vst of cab-lab it crashes. Cab-lab still works fine on cubase 9.5 elements and other vst hosts so the conflict is just with cubase 10 pro. I already tried reinstalling both cab-lab and cubase with no success
  38. DLC86

    Looking for a new mic? Check this out

  39. DLC86

    Led Zeppelin isolated tracks

    Just came across this: https://www.guitarworld.com/artists/hear-isolated-guitar-and-bass-tracks-led-zeppelins-ramble While listening to those stems I thought how incredible it is that what sounds like pretty amateurish tracks by today's standards make such a great song when mixed back...
  40. DLC86

    Enhancer can be very useful!

    I'll report here what I wrote in the IR properties thread on TGP hoping someone else could find my idea useful: A few days ago this thread gave me an idea on how to improve the sound of my 2x12 cab. With that cab, depending on the relative position where I stand, I can clearly hear the comb...
  41. DLC86

    Maybe this could be useful for Cliff

    ..or maybe not, but since it's a new discovery regarding DSP it's at least an interesting read (for those who know what they're talking about). https://techxplore.com/news/2019-10-year-old-puzzle.html
  42. DLC86

    HELP: restore global blocks

    I accidentally overwrote my main global amp block, luckily I have a system backup but that's been done on FW7. Fractal-bot says I must ensure the backup was created on the same firmware I currently have on the axe but that's not the case (I'm on 9.00b) Is there any other way to restore the...
  43. DLC86

    Goodbye Blue Sky (acoustic with piezo + guitar IR)

    Hi guys, since I recently installed a cheap Artec undersaddle piezo pickup on my cheap acoustic guitar (directly connected to the output jack, no preamp), I decided to experiment with some guitar IRs by 3Sigma. The pickup itself doesn't sound bad at all for the price but you can definitely tell...
  44. DLC86

    Wish Gilmour PULSE amp model

    I'm sure lots of Pink Floyd fans (and brit Floyd) would be happy to see this implemented. Gilmour in the 80s and 90s used an Alembic F2B preamp (which is basically a blackface dual showman/twin reverb preamp) plugged into the power amp of his Hiwatt DR103 heads. I've tried to emulate that...
  45. DLC86

    Wish MIDI block: expression pedal to CC value

    I wish there was a way to control external gear by using an expression pedal connected to the axe fx or FC and sending midi CCs with values based on its position. Maybe it could be done by letting the user attach a modifier to the value of a CC message in the midi block?
  46. DLC86

    Wish Looper: "Play Once" option for Rec 2nd Press

    Title self explanatory I think..
  47. DLC86

    This thing is a beast!

    Hi all, time to post my review of this beast. I've been "Fractalized" for almost 5 years now (Axe II and then AX8), a couple weeks ago I found a nice deal for a lightly used axe fx III and finally decided it was time to sell my ax8 (I felt the smell of a new floor product coming) and upgrade...
  48. DLC86

    Wish Consistency between front panel and axe-edit UIs

    I received my Axe fx III yesterday and I'm amazed by the tones and the new intutive UI (full review soon). But there's still one thing that makes editing on the front panel a bit of a PITA: the different arrangement of parameters and pages, especially in the amp block. For someone like me...
  49. DLC86

    Wish Power amp made by Fractal Audio with some special features

    Had this idea a while ago but I had almost forgot it. Wouldn't be cool a rack power amp made by fractal (so it surely will be top notch quality) which can automatically measure the impedance curve of a connected cab and display the values to put in the speaker page of the amp block on the axe fx?
  50. DLC86

    SOLD Fractal Audio AX8 (EU - Italy)

    Selling cuz I just bought an axe fx III, purchased it from G66 on April 2017, so it still has a full year warranty left. It comes with original box and receipt. It's functionally flawless but, as you can see from the pics, it has a few marks on the sides (caused by carrying it in a bag with an...
  51. DLC86

    Axe-Fx III vs AX8

    Just seen this video on youtube.. Is the tone really all this different between the two at this point? Or is it user error (different IRs, different settings, etc.)? I'm shocked, it sounds like comparing a 128kbps mp3 to a 96/24 flac recording :eek: PS: ok, I translated the video description...
  52. DLC86

    The future of DSP?

  53. DLC86

    Wish EQ section in the multidelay

    I mean, the same we have in the normal delay block I know that we already have tweakable low, hi and band-pass filters in the multidelay, but the parametric EQ is just more versatile IMHO. I recently matched the delay block to a plugin that simulates the binson echorec but could not recreate...
  54. DLC86

    Anyone interested?

  55. DLC86

    MIDI 2.0

    Finally something new on the horizon http://www.synthtopia.com/content/2019/01/18/midi-2-0-promises-auto-configuration-extended-resolution-tighter-timing-backward-compatibility/?fbclid=IwAR2V1WYtyboxs6O1VfqIs4JZ2LsY7p3vfv3Z5k41yQmpbgYPrPHYekGr8QU
  56. DLC86

    Feel: Cab vs FRFR

    I've been using for more than 3 years a pair of Atomic CLRs, they are great when playing in our treated rehearsal room or in largish venues, but I find that when playing in small pubs (90% of the gigs I do these days) they just don't cut thru as I wish, especially since there's lots of ambience...
  57. DLC86

    Just received the black Friday email from Fractal and..

    .. I'm suspicious! :D Read carefully: Axe III, FX8 and LB-2 prices are regularly x$, AX8 and Axe II prices were previously x$. This means ax8 price has permanently gone down? Just speculating but this might be a sign of something new coming soon.. :sunglasses:
  58. DLC86

    [WISH] Mic calibration files

    As title says, I wish to have the ability to load mic calibration files (usually in .txt or .xls ASCII format) in (or in addition to) the reference IR slot.
  59. DLC86

    Warmoth chambered bodies anyone?

    Hi all, I'm gonna order parts for my second warmoth guitar soon, it will be a Tele with alder body and black korina flat top, two PAF style pickups and (I think) a floyd rose rail tail bridge. Basically my intention is to make it sound more like a Les Paul than a Tele. So you'd say, 'why don't...
  60. DLC86

    New album recorded with the ax8

    Hi guys, I'd just like to let you hear a song of a dear friend that has just released his second album where most electric guitars have been recorded with my ax8 (but I'm not responsible for the tone :) ) If you're interested in listening to the whole album just search for Vincenzo Marretta...
  61. DLC86

    Minimum phase... How does it affect the sound of an IR?

    Hi all, these days I've experimented a bit with cab-lab, min phase and some non-MPT IRs I have. When comparing an MPT IR with the unprocessed version of it I've had mixed results. For some of them the difference is minimal, almost non-hearable, for some it is quite evident and for some others...
  62. DLC86

    Wish Correction IR loader

    A global IR loader (or in the output blocks) to use an IR to correct the frequency response of a headphone, a power amp, a room or whatever you'd like to correct. I know a cab block at the end of the chain could be used for this purpose but having it in the global settings would be much more...
  63. DLC86

    Bug? Controller assigned to looper's play

    I just noticed that a controller attached to the "play" button in the looper only works when "Rec" is off, as soon as I start recording it doesn't work anymore. What I was trying to accomplish was to use a scene change to stop recording and instantly start playing, but with this limitation/bug...
  64. DLC86

    Wish AX8 successor wishlist

    Starting this thread so that wishes and ideas for the future version of the Ax8 can be collected and easily consulted by FAS developers and hopefully make their way to the final hardware, if and whenever it happens (hoping it's not already too late) I'll start with what I would like to see...
  65. DLC86

    Celestion F12-X200 - new coaxial speaker for modelers

    New coaxial speaker specially designed for modelers https://celestion.com/product/200/f12x200/
  66. DLC86

    Bug? Presence and Hi-cut

    Not sure this can be classified as a bug. As we know when moving the physical amp knobs on the unit a pop-up appears on the screen with name and its current value. The problem is some amp models have high-cut in place of presence but currently this pop-up window displays "presence" even if the...
  67. DLC86

    Wish Look Ahead parameter for the input noise gate

    What title says, it'd be a good way to minimize the effect of the noise gate on the attack of the note
  68. DLC86

    Bug? Flanger dry delay shift

    It seems that this control doesn't work anymore, changing its value doesn't change the sound accordingly. Obviously thru-zero is set to ON. FW 8.02 here
  69. DLC86

    Question on output level knobs

    Hi guys, I noticed that the ax8 out level knobs have a different behaviour compared to the axe fx: they also affect the spdif output. Does this mean that the level control (unlike the axe fx) is placed before the D/A converter and thus it's better to keep it at max to not alter bit depth and S/N...
  70. DLC86

    Bug? Output level drop

    It happened to me several times: when loading a preset the output level of that preset is much lower than how it was saved, going to another preset and coming back to the first one fixes it. It doesn't happen on a specific preset but randomly. It also happens sometimes when the reverb gets...
  71. DLC86

    Bug? Chorus and Random LFO

    I recently switched from the axe fx to the ax8 and noticed that one of my presets is acting weird and makes strange noises whenever I turn on the chorus block and it seems it's not cpu related. Tried a few different settings and narrowed it down to the selection of the random waveform in the...
  72. DLC86

    Wish Scene up and down switches

    As per title, I'd like to have the ability to assign scene up/down to switches 1-8. This would let us scroll through the scenes of a preset and at the same time have other 6 switches available for other functions. Useful for those (like me) who use a sequential scene approach.
  73. DLC86

    [NOT A BUG] Flanger block dry delay

    I discovered what I think is a bug in the Flanger block, I noticed that there was a difference in sound between using the flanger with mix at 50% and the same settings with mix at 100% in parallel to a shunt. So I made a couple of measurements in a daw and discovered that the dry signal inside...
  74. DLC86

    Fixed Issue in Hipower Jumped model

    As I've talked about here ( http://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/hiwatt-model.120922/#post-1455635 ) I've probably found a bug in Hipower Jumped model: Using the tonematch block as spectrum analyzer I've compared the normal channel of this model to Hipower Normal model (that should be...
  75. DLC86

    A couple wishes

    I have two wishes that would probably be useful for many: 1) undo/redo buttons to revert the last changes made to the loaded preset. 2) drop-down menu on the save button that lets you save the patch in a different memory location on the axe fx.
  76. DLC86

    Missing parameter!

    I just realized that a parameter is missing in axe edit interface, unless I'm becoming blind: DYNAMIC DAMPING!
  77. DLC86

    Speaker Drive and Motor Drive

    I recently discovered the nice effect this parameters have on the sound, they make it more alive and realistic IMHO. The right amount of speaker drive makes you feel the breakup of the speaker while motor drive adds a nice compression. I already found very good settings by ear so the following...
  78. DLC86

    Question/wish about midi implementation on Windows 10

    Does axe-edit use the new Windows 10 UWP MIDI API? For what I understand this would make axe-edit compatible with Bluetooth LE Midi adapters like the Yamaha md-bt01 and thus would provide us a wireless solution for axe-edit...
  79. DLC86

    Hiwatt model

    HI @FractalAudio, I think you're the only one who can help on this subject. From what I've read early versions of Hiwatt Dr103 (the one I owned) had a cathode follower feeding the phase inverter. I assume the one modeled in the axe fx is one of the later versions with no Cf though, since cf comp...
  80. DLC86

    (Solved) Axe Fx bricked by Q5.01 bug

    I open this thread just to report the problem I (and @acidfrost) had, probably caused by the bug in that revision Do you guys know if g66 provides the recovery eeprom for MK 1 and 2? Or do I have to contact Fractal support for this? And does someone who already had this issue know how long they...
  81. DLC86

    Wish Motor Drive in the Cab block

    Nothing else to add
  82. DLC86

    Amp-in-the-room IRs

    I've read a lot of discussion here and on TGP about far field IRs and how they should provide the closest result to match a cab frequency response heard live-unmiked according to experts like Jay Mitchell and Cliff himself. But when trying those, even if they're better at this than close-miked...
  83. DLC86

    Cliff, Get rid of some factory cabs to free up space!!

    So, since I (and a few others like Morphosis) already wrote it several times in the other two threads but most users probably did not care to read or simply want to continue this stupid war between who wants the modeling version and who doesn't, I will write this here with the hope that these...
  84. DLC86

    Wish Third option for control switches

    I think a useful third option for control switches CS1 and CS2 could be added to make them way more versatile. Instead of just setting the on/off setting per scene also add an "ignore" or "last state" option in ax8-edit so that for every scene we can choose if the saved state (on/off) or the...
  85. DLC86

    Bug? Pitch block tracking issue

    When I use the whammy the tracking of the pitch is acting in a strange way, when i play a bending or vibrato it sounds as if the pitch can only go in steps (semitones) and doesn't follow precisely the original pitch. I've noticed this problem after comparing the ax8 and the Axe fx II (which acts...
  86. DLC86

    Possible bug in the pitch block?

    Hi, yesterday I finally had the opprtunity to compare my axe fx II and ax8 side by side and this somewhat confirmed a doubt I had since I received my ax8: the cl. whammy and advanced whammy have a strange behaviour in the ax8, they have a lot more glitches and instability in the note detected...
  87. DLC86

    Bug? Feedback send and global blocks (FW Q1.02 - Mark I)

    If you try to save the global block with a send level value different than 100% weird things happen. It saves that value only in the preset you've saved the block, other presets linked to that block seem to not be linked anymore. Also the axe doesn't allow to link the block on these other...
  88. DLC86

    American products and european prices

    I'm not starting this thread to bash FAS or G66 but because I want to understand, there's something I really don't get. First a few examples: Strymon timeline: US list price 449$ - EU 449€ Eventide timefactor: US 499$ - EU 475€ Line 6 helix: US 1499$ - EU 1469€ Fractal FX8: US 1349$ - EU...
  89. DLC86

    Why the AFxII has one dsp chip dedicated to amp(s)?

    I was looking at how other dual dsp modelers work (amplifire and helix in particular) and I asked myself this question. I think it's kind of a waste to have one of the two cpus dedicated to just this task in the case you want to use the axe as an effects only (or amp only) unit, you would have...
  90. DLC86

    Pink Floyd presets

    Hi everybody, I'm starting this thread to share some floydian presets I've created and others I will make. Obviously if someone wanna post his ones is welcomed. Please let me know what you think about if you try them, I'm a new axe fx user and I'm open to suggestions and critics. Here is one I...
  91. DLC86

    Technical question about Hipower and tone frequency

    Hi, as title says I'd like to have clarification on the tone frequency setting on the hiwatt model, if I select hipower normal it defaults to 350 Hz, while for the brilliant and jumpered model it goes up to 700 Hz. I think there's something wrong with this cuz in the real amp the only difference...
  92. DLC86

    Humbuster outs

    I don't know if this has been already answered, I haven't found it with a search. Is it possible to use the humbuster out as a balanced out using a trs-to-xlr cable? Would it really be a balanced connection or is it better to use a di box for this purpose? Thanks in advance!
  93. DLC86

    Flanger models

    What are the flanger models available in this new firmware? Waiting to try them on the fx8
  94. DLC86

    Does the FX8 work as a USB audio interface?

    Even if I'm almost sure it's a no, as per title says.. For those thinking it's not useful since it doesn't have amp/cab sims, I remember the existence of vst plugins and other instruments not needing amp simulation 8)
  95. DLC86

    New reverb algos

    Will the FX8 have the new reverb algorithms found on the new axe fw? And if so, is it still possible to run all the 8 effects or the dsp power won't be enough?
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