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  1. Project Mayhem

    Fast times at Ridgemont High table read

    Just Watched the table read of fast times on YouTube...Hilarious. All star cast...and Dane Cook??? Nonetheless,Morgan Freeman doing the screen narration of the pool scene alone is priceless. Brad Pitt ad Brad, LeBouf doing spiccoli from his garage while sparking a j the whole time...
  2. Project Mayhem

    Can tuner heel down also contain a control switch?

    Pretty much what the title says. Searched and read the relative parts of the manual but can’t see a reference to expression pedals, and I haven’t used control switches to this point. What I am trying to accomplish is tuner on heel down, combined with sending a midi command to the mixer...
  3. Project Mayhem

    Anyone ever change the drivers in Xitone passive wedge?

    Picked up a xitone passive wedge (secondhand) and have been underwhelmed by the sound to the point that I think there must be a failed component. I know based on reviews from people who have opinions that I trust, that it’s capable of sounding good, but this one definitely doesn’t...very flubby...
  4. Project Mayhem

    NASA intruige and the mother of all Conspiracies?

    Can you feel it coming? If you have been on the internet for longer than say a day or two, your probably aware that amongst conspiracy theorists, this is the one that nearly all the others feed. I can only imagine what’s going on with those people right now. Combine this coming announcement...
  5. Project Mayhem

    RIP Ginger Baker

    One of the greats in so many ways.
  6. Project Mayhem


    Wow...just wow. We crossed the rubicon for comic origins Won’t give anything away other than it makes ledger look like Cesar Romero. Like Don Vito, Oscar for two different actors playing same role.
  7. Project Mayhem

    Patriots fans good with this?

    I know there are some pats fans here (one pretty obvious one)....so the question is, do you think he’s (AB) worth it? I guess if the speculation about this being TB’s last rodeo is correct, then I could see the “why not” attitude...but given what we know now, this will be the ultimate test of...
  8. Project Mayhem

    Is Guthrie Govan the Best* player?

    Saw Guthrie and the Aristocrats again last night and found myself in utter amazement again. I have seen greater players over the years...I haven't seen a better* guitar player than Guthrie. There are other players who "speak to me' more directly and whose music I prefer...but I have never seen...
  9. Project Mayhem

    Topgun Maverick...anyone?

    I have a personal attachment to the original, and no, it's not for the Volleyball scene. Been waiting for decades for this, cautiously optimistic. Curious to see how they integrate the 14 in the last scene in the trailer, as it's long since retired and the rest of the trailer scenes have him...
  10. Project Mayhem

    NGD, and the power of Rationalization...

    Do I need another guitar?...No. Did I need some new Monitors?...Yes. So while discussing with the manager options on a pair of a7x's...I happen to notice that the Kotzen Tele I have had my eye on for a while has finally gone clearance. I'm no Tele guy at all, but this one Is quite different...
  11. Project Mayhem

    Happy Moon landing anniversary!

    I'm not old enough to remember it, but for those that are, it must have been pretty cool. My wife tells me of watching at the Drive-in in Australia as a kid.
  12. Project Mayhem

    Delete preset from front panel?

    I recently converted an axe 2 preset for my 3 and once it was loaded in the three I lost communication with axe edit and fractal bot. Rebooting did not help, so I’m assuming the preset is corrupt. However I can’t seem to figure out how to delete a preset from the front panel. I’m sure I’m...
  13. Project Mayhem

    SPL levels when playing out?

    Is there a target SPL level you aim for (as a band) when playing out? Do venues where you run your own sound give you a SPL limit? Curious as to what the average is. Obviously different venues will result in different answers, but I'm thinking your general Pub gig.
  14. Project Mayhem

    Prodigy picks

    Anyone try these yet? Picked up some of the 2.0mm ones the other day and really dig them. First pick in ages to get the Jazz III out of my hand for a while. They do wear rather quickly though.
  15. Project Mayhem

    Tragedy in Paris

    Condolences to all of our French brethren, and indeed the world, on the loss of Norte Dame. Few structures in the world as historically significant. Hopefully, something can be saved
  16. Project Mayhem

    Any F1 fans here?

    GIven the international nature of this community, I would think that I’m not the only one who’s been jonesing for tonight. A number of exciting possibilities with this season, More so than recent seasons, IMO.
  17. Project Mayhem

    When’s the last time you received or wrote a personal letter?

    So I wanted to do something for my father in law who’s retired RAAF. I asked him to provide me a list of every airframe he had ever flown in (59!). About a month goes by and then I receive a letter from him...and it dawns on me that I can’t remember the last time I received or wrote a letter...
  18. Project Mayhem

    How to keep drummer from bleeding into vocal mics?

    My drummer has been using a hybrid kit for the longest time. However, he felt he was missing nuances that he could only get with an acoustic snare so he switched back. The problem is it’s so F’n loud it’s bleeding into every other mic within a city block. I had to turn up loud enough last night...
  19. Project Mayhem

    Anyone have any experience with Sensory Percussion?

    Just learned of this the other day, and on the surface, it seems to be a potential "fractal like" solution for drummers. However, I can't seem to find any examples of users using it to control third party libraries (Superior, slate, etc...). Just curious if anyone has any feedback or experience...
  20. Project Mayhem

    Axe sending random midi notes?

    No doubt I'm overlooking something obvious but here is my issue: Axe3 (1.15) connected to iMac (current OS) iPad connected to iMac to create aggregate device (Axe and iPad 10x8) In Logic Pro X (current) when I add my midi keyboard (air61) to a project and start playing I start to get random...
  21. Project Mayhem

    Confused on adding external looper

    While we all await Cliff's latest firmware gift, I was hoping one of you more informed users can help me out. I rarely post here, but I do read the forum everyday and search for answers before I ask... Having said that, I still can't get this to work. I want to add a TC Electronics Ditto...
  22. Project Mayhem

    can MFC be used to control MainStage3?

    Just got MainStage 3 and would like to be able to control backing tracks with my MFC while at the same time being in axe mode on MFC. I'm uneducated when it comes to midi and really don't know where to start. From reading previous threads, I'm inclined to think its not easily done as Sean is...
  23. Project Mayhem

    MFC with revealing effects

    So the other day my increase button to go up banks suddenly starts doing something other than that. Re booting etc... Doesn't fix it. So I decide this probably a good time to get my MFC firmware current...which does fix the problem. But now in reveal mode none of the effects in a patch are...
  24. Project Mayhem

    Alternate preset and scenes?

    Previously, I had used the alternate preset for my acoustic preset. With the advent of scenes, is it possible to use the scenes IA's in the same manner? I have five ia's setup for my scenes, I would like to be able to have a double press of any of them call up my alternate preset. Sorry if...
  25. Project Mayhem

    Lex Luthor has an Axe-FX2 (we're all screwed!)

    Ok, so it's really Devin Townsend, but hey, they look alike, and they're both geniuses... I'll leave the "evil" judgement up to you... As you can see from the photos from his recent stop in Dallas, Devin and band were running two Axe-FX2s, and one Ultra. Both guitar players also used...
  26. Project Mayhem

    Confused Noob needs clarification

    Hello all, I have been lurking here since late June when I went on the waiting list...now my name has come up and I need to start putting together my rig. It seem like the Matrix will be the best fit(for me), but (even after reading nearly every thread on these forums) I am still very...
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