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  1. ChrisMetal86

    One killer dream album - Artists you'd like to see do a collaboration album

    So I was going through my catalog of music this morning at the office and thought, man how cool would it be to have some of these amazing musicians do a collaboration album together. I know some of them have worked with each other a few times, but I mean a full album with all of them working on...
  2. ChrisMetal86

    Which Midi Keyboard would be best for me?

    So for Black Friday, I bought some more software for my DAW. Got the Nashville EZX and EZKeys Small Upright Piano stupid cheap! I'm looking for a Midi Keyboard to use with programming drums and possibly some Piano parts. I'm not really familiar with the Midi Keyboards, but the Point & Click...
  3. ChrisMetal86

    Bug? MFC-101 MKII bug with Axe FX II XL w/ Q4.0???

    So I updated to Q4.0 last night. First thing I noticed was that when I used the tuner on the Axe, it shows up with some of the dots out of place something like this ......>E <....... like there is a gap in between the arrows and the note being tuned to. So the next thing I notice after...
  4. ChrisMetal86

    New Ink Day!

    I have been wanting my son's name somehow incorporated into a tattoo. Finally decided what I wanted and had time to draw it out on my computer. Printed it out the size I wanted and took it to my artist. Very pleased with the outcome.
  5. ChrisMetal86

    Acoustic Treatment of Room

    So things are changing in my household as my lady and I make plans to move in together... o_O I've moved my Desk and Axe FX out of my room and put into my spare room where I have my work bench and weight bench. The room isn't all that big, but everything fits and functions just fine. Its...
  6. ChrisMetal86

    Check your Amp block balance..

    Updated to Quantum 1.02 tonight and my "Y" state amps sounded bad in my presets. I dialed and twiddled for about 45 min and it was puzzling the mess out of me. The way I have my presets setup is that "X" state is clean, "Y" state is gain. The gain state sounded muffled, no clarity, no balls. I...
  7. ChrisMetal86

    It is FAS & ML Sound Labs fault...

    ...that my finger tips are now bleeding and I have yet to accomplish one thing on my to do list today.. Been up playing since 6:30 AM and it is now 3:35 PM here. Ah what a wonderful day of no responsibilities met, and filled with beautiful tones! Haven't had much time lately to play, but today...
  8. ChrisMetal86

    Working on improvising skills, any good places for backing tracks?

    I've been working on my improvising skills a lot lately while learning theory somewhat. It has helped quite a bit having a backing track to put those notes to use to see/hear how it all goes together musically. As I'm learning more, I wan't to have much more variety of styles to practice with...
  9. ChrisMetal86

    Windows 10 - Axe Fx II drivers, Axe Edit, Cab Lab 3 - Do they work together?

    I've called myself searching for a thread related to this, but either there isn't one, or I'm using the search engine really poorly.. :lol My laptop keeps popping up for a free upgrade to Windows 10, so I'm curious if anyone has had any issues with Windows 10 and the Axe Fx II Drivers, Axe...
  10. ChrisMetal86

    Larry Mitchell Band - Columbus, GA @9:30PM tonight

    If there are any forum members in the Columbus, GA area, Larry Mitchell's band will be playing at The Loft on Broadway. Show starts at 9:30PM. Come on out and enjoy the show!
  11. ChrisMetal86

    Knockin' On Heaven's Door 1st Solo - FW18.12 & Cab Pack 7

    Haven't played much over the last month due to work being crazy busy this time of year along with other things in life. Was browsing around online for backing tracks to jam to and found a track that was edited to cover just the 2 solo sections of the GnR version of Knockin' on Heaven's Door. It...
  12. ChrisMetal86

    SHURE GLXD16-Z2 thoughts?

    Wanting to go back to wireless in my home because I like the freedom. Do any of you have any experience with the sound/build quality of the Shure GLXD16-Z2? There is a guy local who is selling off most of his gear to pay bills and what not. He is asking $300 for it. Thoughts? Thanks, Chris:)
  13. ChrisMetal86

    EV-1 just arrived!

    Man this thing is well built and super smooth. Won't get to use it til this weekend, but can't wait! It is pretty heavy for an expression pedal and pretty huge too! Perfect for my big shoe to fit on without hanging off every direction! The packaging is the best I've ever seen in any product...
  14. ChrisMetal86

    New Cab Packs, CabLab 3, EV-1 ordered!

    Been really busy with work and life lately so haven't gotten around to ordering everything or playing guitar much to be honest. Just now placed an order for CabLab 3, Cab Packs 7,8,9, an EV-1 in silver, and a new hat! Ha! Lost my other hat somewhere in Atlanta, GA a while back, had to replace...
  15. ChrisMetal86

    Cab Pack 9.. When?

    When will Cab Pack 9 be released? :mrgreen
  16. ChrisMetal86

    Gruv Gear FretWraps?

    I've been seeing lots of people using these and scrunchies too. What are your takes on the FretWraps? Considering getting one for use during recording to help keep things a little cleaner.
  17. ChrisMetal86

    New GIGWRX labels day!

    These actually came on Tuesday, but life's responsibilities kept me too busy all week to be able to put these on. These are my second set from GIGWRX and they are top notch just like the first set. I highly recommend this brand of labels for your MFC. Bill and Anthony are great people to deal...
  18. ChrisMetal86

    Suggestions for New Music?

    I've been doing a lot of traveling lately during the day, back and forth, here and there for business purposes. While I have 32GB of music on my USB in my car, I keep going back to the same artists more than the rest. For the last few months, I have been stuck in a rut with the same artists (not...
  19. ChrisMetal86

    Big Shout-Out to M@ and the rest of the team

    Just wanted to say Thank You to M@ and the rest of the team for the help over the last few days for their awesome customer service :encouragement:
  20. ChrisMetal86

    NGD - Custom Singlecut!!!

    It is finally here at last! Can't wait to jam on this baby tonight :devilish: New Firmware, New Axe Edit day, and New Custom Guitar day! Will make for a sweet weekend coming up!!! I know it won't be for everyone, but it was built with things that represent my son. Sorry for the bad quality pics...
  21. ChrisMetal86

    Axe FX II XL possibly defective?

    This problem has been going on since I got the unit. I hear crackling and popping coming through my left monitor. At first I thought it was a bad XLR cable so I replaced it. Same thing. Swapped the monitors around and it still did it. Then I just chalked it up to interference from some outside...
  22. ChrisMetal86

    Incoming NCGD!!! (New Custom Guitar Day) Will be here "Soon"

    Excited about my upcoming NCGD! Built by an awesome friend of mine, Rob of RRR Custom Guitars. This is my second custom from him with a 3rd in the works. Super excited that this will be arriving in the next week or so! Built with meaning behind this one, things that represent my son. Will post...
  23. ChrisMetal86

    Usable feedback is so easy to obtain with firmware 15.02!

    I know everyone has been raving about fw15.02 since it came out. I finally had the chance to update last night. I redid my patches from scratch, and holy cow, the amount of usable musical feedback was unreal.. so nice and easy to obtain! Pretty much amp & cab only with slight reverb and delay...
  24. ChrisMetal86

    Am I the only one who doesn't use Axe Edit?

    Just curious if I'm the only one on this boat not using Axe Edit. I know nearly everyone here uses it constantly. I've used it once to export a ".blk" file and that was it. I use the front panel to adjust everything. I use Fractal Bot for transferring Presets, IRs, Firmware, and backing up...
  25. ChrisMetal86

    Dual Recto patch for XL users

    For the guys with an XL. Here's my Dual Recto patch. It sounds good to me through studio monitors in my room for jamming. Haven't tried it at gig volumes so it might not work for some of you tone wise. Also, I'm using medium output passive pickups, so if you are using high output or actives it...
  26. ChrisMetal86

    New GIGWRX Labels today!

    These just came in today. Really thick labels, look amazing, love them! Makes the MFC look so much better, and now I can actually remember what I set each IA up to do. Way easier than remembering numbers for effects! Thanks to the team at Gigwrx! You guys Rock!:encouragement:
  27. ChrisMetal86

    Serious Help Needed.. Axe-FX II XL issue!!

    So I got my XL last Thursday.. Didn't really get to spend any time with it until Friday night really late and some on Saturday. I scrolled through the presets and was just seeing what the factory presets sounded like.. I stumbled upon the Shiva lead patch, and holy shit I have been stuck here...
  28. ChrisMetal86

    Can Axe Edit & Fractal Bot convert AxeFx II IRs to IRs for AxeFx II XL?

    Since I'm new to this and just got my XL yesterday, I'm interested in trying out other IRs as I get more familiar with the XL. I was searching the forum on this yesterday and found a thread where Cliff states that the Fractal Bot and Axe Edit programs should be able to convert normal AxeFx II...
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