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  1. Chewie5150

    Headphones for mixing purposes

    Yes I know loads of threads on headphones but most are geared for playing with Axe Fx. I'm looking for open headphones to compliment my other sound sources to mix my own recordings. I have the Beyerdynamic 880/990 pros on my radar and wonder if anyone has any other recommendations. Price range...
  2. Chewie5150

    Fun little pieces of studio gear - what you got?

    I"ll start with this nifty little keyboard/pad controller I just picked up this week - MAudio Oxygen Pro 25. I have a full sized 88 keyboard but I wanted something directly in front of me at the computer as a scratchpad kind of tool to craft/audition various sounds/plugins as well as have pads...
  3. Chewie5150

    Piping Computer Audio via In USB to Looper block!

    With all the features of the Axe you sometimes forget to utilize something as useful and powerful as the looper block. From auditioning IR's to isolating harsh frequencies and today, I finally got around to using the 'In USB' from my Mac which was a breeze to setup. I can loop sections of any...
  4. Chewie5150

    Favorite Drive pedal with High Gain Amp

    I've been diving back into playing more regularly and really appreciating the Drive Models. The latest modelling has made these drives more useful to me than in the past and have been incorporating them more. Friedman/Marshalls are my go to amps and/or USA IIC++. So like the post says: Do you...
  5. Chewie5150

    FRFR/cabs - FreeField vs Tilt/floor

    What inspired me to make this thread was my experience at the guitar store yesterday. For the first time in a long time I plugged into an amp head/cab. It was an EVH 5150III EL34 50 watt into a Mesa horizontal 212 closed back cab. Naturally there was some serious thump/tight bass response...
  6. Chewie5150

    Optimal Les Paul setup tips

    Just picked up a LP Tribute and it needs some slight adjustments. This is my first Les Paul as most my guitars are tremolo style. Welcome all your suggestions for getting optimal playability. First of all , I prefer the action to be as low as possible without buzzing. The guitar feels great...
  7. Chewie5150

    Looking for an LP style guitar

    For sometime I've been waiting for a PRS CE24 to come in but i'm rethinking my needs as I already have a few bolt on /super strat guitars. What I'm missing is a Hard tail LP style guitar for those thick beefy tones! Here are a few guitars I"ve been looking at lately: 1) The new Gibson LP...
  8. Chewie5150

    How long does your power conditioner/bars last?

    I have a rackmount Samson Powerbrite Pro15 that I've had at least 12 yrs now. I'm wondering how long these typically last. The power switch on front flickers (not sure that's a sign of something or just nothing to worry about at all) and one of the frond led lamps no longer works so has me...
  9. Chewie5150

    Recording on External HDD: best practice

    I have a 2018 mac mini running Cubase Pro 11. I'm looking at getting a new external drive for system backups but also thought about partitioning for my recording projects. From what I've read it's been suggested better to record to external drives to ease the processing load off the internal...
  10. Chewie5150

    Only in Canada...

    I'm a bit hesitant to post as this reinforces common perceptions about Canada but it happened today. Two Moose busted through the windows of an elementary school. The Moose just kind of milled around in the school.
  11. Chewie5150

    Fender's new models for 2021

    Been seeing some new Fender models pop up at the shop and they're pretty cool. The new Player plus models seem to pack quite a punch for the dollar. Many modern features such as body carve, locking tuners, rolled fingerboard and noiseless pickups. Also the American Ultra luxe Tele is pretty darn...
  12. Chewie5150

    New Big Wreck Single!

    New Single from Big Wreck just dropped. Can't wait for the album to come out in November. Killer tune
  13. Chewie5150

    DAW control surfaces

    I have an Akai MPD232 and 3 different Steinberg CMC modules which is pretty decent but I've always longed for motorized faders. 8-16 would be nice. I use Cubase as my DAW. Curious as to what control surfaces you're all using and why you like them?
  14. Chewie5150

    Any Gamers here? Ps5/xbox shortages

    So lately I've been getting back into gaming. I have a PS4 (non pro) and have been on the fence with upgrading to the ever elusive PS5. Aside from the feature/performance upgrades these consoles are just impossible to find. I have a number of twitter notifications to alert me of stock updates...
  15. Chewie5150

    Metallica, Miley Cyrus and Elton John - the mashup you needed but never asked for

    Was watching The Howard Stern Show this morning. It was about the 30 yr anniversary of the Black Album. Elton John joined via Zoom and gave high praises to the band and in particular his love of the song Nothing Else Matters. I've never been a Miley Cyrus fan for the pop beginnings but she's...
  16. Chewie5150

    1991 Ernie ball music man EVH for 10K

    Well, let's just fucking gouge on his death amirite? This is a local ad. Will people actually pay this??
  17. Chewie5150

    EVH Frankie or PRS CE24

    I'm feeling real itchy for a guitar and have been waiting months for a PRS CE24 to come in but also have a hankering for the Frankie that is locally available right now. I know these two guitars are kinda apples to oranges ; however, the amount of cash i'd drop is the same on either. Push me in...
  18. Chewie5150

    Ritchie Kotzen Live

    Was watching Ritchie Kotzen Live in Japan 2015. I've always heard this guys name thrown around over the years and honestly have never really focused on him til now. What a monster player he is but also an underrated vocalist. Dare i say he has a bit of Chris Cornell thing going on there. Also...
  19. Chewie5150

    New 5150 Iconic amp - A modern revisit to a classic circuit

    EVH releasing a new budget point original Peavey 5150 inspired styled amp it seems. Curious to see if this is a hit or a downslide in ideas after Eddie's passing. James Brown behind this design who was the OG on the Peavey.
  20. Chewie5150

    Pete Thorn - EVH Tone pickup deep dive

    If you're a VH fiend and a nerd, check this out
  21. Chewie5150

    Bolt on vs set-necks

    This year I've been going through various guitar purchases and have realized without a doubt what my personal preference is after all these years. Curious as to what is the trend here. What do you like better and why?
  22. Chewie5150

    EVH new 5150 Series 2021

    This just popped up on my youtube feed this morning. Man I really dig these guitars actually. I have a RWB striped with the fenderish headstock that surprisingly i play a lot more than my 'nicer/more expensive' guitars. It's just so fun to play and the neck is perfect for my hands. This may be...
  23. Chewie5150

    Cage Match: PRS vs Suhr

    These are two brands I'm not intimately familiar with. I've been considering selling my Ernie Ball Music Man JP15 for sometime. I'd want to move to something that is in the same wheelhouse of quality and feel. The JP15 is in amazing guitar. I love the piezo. I just keep bumping into the knob...
  24. Chewie5150

    Frequency comparison EQ type plugin (DAW)

    I have Cubase Artist 11 and wondering what people are using to visualize the EQ spectrum of a track or all tracks at once. I know Cubase Pro has this plug in but I don't really want to upgrade to the Pro version just for that. Any suggestions and/or workarounds? I love the idea of visually...
  25. Chewie5150

    Dimarzio Covid backlog

    Made a special order from Dimarzio back in early October 2020. Changing the pickups on my Ernie Ball Music Man JP15 from stock to a Dominion in the bridge and Transition in the neck. Got the PCB 5 pin connectors added as my JP15 has that wiring. They finally arrived yesterday! Though I was...
  26. Chewie5150

    7Strings - The sequel thread

    I was going to add to another thread but feels like it needs its own. So seven string guitars, neck scale and string gauge. Most if not all my 6 string guitars are tuned to Eb and typically play 9 gauge strings. I like the least amount of resistance and low as possible action. I'm lazy. There i...
  27. Chewie5150

    NGD - My foray into 7 string

    This was a total impulse buy today. Rather than just adding guitars for the numbers I really want each guitar to offer something unique that the others don't shine at. I had an epiphone that I heavily modded over time but could just never bond with it so when i saw this guitar at the shop I...
  28. Chewie5150

    Piezo + TC Body Rez

    I have a TC electronics Body Rez from my existing Axe II setup and considering integrating it with my Axe III. Piezo equipped guitar > Stereo splitter > piezo line > TC body REz > rear input Axe Fx. I know its basically an algo of EQ/comp and can accomplish with Axe Fx ; but wondering if...
  29. Chewie5150

    Fender Strat single coil (bridge) favorites

    On my recently acquired Fender Strat Performer, which I'm really enjoying, is currently loaded with their Yosemite pickups. I'm happy with the middle and neck pickups but finding I'm not using the bridge much at all. I've alwasy been a humbucker player so maybe just finding the bridge anemic...
  30. Chewie5150

    Cab format from Axe II > III changes?

    Were there any significant changes in the format of cab IRs for the Axe III? Cab packs that I've purchased for the II would be just as great in the III yes?
  31. Chewie5150

    Axe II > Axe III preset conversion

    I have about a week before my Axe II is gone (pending sale) and figured I'd run them side by side for a bit and recreate at least 5-10 go to presets. I don't expect them to sound perfectly alike obviously but if nothing else, get me in the ballpark. I'm trying to keep the default deep...
  32. Chewie5150

    incoming Axe III - best practice

    My Axe III is out for delivery today! while I am very excited and anxious to get into the new unit, I am also feelin a bit overwhelmed with the idea of starting over. I have all my great presets , many of them the packs I bought from Fremen. I got wondering what the common approach was here in...
  33. Chewie5150

    Getting the Axe 3, no longer be needing this?

    So I received my invitation few days ago and just placed my order. I have long used the Radial Tonebone as part of my chain between my guitar and the Axe fx II. Purpose was to send a line to my rackmount tuner and another dry signal to my interface for reamping (analogue) I assume with the Axe...
  34. Chewie5150

    After 10 years, updated TV

    I walked into the present - Future. oxymoron yes. After 10 yrs with my trusty ol' 720p 50" Toshiba Plasma I was ready for an upgrade. I wasn't unhappy with my old plasma but some artifacts were starting to appear not to mention some bad burn in that my eyes learned to ignore. Last week or two...
  35. Chewie5150

    VH content. Engineer Brian Kehew & Warner Bros vault

    I've read and watched so much material that is Van Halen over the years. I discovered this today and thought I'd share with my fellow VH aficionados. Great content!
  36. Chewie5150

    School me on Strats

    I am looking to add a Strat type guitar to my arsenal...i believe a thread I posted somewhere , Cliff or Matt perhaps said everyone should have a single coil pickup guitar in the collection. All i have are humbucker guitars but my ears yearn for the sounds of Knopfler, Gilmore and the like. I...
  37. Chewie5150

    Sell my Axe II and get the III?

    Seriously considering this soon. Initially I was planning on next year as I just dropped bunch of cash on an Apollo interface. So I sell the II now and get a decent price for it or wait til next year and it depreciates more? conundrum. If you were me, what would you do? I'm in Canada so I get...
  38. Chewie5150

    Recording guitars with Apollo

    I've had my new Apollo X6 for just about 2 weeks now. Over the weekend got my feet wet doing some recording on a project I'm working on. I'm running from Output 1 of the Axe FX using female XLR > TRS into the line input of the Apollo. On Apollo Console i have that input(s) set for -10dbv which...
  39. Chewie5150

    Favorite all around Reverb VST?

    Looking for a good plug-in for mixing/tracking. I'm looking for a reverb that works on guitars, drums, keys. A good all arounder. Please add your ideas. I am a UAD user now but considering all
  40. Chewie5150

    Lets talk recording with UAD Plug-ins

    I'm going to be purchasing the Apollo X6 later this week and getting the promo with a suite of plug-ins. I'm goin to be seriously upping my game in home recording. Up til now i've just done basic mixes and honestly havent used plug-ins in general much at all. I decided its time to take it a bit...
  41. Chewie5150

    Waves plugin Diamond bundle on sale

    I'm not all that familiar with Waves plugins but was doing a little reading as i'm near buying an apollo interface and wondered about other companies. This appears to be a pretty great deal so thought i'd share with the community here: $248 https://www.waves.com/bundles/diamond
  42. Chewie5150

    DIY Monday - mods to my Epi LP

    I finally got the Nailbomb bridge pickup from Bare Knuckle Pickups in mail yesterday. My grover locking rotomatics arrived as well at my guitar shop. I always enjoy this part of guitar, the tinkering and modifications. This guitar was a stock 2014 Epi les paul pro i got off a local ad for a...
  43. Chewie5150

    budget to mid level bass

    I'm very close to making a decision. I'm lookin for a decent bass mainly for recording. My budget is $500-$1000. Here are the models i've been considering so far. Ibanez SR300,400, and on the higher end 500 series; If i'm up on the higher end of my budget i could also go Fender P/J around $1000...
  44. Chewie5150

    EBMM JP15 mods anyone (pickup focused)?

    Has anyone swapped pickups on a JP15? I've read varying things about it. First of all mine is a 2018 and EBMM doesnt really have a record of when Dimarzios switched to the quick connects. I suppose i just need to remove to visually inspect. The other thing i've heard about is the cavities not...
  45. Chewie5150

    Another Pickup swap thread - suggestions

    I use my Epiphone LP Custom pro as a constant guinea pig for upgrades. Currently I have a set of SD JB/Jazz installed; previously i had Dimarzio Transitions. I don't mind JB/jazz set but I think i'd like something with more output and to be used for detuned /high gain sounds. Tighter bass...
  46. Chewie5150

    Discovering classics feat. SLO 100

    The wookie is slipping into the Axe III discussion here as its amp model related. I still use the II for now. Going to move towards the III sometime soon so figure i should get more acquainted with the III threads. It's funny with all the choices we have in this black box. I tend to stick to a...
  47. Chewie5150

    UA audio interface & plugin promotion

    I'm planning on buying a UA interface in the Fall. I was at my guitar store other day and guy told me if i'm not in a rush to wait til October as they often have 0% financing deals. I see UA has a promotion now for free plugins with purchase of selected interfaces. I'm shooting to get the X6...
  48. Chewie5150

    Failure - TC Mimiq pedal

    Seeing that thread of Failure and the vid showing how he uses the TC electronics Mimiq pedal really piqued my interest. I have the Axe FX II and today will be picking this pedal up used at local guitar shop. Its the stereo version. I'm pretty sure I know how to incorporate this into my rig. I'd...
  49. Chewie5150

    July deals on Cubase

    After upgrading to a new mac recently my existing Cubase Artist was no longer compatible with Catalina OSX. Today they have 40% off for update/upgrade. FYI
  50. Chewie5150

    Keyboards! Decisions Decisions (Yamaha vs Komplete Kontrol)

    I've been thinking about changing things up lately. I currently have a Yamaha MOXF8 which is great. I find i don't use many of its internal voices other than a small handful. I almost never use its built in sequencer. The Kontrol Komplete S88 really catching my eye and i think i could...
  51. Chewie5150

    Clean install or Migrate: old mac > new Mac?

    I'm about to buy a new mac mini to replace my ol faithful late 2009 iMac. The Question in the title is which approach should I take?! either way is going to require some work. The obvious downside to migrating all data is that i have roughly 10 yrs of useless old files that have accumulated in...
  52. Chewie5150

    Turning a mid level guitar into a player

    Few years ago I bought this Epi Les Paul Custom Pro on a private sale. It was a good deal and i wanted a guitar to practice mods on. All stock. One of the first things I did was change the pickups to Dimarzio Transitions. Then about a 5 months ago I bought a handbuilt LP Pro wiring harness and...
  53. Chewie5150

    Suggestions for guitar apps?

    Feeling stagnant with my playing. Other than lessons, Looking for suggestions for apps (ios) that are great for practicing scales etc. Really any guitar apps you find are helpful to get you practicing more
  54. Chewie5150

    Fret Zealot - anyone check this out?

    I just stumbled across this the other day. Looks interesting as a way to practice scales etc especially if you're a very visual person. Anyone check this out or have any experience with it? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0YfxinZgo6NM9F3fpQ0ceg
  55. Chewie5150

    How space affects your sound

    This really hit me as i just moved little over a month ago. I had my presets perfect for last few years as they were built around a much larger space. I was sitting a good 10ft away from my CLR's. The new place has carpet, vs hardwood, lower ceilings etc. Also closer playing proximity. I've...
  56. Chewie5150

    Help me choose some pickups

    Getting a bit of cabin fever like most these days and been thinking about doing another pickup swap in my Epi LP custom. Mahogany. Currently I have a set of Dimarzio Transitions which are pretty good but I'm looking for something new and different. This guitar is primarily used for drop tunings...
  57. Chewie5150

    Help me choose some pickups (delete double thread pls)

    Getting a bit of cabin fever like most these days and been thinking about doing another pickup swap in my Epi LP custom. Mahogany. Currently I have a set of Dimarzio Transitions which are pretty good but I'm looking for something new and different. This guitar is primarily used for drop tunings...
  58. Chewie5150

    Sharing some Western Canadian flavours -exquisite blues guitar playin'

    Jack Semple is a guitar player I first saw when i was 15 yrs old. He is from my home province of Saskatchewan. Check him out, incredible player.
  59. Chewie5150

    Your favorite drumming app

    Been looking at a few apps to try out for my iPad. Beatmaker 3, iMpc pro 2 etc. My plan is to use the camera connection adapter to ipad and connect either my Kork PadKontrol or MPD232 and finger drum on my couch
  60. Chewie5150

    Thoughts on OLP MM 5 string bass

    I’m primarily a guitar player but use bass from time to time mainly for hobby recording at home. I found a great deal on an OLP MM 5 string. Pearl pick guard for like $150. Is this a decent bass ? I get it’s not a legit bongo or stingray etc
  61. Chewie5150

    Help me Mod an Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro

    need suggestions mainly for electronics. I already have a set of Dimarzio Transitions that sound pretty great in this guitar. I plan to replace the tuners with locking ones. Suggestions for pots, wiring harnesses...anything that will make this a great guitar. The pots and switch all feel a bit...
  62. Chewie5150

    New Yamaha THR II series

    looks cool. I love mine...may upgrade to this one day https://www.guitarworld.com/news/yamaha-unveils-feature-packed-thr-ii-desktop-amps-with-15-new-sounds-and-wireless-capability?fbclid=IwAR0w4ZgAR2mPWptjHeUvAnR9bsqTH3lIz9HW1il5utl2vtyDdeC1W8YnW_E
  63. Chewie5150

    Duet with iPad battery drainage

    Anyone using the app Duet? I use my iPad as a third display. Usually for Axe edit or some standalone plugin like Halion etc. Problem i have is that it uses more battery power than can be be charged to sustain it via the sync cable. I'm connected to a powered USB but its still not enough. I'm...
  64. Chewie5150

    Guitar store finds and realizations

    Yesterday decided to make a visit to this great local Guitar store. Not a box store. These guys carry unique stuff and in particular, things that i can't find locally at the other shops. They had the new JJ Jr head and combo amp which i tried as well as some Synergy products I've never seen in...
  65. Chewie5150

    External switch for Volume inc/dec

    I posted a thread in the MFC section but i feel thats even farther removed than even this section for traffic. I know most of you have all moved on to the III and the FC's... Thinking about adding some kind of 2 button switch for a Volume inc/dec to use with my MFC-101. I know I could use a...
  66. Chewie5150

    External switch for Volume +/-

    Thinking about adding some kind of 2 button switch for a Volume inc/dec. I know I could use a volume block but I rarely need to adjust volume so don't want to add vol block to each preset. I'm hoping to use a 2 switch unit attached to amp level (if possible). Inc/dec increments would be set...
  67. Chewie5150

    Mac Mini for music production. Thoughts?

    I'm going to be upgrading my old trusty late 2009 iMac in the near future. I run cubase and don't do anything too intensive for my recordings in terms of tracks/plugins. Leaning towards the newer Mac minis. They have lots of flexibility for expansion and I can use my existing iMac as a display...
  68. Chewie5150

    Must have DAW plugins

    I'm finally getting back into recording and relearning a lot. I'm using Cubase Artist 8 and wondering what your top 3 or 5 plugins would be?... I'm not making music to distribute just for personal enjoyment.
  69. Chewie5150

    Help me decide which Musicman guitar to get

    So my awesome partner just told me that for my upcoming birthday/Christmas gift she's gonna buy me a guitar. I'm between the JP15 Sahara maple burst quilt or a Majesty. I'm not a dent/shredder; more classic/hard rock. I used to have a JP6 BFR but never bonded with the finished neck. The JP15...
  70. Chewie5150

    MFC and MC6 setup both to AXE II

    Anyone ever do this? Thinking the Morningstar MC6 to be used for dedicated fav presets and either looper and/or scenes I assume MFC out/thru > MC6 > Axe FX II Wish i remember where i read but something about not being able to use Ethernet with MFC when using in conjunction with another MIDI...
  71. Chewie5150

    Someone get Albert Lee an Axe Fx!

    Just saw this Guitarworld article/vid and couldn't help but notice what i think is a Digitech 2101!!! (in the background that is) https://www.guitarworld.com/lessons/cracking-code-troy-grady-albert-lees-country-curve
  72. Chewie5150

    MFC & templeboards

    After years without my MFC I just procured one last night! Lookin forward to the simple integration with my Axe II again. Is anyone using the MFC on a templeboard? Strong enough? do the screws on bottom of the MFC get in the way of the connection system to the templeboard?
  73. Chewie5150

    Which real Wah pedal would you suggest/buy?

    I know about the built in Wah's in the Axe and they're great. I think my pedal jack is nonfunctional so thinking i may just buy an actual wah pedal. I'd love some suggestions! tell me what your favourite real world Wah pedal is!
  74. Chewie5150

    Pedal Jack stopped working?...

    I started noticing some odd behaviors with my Mission Engineering EP-1 (w/spring load) pedal few weeks back. I use this exclusively for Wah. Now it has completely stopped working. While engaging it, I don't even see the 'Midi In' light up on the Axe front console. Bad cable? i swapped with...
  75. Chewie5150

    duplicate the Nemesis Delay Sweeper effect

    One of my favorite songs by The Strokes is "Chances" where there is this sweeping effect of chords in the background. You can see it done in the vid below around 1:40 mark. He is using a Nemesis Delay to emulate the keyboard part on the original recording. If anyone who has the creative genius...
  76. Chewie5150

    Phantom power circuit fried?!

    I have been using the phantom power with 7 pin midi cable to power my Morningstar MC6 for months now. I have followed the correct specs for the right adapter to be used on the back of the Axe Fx. I always power down the Axe with the power switch on the unit itself but I know the power that...
  77. Chewie5150

    Tried a JP Majesty for the first time

    I'm a big fan of Ernie Ball Music Man guitars. When I saw a new local guitar store carrying a JP Majesty I had to put my fantasies to rest. My first thought when I picked it up was: wow this is surprisingly light and that is one big horn. Played really nice, as I expected; plugged into an EVH...
  78. Chewie5150

    Pete Thorn Clinic

    Saw Pete Thorn's clinic last night in town. Really informative and great to watch him play. He's a home town boy in my city which is cool. He ran us through his main Suhr gear and pedals and walked us through his creative process as he demoed his session in Logic while he put some tracks down...
  79. Chewie5150

    Must have plug ins for Recording? (pultec eq)

    Curious what are people's go to/must have third party plug ins for their DAWS. I'm a Cubase Artist 8 user. UAD has a deal right now on a few. One that caught my eye is the Pultec Passive Eq and I recall a thread some time ago discussing the passive EQs built in to the amp block of Axe Fx or...
  80. Chewie5150

    [SOLVED] Input Select doubles dry signal over processed signal

    Figured I'd make a post about this here as i've already commented on my issue (since solved) in the FW 9.02 release thread. Since updating from 8.02 > 9.02 , had some oddities occur with certain presets. I was hearing a dry signal bleed through the processed signal. My signal path was very...
  81. Chewie5150

    Another drum software thread

    Black Friday deals has me thinking about trying other drum software. I have only used Addictive Drums and have never really bonded with how to use it in song writing. The samples sound great no doubt. I am not a recording musician. This is purely for my own hobby purposes and want software...
  82. Chewie5150

    wookin' pa nub in all the right places (CA Tuscana)

    The funny thing about having the Axe Fx is having access to hundreds of great amps. I'm a creature of habit and tend to stick to 2-3 high gain amps that I'm familiar with. Found a new love with the Carol Ann Tuscana! wow what a great sounding amp. beautiful lead tones. How many other amps are...
  83. Chewie5150

    small practice amp/multi fx processor - which one?

    The search continues and would love some feedback. I actually picked up the line 6 Sonic port initially but it didn't work with my iPad (3rd gen). since then I've been contemplating following options: Digitech RP360XP Zoom G3XN Vox VT20X Boss GT-1 Line 6 podHD 300 (used) As you can see most of...
  84. Chewie5150

    After 6 years with Fractal going back to Line 6...

    ...to pick up a Sonic Port as a living room practice headphone amp. Trick or treat :)
  85. Chewie5150

    best app or small multi fx unit for practicing?

    Wondering what apps such as Amplitube , you find sound the best for quick practice sessions? I'm an iphone/ipad user. Also any good apps you'd recommend for learning/practicing scales? Also interested in small stompbox or multi fx unit like the vox stomplab 2G. thoughts? If only Fractal had a...
  86. Chewie5150

    Quirky behavior running Axe edit with Midi controller

    I'll try to condense this: Axe fx connected Mac via USB. Midi controller (MC6) connected to Axe with a 7 pin midi cable. I usually play with Axe edit always running. Before my current setup i was using the FCB1010 with Eureka Prom (two cable setup) and when I press a block on/off it would...
  87. Chewie5150

    Programming Drums - AD, Superior et al

    curious how most people program drums on their DAWS...aside from micing up a real drummer of course. I'm mainly just a hack hobbyist and drums are my weakest point. I can finger drum decently enough and get basic timing. I'm looking for a simple setup that would allow me to use, preferably, a...
  88. Chewie5150

    My Axe-centric studio room

    It's Friday and thought I'd share few pics of my Axe Fx rig that I just finished setting up in my new place. I recently made the addition of the new pedal board using the MC6 as my main midi controller. Axe Fx is the best purchase ever. Rock on brothers and sisters
  89. Chewie5150

    MC6 to scroll presets on Axe FX II

    Just assembled my new pedal board with the MC6 as main controller for the Axe Fx alongside 3 mission expression pedals. I understand how to program the essentials: scenes, IA's etc but struggling with how to program the MC6 to increase/decrease by a value of say 1, 5 or even 10 based on whatever...
  90. Chewie5150

    Axe + Acoustic DI (Mesa Rosette)

    If this is in the wrong area feel free to move to Lounge... Just saw the new preamp pedal from Mesa, the Rosette. Wondering how many here use Acoustic with the Axe Fx; do you just go direct thru the Axe as your DI or would you see any use in a product like the Rosette here. Redundant? This is...
  91. Chewie5150

    MC6 + behringer fcb1010 eureka??

    This seems like a specific enough question for a new thread. I just got my MC6 in the mail today and man does it look and feel sweet. I might be overlooking something here but not quite sure of the order of which i should have it connected with my Behringer FCB1010 (eureka prom latest). I've...
  92. Chewie5150

    Atomic CLR Heat sink

    See the discolouration on the one monitor. Wondering if anyone has experienced this and if so, is this a problem? I haven't experienced any functional issues with this monitor yet but a bit concerned. Overheating? I just noticed this during my move this month.
  93. Chewie5150

    midi phantom power adapter -fcb1010

    Can anyone recommend a simple midi box that supplies power for FCB1010 (Eureka Prom) to the AXE FX II. needing a box that can give me bidirectional data. lookin for a solution without doin any mods. Thx
  94. Chewie5150

    FCB1010 adjust exp pedal tension

    Anyone do this? My FCB1010 with Eureka prom works awesome for me but the exp pedals feel like a kids toy. I'd love to adjust the tension on these at least...
  95. Chewie5150

    block parameters all reset somehow

    Mac with latest Axe Edit. No previous history with stability issues. Was toggling back n forth on the amp block X/Y states. When I toggled back to my X state it looked as if amp block had been reset to default values. No idea what happened? anyone experience a glitch like this? my mouse cursor...
  96. Chewie5150

    NGD!!! EVH

    My girlfriend surprised me with a belated birthday present. This girl knows how to shop
  97. Chewie5150

    pickup swap on a EBMM Axis

    Looking for some ideas here. I have gone through a number of swaps over the years with my Axis. I will always regret selling the OEM pups. Currently I have Suhr Doug Aldrich set loaded and they are very hot and compressed. I've quite enjoyed them but looking or something with less output and...
  98. Chewie5150

    Line 6 releases new Spider V...

    I can't keep track of all their products. I was there at the beginning with the original kidney bean and a few to follow. Not sure what's under the hood but diggin the UI of their new products. An Axe FX motor inside would be fantastic.
  99. Chewie5150


    This is a huge diversion for me in guitar choice. Although this is a 2014 Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro, I've never owned a Gibson style guitar ever. I've always been a Ernie Ball Music Man or guitars with tremolo system kinda guy mostly. I picked this up locally for a decent price and was...
  100. Chewie5150

    USB recording issues (Axe II& cubase) -clipping?

    Been trying various methods of recording with my Axe II. Typically I have used analog recording via my Saffire Pro 40 with decent results. I have been wanting to use the digital domain and over the weekend fought with getting spdif to work with no success. I have poured over numerous threads and...
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