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  1. pharmd07

    Tone Match Question - was I already close?

    I just did a tone match and the curve on the config page is for the most part pretty flat. Does this mean I had the AxeFx model already set up to sound pretty close to my real amp? Or am I misinterpreting how tone match works? Thanks!
  2. pharmd07

    Zero Glide Nuts

    Anyone ever try installing a Zero Glide Nut in a guitar? Experiences? I was thinking about putting one in my Heritage H150. https://goldtonemusicgroup.com/zeroglide/products/zs-1
  3. pharmd07

    Big Wreck Streaming Show Tonight (July 1)

    There's a Big Wreck show that's streaming tonight. It's about $20. I wish I could see them in person but they never seem to make it as far south as Virginia. They are definitely my favorite band. Anyway, here's the link if anyone is interested...
  4. pharmd07

    Anyone have Minor Elegance (Joe Diorio and Robben Ford)?

    Does anyone have a copy of Minor Elegance by Joe Diorio and Robben Ford? The CD is out of print and extremely difficult to obtain. Thanks!
  5. pharmd07

    Legendary Tones Hot Mod

    Has anyone tried the Legendary Tones hot mod? https://legendarytones.com/hot-mod-v2e-the-ultimate-marshall-2203-2204-high-gain-plug-in-tube-modification-module/ Looks interesting. I wouldn’t mind adding some gain to my Marshall SV20.
  6. pharmd07

    Spam from Roswell NM

    I’m getting spam calls from Roswell NM. Must be aliens. They left a voice message offering to reduce the interest rate on my credit cards. The savings would be OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!! Hah!
  7. pharmd07

    PRS SE Hollowbody II Piezo

    Been trying to get my hands on a PRS SE Hollowbody II Piezo. Out of stock everywhere. I have it reserved on Sweetwater and my local music store. I hope it’s worth the wait. Anyone have any experience with these guitars?
  8. pharmd07

    Epiphone ES-335. Thoughts? Experiences?

    I’ve been looking at Epiphone’s ES-335. I’d love to have a 335 but not for what Gibson is charging. Has anyone played Epiphone’s version? How is it? It’s only $599!
  9. pharmd07

    Anyone ever have to relocate a TOM bridge?

    I bought a new Heritage H150 over the summer. At first I thought all was well until I changed the strings. I had to top wrap the strings over the tailpiece because they were hitting the TOM bridge behind the saddles. That’s no big deal. The problems started when tried to intonate the bridge...
  10. pharmd07

    A/B box recommendations?

    I’m looking to buy an A/B box that isn’t noisy and doesn’t cause signal loss. Any recommendations? Thanks!
  11. pharmd07

    Collecting guitars for fun. Thoughts?

    I enjoy collecting guitars. I don’t buy vintage stuff, but rather guitars I like. I think it’s fun. I’m not putting myself if debt, and I don’t buy anything unless I have the money for it However, I’m not a professional musician. I never play anything bigger than a bar gig. Sometimes I wonder...
  12. pharmd07

    Recommended lights for Skype/Zoom/etc?

    Hi all. So my computer is in a room with absolutely terrible lighting. I need some better illumination so I don’t look like a dark blob when using Skype or Zoom. Do any of you guys have any recommendations for a reasonably priced, compact light that I can put on or near my desk to improve my...
  13. pharmd07

    Axe-Fx III and Apollo Twin for Guitar Lessons

    Hi all. I'd like to try to take some online guitar lessons via Skype, but I need to get my setup working first. I recently just switched to Mac and got an Apollo Twin X interface. I have the AxeFx III running into the SPDIF input of the Apollo and a mic also going into channel 1 of the Apollo...
  14. pharmd07

    Recommended SPDIF to optical converter to connect AxeFx III to Apollo?

    Hi all. I know a lot of you use Apollo interfaces. Do you have a recommended SPDIF to optical converter that you use? Do you notice any lag that is introduced by the converter? Thanks so much!
  15. pharmd07

    Anyone with Presonus Quantum 2626 experience?

    I just picked up a Presonus Quantum 2626. I thought it would be a decent choice since I use Studio One 4 and the Quantum series interfaces are known for very low latency. I can't get the thing to work. It comes with Universal Control software which has meters for inputs and outputs. I can see...
  16. pharmd07

    Anyone ever swap pickup magnets?

    I have Classic 57 pickups in my Les Paul. I like the sound of my bridge pickup, but the neck pickup sounds pretty wooly, especially on lower notes, even with a very low pickup height. I could get a new neck pickup, but then I would have to replace all the electronics as well since my Les Paul...
  17. pharmd07

    Got a Tumnus Deluxe

    I’ve been curious about K-type pedals for a while, considering all the hype. So I picked up a Wampler Tumnus Deluxe. I have to say that I’m quite impressed. It’s a great pedal. It imparts some liveliness to my tone that I really enjoy, even with minimal gain. I’ve been running it in front of...
  18. pharmd07

    New Big Wreck Song - "Too Far Gone"

    A new Big Wreck song came out today, called Too Far Gone. It's dark and heavy. I love it!
  19. pharmd07

    Silent Lucidity and Hellraiser II

    I’m catching up on horror movies that I’ve never seen. Currently watching Hellraiser II and I recognized a line from Queensryche’s Silent Lucidity. The lines you hear “help me” and “how is that, better?” in the song are from Hellraiser II. How did I not know this? And why did Queensryche...
  20. pharmd07

    FAS Reverby questions before I buy

    Hi all. I'm on the fence regarding purchasing the FAS reverb plugin. I have a couple questions before I buy: 1) Does it sound as good as the reverb in the AxeFX II? I hope so. So many reverb plugins sound too gritty and digital to me. 2) How processor intensive is it? Does it eat up a lot of...
  21. pharmd07

    I messed up my firmware update...

    So I just did something royally stupid. I was updating my AxeFx II to Quantum 2.0 and I wasn't paying close attention (my mind is tired). I accidentally shut down my AxeFx II as it was updating, and now it won't boot at all. I guess I'll be contacting support tomorrow. Just wanted to make sure...
  22. pharmd07

    Please teach me about fender amps!

    Prior to buying the AxeFx years ago, I was always a Marshall (or similar) kind of guy. I played heads through 4x12 closed back cabinets. That's what my ear is attuned to. Because of this, Fender amps seem alien to me. I don't get them. I don't know how to dial them to get what many would...
  23. pharmd07

    MFC out of stock? NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

    Bummer. I've been saving up for a few months for the MFC...and now it's out of stock! I'm very sad now. Just had to share. I need to learn more patience.
  24. pharmd07

    VoiceLive experiences, anyone?

    Hi all! I was wondering if anyone here has use the TC Helicon VoiceLive before. It seems like an awesome way to do a one-man-band kind of gig. It can play backing tracks, provide backing vocal harmonies, do MIDI changes, etc. I think it would be awesome to set it up so that it would...
  25. pharmd07

    So I just discovered Agile guitars...

    Agile guitars look rather interesting. The prices are phenomenal. Yeah, I know they're made in Korea. But it seems like the vast majority of people that have an Agile have great things to say about them. I would like a Les Paul, but I'm not giving a dime of my money to Gibson. And I also...
  26. pharmd07

    Mexican Fender Standard Telecaster - opinions?

    I was thinking about picking up a Fender Standard Telecaster, the one made in Mexico (not the Squier ones). I've always wanted a Tele. Anyone have any opinions on these guitars? I realize they're not quite as nice as the American version. Chances are I'll upgrade the hardware and...
  27. pharmd07

    Just ordered Fishman Fluence Pickups!

    So I just ordered a set of Fishman Fluence pickups for my Carvin Bolt (strat copy). Sigler Music has a great deal in which they mount the pickups into a pickguard and wire them up for you for essentially the cost of the pickups. Not a bad deal! All you have to do is connect the output jack in...
  28. pharmd07

    AxeFx won't cure my GAS problem

    So you would think that having incredible amp and cabinet models in the AxeFx would fix my GAS for amps, right? Hell no. The Splawn Quickrod models are sweet, so now I want to buy a Quickrod. The Blankenship model sounds incredible, so now I want an 18 watt Marshall. This is completely...
  29. pharmd07

    Hiwatt model (Hipower)...why didn't I try this before?

    Good god the Hiwatt models are amazing. Why didn't I try them years ago? Why don't we ever talk about these models? Turn up the master and drive all the way. Pair it with the Starfinder mix from TAF if you have that IR. Amazing. Amazing upper mid range detail. Love it!
  30. pharmd07

    Problem Installing USB Driver

    Hi guys. Just got a new laptop, a Lenovo U530 running Windows 8.1. I'm trying to install the Axe Fx USB driver, but having no luck. I used the USB driver installer, but something isn't installing correctly. Fractal Bot won't choose the ports, and Axe Edit says the Axe Fx 2 is disconnected when...
  31. pharmd07

    QSC K10 sticky...where did it go?

    Wasn't there a sticky regarding Jay Mitchell's recommendations about getting the most out of the K10? I remember he had some eq recommendations, plus something about reversing the phase of the tweeter. Does anyone have a copy of the text from the sticky? Where did it go? Thanks!
  32. pharmd07

    Advice for solos in an acoustic set

    Hi all. I'm hoping to draw on the collected experience here for some advice. So I recently starting playing with a phenomenal singer who plays for another band. She does a bunch of shows, and I'm kind of her backup guitarist for when the band can't play a show. So when we play, it's just me...
  33. pharmd07

    Problems auditioning user IRs in Axe Edit

    I'm not sure if I should be posting this in this section of the forum or in the Axe Edit section. Oh well... So I have problems with auditioning user IRs in Axe Edit. I can only audition one user cab. Attempts to audition any others yields no success. This is what happens: 1) I bring up my...
  34. pharmd07

    My first clip with V10

    I love V10. I wasn't all that excited about it before its release, but now that I have it, I can't stop drooling over it. I made a quick clip this morning: https://soundcloud.com/kevin-b-thorne/axefxv10test I'm playing every instrument on this track - drums (I'm playing my Tama Silverstar...
  35. pharmd07

    Internet = Jr High

    Interesting article on CNN: The Internet: It's like never leaving junior high - CNN.com Of course, I've never seen such behavior on the internet before! :p
  36. pharmd07

    Equator D5 - Wow!

    So I just got a pair of Equator D5 monitors to replace my first generation KRK Rokit 5's. Wow, what a dramatic difference! With the D5's the mids are so much cleaner, upper mids aren't as harsh, lows are much more refined and not muddy (when compared to the Rockit 5's). My Axe II sounds...
  37. pharmd07

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    I'm thankful that there is such an incredible piece of gear, known as the Axe Fx II, that allows me the options and incredible flexibility to create the tones that I hear in my head, thus heightening my musical expression. And I know that Cliff and the rest of Fractal work their butts off to...
  38. pharmd07

    I made a bunch of IRs for you all!

    I just posted 12 IRs that I made on Axechange. I made some IRs of a Voodoo Amps 4x12 loaded with vintage 30 and g12h30 speakers using various mics. Just search for them under pharmd07. Please let me know what you think!
  39. pharmd07

    Finally getting an Axe II!

    I got my "I'm at the top waiting" list e-mail a couple weeks ago, and it has been ridiculously hard not to just go ahead and order the Axe Fx II. I have a day off this week and hopefully timing will work out so that it will be delivered then and I can sign for it. So I'm a former Ultra owner...
  40. pharmd07

    Try out my first custom IR!

    Hi all. I finally decided to try and make an IR of my Voodoo Amps 4x12 cabinet loaded with Mojotone BV25M speakers (greenback clones), mic'd with a heil pr30. I used Vox Deconvolver to create the test tone and imported the tone into Sonar X1. I then ran the tone into a Carvin DCM200L power amp...
  41. pharmd07

    Stock IR mic positions?

    Does anyone know what mic position was used for the stock IRs? I guess it really doesn't matter, but I was just curious.
  42. pharmd07

    Some wah help please

    Never mind. Figured this out. Mods, please delete this post.
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