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  1. Severed

    Firmware Question

    As in, are we going to see all the updates, improvements, additions, and epiphanies that the Axe Fx III is getting? (Obviously within the limits of its processing power). If the answer is yes, then is it always going to be a few updates behind or are you guys planning to get them in unison...
  2. Severed

    Wish Allow effects to utilize AMP/CAB processor when modeling disabled

    I'm using the FM3 4CM, amp and cab modeling off, and hitting the 80% limit fairly quickly as soon as I use a pitch or synth. I noticed though I can add an amp and cab with a 78% preset and it still stays 79-80% so maybe some utilization could be done to allow for that amp/cab processor to handle...
  3. Severed

    Not a Single Issue

    Got my FM3 unit Friday June 26th, 3 days from ordered to arrived :cool: There was a QC card attached (I though it had a date but I was wrong), and the FM3 booted up with 1.04 and the updated factory presets from June 5th. After initial power up and testing direct to a pair of Atomic CLR's, I...
  4. Severed

    Wish Effects only FX-III rack

    I know it's only a pipedream, but to have all the power of the III, all the I/O, and all the hardware features, but no amps or cabs, no IR's just effects, and of course Axe Edit, it's so great for real time dialing in tone and IMO one of if not the best GUI design in the business. So basically...
  5. Severed

    Using most recent axe-edit with older Firmware

    Greetings! I was just wondering if there will be any complications when loading an older FW revision, like pre quantum 17 for example, and making changes / saving presets with axe-edit or if it is required to track down the corresponding axe-edit version for the FW I am working with. Thanks!
  6. Severed

    Firmware release dates & axe edit version

    I know I can get all previous firmware from the archive, problem is it doesn't show the date it was released, only the FW number, nor which axe edit version I need to work with that FW's presets.... or at least not that I could see clearly. Is there a list somewhere showing this or am I just...
  7. Severed

    Midi amp switching problems

    I thought I found my answer but didnt... still need some help The short : using a real amp, I want instant amp channel switching to happen from the Axe-Fx using the MFC101. Not sure what the problem is but it's not instant and I haven't had any success. I have Axe-fx II mkII Mfc101 mkII I'm...
  8. Severed

    TC2290 video

    Got an email this morning with this video. Pretty cool info if you've never delved into what this unit was and is still all about To get subs, click captions and select English. Unless you can understand Danish.
  9. Severed

    updating Axe Edit triggers microsoft OneDrive

    Just wanted to report on my Windows 10 pro PC, for Axe Edit 3.14.1 and 3.14.2 after clicking download from the update popup/prompt, Microsoft OneDrive is for some reason being triggered. I don't use it, and I don't have a Microsoft account / email, but just thought this is strange behavior and...
  10. Severed

    Looking for some "real" Classic Amp Reference?

    I've followed this guy, Johan Segeborn, for years, as I am a a lifetime Marshall guy, and he popped up in a search when one time... anyways, basically does videos where he's mic'n up and cranking classic amp setups, putting amps, speakers and cab combinations through all the paces, and he does a...
  11. Severed

    Metallica's Hardwired Tour....

    Began in Seoul today and they Had BABYMETAL open for them!!!!! There's a couple vids on youtube of the live debut's of "Now that We're Dead," and "Halo on Fire," from someone on the floor with their phone already. I gotta say, the Axe-FX's sound fucking great!
  12. Severed

    Q5.02 - Love it

    Here is a quick little thing I put together with FW Q5.02 Warning - Mainstream Metal Content no post processing JC120 and IIC++ ESP E-II M-II - EMG81 pickups Also used a "real" Friedman BE-OD pedal for one of the distorted rhythm tracks into the JC120 model. Bass is a cheap $100 thing into the...
  13. Severed

    Behringer X32 FW 3.0 is out

    Just a heads up to all the X32 users
  14. Severed

    some random inspiration.... JCM800/Mesa IIc+

    Just thought I'd share my latest little diddy \m/
  15. Severed

    Speed of Light

    Seeing as how no one else posted this I guess I will. UP THE IRONS!
  16. Severed

    Music Group aquire TC Group

    Sorry to the Behringer haters.... Me personally? I think this is awesome. https://soundforums.net/content/3358-MUSIC-Group-Acquires-TC-Group
  17. Severed


    Since the download link provided in the pdf Readme is the same pdf as the Readme, I'm just wondering if we could get an update or ETA on the actual manual? I don't mind waiting, just don't want to keep checking all day if it's not coming today. Thanks
  18. Severed

    Marshall DSL40C with 4CM

    Marshall DSL100H with 4CM update So I've been itching for a decent combo amp for a backup rig and rehearsals for a while now, and I spent the last 2 weekends testing out a bunch. Ended up settling on a Marshall DSL40C because it just had punch that no other combo came close to, as well as the...
  19. Severed

    Need some advice on this effect

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VH_SbTsOBxo Trying to figure out how to recreate this effect, it's most prominently heard on the 2nd half of the chorus, and the heavier pieces. I know that someone here knows what he's using. I thought it was a phaser but not having any luck dialing it in.
  20. Severed

    Just sold my last tube amp

    1978 JMP 2203 Master Model MkII 100 Watt Lead + 1981 JCM800 Lead Series 4x12 with original G12-65 Celestions. I got this amp when I was 15. I traded in a Peavey Bandit 112 and paid another $400 for it. It's seen thousands of hours of road and studio in the 25 years I've owned it, but it's...
  21. Severed

    Scenes and real amp switching

    Hey all, need some help with this one. I just rented an amp and it can have its channels switched via midi PC messages. I am controlling the Axe FX II mkII via a cat5 from an MFC101 mkII. I want to then plug a standard midi cable to the out/thru on the Axe-Fx and plug that into the amp. I've...
  22. Severed

    Fade To Black -FW14- SS PA + 412 cab

    -Guitar : ESP E-II M-II with EMG 81/81. -Power Amp : Behringer EPQ2000, 500watt/side @ 8 Ohms Stereo. -Cabinet : Marshall 1960B with stock 75's, running in 8 Ohms Stereo. This preset is meant to be played at gig volume. Power Amp Modeling is on. The wah is auto-engage and set to EXT 3...
  23. Severed

    Re-loading previous FW question for FAS

    Can I get a direct/official answer from FAS on this please? I have an Axe FX II MKII and an MFC-101 MKII. If I update to FW 15.00, then update Axe Edit to 3.0.10, then update my MFC-101 to 3.05, so everything is FW15 compliant, will I have any issues with Axe-Edit or the MFC-101 when I...
  24. Severed

    1981 JCM800 Lead Series G1265 UR .IR & .SYX

    So I just bought CabLab thanks to Cliff's generosity giving me the push I needed to get on the wagon, and decided to do a quick shoot of my precious and share it. Cab - 1981 JCM800 lead Series with original Celestion G12-65's, mono @ 8ohms PA - Behringer EPQ 2000, bridged mono (solid state...
  25. Severed

    Shooting my own Quality UR IR's

    I'm about to rent a hall and some decent microphones and spend an afternoon shooting a few cabinets. The more I think about this, I have questions that need answering before going ahead. #1. Normally, when a guitar player puts a microphone on his cabinet, he is looking for a sweet spot that...
  26. Severed

    Going all Digital

    So I've spent the better part of the last 2 weeks researching and reviewing digital consoles and after extensive research the Behringer X32 Producer is the one we've decided on going with for our now 4 piece cover band. I really tried to like the offerings from Mackie, Presonus, Soundcraft...
  27. Severed

    JCM800 Lead Series G12-65's Ultra Res

    Did some quick shots today let me know what ya think. The mic was my trusty SM58 that I've used on this Marshall cab for over 20 years. Preamp is a Behringer 1204 mixer, dialed in flat. Since this was a quick shot, I used my 1978 Marshall JMP 2203 head for the poweramp, so there is definitely...
  28. Severed

    ESP Custom Shop

    Just thought I'd share this as it's pretty cool.
  29. Severed

    Question about General Usage

    I use an Windows 7 64bit Laptop Basically when using axe edit, I make my changes then close axe edit so I can "audition" my changes while jamming to a backing track and be able to use the MFC-101 without hiccups. Sometimes I make additional edits to volume using the front panel while...
  30. Severed

    New Years Eve Cover Tunes?

    Howdy Folks With our New Years booking coming up, We just want to step it up a bit and really give a memorable performance to help populate our fan base. Plus we will be shooting video and recording multitrack also to help promote. SO..... Just wondering if anyone could share some ideas of...
  31. Severed

    Slayer Concert Tonight!

    Going to see Slayer tonight here in Calgary. The French band Gojira is opening for them, don't really know them at all, but looking youtube they sound pretty heavy too. It's going to be an awesome show though because they are doing a tribute to Hanneman, and playing a lot of the older...
  32. Severed

    Review: Yamaha NX55p

    Review: Yorkville NX55p So I've been renting one of these for a little over 2 months and I have to give it a rave review. In my current cover band project we play three 1 hour sets of Classic Metal and Hard Rock, in which I am doing all the leads as well as the main rhythm and backup...
  33. Severed

    Black Sabbath !

    new single went live today, I love it, whats everyone else think? Black Sabbath - God Is Dead? - iHeartRadio
  34. Severed

    Questions prior to purchase

    Hey all, been doing my homework researching as I am wanting to pull the trigger but then I have some concerns/questions that I am hoping people can offer some insight on. #1. looking at the history and older models, seems like the last version is 11 on those, so does that mean the Axe FX II is...
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