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  1. Poparad

    Bright control for compressor block

    I'm enjoying the new revamped compressor block in the beta 5 firmware and using the settings in Leon Todd's video to emulate a Keeley compressor using the analog comp model, I'm getting really close to my Keeley Compressor Plus. However, the Comp Plus has a bright control that I think really...
  2. Poparad

    Keeley Modded DS-1 BLKs (Zendrive clone bonus)

    So I recently have gotten into pedal modding and I added the Keeley Ultra and All Seeing Eye mods to a Boss DS-1. The FM3 has a "DS1 Distortion Mod," which according to Yek's guide, is based on the ASE mod. The models in the FM3 sound great, but in case you want to experiment with a slightly...
  3. Poparad

    Colored jack nut covers?

    I've seen a few pictures of people who have color-coded their in and out jacks on the FM3 with colored replacement nuts. Which ones are you using for the FM3? I bought some from Tesi but they were too small for the FM3 jacks, sadly.
  4. Poparad

    Ernie Ball VP-style taper in FM3

    I've used the Ernie Ball volume pedals for years and I love the feel of them, so I A/B'd mine to the volume block to get the feel to match. So, for anyone who'd like to set up their volume blocks to feel like a VP pedal, here are the settings I worked out: Taper: Log 30A Modifier: Mid 30%...
  5. Poparad

    Bug? 4.0 Output sometimes garbled on boot

    This is an old bug that popped up in the 3.02 betas, but it looks like it's still around in 4.0. About once in every 20 or 30 boots I get a garbled/bit-crushed sounding output. I use In/Out 2 as an effects loop on two different FM3s and it's happened on both of them. A quick reboot fixed the...
  6. Poparad

    Free Upright Bass IRs

    So for the two other people out there that use Fractal gear for double bass, I just did a tonematch of my Shen with Bel Cantos through a Full Cricle pickup versus three mics (using the Slate ML1 and ML2s). They turned out really great! I made an IR for pizz and a separate one for arco (using a...
  7. Poparad

    Acoustic Preset with IR

    Tonight I shot some IRs of my Carvin Cobalt 850 acoustic with Slate ML1 and ML2 mics and the tone match block in the AxeFx II. It turned out great and I made a patch for it, which you can download below with the user IR.
  8. Poparad

    Acoustic Preset with IR

    Tonight I shot some IRs of my Carvin Cobalt 850 acoustic with Slate ML1 and ML2 mics and I blew the dust off my AxeFx II to use the tone match on it. It turned out great and I made a patch for it, which you can download below with the user IR.
  9. Poparad

    Free Acoustic IRs

    I just put some fresh strings on my Carvin Cobalt 850 (dreadnaught acoustic) and since I also recently picked up some new mics (Slate ML1 and ML2s), I figured I'd shoot an IR of it. I recorded one years ago and used that for gigging for a long time, but this one sounds so much better! I recorded...
  10. Poparad

    A little fun with Cygnus and a noiseKICK FX "Reagan Fuzz."

    So I picked up a noiseKICK FX Reagan Fuzz pedal off Reverb because how can you resist the artwork on it? It's an early Russian Muff style fuzz. I ran it on both a Kiesel Zeus 8-string guitar and a Kiesel Zeus 6-string bass into the FM3, using the Brit800 model set to pretty clean, with a York...
  11. Poparad

    Fixed Presets default to last saved scene when using FS layouts

    OK, wordy title. I have presets to always load by default to scene 1, which works most of the time except in one situation: One of my layouts for the footswitches is a selection of my favorite presets, so I have each FS programmed with preset/select by #. When selecting presets this way with...
  12. Poparad

    1.03.02 Performance Control Page - "Ghosts" from previous preset

    When switching to a preset that has some blank slots in the per-preset performance control page, instead of them showing up as blank, they still have the text labels from whatever the previously loaded preset used. It only happens if the performance control window is not open when switching presets.
  13. Poparad

    Not a Bug Plex Delay - mix knob affects bypassed signal

    I'm on 3.02 and I just dropped a PlexDly block in a preset and the mix knob affects the volume level of the dry signal even when the block is bypassed. I have it set to "mute fx in" to preserve reverb tails. When it's bypassed, shouldn't the mix knob have no effect on the dry signal?
  14. Poparad

    FM3Edit 1.03.02 - Reverb quality missing?

    Maybe it's staring me right in the face, but I can't seem to find the reverb quality setting in FM3Edit. I swear it used to be there on either the basic or advanced page, but I'm not seeing it. I'm using the concert hall setting, so it should be there, and I can find it on the hardware.
  15. Poparad

    Bug? Strange bit-crushed sound on Out2/In2 FX Loop. FW3.02b

    So here's a weird one. I think this started with the new beta, but it might have been 3.01. This is only the third time it's happened to me out of many uses of the FM3, but sometimes when I boot it up, I get this weird bit-crushed glitchy sound with the Out2/In2 as an effects loop. I have a...
  16. Poparad

    Fixed 3.02b Tuner Display Bug

    When engaging the tuner (I have it on heel down expression) the display doesn't always clear the previous screen and there's some weird flickering. See video below:
  17. Poparad

    Bug? Edit 1.03/FW 3.02b - Per-Preset Performance Controls - Load from Library doesn't work

    I'm trying out the new performance controls in FM3-Edit, but when I try and load a saved per-preset library into a patch, I get the error "All Available Performance blocks are in use" even if I clear all of the slots.
  18. Poparad

    Wish Tuner input mute should not mute both inputs 1 and 2 simultaneously

    Apparently, the "input mute" option on the tuner kills the input for both In 1 and In 2. This renders the effects loop for delays and reverbs useless as it kills effects tails when the tuner is engaged. I was looking forward to trying out the new "heel down tuner engage" feature but any time I...
  19. Poparad

    Not a Bug 3.1 Tuner input mute also muting input 2

    I've got a reverb pedal in the out2/in2 effects loop and now in FW 3.1 the tuner mutes the signal from Input 2 as well as Input 1, killing my reverb when I switch to tune. Regardless of whether input 1 or input 2 is selected as the source, they both get muted.
  20. Poparad

    Fixed 2.0 B1 MIDI block display broken

    I'm on the new beta and it looks like the display values on the MIDI block are broken. On either FM3 edit (running the new version) or on the hardware, if I try to edit values, they either won't change (hardware) or display as "0" (FM3 Edit). Moving the cursor on the hardware updates the display...
  21. Poparad

    Button toppers for extra wide buttons?

    I have a Bright Onion 2-button switch for my FM3 and the way it's situated on my board, it's a little low down and hard to reach, compared to the height of the pedals around it. I figured I'd add some button toppers to add a little height to it, but I'm running into trouble finding ones that...
  22. Poparad

    Fixed 1.06 Beta - Default Scene loading always loads last saved with FM3-Edit

    I have my global settings to load scene 1 on every patch but in 1.06b it's loading the last saved scene instead, but only when changing patches in FM3Edit. When changing on the FM3 directly, scene 1 correctly loads with the patch.
  23. Poparad

    Anyone having problems with external controllers with 1.06 beta 1?

    I just updated to the beta but now my external controllers aren't working. I have two expression pedals going into a Morningstar MC6 sending MIDI to the FM3. I've got External 1 and 2 set to CC 16 and 17 (just like on the AxeII) to control a few blocks (volume block and input gain on the multi...
  24. Poparad

    Allan Holdsworth - "All Our Yesterdays"

    I recently finished transcribing the Synthaxe part to Allan's song "All Our Yesterdays." It alternates between perfect 5ths tuning and standard tuning, so I'm alternating between a Carvin Holdsworth Fatboy tuned in 5ths and a Gibson ES-135 in standard tuning. I played the vocal melody on the...
  25. Poparad

    Steel Pans

    Ever wanted your guitar to sound like steel pans? Well, now you can! After watching some videos of people recreating the sounds with some EHX gear, I figured I could give it a try in the FM3. Palm muting is somewhat essential to get the right decay to the notes like real pans have. Playing with...
  26. Poparad

    FM3 Super Gig Rig!

    I finally finished assembling my FM3 pedalboard so I figured I'd do a walkthrough video to share some ideas for anyone else building their own pedalboard. My goals were to make this as quick and easy to transport and set up at gigs (back when gigs existed) but also provide maximum flexibility in...
  27. Poparad

    PSA: Please put volume blocks in your presets!

    I'm getting pretty sick of loading a patch and having the unpleasant surprise of finding the levels on everything cranked (especially when using headphones). Having a volume block in the chain attached to an expression pedal, External 1 for example, would be very polite. :)
  28. Poparad

    First FM3 video... 800-year-old-music

    So I've really been digging the FM3 and happened to record a video this weekend. Not what I would've expected to be my first FM3 video, but it was fun to record. I'm reading Richard Taruskin's "Oxford History of Music" this summer and I stumbled across this French piece from the late 1300s that...
  29. Poparad

    Fixed Screen scrolling on per-preset page doesn't match cursor

    When scrolling through options on the Per-Preset FC Settings page, the cursor will scroll out of view before the display moves to catch up with it, three presses late in either direction.
  30. Poparad

    Implemented Speaker resonance curve cab preset selector on hardware interface

    The feature in FM3 Edit of being able to select resonance curve presets for a handful of various cabs is super helpful! I was editing something directly on the device and was disappointed to see that the same preset selection is not available in the hardware. The curves have to be manually...
  31. Poparad

    Allan Holdsworth Omnipatch

    I'm pretty happy with how this one turned out. I sat down with my Magicstomps today and copied all of the parameters over for Allan's various delays and lead tone, trying to stay as audibly close to the Magicstomp tones as possible, using a Carvin Fatboy guitar. I was even able to cram in some...
  32. Poparad

    Closed Aguilar Agro drive pedal

    There are a couple of decent sounding overdrive pedals in the drive block that work nicely on bass, but my favorite of all time is the Aguilar Agro pedal, which is based on a channel in the AG 500 bass amp. It's simply the most full-bodied bass distortion that manages to not be muddy. Unlike...
  33. Poparad

    Closed Block recall from interface

    I'm a new FM3 user after spending years on the AxeFx II. One feature on the II that I'm really missing is the "recall block" feature on the interface. FM3 Edit is convenient for copying and pasting blocks between patches, but when I'm on a gig and I don't have my laptop with me, it's nice to...
  34. Poparad

    Things I love about the FM3 (from an Axe-Fx II user)

    I just got my FM3 on Friday and I've been programming the unit and converting my old AxeFx II patches over. I've been a II (Mark II) user for about 6 or 7 years so here are some things the immediately are awesome improvements (most of which are old news to AxeFx III users): 1) Block meters! Now...
  35. Poparad

    Darkglass drive "out of tune"?

    I haven't played through one in real life, so maybe the real thing does this too, but I was building a bass patch and tried out the BK Darkglass drive and when I play a note there's this awful overtone for the first 1-ish second of the note that's roughly a minor 9th above the fundamental. As...
  36. Poparad

    Fixed Preset 001 loads blank on startup, reappears when reloaded (1.04)

    I just got my FM3 yesterday (longtime AxeII user). I updated to the latest firmware and then I shifted all the factory presets to later patch slots with FM3 Edit and cleared out the first 129 slots. I then built a patch in slot 001 (I have patch number offset on so it's the first patch), saved...
  37. Poparad

    Closed Global blocks

    I don't have an FM3 yet (waiting for the headphone version), but I've been on a II for 6 or 7 years now. One of the ways I get around CPU limitations on the II is to have similar patches back to back but with differing effects. For the elements that stay the same (amp, cab, etc), I use global...
  38. Poparad

    Wish Aguilar AGRO/AG500 bass overdrive

    This could either be a drive or amp block. Channel 2 from the Aguilar AG500 bass head, which a few years ago was exported into the AGRO stompbox is one of the best sounding bass overdrives out there. Maintains a full low end for bass guitar without getting muddy or thin like most guitar...
  39. Poparad

    Steve Reich - "Electric Counterpoint"

    I recently put together some audition videos and I decided to tackle Steve Reich's 1987 piece "Electric Counterpoint" for 15 guitars (meant for 1 live guitar part and a prerecorded track of 12 more guitars and two bass guitars). All performed on a Kiesel Zeus ZM8 and recorded via the AxeFx II...
  40. Poparad

    Axe III: Powerful full-scale midi interface?

    "Powerful full-scale midi interface" ...so what exactly does this entail? Is it just something that can control channel/patch/value switching on multiple devices, or are we talking actual guitar-MIDI note conversion like the Triple Play? I'm assuming it's the former because the later just seems...
  41. Poparad

    Holy $***balls!

    Nice pokerface, @FractalAudio! :p Man, the features in the III solve so many little issues in workflow that I've had with the II. 2000 user cabs? Seamless x/y/channel switching? Four stereo outs? The FC6? Enter and exit the grid anywhere to anywhere? 8 channel USB? Spectrum analyzer? Wow...
  42. Poparad

    Three Allan Holdsworth songs arranged for big band

    I'm working on a master's degree in guitar currently and did a recital a couple months back. In addition to some jazz standards and some original compositions (see my previous thread for videos of those), I arranged three of Allan Holdsworth's songs for big band. I'm playing a Carvin Holdsworth...
  43. Poparad

    Jazz big band with string orchestra (and 9-string guitar)

    I'm working on my master's degree at the moment and did my master's recital a few months back in October. I didn't just want to do the typical thing of a jazz combo in a recital hall, so I put together a big band with a string orchestra and booked a gig at the best jazz club in Cleveland, The...
  44. Poparad

    16th-century Gesualdo madrigal - 9-string guitar version

    Last summer I reread "History of Western Music" by Grout in preparation for going back to school for a master's degree in music. I stumbled across a really hip 16th-century composer named Carlo Gesualdo. He was known for writing very chromatic music and also for murdering his wife and her lover...
  45. Poparad

    A little Brady Bunch video action with the AxeFx

    I've been working on Lennie Tristano's "Lennie's Pennies" (based on a parallel minor version of the changes to "Pennies from Heaven"), so I decided to shoot a little split screen video of me playing all the parts. The three guitars use my AxeFX (Quantum 7.02, all the same Deluxe Reverb patch)...
  46. Poparad

    Played my AxeFX through a real cab for the first time yesterday...

    I've always used FRFR monitors for my Axe, mostly using two Xitone 1x12 cabs with built in Matrix amps. I get a great sound and they're nice and portable. My band rehearses at my drummer's place, and he's got a ton of random gear people have abandoned there over the years. He has two cabs: a...
  47. Poparad

    For those with patch bays - loose connections?

    I have a VaFam patch bay that I've been using with my AxeFX since I got it 4 years ago, and this thing gets daily use, in and out of my house to gigs, rehearsals, teaching, etc. A few of the locking TRS jacks (mainly Out 1 L and R) and recently the Neutrik blue power port have gotten loose. If...
  48. Poparad

    BJ Devices TB-5 programming video

    Here's a quick run-through of what the BJ Devices TB-5 can do and how to program it:
  49. Poparad

    Morning Star MC6 programming video

    Here's a video I made explaining the features of the MC6 and how to program various common things for the AxeFX
  50. Poparad

    To Cliff, from a MKII user: Thank You!

    I just wanted to send a brief note of appreciation for your efforts with firmware 6. As a professional guitarist and bassist in Ohio, I've been using my MK II exclusively as my setup for about 3-4 years now, and to continue to have access to all the great improvements that come along is hugely...
  51. Poparad

    Bowie medley with orchestra (pro live video)

    My band, Axon-Neuron, had our album release show in January, a couple weeks after Bowie had passed, so we ended the show with a medley of "Life on Mars" and "Space Oddity" in tribute. I arranged the tunes for our band plus a 21-piece guest orchestra I assembled for the gig. I've been slowly...
  52. Poparad

    Kurt Rosenwinkel with AxeII (and a ton of other gear)

    Here's an odd video of Kurt, playing in a trio with a drummer and a second guitarist, who is using a lot of guitar-synth textures to be keyboardist and bassist during much of the tune. Kurt's always been a gear junkie, and has been using an AxeFX II for a while now, but not exclusively. In this...
  53. Poparad

    Another Axon-Neuron live video (9-string guitar content)

    I just finished editing another tune from our album release show. This one starts off soft, but gets pretty heavy towards the end. I'm playing a 9-string Xen guitar (like an 8 string but with an extra high string), through my Axe. This song features a pretty ripping solo by our keyboardist...
  54. Poparad

    Live videos (with an orchestra!)

    My band, Axon-Neuron, had our CD release show in January and had an orchestra accompany us on some numbers (plus play a few pieces I wrote just for the orchestra). I had the concert recorded and filmed, and I'm finally getting some of the editing finished. I'm playing a Xen 9-string guitar and...
  55. Poparad

    New OH Deluxe Reverb IR

    Killer! I just got the e-mail a few days ago about the new IRs, and being that the DR was my "real" amp for a decade before switching to the AxeFX, my interest was piqued. Great sounding set of IRs! Side by side with the factory cab, it sounds very similar, but a lot more robust and rich...
  56. Poparad

    New prog rock double album, with ML Sound cabs, Quantum, and 9-string guitars

    The third album for my prog rock band, Axon-Neuron, just came out today. It's been a long process recording it, but I did the guitars last, so I was able to use Quantum 1.0 into the takes. The second track on this, "Euclid," was one of Mikko's winning tracks for his cab pack contest a few months...
  57. Poparad

    Random patch changes during rehearsal tonight...

    So I was rehearsing tonight for a huge show I have next week and I was getting some strange behaviour from my Axe all night. I have a Mark II with an MFC Mk II, and it kept randomly changing patches while I was playing. Sometimes it would just change one patch over, sometimes it would move up or...
  58. Poparad

    Struggling with recording shift/latency in DAW

    I've been having an issue with recording with my AxeFX II in my DAW. I'm currently on Pro Tools 12 on Windows 10, but I've had the same issue with PT 11 and Windows 7. When I either use the Axe as an interface or recording through another interface using SPDIF, I will randomly get a shift in my...
  59. Poparad

    Updated firmware, now MFC not switching patches!

    I know this is an MFC issue, but I have to leave in two hours for two gigs tonight, and this forum gets way more traffic. I have an AxeII MKII and MFC MK II. I just updated both to the latest firmwares (Quantum 1.01 and MFC 3.08 ). I was previously running both on the immediately previous...
  60. Poparad

    Sync tap tempo with DAW/Reason? Also, MFC expression to control DAW?

    So I just picking up an interesting weekday morning gig playing for kids dance classes, and if any of you have done dance accompaniment, it's basically improvising music to the dancers to give them a beat. I want to add some drum loops via Reason, but I was wondering if I could control some...
  61. Poparad

    Taming high gain "hiss" without losing treble.

    I've been trying to dial in some higher gain tones lately, but I keep running into issues on some amps having way too much high pitched hiss going on (the Energyball is a big offender). Now, I love the tone of those amps, but is there a way to tame the hiss without totally killing the treble...
  62. Poparad

    Latency in Pro Tools when recording via USB

    When I record in PT 11 through the Axe via USB, about 80% of the time my take is late by 20-30ms. The delayed shift amount is consistent. Sometimes it happens, but most of the time it does, and sometimes it will both do it and not do in the same session. Is there something I can configure in the...
  63. Poparad

    Saxophone Metal

    A friend of mine just released his sax-fronted metal album that I did some playing on: https://resurrectingid.bandcamp.com/ He wrote all of the music and played sax, I played guitar and bass and did the mixing and mastering. I used an Agile 9-string for the Meshuggah-y stuff, a Carvin...
  64. Poparad

    Found a tone the AxeFX can't quite nail...

  65. Poparad

    18.07 and Sonic the Hedgehog

    Been a while since I've posted a new one of these here (although I've been steadily doing them once a month). Here's Metropolis Zone from Sonic 2: FAS Bass with rdnzl 1x15 and 2x10 cabs for bass (Carvin LB76) TX Star Lead with the new FAS GB cab (or was is the Marshall next door in the...
  66. Poparad

    FW18 Gypsy Jazz (Video)

    My gypsy jazz band, Moustache Yourself, shot some live video the other week while I was running 18 beta. I'm using the Deluxe sim and an IR of my own personal Deluxe. We did four tunes in a freezing cold basement (it was only about 40 degrees in there), so our fingers were having a rough time...
  67. Poparad

    Bug? 18 beta 7: patches defaulting to Amp Y state [SOLVED]

    All of my patches on scene 1 have my Amp 1 blocks defaulting to the Y state, even after I change it back to X and save. Amp block 2 is functioning normally. I did the "update all amps" option when installing the firmware.
  68. Poparad

    A couple more pro shot videos (groovy heavy stuff)

    I posted a video a couple weeks ago from a live video shoot my band did. We did three tunes, and the Youtube channel hosting the series just posted the last two. These ones are bit heavier than the first, with an obvious Meshuggah section in one: The guys who filmed it called this one the...
  69. Poparad

    Live Video of my band (Tiny Desk Contest)

    We decided to have a go at the NPR Tiny Desk Concert contest and used some footage from a recent video podcast that some friends of ours do. We did three songs total, two of which will be out next month for the podcast channel, and this one I mixed and edited myself for the contest. This is a...
  70. Poparad

    Preamp Tube Types

    Try as I might, I just cannot hear a difference between the different tube types in the amp block. I've got pretty good ears, and I can hear the differences in most other subtle things, such as the new mic preamps in the cab block. I own a Deluxe Reverb and know first hand how different it...
  71. Poparad

    Bug? 17.02 Popping noise when switching X/Y cab with and without preamp

    My main clean preset has a cab on X that uses the new preamp feature. I was A/Bing the sound with and without the preamp and accidentally left one of my scenes on Y for the cab, with the rest on X. When I switch between scenes, I get a popping noise of various volumes (sometimes loud enough to...
  72. Poparad

    Deluxe Reverb UR (Take 2)

    I dusted off my old Deluxe Reverb and tried my hand at shooting some IRs of it again, and the results are much better this time around. As a bonus, I was lucky enough to borrow a Royer 121 for the shoot, and it sounded as good as its pricetag. Mics used: Royer 121 Carvin M67 (similar to Shure...
  73. Poparad

    Blending UR IRs in Cab Lab

    I have a question about trying to blend some IRs in Cab Lab. I've been using an IR I made of a Deluxe Reverb cab, but with the new Beatle cab in 16.04, I love the way they sound together in a stereo ultra res cab. However, that eats up a lot of CPU in my patch, and I was wondering if I could...
  74. Poparad

    Cable Shielding Question

    I have a Vafam front panel routing the rear connections to the front for easier access in my rack. A problem I've encountered is that my MIDI cables run close to my ouput audio cables, and the pulse of the tap tempo data is often audible in the output, due to interference in the cables. Is there...
  75. Poparad

    Bug? 15.06 - Expression pedal reverse polarity [NOT A BUG]

    I just finally upgraded to 15.06 (from the last public one... 15.03 I think? 15.05?), and now my expression pedal's polarity is reversed, but only when plugged into the pedal jack on the Axe. Using the MFC, all of my expression pedals are still normal, an using my other floorboard (BJ Devices...
  76. Poparad

    Bug? FW15: Lots of amp pops on selection

    I've noticed quite a few amps do that low 'pop' sound when selecting or loading a patch with them. Some are subtle, a lot are pretty loud. I started to write a list, but probably about a third of the amps are doing it.
  77. Poparad

    Fender Deluxe Reverb Ultra Res

    Here are two IRs I shot today of my 2002 Fender Deluxe Reverb Reissue. Original speaker that's seen a lot of gentle use over the last decade. In person, the amp has a lot more low end than my mics picked up, but if you set the mic to 'null' and the proximity to about 5 in the cab block, it will...
  78. Poparad

    Amp or AxFX? Deluxe Reverb Guessing Game

    I have a friend who is convinced that the AxeFX is still easily less authentic sounding than the real thing, so I did some recording this morning using my 2002 Fender Deluxe Reverb RI. I've used the amp for over 10 years, playing it daily, gigging every week with it. Since I got my AxeFX last...
  79. Poparad

    Ultra Res Jazz Samples

    Here's a quick test of some of the new ultra res cabs with various clean amps. I recorded two choruses of a 12 bar blues and reamped the same dry track through various amps and cabs: 1) Deluxe Reverb - TAF Fender Room mix 2) Twin Reverb - FAS Doubleverb 3) Vox AC30 - FAS Tom's AC 4) Vox AC30 -...
  80. Poparad

    Revisited some old patches today with V14...

    I went back to some old patches I was using last summer for my band (basic clean, rhythm, lead stuff) that I haven't played in a while (that band's been on hiatus and I have new patches for my other band). I was always struggling to get the tone to sound right (especially the clean tones), and...
  81. Poparad

    AxeFX II and Sonic the Hedgehog!

    My girlfriend wanted me to record some Sonic music for an anniversary present (she's pretty awesome), so here's Hill Top Zone from Sonic 2. Lead is USA II+ Bright, L/R leads are the HiWatt, bass is the Orange bass amp, and the organ and drums are MIDI (Xpand! and Superior Drummer). This is a...
  82. Poparad

    Confusing hum problem

    So on my AxeFX II, when playing through input 1, I have no issues, but when plugged into input 2 (when I teach lessons - I'm in 2, student is in 1), over time I get a horrendous hum that builds up. Unplugging my guitar for a few minutes and plugging back in fixes it, until it builds up again...
  83. Poparad

    Bug? Expression pedals sometimes don't load on AxeFX II boot up

    This has happened to me enough times now that I figured I should mention. Sometimes when booting up the AxeFX II, all four expression pedals on my MFC-101 (Mark II) don't function. A simple reboot of the Axe fixes it every time, but it's happened a half dozen times now in the past 6 months. I...
  84. Poparad

    Confused about creating UltraRes IRs

    So am I correct in understanding that we have no way to create them ourselves out of WAVs at the moment until the updated CabLab comes out? There are a bunch of WAVs of cabs that have been posted here recently I want to try, but don't know how to convert them. On the other hand, I see quite a...
  85. Poparad

    Thank you for the bass amps!

    I do a lot of gigging on bass, and although the SVT has been nice, I've really been wanting some more diversity. The new Orange one is very dark and will be great for any old-school, Motown-ish stuff I'll have to do. I recently played in the pit orchestra for a run of "Little Shop of Horrors,"...
  86. Poparad

    Headphone jack only playing out of right side

    I was sitting here practicing this afternoon with headphones on, and the audio just cut out on the left side. My headphones are working fine in stereo in other devices, but not in the AxeFX jack. Would some contact cleaner fix this up, or am I in need of some Axe surgery?
  87. Poparad

    Tonematch Acoustic (Gypsy Jazz content)

    I recorded a demo for a new gypsy jazz group I'm playing with using my mobile Pro Tools setup. For my guitar, I went completely piezo through the AxeFX, with SPDIF into my Tascam interface. However, last week I did a tonematch on my guitar using a nice tube condenser mic referenced against my...
  88. Poparad

    Anyone having issues with using their AxeII as an interface for ProTools 11?

    I've used my Axe as an interface for ProTools 10 for a while now, and it's worked great (even better than my actual interface). Enough of my plugins have updated to AAX that I'm starting to switch over to PT11, but when I try to use the Axe as an interface, I'm running into problems. Depending...
  89. Poparad

    Massive Poll: Which amps do you use?

    The other thread about "how many amps do you use?" got me thinking about which models get used frequently, which ones seldom, and which never at all. Just post the models you currently use in your regular presets. At some point I'll go through and tally up the results.
  90. Poparad

    Debut album from my band (All Axe-FX II)

    One of my bands just released our first album, which I used the AxeFX for all guitar and bass recording (I did all of the mixing and all of the engineering, except for drums, which we did at a local studio). The band's style is kind of like Muse or the Dresden Dolls, so if you're into heavier...
  91. Poparad

    Groundloop Question

    So here's my setup: I have my Axe rackmounted in a 3U case with a 1U frontpanel from Vafam, which brings most of the rear connections to the front. I've been having problems lately with the front input developing a very loud ground loop, but only after it's been running and plugged in for a...
  92. Poparad

    Bug? Sound cuts out momentarily when hitting "edit" for amp block (not a bug)

    I'm running a preset with two amps: USA Clean 2 in Amp Block 1, and Deluxe Verb in Amp Block 2. When I hit 'edit' on either amp block, the sound cuts out for a second. Is this normal? I don't recall previous firmwares doing this. I'm on the latest version of 11.
  93. Poparad

    Boss PS-6/HR-2 Pitch Shifter sound

    I love the harmonizer in the Axe, although there's a certain sound I can get with the Boss PS-6 (and the HR-2) that I don't get with the Axe. The Axe definitely has a more transparent shift, which for many purposes is better, but the Boss pedals add a certain change in timbre to the shifted note...
  94. Poparad

    New jazz tune (clean lead sound CA3+)

    Here's a new tune I wrote recently. The lead is a Gibson ES-135 with the CA3+ through a Bogner Greenback IR that was recently posted to the IR forum (http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-user-cabs-irs/74787-my-first-ir-bogner-two-rock-various-cabs.html) The acoustics are a Carvin acoustic...
  95. Poparad

    Weird hum issue - only on In 1 Left (rear)

    I've been having a weird issue with hum, but only on In 1 Left. In 1 right, In 2 L and R, and the front input are fine. The hum is kind of intermittent, but usually shows up after I've had the unit plugged in for a few minutes. It's happened in several different places, so it's not just the...
  96. Poparad

    So it's my drummer's birthday, and I've been working on Meshuggah's "Bleed..."

    ...so why not combine the two in a video message? I'm not trying to nail the Meshuggah tone just yet, and I haven't worked on anything in "Bleed" other than the first basic rhythm. I'm only at 90 bpm so far. Guitars and bass are Axe-FX, drums are Superior Drummer with the "Bleed" MIDI...
  97. Poparad

    Help! Installed new drivers, now Axe won't work with Pro Tools

    I've been using my AxeFX II as my Pro Tools 10 interface since I got it back in December, without any issues (using Windows 7). I upgraded to the newest drivers (v1.68 ), and now everything's gone to hell and won't work. When I try to select the AxeFX as my playback engine, it either tells me...
  98. Poparad

    Bug? 10.12 Weird bug - Amp Block is momentarily a Drive Block on scene change

    I have a patch with two amp blocs (USA Clean 2 and Deluxe Verb), and when I switch scenes, either via front panel or MFC, both amp blocks, when on screen in their edit windows, momentarily display as "Rat Dist" when entering Scene 2, or "Tube Drive" for scenes 1, 3, and 4. Also, on scene 2 I get...
  99. Poparad

    How to sync Axe tempo with DAW tempo

    So say I'm running Pro Tools 10 with the Axe as my interface, how do I set the tempo on the Axe (for delays) to sync with the tempo of the session I'm currently working on? Besides manually entering the same metronome marking or tapping it out via the front panel.
  100. Poparad

    A really special project (for me) using FW10

    The amps in FW10 sound so amazing, that I finally decided to tackle a project I've been wanting to try for a while. My main band, Axon-Neuron, a prog-rock band, released our first album in May of 2011. We only had four days to record, mix, and master an entire album (including record a 12-piece...
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