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  1. Neelfy

    MFC-Edit Wont Update

    Latest Update 8.4 Build#4062 wont install. Keeps asking to update every time started as latest version isnt installing Using Windows 10.
  2. Neelfy

    Music Man Luke - Active or Passive with Boost?

    (posted this in the lounge but though it would be appropriate ats directly related to the part of the forum) Hello my fellow AxeFX chums! Getting a Music Man Luke (in HSS format) shortly and want some input from you guys on which type of pickup would be best/more appropriate for the Axe FX...
  3. Neelfy

    Music Man Luke 1 with EMG's or Luke 3 with DiMarzio Transitions?

    Hello my fellow AxeFX chums! Getting a Music Man Luke (in HSS format) shortly and want some input from you guys on which type of pickup would be best/more appropriate for the Axe FX The Luke 3 has the passive DiMarzio Transition pickups with a switchable preamp 12dB boost. Was wondering if...
  4. Neelfy

    12 String Effect/Patch

    Had a look but cant seems to find any . Can anyone point me in right direction of a a 12 String Patch like the one in this video at about 1.34 ? Cheers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QmyEHHrGdZg
  5. Neelfy

    Preset Asset batch Renaming?

    Anyone know a way to batch change the Asset Names of presets? (for those who don't know Asset name is name which shows up of Axe-Fx Screen and not necessarily the actual file name of the preset) I know there are utilities that can batch change file names but I want to change the asset names...
  6. Neelfy

    USB ASIO Driver problem

    I'm pretty sure this is more a System/Windows problem than actual driver problem. Problem is Axe FX II is not available/shown in device setup of DAW. Same problem exists in both Reaper and Cubase. I also tried on my other PC and it works fine in Windows XP 32bit I have tied...
  7. Neelfy

    Fractal Audio T Shirt?

    Any you guys know how I can get hold of a Fractal Audio T Shirt in UK/Europe? I know there was a competition to win 1 last year but was wondering where I could buy one. Didnt see anything on the G66 Site. Cheers.
  8. Neelfy

    Patch Names?

    Is it just me or are some patches (eg. sharded on here) have the .syx spaced about 10 spaces from patch name? e.g. "Mark Day's BOTM Match__________.syx" (without line, line is to to show spacing) Seems to have just occurred after V6.0 Firmware update
  9. Neelfy

    RIP Jim Marshall

  10. Neelfy

    Trade In

    Don't suppose there is any chance of Trading In "Old" for "New"?
  11. Neelfy


    Just to make you aware (if you are not already aware) search function isn't working.
  12. Neelfy

    Trade In

    Don't suppose there will be any possibility of trading in "old" AxeFX for "new" ?
  13. Neelfy

    Whitesnake Patch Request

    Looking for an 80's, kinda Whitesnake - Here I Go Again type patch, you know?.. kinda heavily processed/compressed sound type thing??? Cheers.
  14. Neelfy

    Pink Floyd - Run Like Hell Patch?

    Pink Floyd - Run Like Hell Patch? Anybody got a good one? Only ever found one on AxeExchange/preset but its not quite there, also tried several times myself but cant get the delay/echo/reverb right.
  15. Neelfy

    Jazz Chorus

    Anyone got a good representation of a Roland Jazz Chorus JC120 sound? Cheers
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