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  1. RDH

    SOLD AxFx III Mark 1

    Up for sale, my MK 1 AxFxIII, I hate using the word Mint, but it is in the same condition I received it new. It’s been in a rack case all it’s life and works perfectly! I recently upgraded to the MkII and planned to keep this one as well, however times are a bit difficult these days so it needs...
  2. RDH

    BUG In Drive block?

    I'm having an issue that's popped up this week on FW8. Pretty sure its a bug. After the unit has been on for a couple hours or so I starts generating a very loud pink noise type sound. it happened twice this week shut it off reboot it and its ok. It just now happened again when I activated a...
  3. RDH

    Suhr PT-100?

    lf I understand correctly the PT 100 is based on a tweaked 100 watt Plexi with a master volume. Any suggestions anyone might have to mimic the PT 100 would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance! Cliff??
  4. RDH

    Copy Blocks from preset to preset

    So far I haven't found a way to copy a block from one preset to another like the AxFx II( recall Right nav arrow) thinking I'm missing something. Anyone know if this is doable on the III? Thanks in advance.
  5. RDH

    Are XL patches comparable with XL+?

    To you awesome Ax Fx helpsters out there Just got an XL+ , can an XL patch be loaded in an XL+ With no issues?
  6. RDH

    Update Presets hangs on XL [SOLVED]

    I have now tried twice this evening to run update amps all presets on my XL and it hangs at about 2/3 progress bar ?? Don't know if it's a bug ,but have tried it twice now and no go had to restart .
  7. RDH

    Is there a Clean System file for the XL??

    Is there a clean system file for XL, or will the old one work? anyone know??
  8. RDH

    Cab Lab series IR?

    So when making an IR mix from a TM and cab IR in series, does the TM go first or the Cab? Tried it with cab first like it is arranged in the patch ,but weird stuff going on ! Doesn't sound anything like the cab and TM in the patch???
  9. RDH

    Stereo or LR sum , when running mono ?

    Just thought I'd see what most of you guys are using when running mono ? There have been some discussions in the past about it, some said LR sum causes some phasing issues, but can't seem to find them! I've allways ran LR sum , but thinking about trying stereo left out! There are things I like...
  10. RDH

    Instant Slash !! For me anyway!

    Just messing with the factory silver preset , switched to brit super dialed everything to 6 except master (left it default)as some say slash does ,copied reverb and delay from sweet child of mine preset!!!! For me I totally nailed it !! Try it see what ya think!!
  11. RDH

    Switching Strangeness since v10

    Several times over the last few weeks,and every time i gig, occasionally when I switch presets the direct signal is gone and all coming through is effects ,until I switch away and back again? does,nt do it on the same presets,it's random. Not switching between scenes either! Also today i...
  12. RDH

    Firmware 10.02 !!!RAWKS!!! 1st real gig with it!!!

    !!!Oh MY GOSH!!! Got to really test drive it yesterday ,I've been loving 10.02 , but on the stage , well let's just say every preset I use live ( about 12) sounded like I had the real amp behind me at volume to achieve the sweet spot,and through the FOH in a way I was NEVER able to achieve with...
  13. RDH

    Still no word on CLR's ,about to give it up!

    Got my invitation march 4th, but they were out of wedges , so I was offered a cab , but opted to wait for the wedges to come in. I was told 6 to 8 weeks . Sunday will be 8 weeks , Arrgg! no word ! Seriously about to go with matrix ! Nothing like wasting life waiting on stuff!
  14. RDH

    Problem reloading system backup

    This is probably something I'm doing wrong,but since I've had my Ax II I haven't been able to get the system backups to reload after doing a system reset (allways write it down and have to re enter all of it manually)! Never had a problem with Standard or Ultra. The bank files allways work...
  15. RDH

    Fw9&9.01 Default to 7? Any one Noticed?

    I noticed when I updated to 9 that in global,the fw version was defaulted to 7,changed it to 9! Then updated last night to 9.01 and thought something was a bit different this morning at church service,started checking stuff and it was back on 7 again switched it back to 9! no biggie just thought...
  16. RDH

    FAS Plexi??Something wrong with mine?

    Been reading all these praises for the FAS Plexi,and was in high expectation, but I'm struggling with it! when I first select the model it's extremely thin and harsh,sounds kinda like a speaker horn with no woofer!Nothing like the other plexi's! Raise the master to 9 and it helps, but absolutely...
  17. RDH

    Cab Block Parameters?

    Figured I should start a different thread about this observation! After playing around with the new OH 12m collection , and following the thread about phasy artifacts, and some of Scott P's suggestions I noticed one of the the screenshots of his cab block somewhere,( or maybe it was in the...
  18. RDH

    First Fractal Ir posted on Axe-Change?

    Could this be the first of the FAS ir's we've been waiting for? Axe-Change - Download 4x12 - Mad Oak Basketweave R121 - by FractalAudio
  19. RDH

    User Patch Translation

    Anyone besides me feel like the translation of user patches is MUCH better than it use to be? in the past i would seldom like or use other peoples patches, but during the 3 or so updates they seem to translate and sound pretty much like the clips posted to me!
  20. RDH

    Weekend gigs with 6.0

    Well I have to say 6.0 is by a good margin the best so far! tweaking my patches was a new experience, reset amp block , sounded great from the start as I tweaked sweet spots were easy to find! not much effort at all ! took a minute or two per preset I would say ! as allways I was a little...
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