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  1. EdgE

    The Best Firmware 5 features - Fractal Friday

    Very nice 😎
  2. EdgE

    New! CronoEcho Delays for FM3

    Thank you 😎
  3. EdgE

    Trouble installing beta firmware 5.00

    If on a Mac , down load both files , use fractal bot to update firmware , and the editor, just drag new file into apps
  4. EdgE

    FM3 Firmware Version 5.00 beta 1

  5. EdgE

    2014 120th Les Paul Standard

    Yea Moke ,already been looking into that , was going to go that way. All my other guitars either Floyd or Ibanez edge trems . I think the les Paul is a different beast, I think I’ll keep her just like she is . The les Paul is so different sounding than all my other guitars. Can sound vintage...
  6. EdgE

    2014 120th Les Paul Standard

    I have solved the problem, so I got a new bridge and a tusq xl nut.figured I didn't have experience working on Les Pauls,brought it to a Luthier. he had to demel out the holes in the tone pro ,he said he thought the nut was ok. It wasn't got it home the setup sucked ,still when out of tune just...
  7. EdgE

    Delay and Reverb experts. Help is needed here!

    I turned up the delay mix and added a compressor , nice amp though ,I never use a mesa, but this sounds nice ,if you just pull the delay to the same line its sounds good too
  8. EdgE

    Silly question: Stereo in one FRFR monitor!

    If a speaker had 2 inputs with separate volumes ,wouldn’t it be in stereo , but without the spread you would get from 2 speakers
  9. EdgE

    Am I crazy for liking a stomp box sim as a Marshall sound?

    What ever sounds good ,I had a preset with a fender amp and stomp in front ,loved it ,but I still love the Marshall 6ca7:)
  10. EdgE

    2014 120th Les Paul Standard

    It has grover locking tuner, and yes makes changing strings way easier
  11. EdgE

    2014 120th Les Paul Standard

    mr_fender yes I've heard of the string butter ,and Holbet71, the single coil push pulls don't do any thing for me ,but the out of phase is interesting and the bridge tone pulled up is full on, bypasses the tone and any any volume pots ,so I could have both volumes at 3 and pull bridge tone and...
  12. EdgE

    Marshall has officially jumped the shark

    Marshall remote starter :D start you amp or your car
  13. EdgE

    2014 120th Les Paul Standard

    So I've been a Floyd Rose and Ibanez player for 40 plus years and had a Les Paul in my late teens and got rid of it. So after 40 years I traded a couple guitars and got a beautiful Les Paul , love the tone ,love the options with the push pull knobs ,but the freaking thing doesn't stay in tune...
  14. EdgE

    Strat fret buzz coming through the amp

    Yes some times the neck pick up(if up to close to the string) can pull on the string, you can get some weird stuff going on , metallic over tones and of of tune. 15 thousands isn't bad and the action 3/32 isn't bad either. I have found some guitars because the way they resonate ,its just how it...
  15. EdgE

    Strat fret buzz coming through the amp

    If you haven’t tried yet ,lower the neck pick up ,or like you said bad fret job , frets or neck pick can create buzz and a metallic type of buzzing , neck relief should be around 10 thousands with a feeler gauge ,press down on first fret and 15th check in the middle of that . Around 7th or 8th...
  16. EdgE

    What's the "one thing" I should try?

    So I,ve had the fm3 for a while and high res in the cabs for a bit . Never thought the high res was too much different , but last night I tried again and ya ,I think the high res sounds better . I actually found that for me ,it made more of a difference switching to high res playing though my...
  17. EdgE

    For All The Wrong Reasons - inspired by Steely Dan, Larry Carlton and Chuck D'Aloia

    Got to say, Listened again today( with head phones ,and man the mixing in that is tune is fantastic. Love the way the key boards are boucing around and the guitar so right there in the middle
  18. EdgE

    Marshall Silver Jubilee vs Brit Silver

    They both sounded good ,funny thing is B I thought had a-little more hair around it . A was cleaner sounding . 👍🏻😎
  19. EdgE

    For All The Wrong Reasons - inspired by Steely Dan, Larry Carlton and Chuck D'Aloia

    Sounds great 🎸😎 thought the guitar could be louder ,than I realize my iPad volume was down 😜
  20. EdgE

    Creating Presets From Scratch...Wow So Much To Do!

    I guess its the way you look at it , pick a amp , speaker cab and treat it as a tube amp ,gain, bass, mid , treble, if you don't like the sound ,move to another amp. don't look at it there's so many parameters to change .after you find the tone ,then maybe go going deep into stuff .But I find...
  21. EdgE

    How setup the FM3 in reaper?

    I used to just run usb from fm3 to Mac and use a stereo y cable from head phone jack to powered monitor ,worked fine. but now I just used usb to Mac and have my fm3 run to monitors , I can play music ,use reaper and every thing come out monitors.i did the other way before I got xlr to 1/4 to run...
  22. EdgE

    How setup the FM3 in reaper?

    I would try just usb from fm3 to your Mac , plug-ins can be heard though the monitor in reaper ,that speaker in your track top left, sometimes you have to click it twice and what alex1fly said too, preferences in reaper
  23. EdgE

    How setup the FM3 in reaper?

    If your on Mac ,just go into audio in settings should show up there , and then in reaper hit the record button on a track ,there a place on the track that you can either record in mono or stereo, I go directly from fm3 usb to my mac
  24. EdgE

    Need advice on lead playing for my song.

    Hum ,whistle, hell get your:cool:self a Kazoo ,it will take your playing to another level:p
  25. EdgE

    Need advice on lead playing for my song.

    As a player with no theory too, and playing guitar for 46 years, your ear.from what I'm hearing you play doesn't sound like you have a problem. you have a good rhythm, ,have lead, harmony.;)
  26. EdgE

    Recording with iMovie

    roger that, I will give a try thanks
  27. EdgE

    Recording with iMovie

    Will give a try thanks , I was going to try my interface also .just one of those things I try ,cant figure out ,then move on .go back later .your think it would be simple instead of buying better camara and doing the Clap thing and getting in sync.I will keep trying
  28. EdgE

    Recording with iMovie

    Thanks GlennO ,so there no way in the fm3 in I/O to change that
  29. EdgE

    Tim Pierce Type Preset

    I wouldn't use hot pickups, it all starts with your picking. And I usually use the classic gate on the input
  30. EdgE

    Recording with iMovie

    Was wondering if any body knows how to get rid of the dry signal being recorded with my distortion guitar tone in iMovie , i'm just sitting in front camera in iMovie and hitting record. the problem is the dry signal is coming though,( the dry signal you use to reamp with) along with my...
  31. EdgE

    How do you rate Axe-Fx 3 effects vs Eventide and other high end stuff?

    At the price ,I would say if you get enjoyment out of it it’s worth it .I don’t gig any more ,have had all fractal product ,except the new 9 and 3 . But to get album sound ,and endorphins flowing in my brain ,yea 😍
  32. EdgE

    DATS to Speaker Impedance Tab Parameters

    Now that was a quick answer ,and I don’t even know what your talking about 😜
  33. EdgE

    Dio - Vivian Cambell - Last in Line Guitar Solo Cover (NOW WITH PRESET)

    Nice 🤘🏻🎸 makes me want to learn it 😎
  34. EdgE

    Problems with thin tone

    Is this a used fm3 ? Maybe try and reset parameters . When using power amp and speakers ,I turn off cabs . Maybe reinstall 4.01. I find I have to dial bass out ,add mids and treble . Try the brown factory preset
  35. EdgE

    Orange Rockerverb For Days

    After fourty five years of higher gain pickups ,just put a Dimarzio 36 th anniversary in an old Kramer with the slanted bridge , man Clean , great harmonics and sustain ,could of bought 3 or 4 axe lll’s with the money I’ve spent on pickups over the years🤪
  36. EdgE

    Orange Rockerverb For Days

    Sounds great 🎸😎
  37. EdgE

    The Camera Eye solo preset FM3

    Going to have to give this a try ,sounded great🤘🏻😎
  38. EdgE

    Help me prevent buyer's remorse

    Go out and buy every amp in the fm3 ,for the price ,of a friedman, or soldano ,or any high end amp the fm3 is a bargin,plus you get effects and a million ways to run it . All depends how you look at it 🤪
  39. EdgE

    Eddie's 'Balance' Stereo Rhythm enigma

    I have the eventide plugins ,i too was trying for that tone ,Eventide , Leon todd gave me some pointers ( on the threads here ) I solved it ,I bought a eventide micro pitch 😜. I kind of got it with a chorus in the fm3 .
  40. EdgE

    Man in the Box cover

    👍🏻Use to play this in my band ,great tune
  41. EdgE

    Retrieve history of preset modification

    I‘ve learned from the same mistake 😩
  42. EdgE

    Has anyone noticed the screen scratches really easily?

    I don't know, a year and I haven't taken the plastic off yet :p:)
  43. EdgE

    Biggest struggle-dialing patches

    I think your ear is used to the QSC, I wouldn‘t compare there difference . I found the QSC made my ears bleed. You need to just find the sound of the Xitone then compare .the same patch wont work on both IMO
  44. EdgE

    Missing "aggression" in high gain presets?

    Id leave power amp modeling on
  45. EdgE

    Bark at the Moon - Jake E. Lee Guitar Solo + Patch

    Sounds great ,wish I could say a day . Maybe I could ,I just don’t have the patience like I use too.
  46. EdgE

    New apartment....had to start with the essentials!

    Sorry to hear ,I may be going down the same road after 35 years , but your room gives me hope 😜 I just might need a bigger room , full wood shop, full gym above wood shop and two of everything for contracting 🤔
  47. EdgE

    Amp characteristics lookup

    Down the rabbit hole ,at least it doesn’t cost you a thing but time😜
  48. EdgE

    New FM3 Owner!!!

    Welcome back ,been a fractal user since the ultra ,every time I bought a new unit ,they came out with a new one right after .still been having fun 🤣😎🎸🤘🏻
  49. EdgE

    Awesome through headphones - unbearable through studio monitors - need guidance/help!

    Try down loading Steve Stevens preset with the left and right speakers.Sounds awesome with headphones and on monitors try the atomica amp ,can be clean and brutal at the same time.I played my guitar with the SS main with a couple of the York recordings and didnt sound that much off for me?
  50. EdgE

    "throught" the worst word to pronounce in English for an Italian😅😂

    Wow :) ,Love it.Style ,timing and tones:guitar: just had to listen again:cool:
  51. EdgE

    Mr Crowley - Instrumental Cover

    Nice ,makes me want to learn it now :oops: :)
  52. EdgE

    Jazz 120 issue on ax8

    I would try one from scratch, select the jazz and a cab and see if that works, something could be connect to a parameter, some where
  53. EdgE

    Uhmmmmm...... this is kind of crazy.

    I read that and thought, oh this is a way to get money ,guess the pay off to use his pic wasn't enough. and he probably still has a small Weiner .
  54. EdgE

    $250 Guitar vs. $1000 vs. $3000+

    I feel if you have a decent body wood ,good neck ,frets properly leveled and decent pickups and intonation set up right doesn’t matter. It’s a mind set , I spent 5000.00 dollars on this guitar ,it’s got to be great .Nope .just my opinion 😀
  55. EdgE

    Getting an eventide tone

    Never tried dual chromatic ,sounds nice Thanks Leon😎 just played eye of the tiger, fit in the mix nicely 🎸🤘🏻
  56. EdgE

    Stereo Cab Panned or Centered?

    Ok my head is spinning ,in stereo😎
  57. EdgE

    Ugrade presets utility stuck for 4 hours - what should I do?

    Glad you got it sorted out ,I have never seen that screen on my fm3,strange
  58. EdgE

    Getting an eventide tone

    Thank you , guess I missed that video 😀👍🏻🎸😎
  59. EdgE

    Getting an eventide tone

    Thanks ,Scott ,I have used that with the -9 and +9 ,the eventide seems to do the pitch thing and doubling in a different stereo imaging . I’ve tried a lot ,I can’t seem to mimic it
  60. EdgE

    A couple of 80s covers I did with my FM3

  61. EdgE

    Would be cool to get a model of the rockman x100

    I see playing some def leppard in my future :) ok some Boston too
  62. EdgE

    Would be cool to get a model of the rockman x100

    I had the x100 , I used to own the module’s and I had the amp that was made for a while 😀
  63. EdgE

    Would be cool to get a model of the rockman x100

    That takes me back to sitting on the floor in front of my cassette player with my rock man practicing in the late 80's .I can still sit on the floor'its getting up that's not so easy :oops: sounds great
  64. EdgE

    FM3 Presets 4.01

    I just tried the presets ,so did you change the way they sound,Maybe its me, but they freakin sound awesome. Im only at usa mark iv and I'm stuck there cause it sounds so good. they don't sound bassy. They sound like you can pretty much use the way there set :)
  65. EdgE

    Welcome John Mayer

    John who 🤣
  66. EdgE

    Getting an eventide tone

    So I was wondering is there any way to get the imaging tone ,sound of an eventide ultra channel or h3000 micropitch shift . I record my fm3 in a daw and when I put a plugin on like the 2 mention ,its totally 80's rock .It makes my guitar really fat and sit better in the mix. was wondering if...
  67. EdgE

    Help Playing through Studio Monitors

    There is a happy medium, just got to find it ,it kind of like when I record with my iPhone ,if I stand i from the the phone my strings are almost as loud as the amp recording . That drives me 🥜.
  68. EdgE

    Rediscovered an old axe. This ever happen to you?

    Yup ,I've done that a few times, play the guitar and think WoW this amazing ,why didn't I like this before ,i'll play for a while and then pick up my Ibanez JS or my evh or even my Ibanez 550 20th. and say WoW that guitars a piece of shit ,these others play so much nicer :oops: :)
  69. EdgE

    Early Whitesnake tone?

    Some sort of stereo imaging ,Eventide, never heard that tune
  70. EdgE

    Is little to no feedback just the way it is with modelers?

    90 ,95 dbs will do it ;)
  71. EdgE

    Getting paralyzed by options

    I alway keep it simple ,gain ,bass ,mids and treble, if I can't get the tone I move to a new amp or speaker cab. that what I love about the fm3 ,a real amp your'd have to sell and get another :)
  72. EdgE

    Got it

    I love it when you go full circle, but not when it takes 40 years :oops: o well that life ,I'm happy now:)
  73. EdgE

    King's X...Amp and IR?

    First 4 albums lab series 5 ,he uses orange crush pro 120 now, solid state
  74. EdgE

    tips for poweranp cab setup

    I alway use power amp on and cab sims off with power amp and guitar speaker
  75. EdgE

    What am I doing wrong?

    I never dive deep into amps ,just have to find the right combo of amp and cab, try the brown sound preset ,sounds great the way it is😀
  76. EdgE

    My FM3 rig (+ presets)

    Very neat and cool😎
  77. EdgE

    Does anyone use there fm3 with a amp?

    Before I had the right xlr cables ,I had a stereo 1/4 plug to 2 single 1/4 that I ran to my monitors from my headphone jack
  78. EdgE

    Does anyone use there fm3 with a amp?

    Using the loop in , I alway left power amp in and cab sims off .
  79. EdgE

    Issues Running FM3 into Effects Loop of Amp

    Send from amp to input of fm3 ,left out of fm3 ( xlr to 1/4) in to amp return , and just run effects . That’s basically what I said a year ago. The way I took it .,The op just wanted to run the fm3 thought his effect loop for the effects ,no amp or speakers. It worked for him 😀. I was saying...
  80. EdgE

    Just wanted to say ……

    Welcome back from the rabbit hole 🤣
  81. EdgE

    Got a newsletter from an amplifier manufacturer today... Clearly they haven't tried Cygnus! Lol!

    I love my tube ,I love my Fm3, if I had to choose it would be Fm3. More amps ,more effects more everything. I’m old school but old school with amps that use preamp distortion from the late 70’s and on ,never an old Marshall with no master volume . So it’s fun with the Fm3 to use an old Marshall...
  82. EdgE

    Anyone else dig the bona fide Marshall amp models more than.....

    Marshall plexi 6ca7, my favorite , cleans up well with guitar volume 🤘🏻😎
  83. EdgE

    Gary Moore - Still Got The Blues Preset + Plexi scenes

    Just got em , Thanks
  84. EdgE

    Need Help please, Using FM3 as interface but no sound.

    I’d undo your monitors and plug some head phones in to the fm3, your doing every thing I do except I don’t run monitors the way you do
  85. EdgE

    Should I Buy an Amp?

    Ok so I’ve been tone chasing 45 years ,I don’t play out any more , I’ve found an amp JVM 410H ,I‘ve found most my tones ,though i love all the fractal gear I have owned in 10 yrs ,I don’t think I’ll ever in my life time not own a tube amp . Hell I still have 2 4x12’s. To me there’s a feel and...
  86. EdgE

    Happy 4th of July!!

    Wasn't sure to give a thumbs up or put my hand on my chest :)👍
  87. EdgE

    Reggae Tone

    Did you try the umph knob? ;) my drink made me say that. I found that going to some of factory presets can get you in the ball park, maybe take that preset you have and change to the amps, the cabs .its a bit over whelming at first ,cabinets make a big difference .I would try evl 12 in the...
  88. EdgE

    What cabs/ir's for clean to edge of breakup?

    I’d also try and go though some of the factory preset ,if you like one ,check out the cab. It is a bit overwhelming at first. my go too’s are fractal tv cabs and Marshall with 75’s . Leon Todd’s cabs are great too ,on axe exchange . Think of it as what ever amp your using ,what speakers is that...
  89. EdgE

    Auditioning FM3 Amps & Cabs - 60 Second Sounds #3

    That's a great trick. Thanks :cool:
  90. EdgE

    I want to play ,What’s the JVM,What the Fm3

    No 🦵🏻pulling
  91. EdgE

    Quick firmware 4.00 Cygnus test with Limelight

    That was great ,I think Cygnus records better , I just learned how to re-amp to make my tone better. ,now I just record it 😎
  92. EdgE

    New Firmware 4.0 Factory Presets Not Loading

    Also if you made presets in bank d they will stay
  93. EdgE

    FM3 Factory Presets version 4.0 "Cygnus"

    Gotta say ,I love how the presets are set up with the scene's :cool:
  94. EdgE

    FM3 Factory Presets version 4.0 "Cygnus"

    Thank you 🙌🏻😎
  95. EdgE

    I want to play ,What’s the JVM,What the Fm3

    1st is Fm3:cool:
  96. EdgE

    Heavy Space - my new song - 5153 amp, Valhallir IR

    Great as always Marco👍🏻🎸😎
  97. EdgE

    Black Sabbath’s “The Wizard” Live

    That was great ,love old sabbath 👍🏻🎸😎
  98. EdgE

    I want to play ,What’s the JVM,What the Fm3

    You got it BBN, Guess I kind of gave it away with the vintage 30's:p. I knew I couldn't get them exactly, I'm sure if I used the 4x12 with both it would be closer. vintage thirty have never been my fav, there In a carving legacy turn on it side just using the speakers in the cab. But the JVM in...
  99. EdgE

    I want to play ,What’s the JVM,What the Fm3

    9 Which is which, not going into load box, not miking ,it’s in the room recorded with iPhone 12. A little reverb on both. Jvm is going though a 4x12 75’s and Fm3 going though 2 2x12 75’s and vintage 30’s .so a little difference with speaker but I like them both .This is Joe’s music ,buy it 😎...
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