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  1. MrGuitarabuse

    Lord Of The Rings movie into a 3 hour metal song

    Bloody hell, missed that totally. I had to Google Randal Graves. loved Kevin Smiths Dogma, how could I miss Clerks and stuff...
  2. MrGuitarabuse

    Cassette tapes to MP3. AXE-FX of any usage per chance?

    Greetings people. Spring cleaning among some old shite. Found a bunch of cassette tapes I want to keep, but in digital format. I have a cassette deck (or rather my vintage old friend has one). And I want to "record" these into my laptop as MP3 (or wav etc). Would you use AXE-FX as interface...
  3. MrGuitarabuse

    Lord Of The Rings movie into a 3 hour metal song

    Agree! Some awfully strange looking people walking and walking without an end...
  4. MrGuitarabuse

    Lord Of The Rings movie into a 3 hour metal song

    Pure lunacy!
  5. MrGuitarabuse

    They All Sound the Same, It's About Workflow

    Fecking awesome... This would be hilarious
  6. MrGuitarabuse

    They All Sound the Same, It's About Workflow

    I see this as wine tasting... At first you have no clue. Everything tastes the same. After paying attention and actually been to a few courses or someone teaching you, you start to taste things differently. I am way better on wine than tube amps. Think number 4 is amp. Hope its the AXE
  7. MrGuitarabuse

    Swedish guitarist Göran Söllscher killing it - Eleanor Rigby cover

    He does tons of classical stuff picking the "bass" strings
  8. MrGuitarabuse

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 19.00

    Excellent... Another hanging a clock moment and we get rewarded
  9. MrGuitarabuse

    Epic 70’s songs and bands

    Epic 70s songs... its like asking... How high is up?
  10. MrGuitarabuse

    Home Studio….How Did You Learn the Ropes?

    ahhh... those Tascam days. Lots of fun with this one, 1988 or something like that
  11. MrGuitarabuse

    When in doubt.... Japanese ladies :D

    So much passion and energy here, + true love for music
  12. MrGuitarabuse

    Do I want a 2014 Toyota Prius C?

    Disclaimer: I have no idea what I am talking about... But..... My friends Prius have lasted over 15 years with rather minimal of repair. The "start" battery slagging recently, especially during cold Swedish Winter, but it still soldiering on. Used for daily short distances to-from work
  13. MrGuitarabuse

    Any Mike Judge Fans?

    indeed... It was accurate 10 + years ago and now bob sleighing with lighting speed way below that
  14. MrGuitarabuse

    R.I.P Sidney Poitier

    Great actor passed... R.I.P https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001627/?ref_=nv_sr_srsg_0
  15. MrGuitarabuse

    Fractal sighting in Tokyo - Happy New Year (click-bait warning)

    Sorry for the click-bait. The singer at Gigabar Tokyo uploaded this photo to her Facebook. Its obvioulsy not this year due to THE EVENT. But perhaps a few years ago with me playing with the house band in a Fractal T-shirt (not using my AXE-FX though here). On the good side, I probably lost 15KG...
  16. MrGuitarabuse

    What Amp Models would you like to see added?

    I think i suggested this before so here I go again (pun intended) Jay Graydon Signature Rivera Rake Head https://www.rivera.com/product/heads/rake-head-jay-graydon-signature-reissue-copy/
  17. MrGuitarabuse

    Axe III Turbo or FM9 for gigging?

    I haven't paid attention properly, but I assume FM9 is capable of running FM3 presets. Load up one of your CPU heavier presets here and let someone with a FM9 try it and tell you what CPU you are landing on there. Then you can choose wisely...
  18. MrGuitarabuse


    and... ?
  19. MrGuitarabuse


    This one per chance... https://www.digimart.net/cat01/shop5331/DS06983378/
  20. MrGuitarabuse

    You Tube "Reaction Videos" I LOVE This!

    I like Beth Roars, I like her analytic side of performances which is cool for a non singer to hear her take on famous songs, technique etc
  21. MrGuitarabuse

    Epic 80's Song that needs recognition

    Listened to DEMON in early 80s, first two albums were "devil focused". But the 3rd one went in another direction. The Plague from 83, feels very 2021 :D
  22. MrGuitarabuse

    Epic 80's Song that needs recognition

    Extra points for leopard outfit :D Well, cocked up here. Thought it was early 80s, but its 1978 after checking. Posting anyway (as you cannot stop me) :D Great band
  23. MrGuitarabuse

    PRS SE 24-08 vs 35th Anniversary S2 Custom 24

    Lots of good feedback to OP here ;)
  24. MrGuitarabuse


    isnt 2112 the Aussie version of 5150? :D
  25. MrGuitarabuse

    Most recent sea shipment weighed over 10k kg!

    10K kg with shipping weight of 10kg each, 1000 units. Shipping carton 0.77cbm would be a fully loaded 45HQ container. (if AXE-FX III) if mixed with other products who knows :D
  26. MrGuitarabuse

    Old LPs

    Since running overseas business with traveling involved doesnt go all that well during these times I am back "home" in Sweden. Having a few boxes stored at my friends house I went through those the other day. Some cassette tapes and photos, but also a few cool LPs. interview LP with Van Halen...
  27. MrGuitarabuse

    Axe-Fx Firmware Release Version 17.01 Release Candidate

    And whenever your say the word "beta" I need to (re)post this :D
  28. MrGuitarabuse

    The things they are teaching our children...

    And imagine that. China is just one dude!!!
  29. MrGuitarabuse

    Dad Jokes

  30. MrGuitarabuse

    Non Guitar-Based Music

    In my case, old. I am also enjoying old Magnum PI TV series, but prefer Higgins character the most :D
  31. MrGuitarabuse

    Non Guitar-Based Music

    I have got hooked on background music. Soft "nonsense" music, perfect to work to. Search YouTube for "Seeburg background music". If you are as old as I, I am sure you get a flashback walking the department store in the 70s :D
  32. MrGuitarabuse

    Easy instrumental song suggestions?

    Played this in Tokyo with a few friends... fexxing rall...
  33. MrGuitarabuse


    Imagine its for the AXE-FX IV :D
  34. MrGuitarabuse


    with magic? :D
  35. MrGuitarabuse

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 4 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta

    Sure, Whats Firmware in Japanese? :D
  36. MrGuitarabuse

    Cygnus Beta - first impressions

    my "usual" post on occasions like these
  37. MrGuitarabuse

    Vai - Guitar Anthology tab book

    Mind boggling workmanship and skills
  38. MrGuitarabuse

    Closed Offline Edit with FM-Edit

    Yes, it was. But that was the end of that Era. Different approach now regarding software so without hardware connected the editor is just an empty shell
  39. MrGuitarabuse

    Midi clock thru?

    Or.......... I guess 80% of people here (myself included) have no idea about what you are talking about :D :D
  40. MrGuitarabuse

    Snarky TGP Nonsense

    Its a joke... Created an account there... Dont think I posted... bloody hell, created by retards for retards... The more online options I get, the more I love offline life...
  41. MrGuitarabuse

    part for Ultra

    Here is an old discussion about same encoder issue, maybe could help https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/axe-fx-ultra-encoder-replacment.81698/ Input jack should be easier to find (I guess). But, hasnt also the ULTRA an input jack on the back? Easier to use that if so. Of course all this...
  42. MrGuitarabuse

    What is up with Fractal, and supply? New Customer

    One of my clients who are sourcing dispensers, soap, sanitizer etc, which obviously selling like hot cakes this year recently placed an order. Delivery schedule APRIL!!! o_O I assume there are plenty of empty shelfs around the world
  43. MrGuitarabuse

    3 Italian guys with FAS units: simply pleasure....

    Great stuff. Italians are very different depending on the region... South Italy is basically ITALY (as we know or picture it). North Italy (Milan etc) basically is mentally German... but with nicer shoes ;)
  44. MrGuitarabuse

    BAND-MAID... ROCKS!!!!!!!

    Great drummer although I have my soft spot for the singer :D Met my favorite drummer a year ago ;)
  45. MrGuitarabuse

    Thinking about upgrading to the MKII

    How high is up? :D I dont think anyone knows. And those who knows wont tell you. Also depending on where in the world you are located.
  46. MrGuitarabuse

    Has anyone else been on the waiting list for well over 6 months now?

    Different in different regions I suppose, but everywhere WELL over one year I am sure. Here in Asia... its like... how long is the wait... how high is up....
  47. MrGuitarabuse

    Is it a bad idea to take axe fx with me on a plane?

    My Swedish buddy got a battery factory here. He sort you out when your 18V version hits the market ;)
  48. MrGuitarabuse

    Is it a bad idea to take axe fx with me on a plane?

    yeah, been in EU, China, Japan with all sorts of electricity. Zero issues
  49. MrGuitarabuse

    Announcing Axe-Fx III Mark II

    These arent the droids I am looking for... Move along... Move along... :D
  50. MrGuitarabuse

    BAND-MAID... ROCKS!!!!!!!

    These fantastic Japanese ladies rocks!!! And... live in L.A here (in case you dont think these ladies are real) :D (sadly this is the case sometimes)
  51. MrGuitarabuse

    When I arm a track in Reaper to record, it starts to ‘clip’ and distort.. surely it’s a simple setting issue..?

    Cool Tool!!! Guess I should read the release notes :D :D :D :D :D Blast a power chord and its tiny bit in the red. Seems good
  52. MrGuitarabuse

    When I arm a track in Reaper to record, it starts to ‘clip’ and distort.. surely it’s a simple setting issue..?

    :dizzy: I have default, default 4.0, default 5.0 and classix 1.x to choose from.... I have no idea then haha. I went for 4.0 on my machine (pc win10) and it became very close to the above and helped me sort out my settings
  53. MrGuitarabuse

    When I arm a track in Reaper to record, it starts to ‘clip’ and distort.. surely it’s a simple setting issue..?

    In Reaper, if you navigate to Options, then themes and choose "Default 4.0" I think you should have a layout looking same or similar to the above. Perhaps easier to see various settings (noob here too) :D
  54. MrGuitarabuse

    When I arm a track in Reaper to record, it starts to ‘clip’ and distort.. surely it’s a simple setting issue..?

    Great thread guys. Newbie here... Just found that I can save a track template in reaper so it always add new track as I want it... saves lots of confusion (for me)
  55. MrGuitarabuse

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 14.00

    New FW eiy... bloody Nora, I am out of the loop for 2 weeks and and FW jump up to 14 and an AXE-FX Mk II is launched. Apparently the Virus doesnt slow this company down
  56. MrGuitarabuse

    Axe-Fx III mkII spiffy logo LED

    I salute you my friend. I am on your ship as well. Bloody mobile phone nonsense :D
  57. MrGuitarabuse

    Is it a bad idea to take axe fx with me on a plane?

    I bought this and been flying with it without any problems, mostly within Asia and Asia-Europe. https://www.thomann.de/gb/rockbag_rockbag_rb_24310_b.htm PSA Bring a power cord. I transferred in Istanbul and had to turn it on during transfer security check to make sure it doesnt explode :D
  58. MrGuitarabuse

    That "elusive" 80s tone....

    Greetings all and thanks for all input so far. Sorry for the radio silence, been "wire brushing" the hell out of a few factories that cocked up. Should be back on my tone hunt this weekend and if all goes well share some tones for your review (or laughter) :D
  59. MrGuitarabuse

    That "elusive" 80s tone....

    Sort of improving with rather high ratio and hard knee (studio FB1 compressor). Great improvment btw in recent FW!! I guess I will be struggling further through the weekend with compressor before coming to the "wet" parts. At least I got my "80s lady" out of the closet. Dang forgot the trouble...
  60. MrGuitarabuse

    That "elusive" 80s tone....

    Thanks all for chiming in so far. I have plenty of homework over the weekend :D First goal as said to dial the compression, I saw somewhere ratio 4:1 was used as mentioned by @guitarnerdswe and will try higher as well and see how that goes with some various settings from @simeon above and some...
  61. MrGuitarabuse

    USB Audio interface and microphone advise

    Thanks guys, its probably the scarlett bundle (sort of beginner/lower end I guess) or Zoom H5 or 6 with some add ons. H8 seems abit overkill right now
  62. MrGuitarabuse

    That "elusive" 80s tone....

    Thanks all so far. Agree with @simeon Nailing the compression is a challenge... so I am basically starting with that. And yes new updates are great. I seems to be liking FB1 so far... In my search and re-search I found some interesting reads if anyone is interested (perhaps old news for many...
  63. MrGuitarabuse

    That "elusive" 80s tone....

    Hepp, thanks.. Totally forgot about this discussion back in the days
  64. MrGuitarabuse

    That "elusive" 80s tone....

    Thanks... yes found one thread (so far). Again @guitarnerdswe great breakdown
  65. MrGuitarabuse

    That "elusive" 80s tone....

    Yes, yes, yes... beating a dead horse I assume... Anyway, with now two weeks ahead of me of at home writing reports and stuff I also get plenty of time for tweaking and playing. With recent upgrade regarding compressor and @guitarnerdswe delay blocks I thought I have started hunting down 80s...
  66. MrGuitarabuse

    Jersey Girl Guitars... Bloody Nora

    A luthier escaped overcrowded Tokyo and set up in Hokkaido. Some wicked wood skills here http://jerseygirlhg.com/composition/wlts/index.html?no=3
  67. MrGuitarabuse

    Does storing/hanging a guitar from a wall hanger damage?

    it will not... until it hits the floor :D
  68. MrGuitarabuse

    Implemented Multitap Delay - levels modifiers

    Flippin Eck! Fastest implementation confirmation ever.
  69. MrGuitarabuse

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 13.03

    That pesky NaN acting up again eiy :D Thanks all for your hard consistent work
  70. MrGuitarabuse

    USB Audio interface and microphone advise

    Thanks, didnt think of that direction at first. Have been checking them out before, just for live recording but didnt think of them as an interface
  71. MrGuitarabuse

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 13.02

    We never doubted this for one second
  72. MrGuitarabuse

    USB Audio interface and microphone advise

    Greetings Fellows, In the times of lockdown or semi lockdown and impossible international travels I am looking for an USB audio interface and microphone for my gf. Basically so we can work together on some tunes. Dont need the best high end stuff but something decent in the middle of quality...
  73. MrGuitarabuse

    Def Leppard's Phil Collen on the Axe-Fx III (new video interview)

    All these "lockdown online videos" comes with love and hate. I love that lots of videos coming out from plenty of people and you get to hear new stories and angles from their career. I hate the fact that all these (well most of them) mega million dollar stars cant be arsed getting proper mic and...
  74. MrGuitarabuse

    Need a sanity check on my expression pedal setup

    1000 miles from my AXE now but related to the first question. Isnt there a different "modifier" you have to choose regarding PEDAL (AXE) and PEDAL (FC) ?
  75. MrGuitarabuse

    Go faster! I hear Banjos!

    A pig smile per chance? :D :D
  76. MrGuitarabuse

    Axe-Fx III Waitlist

    There is always next years birthday ;)
  77. MrGuitarabuse

    Jim the Pigeon

    Bloody Nora, Its my homing pigeon. He is coming for the FM3 :D
  78. MrGuitarabuse

    Rounded or Pointy Pick Tip? Flexy or Stiff Pick?

    Its like me... I could swear my RED JAZZ III sounds better than BLACK ones.... :D
  79. MrGuitarabuse

    RIP - Pete Way

  80. MrGuitarabuse

    I am fast!

  81. MrGuitarabuse

    R.I.P Martin Birch

    A legend past https://www.theguardian.com/music/2020/aug/10/martin-birch-producer-for-iron-maiden-black-sabbath-and-more-dies-aged-71
  82. MrGuitarabuse

    Whoops! Wrong Hole! Here's How To Prevent This

    Buy an FM3 without headphone jack! :D
  83. MrGuitarabuse

    My Axe III does not work

    My remedy is, I never turn my unit off.. :D sorry, couldnt resist. Hope works out for you
  84. MrGuitarabuse

    Boulevard of Broken Dreams

    Paging Dr @fremen
  85. MrGuitarabuse

    What is your favorite beer?

    Proper pub indeed. I find the bottle and can Guinness abit gassy and bitter. At least those bottles/cans you get here in Asia
  86. MrGuitarabuse

    What is your favorite beer?

    Oh yes, Great place. Food nothing much to write home about, but pints good and the jazz band of course. Pre pandemic and all other current crap of course. However, the above pint photo was taken few days ago at O'Reilly's in Ningbo. My usual local when roaming eastern China
  87. MrGuitarabuse

    What is your favorite beer?

    A proper pint!
  88. MrGuitarabuse

    sheddin some twang over a train beat

    Shouldnt that be "woodshred" :D
  89. MrGuitarabuse

    Tim Pierce has an Axe III??

    Could be, I think there was some kind of studio "rig rundown" of all (or most of his stuff, racks, pedals etc) on YouTube somewhere. A cable clatter of biblical proportions. I bet he would be happy to have that sorted in (mostly) one rack unit.
  90. MrGuitarabuse

    What weird tunings do you have your guitars in?

    In this day and age, standard tuning is probably the most weird you can tune your guitars in.... :D
  91. MrGuitarabuse

    Ozzy Osbourne - Miracle Man (kinda) / EDIT: Now with the correct Video (direct audio)

    Havent heard this Ozzy song, but dig your tone there!
  92. MrGuitarabuse

    Yellow Line In Display

    Disclaimer, I am not electronics expert Could be a bad solder, or bad seated cable. But I think these kind of screen issues are most likely LCD failure.
  93. MrGuitarabuse

    Expected wait time for FM3?

    How high is up
  94. MrGuitarabuse

    First person to choose this as their band name gets the reward...

    Sorry.. Learned a new word today that I already did choose for my (maybe) coming new band "Discombobulated" :D
  95. MrGuitarabuse


    Chinese typically very proudly buy imported stuff :D
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