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  1. bulgmaf

    Using a right angle plug with a Tele

    Anyone know of any tricks to be able to use a right-angle cable plug with a Tele? Because the plug jack is recessed in a Tele, a right-angle plug won't fit. So, I'm wondering if there are any solutions (longer right angle plug, after-market replacement jack that is not recessed into the body...
  2. bulgmaf

    Does Anyone Know If Axe-Edit for Axe-Fx II will support Windows 11?

    I want to be sure before I make the change to Windows 11
  3. bulgmaf

    Could I compare AxeFxII tones to AxeFxIII without an ABY box?

    I want to rebuild some of my favorite AxeFx II presets in the Axe III from scratch (not sure I trust FracTool to get this right, given the constant FW updates). I was planning on picking up an ABY box so I could toggle between the two units, signal chain as follows: Guitar > ABY input > ABY...
  4. bulgmaf

    80s Style Chorus Block

    Where do I find information about the chorus block type "80s style"? Is this supposed to be an emulation of the Roland RE-501 Chorus Echo?
  5. bulgmaf

    Can I use input 2 for my iPad?

    I'd like to input my iPad into the AxeFx III so that I can play along with backing tracks, etc. I don't want to give up the Axe Edit USB connection to my Windows laptop, so cabling the iPad to the Axe via USB is not going to be an option for me. I'd like to use input 2 on the back of the Axe...
  6. bulgmaf

    Help - I deleted my factory FC-12 layouts

    Oops. Didn't save/export first. Now I don't know where to find the original factory layouts from FAS. Do I need to re-install latest Axe III firmware to get them back?
  7. bulgmaf

    Good amp for RV living

    Selling the house and getting ready to hit the road full time in the RV. Because of limited space, I won’t have a dedicated area where I can leave my AxeFx and Atomic CLR set up all the time. It will be able to come out on occasion, but sometimes I won’t want to take the time to set it up and...
  8. bulgmaf

    Wish Notes

    Curious if Axe Edit III has a place to keep notes within a preset (guitar used, pickup position, etc)?
  9. bulgmaf

    Best drive block in front of Fender clean?

    What are some good ideas for drive blocks in front of Fender clean amp models to boost the character of the amp for R&B, Soul, Gospel? I don’t want to change the character of the amp. Also, single coil guitar with boost pedal in front of Fender clean models vs. humbucker without boost pedal -...
  10. bulgmaf

    Do I want stereo out mode?

    Here’s my setup: I’m running an unbalanced cable from Mono/L Output on the Axe Fx II into the Atomic CLR powered FRFR monitor. Not sure if Output 1 on the AxeFx should be set to mono or stereo. For my presets that are running 2 parallel amp/cab blocks, I want to make sure that both sides of the...
  11. bulgmaf

    I want to play along with recorded music

    Does anyone know how to set up the original Axe FX II (not one of the later generation units) so I can play along with songs from my iPhone? I tried to read the manual and it is not clear to me. Would I cable from the iPhone to one of the input jack on the back of the Axe II? Would I have to...
  12. bulgmaf

    Back To It

    Fellow Axers: Been about 18 months since I have turned on my Axe II ( long story). I have FW 9.02 on my Axe-Fx, 2.15 fw version on my MFC-101, and no axe-edit installed because at the time it wasn't recommended to use it because of bugs when using Axe FW version 9 instead of 8. Now I see...
  13. bulgmaf

    Quickest way to get up to speed?

    Can anyone give me a 5 cent synopsis of what's been happening since March '13? I've been out of the loop since then, and don't really have the time to read all the threads to get up to speed. The last I remember, fw version 10 and the new Axe-Edit was just coming out. I haven't updated those...
  14. bulgmaf

    One IA Switch to control 2 blocks?

    Does anyone know if one IA switch can be set to control 2 blocks simultaneously, like a parallel Comp1 and a Comp2 both turned on by 1 switch? I have 2 parallel lines merging into the CAB block and want to set a boost switch that controls both.
  15. bulgmaf

    More info on the presets?

    Does anyone (Yek, perhaps?) have any additional info on the factory presets, such as specific song, band, etc? Some are easy to figure out (Pride 'n Joy, Lonely Heart Solo), while I'm not sure of the background of other presets. I'd kind of like to try them out in their proper context 8)
  16. bulgmaf

    Anyone get "Error 6" when updating MFC-101 firmware?

    If so, what did you do to fix it? I can't get support to email me back for some reason.
  17. bulgmaf

    Question: midi Cable to update MFC-101 firmware

    I'm trying to update my MFC-101 firmware from my laptop. Looks like I need a USB to Midi cable to do that. The one I have is USB on one end and splits to a 5-pin MIDI L and a 5-pin MIDI R on the other end. Any idea if that would work?
  18. bulgmaf

    Jam Track suggestions?

    Anyone know of any good jam track suggestions? Pink Floyd, Rush, any classic Rock, etc. are my main interests at this point, as well as some good blues tracks for general jamming.
  19. bulgmaf

    Please help with importing presets into Axe-Fx 2

    I'm trying to import a preset directly into my Axe 2 (without Axe-Edit, since I'm using firmware 9.0 beta). Between the Axe, the preset file on my hard drive, and the MIDI-OX utility that I just downloaded, can anyone help guide me through the process of getting this preset into my Axe?
  20. bulgmaf

    PLEASE POST your systematic approach to dialing in tones

    Long time listener, first time tweaker. I was fortunate that the wife and kids were away for the weekend, which gave me all weekend to play around with my new Axe FX II. I love that there are so many ways to shape your tone in the Axe. But for me, a beginner, this is very overwhelming...
  21. bulgmaf

    Achieving feedback using the Axe FX 2

    Anyone know if there is a block/setting with the AxeFx2 that mimics feedback, if going direct into house? Or does one still need to run through a power amp and cab and stand in 'just the right spot' ?
  22. bulgmaf

    WANTED: 5 good amps

    As a new Axe Fx II owner (I've had it for about 1 week), I'm looking for 4-5 good amp models that have a mild to moderate amount of breakup/gain, which clean up nicely when rolling off the guitar volume or lessening the pick attack. The music I play is best suited for this type of moderate gain...
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