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  1. rickgk

    Real Amp into SRL with Axe3 Amp in stereo

    Hi All, Last night i was trying to setup a stereo patch within the axe3 with my real amp into my Suhr Reactive Load on the left and an Axe3 amp model on the right. I use the 4cm with the amp also. I want to use the axe3 cab models with the amp model, and the option to use either an axe3 cab...
  2. rickgk

    FM3 v FX8 4cm

    Hi There, Just wondering if the FM3 ins/outs are as transparent as the old FX8 in 4CM? I know the fx8 was designed specifically for transparency in 4cm but not sure about the FM3
  3. rickgk

    Two 24" HD or One 28" ultra HD for DAW

    What are your thoughts guys, one 28" 4k uhd monitor or two 24" std hd for DAW, I can't decide.
  4. rickgk

    Any tips for cutting through live with FRFR

    I use an atomic clr live with the axefx2 and have always had good results playing live with a previous band that was one guitar and used e-drums. I'm now playing in a band with another guitarist and live drums and am finding that my tone doesn't cut through the mix, obviously I've done the usual...
  5. rickgk

    James Ryan AX8

    Check out the rest of independent music's Facebook vids with James Ryan. Monster Player.
  6. rickgk

    Which file extension to use for Ultrares?

    Hi, This is probably a really silly question but I purchased some ultrares IR packs and have found two different file extensions for them ,.ir which are 33kb and .syx which are 11kb, which is the correct type to use for ultrares? Thanks in advance
  7. rickgk

    CLR Wedges as FOH PA

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone is using 2 x CLR active wedges on stands for Front of House PA duties? I'm thinking of buying a second one to use for the whole band (guitar, bass, electric drumkit, and 3 vocals) as front of house and use in ears for monitoring. Is anyone else currently doing...
  8. rickgk

    Fender Roland G5 Strat

    Hi, I just purchased a fender Roland g5 strat. Anyone else here using one? I really like the neck profile and the playability is really good, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the guitar itself. But the guitar modelling is pretty disappointing imo. The Humbuckers tones on the...
  9. rickgk

    Jammit PC & Axe2 as Audio Interface

    Hi, I wasn't sure where to post this but here goes. I have had the Axe2 set as my main audio interface in Win7 for some time now and everything seems to run fine, but I just installed the new Jammit App for PC and have not been able to get any audio output. The first thing that happened...
  10. rickgk

    Anyone using the Axe2 with the Taylor GS Mini?

    Hi, I'm in the market for a cheap acoustic guitar to use at home for songwriting, recording, & for playing along with my daughter for singing practice. The Taylor GS Mini has really piqued my interest because it's cheap, is nice and small and feels quite alot like an electric, I'm wondering...
  11. rickgk

    High Gain Guys, How's the noise levels compared to the Ultra

    Hi, Just wondering how the Axe2 is for noise levels on high gain, or even cleans actually. When i had my ultra i had this ongoing problem with unwanted noise (I have many threads on this forum about the issues), and how i couldn't get low noise in my house (possibly bad wiring) on clean or...
  12. rickgk

    Shipping for AXE2

    Hi, Just wondering if anybody knows roughly how much shipping would cost for the Axe2 from fractal to Oregon 97220 ? Thanks
  13. rickgk

    Weight and Dimensions of Boxed AXE-FX2

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone can tell me the Weight and Dimensions of the AXE-FX2 as boxed direct from fractal? Thanks
  14. rickgk

    What's the Big MFC News

    Below is a quote from another thread, i wonder what this news is? Lets speculate, hopefully it will take my mind off the axe2 for a little while "Went to the amp show today. A few things. First, it was cool meeting Cliff and I appreciated him making time to speak with me. He was friendly...
  15. rickgk

    What does the 'dynamic speaker modeling in the amp block' do

    Sorry if this has been asked but what does the 'dynamic speaker modeling in the amp block' do and practical uses for it?
  16. rickgk

    Noise Reduction

    Posting this new thread to continue a conversation from another thread I inadvertantly hijacked Why should the axe do any of the crazy synth sounds or multitudes of other far out stuff that it does? Would you wish for a synth block or white noise generator, quad chorus, etc etc if the axe...
  17. rickgk

    Is the new forum accessible on TouchBB or Tapatalk apps?

    Hi, Since the new forum upgrade i have been unable to connect using the touchbb app on my iphone so just wondering if this is no longer going to be supported or am i doing something wrong? Thanks
  18. rickgk

    Why can't i get the fxloop working?

    Hi all, I've just received a rocktron hush super c to try out with my axe-fx but i am having trouble getting it to work. I insert an fx loop block in the chain and have everything wired up correctly but as soon as i enable the fxloop block the sound dies and i just get a low level hiss, if i...
  19. rickgk

    Anyone Know Exactly what is going on with MFC in Australia?

    I received an e-mail on the 1st of november from the aussie distributor saying that the MFC's would be available in australia on the 22nd of november and to pre-pay to reserve a unit. I paid on the 1st of november for my unit but still nothing as of today the 8th of december, i have contacted...
  20. rickgk

    How many are having problems with mfc?

    I have an mfc on order with the Australian distributor and at $1000aud i am expecting the mfc to be flawless in all it's promised functions but i am reading here of troubles with the tuner being quirky and super slow patch changes in axe-fx mode? Just wondering how many of you are having these...
  21. rickgk

    Controlled Feedback Issues & other woes

    Hi, I really hope you guys can help me with some issues i have been struggling with, please don't take my experiences below as knocking the axe-fx i am not trying to start any controversy i really just need advice and desperately need help because i really want to make this work and it's...
  22. rickgk

    Converting a 4x12 guitar cab to FRFR

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone has attempted this? I have a 4x12 sitting at home doing nothing these days, and i may be purchasing an atomic FR soon. I was thinking the atomic can run another cab so wouldn't it be cool to convert the 4x12 to FR and use the atomic's poweramp section to power it...
  23. rickgk

    Guitar Hacks IR's

    Hi, Iv'e been re-searching IR's for metal and the ones that are mentioned all the time are the GuitarHack IR's, just wondering if they are available anywhere already converted for the AXE-FX? I found a thread by Tymon that has them but for some reason they just will not load into the user slots...
  24. rickgk

    Latency on Acoustic Patch

    Hey, Just wondering if anyone else is getting noticeable latency on the acoustic guitar patch floating around the forum? It seems much more noticeable on this patch than any of the others i have used, whilst i still can notice an ever so slight latency on normal patches it's not enough to mess...
  25. rickgk

    Producing Natural Sustain & Feedback

    Hi, I've had the ultra for a couple of weeks now and am finding it very hard to get the same responsiveness, natural sustain, and controlled feedback that i achieve with my tube rigs the main one being a marshall jvm410 head. I find the ultra great for recording direct and the sounds sit in a...
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