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  1. SimpleSi

    Looper level drop.

    Video as reference. I don't know what the issue is, but between scenes within a preset, my recorded loop level is different. No idea what I need to change to keep it consistent between the scenes.. help?
  2. SimpleSi

    So I've been messing with the Looper...

    Since I bought the Axe3, I've been messing with dual amp setups and full stereo rigs. Absolutely loving it. I recently got my FC6.. And added looper to all my patches. Enjoy me messing around.
  3. SimpleSi

    FC-6/12 question

    Contemplating whether or not I should be spending the extra $$ for 6 more buttons. I see on the back of the FC's it has "switch 1+2, 3+4" is this a TRS input - meaning I could use an external 2 button pedal to use for Bank up/down etc or preset/scene up/down 12 buttons seems like almost too...
  4. SimpleSi

    DSP Calculator

    Anyone here know of somewhere I can find a DSP calculator to see If what I want to do for routing etc without using an actual AxeFX will work. Not sure if I should be saving up for a Axe3 for later in the year. or if the XL+ will manage. planning on running 2 separate amps (stereo) both with 2...
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