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  1. maxdown

    Early Whitesnake tone?

    What are they doing to make this studio guitar tone? It's mid gained Marshall for sure but it's got some sort of phased/ringing sound to it as well. Or most any track on that album ....
  2. maxdown

    Useless observation of the day

    Did you ever realise that on a Les Paul the note pitches of the low E and G strings if plucked behind the nut are pretty much identical? (Bb ish on mine)
  3. maxdown

    What other guitars out there have a neck like a 90's Charvel 475 Deluxe?

    Blew the dust off my old pointy Jap Charvel 475 Deluxe from the 90's and it just has a neck profile and feel I still love. Stuck a new Schaller Floyd on it to replace the old rusty original and it's playing great with rock stable tuning. Unfortunately a bright red pointy headstock sharkfin...
  4. maxdown

    Bored ... bloody bloody bored

    Humping gear, long late drives home, upstairs, downstairs, loud cymbals, drunks etc. etc. I miss it.
  5. maxdown

    Impinged shoulder anyone?

    Starting a few days ago I can't lift my left arm more than about 30 or 40 degrees in any direction. Have consulted a chiropractor and normal GP - both did the same push/pull tests and concluded it was impinged (no shit sherlock!) but not a full on 'frozen shoulder' which is apparently...
  6. maxdown

    Keep losing Sound Devices (Win 10)

    I have my Axe-FX and it works fine via USB from Win 10 to it - I can select between built in speakers on the laptop or select the Axe-FX as sound device. I also have a Yamaha USB 10 channel mixer which I sometimes use - but it will not work after using the Axe-FX as a sound device on a previous...
  7. maxdown

    Stage monitoring system suggestions?

    Our problem is that with drums and small stages/venues we are usually too loud on stage - everyone is on top of each other and we have to get the volumes up to at least hear ourselves over the kit. Tinnitus city. We hire in the FOH PA and sometimes we get the full monty as in the hire guy does...
  8. maxdown

    Treble bleed caps - arghhh!

    So ... I'm modding up a cheap but very playable Jackson Adrian Smith SDX (Indonesian made) to do the odd 80's FR whammy bar extremism. The Floyd Rose special trem is holding up so far - but I know someday a decent Schaller FR will likely find a home there. The guitar's electrics as expected...
  9. maxdown

    2x12 mono/stereo wiring - please explain this diagram

    I'm so crap at this sorry :) I'm transplanting an old pre-wired cab input back plate into a new cab and I can't remember what the wiring type is - parallel or serial when just one jack is inserted and the cab operates in mono. Never ended up using the donor cab so can't recall what the wiring...
  10. maxdown

    Anyone using EVM12-Ls as FRFR?

    Was just thinking after I'd been using these speakers in a couple of closed back 1x12 cabs in my conventional rig that they have a bit of additional high end over the average guitar 12 inch speaker and might be worth a try. I sometimes need loud backline due to the venue's house PA crapness and...
  11. maxdown

    Any Marshall JMP-1 with AxeFX 4CM users here?

    How have you set it up? Are you using AxeFX the fx loop in the JMP-1 or sending the JMP-1 main outs direct to the AxeFX? Any issues with gain staging or tone suck? Any way to utilise an isolated stereo cab IR into a FOH feed? (It's not possible I know without another device added - but what...
  12. maxdown

    Any Charvel 475 Deluxe/Model 4 users here?

    I've decided to re-build my old dinged up Charvel 475 Deluxe which I gigged to near death back in the 80's/90's and then threw in a dusty corner. It was always a great playing and versatile guitar but I just felt a bit self-conscious as I aged and had this bright red pointy headstocked wangy...
  13. maxdown

    How many reference tone cycles does your AxeFX do during IR captures?

    I get 2 cycles of 'wooop's then all is finished. I saw a video about capturing your own Cab IRs a while back and when it came to the capture part there seemed to be a lot more repetition of the reference tones being generated before the capture was finished.
  14. maxdown

    Strats - I love and hate 'em

    I avoided Strats for years ..... a LP was my first decent guitar back in my youth and any time I picked up a Strat it just felt too weird in comparison (plus too expensive for me back then too which was as big a factor). I moved on to using Charvels and then my beloved Patrick Eggle which I...
  15. maxdown

    So tonight my car wouldn't start .....

    ..... as I attempted to leave a petrol station just to make things even more annoying. Then after finally getting a lift back, I plug in and break a string ..... then when I toss the guitar back in the rack and smugly picked up a second guitar, I broke a string on it too. As I said "OK - I'll...
  16. maxdown

    Mirror Mirror On the Wall ....

    Saw this post in another thread and thought to myself .... surely it's not the quantity .... It's gotta be all about the love. Just for fun here's the current Lurv Meter chart based on total posts v total likes for each of the top 20 posters on the forum (as in post counts, see 'Notable...
  17. maxdown

    Do 1x12 cab IRs sound ‘more natural’ in 1x12 type FRFR cabs?

    For live players out there that are using 1x12 FRFR cabs and tried a lot of IRs from all the various commercial packs. Where I’m coming from …. My old rig which I played for about a million years used 2 1x12 conventional closed back Marshall cabs. ( I sent a pre cabs emulated speaker DI direct...
  18. maxdown

    Reverb block not displaying reverb type/options

    My Axe-Edit (v3.5.0) no longer seems to display Reverb type nor can I generate a select list from Effect Type in AE since upgrading to Q2 ..... is this to be expected until next update of AE? {edit} Actually there seems to be more than just Reverb affected - Delays as well - Effect Type in AE...
  19. maxdown

    KPA-Solutions Camper 112 Plus kit

    This 'build your own kit' was brought to my attention by someones post on this forum a while back asking if anyone had tried them. This is probably more of interest to EU residents as all parts required are sourced in Germany (Thomann and KPA-Solutions/Ritter amps). I have a Matrix FR212 -...
  20. maxdown

    Truss nut replacing - just turn counter clockwise until it pops out?

    I'm doing a bit of customising to a Jackson Adrian Smith SDX for fun .... pickups change, adding a mid boost/cut pot and circuit. push pull coil split blah blah ..... It has an older strat style truss rod adjuster located in the butt end of the neck which means you got to loosen off the neck...
  21. maxdown

    Backup properly and don't worry about FW changes

    Lots of discussion going on about whether Cliff should release beta version FW to the public or the final release updates come too frequently and change things etc. Just sort yourself out with a decent FULL backup routine for all FW versions you use. Then you never should have need to worry...
  22. maxdown

    Poll What FW is on your AxeFX II/XL/XL+ right now?

    Seeing that currently at time of posting this some users seem concerned that FW updates are too frequent and get irritated by it all, I thought a little poll to see what everyone's got loaded right now would be fun. Of course, it's immaterial really what you have loaded - you can backup your...
  23. maxdown

    Axe v Kemper (my first real life experience)

    No it's not that type of thread! Just a tale I thought you might like to hear - no flaming of Kempers intended or wanted! Our band was offered a late call support gig in a venue with a proper house PA and full time sound engineer However the gig organiser told us that the headline band...
  24. maxdown

    Any 2 FRFR cabs users - mono or stereo?

    I'm taking delivery of a Matrix NL212 tomorrow which I'll be testing as a non FR cab but seeing (hearing) what the extended range can do with the AxeFX and Matrix GT1000FX combination over my 2 1x12 EV loaded Marshall cabs. I'm still in 2 minds over going fully FRFR - If I do jump it will...
  25. maxdown

    Matrix NL12 users?

    Was thinking of getting a pair of the Matrix NL12 cabs but would love to hear from anyone who has them and uses amp and cab modelling 'On' with them and also sends the same signal to FOH. Any big differences? I know Cooper did an unboxing vid of them - but he demo'd them in standard guitar...
  26. maxdown

    Can both sets of Out 1 sockets be used at once?

    Sorry if this sounds like a dumb question - but I'm at work and have no access to my man cave toys and manuals ...... Now that I've got a MFC, I'm finally putting in an order to Vafam for a front connection panel and just want to know it's definitely ok to have permanent tails from the panel...
  27. maxdown

    Entering edit mode - tone changes a little??

    It's nothing I'd call anyway bad or buggy ... but just curious if any one else notices a slight shift in tone, or perhaps more like increased presence, when entering edit mode on an amp block? I had headphones on and just was playing some V10 factory presets - using front panel, I went to...
  28. maxdown

    Roll out that new server for the forum quick

    347 users online and it's choking ..... ouch!
  29. maxdown

    Anyone bought a Warmoth neck recently? Cut nut or not?

    Thinking of building a partocaster using a used MIM Strat body, Supervee Bladerunner '6 screw' trem replacement, Zexcoil Signature set pups with Silent Splits and blend pot and a 10-16 composite radius 22 fret 'Angled Strat' maple/rosewood neck (Clapton v neck profile) from Warmoth (13 degree...
  30. maxdown

    RTFM warning - Veet and British Gentleman Parts

    I know it's got nothing to do with anything we want to know about, but someone sent me this link - priceless .... Amazon.co.uk: Customer Reviews: Veet for Men Hair Removal Gel Creme 200 ml
  31. maxdown

    NGD - Any Strat Deluxe users? Need advice on upgrading bits

    I finally found my Strat ..... 1998 Crimson(?) Strat Deluxe with r/w fretboard and apparently 'cream' scratch plate ... owner hadn't taken it out of the case since his last gig 4 years ago. I got it for a steal and even though the strings are 50% rust it just felt good and seemed to sustain...
  32. maxdown

    Fencing with G strings

    Is it just me or does anyone else find themselves adopting a defensive stance when changing strings and you uncoil a new G string fresh from the packet? Dunno how many times those buggers have sprung loose and tried to stab me in the eye when least expecting it! Then again, the G string...
  33. maxdown

    You know you're getting old when ....

    ..... you view a youtube vid which has 'Classic Rock' in the title and a targeted Google ad overlays it with an offer to buy 'Funeral Plan Insurance'!!
  34. maxdown

    Why do the 80's get such a hard time?

    'Cheesy' seems the adjective most commonly used for the 80's guitar rock era yet I think it was actually one of those decades where the guitar made a comeback as a frontline instrument and should be honoured accordingly so! OK - I'll admit that the Spandex and hair styles are somewhat...
  35. maxdown

    IT'S UP!

    And here's it's friend DOWN! Say hello to them. Next time we will be talking to their friends LEFT and RIGHT - make sure you don't miss it!
  36. maxdown

    Matrix GT1000FX - Mesa Fifty/Fifty A/B

    Tried a quick and dirty recording in a room of the Axe2 using a couple of presets and A/B'ing a Matrix GT1000FX and a Mesa Fifty/Fifty It's not well recorded - plus very reflective walls. Used a Behringer B1 Condenser mic about 18 inches from a 2x12 EVM12L pine open back cab. The sound in the...
  37. maxdown

    Front Instrument input died

    ****** edit ****** Just to say panic seems to be over - the problem appears to have been USB or Axe-Edit related. I completely overlooked that I was connected via USB at the time - and while I powered down the Axe several times trying things, I didn't disconnect the USB, relaunch Axe-Edit or...
  38. maxdown

    Calling any James Tyler Variax and Axe2 users

    Any users out there? Whats the output level of the synthetic modelling like compared to the magnetic pups when using 1/4 inch jack from the guitar? I have a Variax 700 which I usually used direct via a cat5 to the digital Variax input on a Vetta2 - I stuck some batteries in it and plugged...
  39. maxdown

    Studio Monitors: Anyone using Behringer B3031A Truth or Behringer B2031A Truth ?

    I'm not looking for the 'ultimate' in studio monitors - but want something that doesn't sound completely false and crap (I do a good enough job at that before it gets as far as monitoring!) So, 'mildly' false and not too crap and cheap is a good enough benchmark for me. Does anyone out there...
  40. maxdown

    Older firmware (5.04b) download spot somewhere?

    Ok - I'm a paranoid pedant ... but I'd like a 5.04 firmware file to archive .... is there a download spot anywhere? Due to the timing of my Axe dispatch, it was sent loaded with 5.04 (well actually 5.06 (?) according to Axe-Edit). By the time it arrived with me the 5.07 FW was posted on...
  41. maxdown

    EVM12Ls - the dogs bollox

    Finally got round to sticking my new EVM12L speakers into a couple of 1x12 Marshall 1912 closed back cabs to try them out as I wait for my 2x12 open back cab to arrive. My Axe is at home and most of my rig is in my converted barn office here, so I've just wired them up to my JMP-1/Boss...
  42. maxdown

    Speaker cab wiring - Mono/Stereo - Help!!

    I'm putting together a 2x12 cab and ordered in a jackplate from TT which has 2 x 1/4 inch jack sockets wired for apparently Mono/Stereo operation - it was claimed on their site if you plug just one jack in it's mono and two jacks is stereo. No other details were provided on the site - and when I...
  43. maxdown

    Maybe need to split this Category into Gen1 and Gen2?

    Just thinking after looking at the new board layout. It might be a help to somehow differentiate between the two flavours of IRs seeing as there's compatibility issues between Gen1 and Gen2 and more and more folks seem to be creating their own IRs or finding copyright free ones and sharing?
  44. maxdown

    GCP and 2 exp pedals - what make/size pedalboard?

    I'm sure there's plenty of you out there with this combination - I'm interested in a soft case solution to keep weight and collateral damage to my car down! I have been considering a Pedaltrain 2 SC - its 60.9 cm wide (about 24.5 inches) - but I reckon thats a bit too narrow if a GCP is 17...
  45. maxdown

    Axe FX routing outs in live situation

    Hello I'm sure the answer is in the reading of the wiki or manual but I like to hear it from you guys who are gigging. I'm on the verge of buying an Axe FX (prob s/h Ultra) and just want to know if i can do the following ok. My current set up is a Marshall JMP1 pre with an effects unit in...
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