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  1. RecifeShark

    Kiss of death - Lynch - TM - preset included

    Here goes my attempt on this awesome piece (used a Fender Sambora USA HSS): Preset: http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=5308
  2. RecifeShark

    Steve Vai - I would love to

    I would love to play it perfectly but some of my bends (if not all of them) sucked :) This is a simple preset I made (just a bbpreamp drive, cali leggy, delay and reverb). Played it with a JEM 7vwh:
  3. RecifeShark

    EVH Panama Preset

    Hi there! I´ve tonematched an isolated Panama track using a Peavey Wolfgang Std and I´m very satisfied as I´ve finally managed that scratched hi frequency sound (I thought Axe couldn´t do this sound, but fortunately I was wrong!!! Thank you so much, FAS team!!). I didn´t do a reamp, but I´m...
  4. RecifeShark

    Diary of a Madman preset

    Hi, folks! Here´s an attempt on Randy´s Diary of a Madman drive tone, recorded with an ESP Kamikaze 1 (there´s a little Sonar LE post eq): .syx file is here: http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=4155
  5. RecifeShark

    Bark at the moon - tonematch

    Hi folks, I´ve tonematched bark at the moon using an ESP Kamikaze 1 and came up with two presets - one for direct recording and the other for use with poweramp and real cab (in my case, a GT1000FX and a pair of mini rectifiers): <there are 10 threads about this, but they´re at least 3 years...
  6. RecifeShark

    My Screaming for Vengeance album recordings

    There are some recordings I made. Some of the tunes are waiting for the other guitar (a friend of mine will do someday :) ) Devil´s child: Electric eye: You´ve got another thing coming (the solo of this one is kind of YJM meets Satch impro - used Fender YJM and Ibanez JS1200): I don´t...
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