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    Implemented Ability to load multiple local bank files

    Not sure if this has been requested before or not but I think it would be cool if you could load multiple bank files up and have them appear for general browsing along with the AxeFX banks/presets. Currently this is only possible by importing a single preset from the bank file meaning you have...
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    SOLD AX8 UK Only

    Hi all, I'm looking to sell my AX8 as its surplus to my requirements now that my FC12 arrived. It's in superb condition, full working order and been lightly used as I've always used my AxeFX as my primary device. It has the latest firmware and I purchased it new from g66 in june 2016. I've got...
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    Capture an IR of the Internal Cab Block?

    Hi, I just wondered if anyone knew if it was possible to capture an IR of the Cab block inside the Axe. I just tried and it looked like it might work but didn't seem to. Setup as follows Preset with a cab block and shunts only Output 2 mirror to off connected Out 2 to input 1 connected Out 1...
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    Wish Ability to disable and/or reassign the reveal button

    Hi all, firstly I have to own up, I have big clumsy feet! As a result I would be very interested in having the ability to disable the reveal button and/or reassign it to a CC. I don't use reveal day to day and sometimes I accidentally hit it without noticing, shortly after chaos usually...
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    Testing my new chain (MLSoundlabs, Slate Digital, CabIR.eu)

    I was just testing an IR I shot using my standard DAW signal chain and exporting it back out to the AxeFX. It also contains an ML Sound Labs Cab from Pack 20 and a room mic from the CabIR.eu Orange pack. I added the room mic at -5dB in a stereo UltraRes cab block. Both cabs are panned dead...
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    Trigger another IA pedal with XS????

    Hi there, I wondered if it was possible to do the following. Lead Boost Scenario I have IA switch 16 configured in AxeFX Sync mode to switch GEQ1 which I use for my lead boost. I like to know if it's on or off, the LED shows me this and it works well. I also have a midi expression pedal that...
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    Tip for the amp/cab guys

    So, I've been playing Matrix poweramp into a guitar cab for quite some time and while I've been happy on the whole I was starting to think that something wasn't right. I picked up a decent tube poweramp and tried that. No improvement. So my cab is a Marshall 1936 with Celestion G12T75...
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    Ability to preview presets without the AxeFX connected

    Just as the title says, I used to enjoy being able to browse the FX grid for presets without having my AxeFX connected. This was useful at work or for looking at patches when my Axe is packed up to go out and gig. Just a thought. Cheers Spence
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    Any tweaking tips for valve power amp/guitar cab setup?

    Hi guys, was offered an Engl 840/50 power amp at a price that I couldn't turn down so I decided to have a play with the AxeFX 2 into the power amp and then into a Marshall 2x12 guitar cab. I just wondered if many others are running a tube poweramp/guitar cab setup and if you have any...
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    Spent the day at Matrix Amps!

    So I've just got back from a long day at Matrix where I got to spend some quality time with a bunch of new toys, some ready to hit the production line, some still in R&D. Needless to say that I was like a kid in candy store, there were a few real surprises and had a superb day rocking out in the...
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    Anyone converted a Les Paul from stock to 50's wiring?

    Hi guys, I'm thinking about converting my Les Paul 59 re-issue from stock to a 50's style wiring circuit with some bumblebee caps and new pots. Has anyone done this and were the results worth it? Looking on eBay you can grab a pre-wired set of controls with the caps installed for around $100...
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    Ownhammer 12M-RI Question

    I'm really loving the new V32 Cab and its easy to use Brit/US Modern/Vintage Options. I just wondered if the G12M is likely to be updated or whether it is possible to recreate these options with the given cabs in the G12M package? Does anyone have any ideas? Cheers Spence
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    FW10 thoughts

    So I was lucky enough to have some access to early version of v10 and I've loved it since I first played it quite a while back. With the final release there are so many good things to talk about but these are my top 10 highlights (in no particular order). 1. Easy of tone creation - Select and...
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    Beta v10 Heavy Rock/Metal Test

    I managed to grab an hour to do my first recording on beta v10. I made it up on the spot and the timing is off as I was learning it as I went, but I still think that it shows how cool v10 sounds. I used to spend hours tweaking tones and messing with eq in the DAW to try and get things to fit...
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    Muse - Hysteria - AxeFX2 and Frozen Sun Audio IRs

    Hi Guys, I did a really quick and dirty cover of Muse Hysteria (which I learned 5 minutes before so excuse the dodgy chops!) let me know what you think? The backing track is pretty poor quality but I think it sounds ok. I'm using the Diezel Herbert 3 amp sim in the Axe and an IR from Frozen...
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    Testing a new Redwirez Recipe with FoxODS - Blues

    Apologies for the 5 minutes of mindless blues vandalism but I was just testing a new Redwirez recipe with the FoxODS amp sim and kind of liked it :) I've never played the FoxODS before but I saw it mentioned on a thread in another section and felt that given the interested in the amp that I...
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    Matrix CFR/GT1500FXBD review

    Over here :razz http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-reviews/62469-first-rehearsal-axeii-v9-02-matrix-gt1500fxbd-2-x-matrix-cfrs.html If you can't be bothered to read the full review then the bottom-line is they rock!
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    First Rehearsal with AxeII (v9.02), Matrix GT1500FXBD & 2 x Matrix CFRs

    So I quit my old band a few months back and have not really been playing much other than a quick noodle here and there. I called up a couple of the members of the band I was in prior to that and sorted a jam as I was going a bit crazy from lack of rocking out! This was my first outing with my...
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    Xpenno IRs - Marshall/Celestion v30

    Hi guys, I just created an initial batch of IRs from my Marshall 1936 Cab (don't be put off by the fact that it's a 2x12). The cab is pretty new but I loaded some well worn v30s that have been used at gig levels for a few years so are nice and worn in. I also used my 20 year old SM57. I think...
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    Matrix CFR FRFR Cabs, GT1500FXBD Power Amp, Ownhammer & AxeFX 2 Video

    Hi guys, it's late here so I'll keep it short, just a video of some random noodles with the gear mentioned above, hopefully video says 1000 words. The matrix CFRs and GT1500FXBD are so freakin' sweat I can't tell you how much I love them, it's the perfect match for Axe2, add the Ownhammer and...
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    NMD - New Matrix Day!

    today is a good day, make that a great day! My latest Matrix order just turned up and all I can say is wow, I'm blown away! I am coming from the original GT800FX and am replacing that with a GT1500FXBD (3 channel power amp) and a pair of CFR12's. I've heard and briefly played the CFR in the...
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    Another v7 Heavy Idea, Herbie

    Hi guys, v7 has inspired me to starting writing again, I've not written an original track for many years, it's as easy for me as it was back then but I'm really enjoying coming up with ideas. The following is a clip I made of some parts for a heavy-ish track, they need work and I need to create...
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    My first v7 clip, heavy 800 Groove.

    Hi guys, here is my first clip with v7 (which is the single best update in AxeFX history as far as I am concerned!) It's a JCM800 with one of gfmdeluxe's great IRs. There is a PEQ block in the Axe as well as verb and delay but there is no post processing on the guitars. The clip was done in a...
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    Buttery In Arms Intro - Ownhammer MMS IRs

    Hi Guys, I was messing with the Ownhammer MMS IRs that I purchased the other day and all I can say is WOW! These are the best IRs I've heard and they seem to work for many styles. There are only two cans in the MMS range but there are many options and tones to be had, the real bonus for me is...
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    Wish - part reveal mode

    Hi, I was messing with my MFC earlier, the new update is fantastic but I was thinking that it might be useful if the following was possible. I use the unit in 10 Preset mode. This leaves me with quick access to my main amps but only 7 IAs. I have the reveal mode which is great but is overkill...
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    Tone Matching and AxeEdit Question.

    Hi guys, is it possible to save Tone Matching presets using the 'Save Block' function in AxeEdit or do I have to export as an IR and then load it back as a custom cab? It would be nice to be able to use the save block function to quickly recall your favourite settings. Cheers Spence
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    Another use for Tone Matching...

    So I had an idea. I currently use Slate Digital's Virtual Console Collection in my DAW to smooth out all my tracks and give them that analogue feel. I thought why not try and use the TM function in the AxeFX to capture the EQ characteristics of the plugin thus the various consoles that it...
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    It's here, go to support!!!

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    Matrix FRFR 1x12 Coaxial solution!

    Ok so I go away for a week and it looks like the cat is now out of the bag! Matrix Amplification are working on a 1x12 coaxial wedge. I had the pleasure of testing a prototype at home and with my band for a week. This thing kills. It's portable and loud, the response was very flat, it just...
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    Great Matrix GT800FX review from HRI

    Just wandered onto this review of the Matrix GT800FX over at HRI and thought I link it over here as a number of users have been asked about power amps recently. I've been using the Matrix with my AxeFX II and KPA and this review, from Marsa, sums things up better than I could :) Hope it helps...
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    Matrix GT800FX first impressions and question

    So I just picked up my GT800FX yesterday from the Matrix factory. Firstly I just like to say what a pleasure it was to meet up with Andy and get a personal tour of the facility. I was there for about an hour and we talked about everything from amplification to politics. Andy is clearly a...
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    Sorry Cliff!

    I really didn't that the clips would offend you as it was in the lounge section and there have been clips of other products in there before, I probably should have thought it through. Bottom line, Fractal forum members asked me to post clips, I posted some clips, it won't happen again, sorry...
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    New Ownhammer Mesa v32!

    Just downloaded this cab and it sounds great. The update seems to remove some of the fizz and microphonics from the original cab. A great update for me. Been messing with them for a short time this morning I managed to dial some rock and metal tones really easily. Not bad for a free update :)...
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    Some more v3 tones (JCM800 & Uber)

    Short clip to test a couple of my new presets. Rhythm Guitars are JCM800 and the Lead is Euro Uber. Would love to hear some feedback on the tones :) I should get chance to upload some presets at the weekend. Cheers Spence
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    v3 Bassman and Plexi Treble

    I just recorded a very short clip of my work in progress v3 Bassman and Plexi Treble patches and thought I'd share it get some opinions on the tones. The cleans are all Bassman and the Leads are Plexi, guitar was a Les Paul switching pickups halfway through. Delay and verbs are all Axe. The...
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    ACDC Back In Black with a custom Redwirez Cab

    Hi all, I was messing with Redwirez fantastic MixIR2 plugin and came up with a nice cab combo. I was messing with some Slash tones but all the talk of ACDC made me want to "learn" something new so I had a crack at learning the start of Back In Black. I didn't try and tweak the tones for ACDC...
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    Thinking about switching from FRFR to Matrix and Cab

    Hi guys, I have been a long time AxeFx FRFR user and enjoyed my time :) I have been really happy with the tones that I have managed to get out of my various setups however I played through and actual guitar amp the other day and missed the rounded tone that seemed missing from a FRFR rig. I...
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    So you want to know how good the AxeFX II really is?!

    Well this is what it did to my fingers on day one of owning it! I'd say it's pretty good :lol
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    Anyone got a copy of the latest Liquid Foot Pro User Manual?

    Hi guys, just wondered if anyone had a copy of the latest Liquid Foot Pro user manual, I've misplaced mine and the new email system doesn't appear to be the fastest out there :( Please mail to spenno_@yahoo.com if you do have it. Thanks Spencer
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    Quick Palmer PGA-04 ADIG-LB Question

    Hi guys, I just wondered if there are any PGA-04 ADIG-LB owners out there and if there units make a slight rattling noise when lightly shaking the unit? It sounds like something may be loose inside but I can see anything to tighten up. Thanks in advance. Spence
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    Ability to trigger an IA switch with an external footswitch

    Hi there, I've previously used a LiquidFoot Pro but have moved to the MFC-101 due to its smaller footprint. One feature that I found really useful on the LF, and would love to see as a function on the MFC-101, was the ability to use an external footswitch (or in fact any IA) to directly...
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    UPS Insurance Claim, advice please :(

    Hi Guys, I'm in the UK and I sold a pretty expensive guitar and preamp to a guy in Finland. We initially got in touch via a forum but decided to complete the transaction via eBay as we had never met. The transaction went through ok and I shipped the items off. The buyer got in touch after...
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    AxeFX II Clips Master List

    I thought I'd bring all the AxeFX II clips into one place for all those junkies who can't get enough of them :) I'll keep this first post up-to-date as clips appear, until the unit is released. FractalAudio Javajunkie Scott Peterson Vox and tape delay demo, Info here...
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    Short Clip of Plexi 1 v11 Firmware

    Ok so I'm off work this week and just uploaded v11 into my Ultra. I have to say that my first impression is one of awe! Anyway, here is a clip of Plexi 1 crank'd into stock cabs some delay/verb and a PEQ blocking at 70hz and 12khz. It feels and sounds more 'real' to me ;) Anyway off to...
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    Clips of AxeFX and the awesome sounding Mercuriall Cab Simulator Plugin

    Just downloaded and tested the awesome plugin, errrr, sounds freakin' sweet! Big thanks to AndrewSimon who posted the original link over here http://forum.fractalaudio.com/lounge/35524-heads-up-real-dynamic-cab-emulation-vst.html Here is a short clip of plexi2 master on 9 presence on 5...
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    Gary Moore RIP!

    It's a sad day for music, just heard that Gary Moore has died today :-( RIP
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    Pete Thorn's with his Suhr Plexi on a new album track

    Pete posted a link to a new song from his upcoming solo album over at Hugeracksinc. I really love this track and I'm really looking forward to the release of this album. He is using his new Plexi Clone from Suhr and it kills! Check it out...
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    10.03 Marshall Clips with Ownhammer Scumback IRs

    Hi all, A couple of people have asked me to post presets of a couple of my new tones that I have been working on for the Plexi1 and JCM800. Although my presets are pretty simple I thought I'd try and add a little detail to surround them just on the off-chance that it helps someone out :) I...
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    Is this possible?

    Sorry for the cryptic title but I just wondered if it was possible to choose which version of an FX block you insert from the front controls only? So let’s say I have GEQ4 set on my midi board for a lead boost and I want to create a patch without the editor, the only way I can find to add GEQ4...
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    Paraeq blocking filters, what order are the curves?

    Hi guys, Just after some info that I failed to find using the search or wiki. Does anyone know what order the blocking filter curves are? 6, 12, 18, 24db/oct etc? Thanks in advance Spence
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    New Ownhammer Mesa IR Test

    Hi guys, just paypal'd myself the 2 AxeFX versions of the Ownhammer Mesa 4x12. I've only loaded up 1 cab so far and I was so impressed with the results that a made a short recording. If you've not heard about the Ownhammer cabs then get over to the IR section and check out their post...
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    LFpro switches not responding when switching quickly.

    I posted this over at the LF forums as well but thought that users over here might be able to help also. Hi there, not sure if this is expected behaviour or if there is a setting to help but I am finding that when I try to activate more than 1 S button in quick succession that the second will...
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    LFPro v2.04 - Updated and now my IA sync shows oposite value

    Hi there, I own a LFPro and just updated to v2.04. I ran the autoload with my AxeFX and as usual it completed without error. My problem is that when I go to the presets the IAs initial states show the opposite value to that in the AxeFX and you have to press the button twice to have any effect...
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    v9.02 quick and dirty JCM800 revisited (inc patch)

    Hi guys, couple of people asked me for a copy of the jcm800 patch from my quick dirty clips, sad thing is I never saved it! Well just had a quick play with the 800 again and I think I got pretty close, maybe even a bit better ;) Here is the clip...
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    v9.02 - Full Track (Metal) + Plexi2 Clip + Patch

    Hey I just finsihed mixing a song that I wrote quite a while back and indeed posted a clip of on here somewhere with a much older firmware. Anyway I redid the guitar parts with 9.02 as I was so happy with the new tones I was getting and thought I'd post the song here for people to have a listen...
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    Very quick and dirty v9.01 clips

    Hi guys, just for the standard owners here are a few of clips after updating to v9.01. All clips use the same stock cabs and were created with minor tweaking of the main amp controls none of the advanced etc... There is a short reverb on all clips to give the mic'd feel and then a longer reverb...
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    Full Circle - Recto New Metal Idea

    Well I decided to record a clip of one of my new patches as I've not recorded an actual "song" idea for a long time now! It's a metal idea using recto new and stock cabs. The name is in relation to the fact that I started out with stock cabs and was happy and I then moved to user IRs from...
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    Just got a Verve 12ma... and it rocks!

    So I ordered an FBT Verve 12ma after reading so many positive reviews of the unit. It arrived on Thursday and I played my first gig through it on Saturday. I currently own a QSC HPR122i as well as an RCF ART310A and have never been fully happy with either of the other 2 in particular in how my...
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    Request: Quick Tutorial on Setting up LFPro IA Linking

    Hi there, I have just spent 30 mins trying to setup the following, I have also searched this forum and the LF forum but can't see the relevant steps to get this working. Here is what I am after. Set the toe switch on my Mission Exp Pedal to be able to change the state of S16 (CC#5 which is...
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    FYI: New Liquid Foot Pro Firmware 1.99 Out

    Hi all, just for info the new LF Pro firmware is out, seems to fix a number of problems and also adds full IA linking which I can't wait to try! v1.99 Liquid-Foot PRO. 1. Step commands now work in SONG mode 2. IA linking now changes the state of the IA switch LED 3. GLOBAL MENU: Presets can...
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    Sweet Child 'O' V9 (Added Full Track + Preset)

    Hi guys, My band finally decided to start looking at a cover of Sweet Child 'O' Mine which I have played for many a year but never really tried to get the tone spot on. I got about an hour alone so thought I'd have a go. It's as close to what Slash was supposed to have used as possible, which...
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    Last Liquid Foot Question, Promise :)

    Just a quick one. I notice that you can clone/link an IA within the LF Pro and I presume that I can use this to help me achieve the following although I'm not sure exactly how. I have S16 setup to send a CC#5 to my AxeFX to add a lead boost for solos. What I would like to do is also have the...
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    V9 very quick clips, the last couple, promise!

    Ok here we go, just a couple more for you. Now that v9 is out for standard you can post me some clips ;) Same setup as the rest (Esp Strat not Les Paul). Clip1 is the brownface on the edge of breaking up, sounds great, never really got on with it pre v9. I also used some vintage strings to get...
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    Liquid Foot IA Question

    Hi there, I have so far managed to get most features up and running on my LFPro, there are a couple outstanding one of which being the following. I have the LFPro in 12 preset mode and then S7 - S12 programmed for AxeFX Device Sync Mode for pecific effects. Everything is working very well here...
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    v9 very quick clips, lots of them!

    Ok so someone asked for some v9 clips using a few amps and some others seem to be digging my last few clips so here goes.... All clips are direct to PC with no post fx. Guitar is my Les Paul 59 reissue. All tones ere created in the same patch on the fly and use the same Redwirez cab (I think...
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    V9 very quick clip, Plexi, Univibe and Octaver

    Hi me again, another very quick v9 clip of Plexi2 amp into Redwirez mix cab and a touch of reverb, played on my ESP strat. All direct no post effects. Part way through I added the Univibe (never played the real thing so didn't have too much to go on here but I liked the sound, pretty much...
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    V9 very quick clip, JR Blues

    Hi guys, just thought I'd do a very quick clip. It's a cranked JR Blues into my Redwirez mix cab then into a rev block ,everything is pretty much default appart from that. Guitar is ESP Strat. Recorded direct no processing outide of axe. I love the drive on the amp and the space in the reverb...
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    Liquid Foot Pro / Expression Pedal issue with AxeFX

    Hi there, I have just setup my LFPro with my AxeFX and everything is looking good apart from one thing. When I hook up my Mission Expression Pedal to the LF and run through the calibration everything looks good. I then noticed that the AxeFx was sluggish when using the front controls and that...
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    New covers EP for my band

    I just finished mixing a demo that I recorded for my covers band here in the UK. The demo spans a wide range of tones and styles. All of the guitar and bass tracks were recorded with the AxeFX direct into my Motu 8pre interface into Sonar. My presets have changed a lot since I recorded the parts...
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    Windows 7 x64, Windows XP Mode, M-Audio 2x2 working!

    Hi all, just a quick note to say that I have my M-Audio 2x2 midi device working perfectly under windows 7 x64 in windows xp mode. Both new and old editor are working perfectly :) If anyone want more details then let me know and I'll do a quick tutorial? Spence
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    Question for Liquid Foot Owners about AxeFX setup

    Hi there, I am in the process of ordering a LFPro and would like to know a little bit about the AxeFX setup, i posted this over at the Liquid Foot forums as well. I will most likley use the controller in AxeFX mode. I watched the youtube videos and liked the functionality of the direct control...
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    ESP Strat, Redwirez IRs and Plexi 1 does the blues

    Hi Guys, My recording PC has been locked away since March due to home improvements but now it's back so though id share a clip of one of my new patches. It's my Esp Strat-a-like into the Axe into the PC. Axe chain was TS808-Plexi1-Redwirez Marshall Cab-Delay-Rev I go through a few pickup...
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    Amp Sim Request: Marshall 2555 Silver Jubilee

    I am a massive fan of many users of this amp and I used to own one back in the day, I was gutted when I had to sell it and regretted it ever since. It has a fantastic Marshall crunch, some would say the best from a Marshall, with more preamp gain than a JCM800 and a much more rounded tone to the...
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    Arpeggiator, Quick Question

    Hi, I just wondered if there was any way to randomise the sequence of notes generated by the Arpeggiator within the defined scale? Told you it was quick :) Cheers Spence
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    Impulse buy, RCF 310A.

    Ok so I went into my local guitar store to buy some strings and came out with an RCF 310A! I also own a QSC HPR122i so I thought I would write a short review based on my initial testing. Ok I have owned the QSC for around a year and a half and it has served me well. I have a couple of gripes...
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    Synth sounds in Rio and Dancing on the ceiling

    Hi there, I wondered if anyone has tried to emulate the synth sounds heard at the start of tracks such as Rio and Dancing On the Ceiling. I wondered if they could be emulated with the synth block or arpeggiator or other within the AxeFX? Has anyone got any ideas on this or has anyone got a...
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    First rehearsal with 7.18 on my Ultra (from 7.06)

    Ok so I am a bit behind the times, but I finally upgraded yesterday morning, tweaked my 6 main patches and then went off to rehearsal. The axe was really singing I loved it. All of my patches were enhanced by the new FW. I don't think I could go as far as other users and say it sounds more this...
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    How do you apply EQ to an existing IR?

    As the title says... Can you take an existing IR and say remove some of the low end or add top end? What's the process? What software is required? Thanks in advance... Spence
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    Info on removed IRs in v7.05

    (edit) Here are the converted versions ready for upload to the Axe, any comments then let me know? http://www.axechange.net/cabinet.aspx?cabinet_id=168 http://www.axechange.net/cabinet.aspx?cabinet_id=169 ----------------------------------------------------------------------- For those who...
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    Brothers in arms (well my take on it ;)

    Hi All, this is my first post in a while but I was messing with 6.10 and I have been totally blown away by this thing again! I LOVE IT! Anyway I was messing with the Plexi 2 with the bright caps when this happened.... http://www.satsumorock.com/brothersv2.mp3 I don't think it sounds half bad...
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    Work O Clock Blues

    Well it's that time of the week, work just round the corner.... It's been taking up so much of my time recently that I have not been finding the time to play! Here is a quick Blues Jam over one of Mr.347's great 12 bar backing tracks. It's sloppy as hell but WTF! Enough of my bitch'n here it...
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    IR collection uploaded on behalf of Fremen

    I said I would host these on my site if anyone wants them, it's a collection of IRs that Fremen has collected from various places around the Internet. I don't have any details but I'm sure he will jump in :) For info they are in Wav format so will need converting. Thanks to him anyway! Spence...
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    Quick question about old style 512 IRs in 6.00b

    So I uploaded Clawfinger's trusty JCM800 cab IRs (512) after the 6.00b upgrade using Albert's great util. Can someone confirm if they should still work as expected even though they were created for the old firmware? It might be just in my head but they don't seem to sound quite right, a little...
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