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  1. kostein

    Metallica - Sad But True - Instrumental cover

    It's the black album's 30th anniversary this year and I had to make a tribute to one of the most celebrated albums of all time. I used one of my ENGL Savage presets for the rhythm guitars and solos and one of my Dual Recto lead presets for the lead/chorus melody part. For the bass I made a new...
  2. kostein

    Metallica - "Blackened" cover

    Another Metallica cover from my favorite record of theirs ...And Justice For All. It's the classic Metallica album opener with the mellow/melodic intro before unleashing into the thrash anthem that it is. I used one of my ENGL Savage presets for the main guitar tone. The more I use the Savage...
  3. kostein

    Metallica - Battery / Damage Inc mashup cover

    Hey guys, I hope you're not sick of watching covers of this song as there are a couple on the forum (and they're awesome). This is actually a mashup of two songs and I was surprised how well they fit together. As always I've tried to capture the vibe of the original(s). All guitars and bass...
  4. kostein

    Opeth - "Ghost of Perdition" cover + preset

    Hey guys, I've been listening to a lot of Opeth (again) lately and I thought I should do a cover of one of my favorite songs by them. At first I thought of doing the whole song but I chickened out because that would be a massive undertaking. So I ended up doing the first part up until the...
  5. kostein

    Metallica - "Orion" cover

    Metallica's Orion is truly a masterpiece. I don't use that word lightly or often or for many things but I honestly believe it applies here. It is so masterfully crafted that I can't really put it into words. It's a very special song to me and I think it kinda shows when I play it. I tried to my...
  6. kostein

    Metallica - "Master of Puppets" cover

    If you're gonna cover one Metallica song, it may very well be the title track from their iconic Master of Puppets album. I've been putting off doing a Metallica cover for so long since I knew I wanted to do this song before anything else and I wanted to give it my best as I'm a huge Metallifan...
  7. kostein

    Axe-FX III High Gain Showcase #4 - Mesa Boogie

    Lots of people asked me about doing a Mesa Boogie video and here it is. I think I dialed in some really good tones this time around and I was quite surprised with what I could get out of the IIC+ and Triaxis models. Having no experience with either of them I didn't know what to expect. Even...
  8. kostein

    Megadeth - This Was My Life cover

    I don't know about you but I love me some Megadave! I've wanted to cover this song for quite some time now as I feel that it doesn't get the love it deserves. I'm really really happy with the result! Guitars were recorded using my Peavey 6505+ Axe-FX 2 patch. For the bass I used my metal bass...
  9. kostein

    Meshuggah - "Gods of Rapture" cover

    I don't know how many people on the forum are into Meshuggah but here is a cover of Gods of Rapture I did :D This was recorded before I got my AFX3 so everything was done with the 2. I used a modified version of my Diezel Herbert patch for the guitars. Bass was done with my generic metal preset...
  10. kostein

    Axe-FX III High Gain Showcase #3 - ENGL Savage & ENGL Powerball

    Hey guys, I finished part 3 of the series a couple of hours ago and as the title suggests, I'm checking out the ENGL amp models on this one. I'm playing through 3 different presets on each amp model (2 Savages and 1 Powerball) which adds up to 9 in total. I have to admit that the Engls have...
  11. kostein

    Slayer - Piece by Piece cover

    SLAAAAAYYYYEEEERRRR!!! New video covering Piece by Piece! I recorded this a while ago with the intention of making a video for it but never got around that until recently. Really happy with how this came out, as I feel I captured the vibe of the original. Guitars and bass were recorded using...
  12. kostein

    Axe-Fx III High Gain Showcase #2 - 5150 & Family

    Here we go, part 2 :D I'm playing through all the 5150 models on this one and they all sound great, well, at least to my ears :laughing: I'd love to hear some feedback. Hope you enjoy!
  13. kostein

    Death - "Scavenger of Human Sorrow" cover

    Uploaded this today. Used the Herbert for the guitars and FAS bass for the bass. Hope you enjoy!
  14. kostein

    Axe-FX III High Gain Showcase!

    Hey guys. It's been a while since I posted anything but I finally got around making a video and I'm very excited to share it with you. It's the first video of a (hopefully long) series, starting off with the Diezel amp models. It's also the first time I'm talking in a video so you'll get to hear...
  15. kostein

    High resolution images of Axe-Edit blocks?

    I wasn't sure where I should post this so if this is not the right place, mods please move. I'm working on some AFXIII videos and I was wondering, do high resolution images of Axe Edit blocks exist somewhere that can be downloaded? I can use whatever appears on screen in Axe Edit while...
  16. kostein

    Quick Q. Which OUT has line level output?

    I would like to record a dry signal for reamping, which OUT do I use? Also, is it possible to use SPDIF and have the left channel wet and right channel dry so I can record both using that?
  17. kostein

    Axe-Fx III first impressions / early review from a current II owner

    I've had the III for about a week now and I thought of sharing my experience with it for anyone who might care. Before going into it I have to note that I've had my II for almost 8 years now and it still sounds amazing to this day. The first thing that I've noticed is that I am playing a lot...
  18. kostein

    Resist the GAS, or succumb to it? To upgrade or not to upgrade? Help a guy out!

    I haven't posted here in a while but I felt that this would be the best place to ask fellow fractalites for your thoughts/opinions/advice. Some of you might remember me from some high gain videos I did years ago. I've been rocking my AFX2 mk1 since early 2012 and I am still perfectly happy with...
  19. kostein

    Help! Updated from FW14.00 to Quantum 10 and it doesn't sound right

    Hey guys, long time since I posted anything here. So I updated my firmware to Quantum 10 coming from FW14, which was released back in 2014 mind you. Now everything sounds muffled, like there's a blanket in front of the speaker. Old presets, new presets, even starting from zero it still sounds...
  20. kostein

    At the Gates - Slaughter of the Soul cover, now with video. FW19 Diezel Herbert

    Hey dudes! I never dedicated a whole video to one of my favorite amps, the Diezel Herbert. I grudgingly updated to FW19 and now it sounds MASSIVE. I've been meaning to cover this song for a while now and this year it will be its 20 year anniversary so I went ahead with it. It's a lot of fun to...
  21. kostein

    I'm gonna give v18 a shot, updating from v14 - anything I should do?

    So yeah, what the title says. This time I'm actually going to try to dial a tone from scratch alongside trying to retweak my current ones. I'll give it until the weekend to convince me.
  22. kostein

    Megadeth - Holy Wars rhythm guitars cover

    Well, this was bound to happen sooner or later but seeing that Chris @ metalguitarist.org challenged everyone to give this a shot, it happened sooner rather than later. This is a one take per guitar cover, mistakes and all. There are no overdubs/punch-ins/whatever. Just ripping through it in...
  23. kostein

    Still on FW14, still sounds awesome, albeit not so brootal this time.

    Hey guys, long time since I made a new video. Truth is, I've been slacking playing way too much video games lately. I tried to change that the past month and slowly managed to finish this just in time for Christmas. This is a more melodic side of me which I haven't really shown in any other...
  24. kostein

    Updating from v14 to v16. Anything I should know/do?

    This last update has something I want to try, namely the new Diezel models so I'm finally gonna bite the bullet. Is there anything I should do before or after I update so that my current presets don't change too much or even become unusable?
  25. kostein

    What made you pull the trigger on the Axe?

    What was your turning point? What made you go "This box will be my next gear purchase no matter what" ? Was it something specific or a long drawn decision? It took me a while to decide to splash the cash on my Ultra and Atomic Reactor MB50/cab back in 2010. I was ready to start getting into...
  26. kostein

    Work in progress, chugs + melody = chugomel?

    I finally fixed my DAW computer today after it broke down 2 weeks ago so I was eager to use it. I started chugging away with my VH-4 patch and it slowly evolved into this. Still a long way to go but I felt like sharing :) Hope you enjoy.
  27. kostein

    It's teh bro0talz again - short clip from my next undertaking

    Had some time today so I worked a little bit on my next video in which I'll showcase the brootalz amp model. Here's a little clip of how my patch sounds. Hoping to finish the whole thing this week if I get the chance. How's it sounding?
  28. kostein

    ENGL Savage brings out the heavies.

    Hey guys, it's been a while since I've posted anything! Real life can be a bitch sometimes and doesn't give you any free time at all to play. I've been working on making vids for the new amp models and I finally finished this today. Next up is teh bro0talz model but until then, I hope you dig...
  29. kostein

    CLR owners help me out.

    I have a few things that I've been wondering about. I'm contemplating of making the switch to Atomic CLR. I will probably pull the trigger sooner or later although I have to state that I am still really happy with my Atomic MB50 + Reactor cab setup. So here goes... Powered vs. Passive...
  30. kostein

    I present you... the inevitable (aka teh bro0talz)

    I could say that now my search for the brootalz is complete :lol This is a beast of an amp although I haven't really had enough time to really dial it in. There're a few clips out already but I couldn't resist of making one as well. So here it is, full mix and then guitars only. Guitars are...
  31. kostein

    New vid: Final Fantasy 7 battle theme cover. Back to my trusty Diezel VH-4 patch

    Hey guys, here's my latest video of craptastic covers :D I've played a lot of FF7 back in the day and naturally I've listened to the original infinite times. It's such an awesome piece of music and I always had a rough metal version in my mind so it was only a matter of time before I decided to...
  32. kostein

    Ultra Res IR's - What is your experience with them?

    With this new tech available to us for a while, I've wondering for a few days, how do you guys feel about it? Did it make a big difference to your tones? Did you load up a URez IR and were blown away, or were you disappointed a little? I'm not trying to stir shit up, just curious to see what...
  33. kostein

    The Prodigy - Breathe cover. Bringing out the bro0tz with the 5150.

    Hey guys, it's been a while since I made a vid so it's that time again. I covered this song a while back and I wanted to do it again but really take the liberty and kinda make it into my own. I really like how it came out and I hope that some of you will too. I used my trusty Peavey 5150 preset...
  34. kostein

    The Haunted - Bullet Hole cover. Some more 6505+ heavyness :)

    Hey guys, I hope you don't mind spamming my crap. I did another cover during the week. :) The Haunted's debut album is one of my biggest influences when it comes to my playing/songwriting so it was only a matter of time before I did a cover. This song is choke full of awesome riffs and is a...
  35. kostein

    Lamb of God - Laid to Rest cover with the 6505+

    Hey guys, here's my latest attempt at a video! This has been probably done a zillion times so another one won't hurt, at least I think it won't! :D Usual setup, two guitars, one panned hard left, one panned hard right, crappy bass of doom and SD2 with The Metal Foundry kit. As ever, you can...
  36. kostein

    The bro0tz happened!

    I hooked up my LTD EX360 today which I haven't played in months and as the thread title suggests, the bro0tz happened :D I had totally forgotten how good this guitar sounds though the Axe. I picked it up, noodled for a bit and then I tuned it to Drop D and loaded my 6505 preset. Kaboom! I was...
  37. kostein

    Master volume - A little experiment.

    After reading Cliff's notes about keeping your master volume at lower levels I took the liberty of experimenting a little. Most of my presets are set to a high MV (6 and above). I started playing with one of them and I kept changing the MV without changing anything just to hear how different the...
  38. kostein

    kostein's Axe FX II Firmware 12 High Gain Showcase (28 amp models) & Metal presets

    Done! Finally done! :D After months and months of working on this I'm excited that I can finally share it with all of you. I started this project back in December just before v9 was to be released and it went through various iterations with all the firmware updates. I was 99% finished with it...
  39. kostein

    Carvin Legacy anyone?

    Yeah it's me again, I just help but share the awesomeness that is v11. Long story short, I was playing around with my Carvin Legacy patch and the tone kind of reminded of "Jaws of Life" by mr. Petrucci. One thing lead to another and before I knew it I had downloaded a Guitar Pro tab, exported...
  40. kostein

    v11 Mark IV brootz test

    I feel like I'm spamming this forum :D But! I'm still working on tweaking my presets for the vid. Using the Mark IV model this time, this was build from the ground up. Usual setup 2 guitars panned hard left/right, full mix and then just guitars. What do you think? Excuse the sloppy playing!
  41. kostein

    FW11 Dual Recto - Metulz

    With the release of FW11 and AE3 I can now finish my next vid which will be another high gain showcase, this time using FW11 and it will feature 25+ amp models. Yeah I know, overkill :lol I shot most of the video though so I could start working on the audio when 11 had its final release. I...
  42. kostein

    Axe FX 2 FW10 high gain showcase teaser/trailer.

    Hey guys, I'm hard at work putting together a high gain showcase with the latest firmware for you and I thought of putting up a small snippet of what's coming. I'm still working on a few presets, trying to get them where I want and from the looks of it, I'm gonna be showcasing 20+ amps. Sounds...
  43. kostein

    Per preset modelling version, is this possible?

    Hey guys, I have a few presets that were forged with previous firmware versions and I haven't been able to replicate them with FW10. Is it possible to choose which modelling version the Axe uses within a preset? If I want to play through an old preset I have to change it every time through the...
  44. kostein

    High resolution Peavey 5150 block letter pic.

    Hey guys, this is and odd request. Does anyone have a high rez picture of a Peavey 5150 block letter head? I've googled and I couldn't find a decent one. I need it for an upcoming video I'm working on in case you're wondering :)
  45. kostein

    Warning, massive chugs - Short clip with fw10

    Here I am going straight to fw10 from fw8. Massive upgrade with very noticeable improvements... and here's some chuggin for you, with the mighty Brit Super :lol
  46. kostein

    Down - Stone the Crow cover

    Hey guys, it's been a while since I posted something. Here's a cover of Down's Stone the Crow with FW8, while waiting for FW10 and AE. I didn't see a point of posting presets since I'm on FW8 still but if you guys hear something that you like, I can post it. Hope you enjoy :)
  47. kostein

    I was going for a clean tone and then... bouzouki patch!

    Hey guys, been a while since I posted something. I was working on a cover and I was trying to get a nice clean tone when I came up with this preset that sounds a lot like a bouzouki. I couldn't resist so I recorded a little piece just for fun. :D It's pretty hilarious if you are aware of this...
  48. kostein

    At The Gates - Blinded by Fear cover. Diezel VH-4 showcase.

    Hey guys, I just finished my latest video, showcasing the Diezel VH-4 amp model. It seems to be that every time I'm close to finishing a video there's a FW update :lol Kinda makes me think I should make them more often. 8) This time I'm covering "Blinded By Fear" by At The Gates, from one of my...
  49. kostein

    Axe FX II Showcase Ep.03. Peavey 5150 II - Metal

    Hey guys, I just finished uploading the latest installment of my AFXII Showcase videos. I've been really busy lately so I didn't have much time to finish this but it's done finally :) This song will be on my band's upcoming debut album, as stated on the video. Two guitars, one panned hard left...
  50. kostein

    Quick tone test/DT cover with the almighty VH4

    I'm refining my VH4 patch on the Axe and I needed something to test it on so I did As I Am by Dream Theater, at least part of it. It came out pretty good so I thought I'd share 8) Forgive the sloppy playing as I only did a couple of takes. Guitars are double tracked as always and I didn't...
  51. kostein

    Mesa Boogie Mark IV - Metal, this time with the preset :)

    Hey guys, time for a new video. Since a lot of people asked for the presets on my previous video, I thought of a cool idea on how to share them. I'm gonna be making a series of videos where I'll use just one amp in each vid and share the preset used. Obviously this is the first one of the series...
  52. kostein

    Axe FX II - High gain amp showcase, 13 amp models

    I've been working on this for a while now and I finally finished it a few hours ago. It ended up being 17 minutes long, maybe a tad too long for a video like this. It took me a couple of hours to upload too. It was a massive undertaking but I learned a couple of things about video editing along...
  53. kostein

    Heavy 5150 & Powerball, quick comparison (presets included)

    I've been playing around with the Powerball lately and I really like it. It sounds a lot different than my trusted 5150 patch but it sounds just as monstrous and even a little more sinister I would say. I think it would suit better for some styles than the 5150. Anyway here's the clip!
  54. kostein

    Tornado of Souls by Megadeth attempted tone match

    I've been working on this for a couple of days now and I finally gave up :lol It's my first serious attempt at matching anything and although it is close, it's still not quite there. Here's half the song for you listening pleasure. I can't play the solo so you only get half of it :oops
  55. kostein

    Quite unusual endeavor, The Prodigy - Breath cover. Molded into metal!

    A friend gave me the idea of making a cover of this so I gave it a shot. I think it came out pretty twisted :lol I hope you guys like it.
  56. kostein

    A big thank you to Cliff and everyone at FAS

    I would like to express my gratitude to Cliff and everyone at FAS for this amazing black box called the Axe FX. It has literally changed my life when it comes to playing/writing/recording music. I'd like to share my story of how I came to own one of these awesome boxes. I just feel the need to...
  57. kostein

    1 input, 2 distinct outputs. How?

    This is probably a dumb question but I've been looking to finding a way to do this with no avail. :oops What I'm trying to do is, have 1 guitar going in and then having 2 outputs with each output having it's own distinct tone. For example on OUT1 you get a high gain tone and on OUT2 a clean...
  58. kostein

    Something different this time around. An ode to...

    ...the masters of hard rock! :D I wrote this song late 2011 and recorded it with my Ultra when I had it. Needing to take a break for a few days from all the heavy stuff I usually play I thought of re-recording this with the II and having some fun with it. So I re-recorded and remixed and made a...
  59. kostein

    Quick rock tone test

    I'm working on making a rock preset to re-record one of my songs (plus a new one I'm working on) and I thought of making a small preview for y'all to hear ;) Quite different from my high gain presets 8)
  60. kostein

    Machine Head - Davidian cover. Heavy 5150 on display.

    I think I have a new favorite amp model and that's the 5150. I've playing a lot with it lately and to check how it sounds in a fully mixed song I thought of doing a cover of Machine Head's Davidian. While I was at it I also thought of making a video; my first in years. It took me longer to put...
  61. kostein

    Amp blending - JCM800, VH4, 5150, Recto

    Since my last vid a few people recommended I should try blending the amps to hear how it would sound. Well I finally found some free time and woila. Amps used are JCM800, 5150, Das Metall and a Recto. I edited the presets a bit and I like them better now. First half of the tune the amps are...
  62. kostein

    5150 vs VH4 vs Dual Recto, which one wins?

    I've been working on my patches as of late and I made a couple with the aforementioned amps. To compare them I recorded a little clip to hear how they sound in a mix. Then I thought of making a video to see what people think. Without further ado here you go. Which one do you think sounds the...
  63. kostein

    Heavy tone test - Covering "Destroy Everything" by Hatebreed

    I've been working on my tone and I did a quick cover of Hatebreed's Destroy Everything to hear how it sounds. I'm pretty pleased with the result. What do you guys think?
  64. kostein

    First FW 6.0 attempt. Quite unusual endeavor for me

    I was playing around with one of the synth patches and it slowly inspired me to write/record this. It's pretty amazing what the Axe can do and it inspires me to write stuff I wouldn't even think of. That alone is worth getting this magic black box, at least for me. Here's the tune, not finished...
  65. kostein

    First recording with the Axe FX II

    I got my II a few days ago and I tried matching my main tone on the Ultra. It's still not there but I thought of re-recording an old old idea that I never got to finish. Thoughts?! First recording with the Axe FX II by kostein on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free
  66. kostein

    Two outputs with a very small latency between them? Is this possible?

    I'm gonna have my Axe II in a few days which I'm gonna use in a live situation. What I want to do is to have two separate outputs going into two different cabs with a little latency between them, something like 50-100ms. For example when I hit a string, the sound of what I just played comes...
  67. kostein

    Lamb of God - Laid to Rest (cover).

    I recorded this a few days ago and I thought I'd share it here too. Lemme know what you think! Here's the patch :)
  68. kostein

    How do I get FCB1010 to work along with Axe-Edit?

    So I got my AFX Ultra a couple of weeks ago and I have a FCB1010 with UnO firmware. What I wanna do is connect them both to my laptop and be able to program the FCB1010, control the AFX with the FCB1010 and use Axe-Edit all at the same time. I've been looking around on the forum and I tried a...
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