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  1. ElectricPhase

    They All Sound the Same Again

    Not going to guess what #3 is, but it could pass for a first generation POD. 🤣
  2. ElectricPhase

    They All Sound the Same Part Deux

    Not sure what you're getting at. The comparison is using our ears to compare the amp against various devices at the same settings...?
  3. ElectricPhase

    They All Sound the Same Part Deux

    Listening for the first time after the reveal. To me the amp sounded slightly better than the Axe in this test (it went the other way in the previous one). The rest are....ummm.... 😝😖
  4. ElectricPhase

    They All Sound the Same, It's About Workflow

    I guess I'll pat myself on the back.....I guessed 1, 2 and 4. I had no idea what 3 was though.
  5. ElectricPhase

    They All Sound the Same, It's About Workflow

    First listen.... 🤷‍♂️ Second listen, paid close attention to the decay on the last chord. Ah ha!
  6. ElectricPhase

    Wish Do We Need A Forum For All Fractal Modelers?

    Maybe a how-to forum loosely organized by block types?
  7. ElectricPhase

    I made a response to Rhett Shull's video

    ...and feeds the false "conventional wisdom" that the Axe has too many options and is too hard to use. I suppose it could be his genuine take, but after two years?
  8. ElectricPhase

    I made a response to Rhett Shull's video

    If I were the suspicious kind, I'd ask why Rhett chose to do a hit job on the Axe III....two years after the fact....when he seems to generally like the unit. Of course, asking that question would make me a whiny fanboi. Can't have that....
  9. ElectricPhase

    FM3 Firmware Version 5.00 beta 1

    This is an astonishingly good update. I have one of each ( FM3 / FM9 / III ) and I'm delighted by how close they are to being interchangeable (aside from the differences in raw horsepower and form factor).
  10. ElectricPhase

    FM9 Firmware Version 2.0 public beta

    The majority of users who install Fractal betas know that they are previews and present a degree of inherent risk. It is up to the individual user to decide whether to take that risk. In my many years of using Fractal's products, I have only rarely run into problems with beta releases, but it...
  11. ElectricPhase

    LED lightbulbs do NOT have the 10 year stated lifetime

    +1 on the Cree bulbs, although they can behave very strangely in some fixtures. I tried one in a table lamp the other day and it blinked like a strobe. Same bulb in a wall sconce....fine. 🤷‍♂️
  12. ElectricPhase

    Travel speaker for FM3?

    Maybe a useful bit of info.... I picked up one of those dot speakers after seeing Larry's vid. When I first got it, I used the cord and it worked great. Then I made the mistake of connecting to it with Bluetooth. From that point on, no matter what I did, it added a lot of latency....even...
  13. ElectricPhase

    Grrrrrrrr Microsoft!!!!

    Don't get me started on those fancy touchscreen Logitech remotes. One the biggest wastes of dinero in my lifetime. :mad:
  14. ElectricPhase

    Monitor suggestions

    Monitors are very personal, and you need some serious time to compare them side by side. Problem is finding a place to do that. When i shopped for mine, GC had a well stocked and maintained listening room. Now they have half a dozen models, half of which have poked out drivers or don’t even...
  15. ElectricPhase

    Poor Spock.

    I grew up with Star Trek, and I was a big fan as a little kid. From the beginning, it depicted an utterly unworkable progressive utopia that depended on the availability of unlimited resources. I don't know what they're doing now....I stopped being interested at some point...but I can't...
  16. ElectricPhase

    FM3 Firmware Version 4.01

    Been said many times: if you’re happy where you are, you can stay where you are. Updates are optional. ;)
  17. ElectricPhase

    Wish List Display Zoom

    I hope there was an implied ‘yet’. It can be read either way, and I picked the more optimistic interpretation. I’d be devastated if we got this close and the idea had already been nixed.
  18. ElectricPhase

    New CEBA covers 😊

    Hmmm...made me look. No rash after about a year and half of use...and they do move around a bit sometimes. I don't think I'll worry about it.
  19. ElectricPhase

    Happy Birthday Cliff!

    Have a great one Cliff!
  20. ElectricPhase

    Tim Pierce Master class thoughts?

    I subscribe to Tim’s courses. I agree that the material is a bit unorganized, but Tim may be the best teacher I’ve run across yet. The combination of deliberate, clear info, perfect execution, and positive vibe is really special. If you’re the kind of learner that picks up skills through...
  21. ElectricPhase

    Congratulations Cooper Carter

    Congrats! Say goodbye to any notion of sleep.....but, yeah, it's worth it!
  22. ElectricPhase

    Best hair metal tones for FM3 on Axe-Change

    Factory preset '381 Leon's Live FM3' might not be cookie cutter hair metal, but I can play hair metal with it all day long!
  23. ElectricPhase

    Ever give up playing?

    Kinda there right now. Not quitting, exactly, just dispirited. I thought I'd have the energy to find bandmates in a new town....so far, not so much.
  24. ElectricPhase

    FM3 Firmware Version 4.01

    Y'all are hoping for the same things I am. Set lists and better screen legibility at standing/gig distance. 🤞 :) 🤞
  25. ElectricPhase

    Axe-Fx Firmware Release Version 18.00 Public Beta

    Wow! Relentless! Thank you.
  26. ElectricPhase

    Call me crazy, but I might buy another one.

    Go for it! I have one of each (Fm3, Fm9, III) and the flexibility is amazing.
  27. ElectricPhase

    Studio Slip for FM9

    I've edited my posts regarding the Studio Slips FM9 bag. Once Studio Slips realized that they had made a manufacturing error on the bags they had sent me, they were quick to remedy the situation. I now have the double padded bags that I actually ordered. Since my original posts, a number of...
  28. ElectricPhase

    Sensitive Sundays featuring Jere Kortelainen

    That was stunning! On my third listen now, trying to cop some licks.
  29. ElectricPhase

    Any Josh Meader fans here?

    Never heard of him until you posted. I just watched his 'Shawn Lane Etude' on YT. Wow....and he's got those freaky Paul Gilbert fingers where his pinky is the same length as his pointer. It's not fair. :D
  30. ElectricPhase

    LON CHANEY LIVES! Free Halloween Preset for the Axe-Fx III

    That's going to get some use! Thank you!
  31. ElectricPhase

    Nita Strauss and Fractal

    I'll 'fess. I Googled that. 🤣
  32. ElectricPhase

    Your reason/justifcation for buying more guitars? help!!

    My wife is the same. Recently, in one of my window shopping sprees, I showed her two guitars I was thinking about and asked which of them she thought I should make an offer on. She said, without a hint of sarcasm, get both of them. 😍 I passed on both.
  33. ElectricPhase

    Your reason/justifcation for buying more guitars? help!!

    I'm not going to be much help. I have too many guitars. I know I have too many guitars, and yet I still window shop quite a bit. Ever so often, I get within a mouse-click of buying another...and then stop. Because I have too many guitars!
  34. ElectricPhase

    FM9 Case?

    I just heard from StudioSlips, and they have confirmed that the two cases I received were, in fact, not made correctly. They are going to manufacture replacements, and I'll keep you all informed. So far, I can't fault their response at all. Edit: Studio Slips did remake them with the correct...
  35. ElectricPhase

    FM9 Case?

    I actually purchased two bags from StudioSlips at the same time: an FM9 'deluxe' bag and an FM3 bag. As you know FM9 deluxe bag was specified by your company to have double padding on both the main compartment and the front pocket. I ordered the FM3 bag to have double padding in the main...
  36. ElectricPhase

    How are you guys using the new fullres IRs?

    Add me to the 'I don't get it' crowd....but hey, if it makes your bunny jump...cool.
  37. ElectricPhase

    Duncan Invader

    Invader? 🤮 (Yes, from direct experience. Couldn't get rid of it fast enough!) ....and I like other SD pickups.
  38. ElectricPhase

    Mitch malloy pete thorn vh experience happening right now. Jesus this guy can play

    I don't know what's going on with Mitch's vocals at this show, the delay at the beginning is really cringe. He's actually one hell of a singer. Saw him do a full show (mostly originals, a few covers) a few years back and he was very good. From earlier this year:
  39. ElectricPhase

    Studio Slip for FM9

    I will do that as well, but I wouldn't expect much. The have a strict (and understandable) no return policy, and it seems very far-fetched that this would be an error, since all of the order paperwork indicates double padding. Edit: Studio Slips acknowledged that the bags I received were...
  40. ElectricPhase

    Studio Slip for FM9

    I did. I ordered the stock, pre-specced deluxe FM9 bag. I'm pretty busy this weekend, but I'll post pictures when I can. I'll compare the padding on various gig bags I have lying around to the Studio Slips bag. Heck, I'll even grab some calipers and post measurements. The lousy Kaces bag...
  41. ElectricPhase

    Studio Slip for FM9

    The padding on mine is about the thickness of a sheet of felt. Did they make a manufacturing error with mine? How much padding on yours?
  42. ElectricPhase

    Studio Slip for FM9

    Thanks for the pointer. I'll keep looking, but with quite a bit more caution. Also thinking about a Pelican style foam filled hard case.
  43. ElectricPhase

    Studio Slip for FM9

    The stock FM9 deluxe bag. The shell of the Studio Slips bag is extremely well made. No complaints there. The issue for me is that with my Mono Kontroller bag, there was enough padding that I never hesitated to put it with my AX8 or with the later FM3 + FC6 combo in with other gear. That...
  44. ElectricPhase

    Maxine Vocals

    Watching one of my former band mates (who could figure out Steely Dan harmony vocals by ear on the fly) trying to clue us in was both epic and kinda funny.
  45. ElectricPhase

    FM9 Case?

    Very disappointed in the Studio Slips bag! The photos posted above give a very different impression of the product than having it in hand! I expected that the double padding would be on par with the solid quarter inch or so of padding on my Mono bag. Instead, the "double" padding amounts what...
  46. ElectricPhase

    Studio Slip for FM9

    Just received mine, and I'm quite disappointed. I expected that the double padding would be on par with the solid quarter inch or so of padding on my Mono bag. Instead, the "double" padding amounts what feels like a sixteenth at most. Given the price, I expected better. I'm not even sure I'm...
  47. ElectricPhase

    Is the Mk I now a little outdated?

    If the full-res IR function is a necessity for you, you might be better off saving for the Turbo. If not, there’s hardly any difference between the three releases. The full-res clips have not convinced me that it’s a must have.
  48. ElectricPhase

    Crazy Lixx

    Had the pleasure of seeing them live in the US...and I don't think they made it over the pond too much. A bit cheesy, but they're the real deal! Rented gear for the gig, so probably not much help there.
  49. ElectricPhase

    Mk1 FW:17 preset increased CPU usage

    Not if there were no changes made to it....I read the release notes. ;)
  50. ElectricPhase

    Mk1 FW:17 preset increased CPU usage

    This! There's no reason for existing functionality to require more CPU, so I'm not worried. I'll just hold off on upgrading until it's fixed.
  51. ElectricPhase

    Electro-Voice PXM-12MP report

    I'm considering a pair of these, but I wouldn't want to mess around with returns or factory repairs. Is there any outward indication of whether they are the corrected version?
  52. ElectricPhase

    LT's Channel Library Builds

    Much appreciated! Your channel is a staple of my YouTube viewing, and you definitely have a golden touch with this stuff!
  53. ElectricPhase

    LT's Channel Library Builds

    As always, thank you for sharing! I'm having some trouble finding these....are they somewhere other than your #free-stuff thread?
  54. ElectricPhase

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 17.00 Public Beta 2

    Thank you. That's perfect!
  55. ElectricPhase

    Diezel VH2 vs Dizzy V4 Silver

    There's been a lot of talk about this. A quick double check would be appreciated....if for no other reason, to reassure everybody.
  56. ElectricPhase

    The more you have to wait, the more…

    Need another option: ⦿ We'll get there when we get there (Zen)
  57. ElectricPhase

    So who is getting an 8 string Majesty!!?

    With the fanned frets, that thing looks like a Dali clock.
  58. ElectricPhase

    Waitlist Email

    LOL Ordered!
  59. ElectricPhase

    Waitlist Email

    Guess what? :D
  60. ElectricPhase


    We know very little about this feature right now. We have some tech specs and a couple of brief audio clips....not enough to have a preference IMO.
  61. ElectricPhase


    I tried deleting my post, but you guys are too quick. 🤪
  62. ElectricPhase


    Perfect! 🤣
  63. ElectricPhase

    Waitlist Email

    I might be within a minute or two on the list. Big bucks, no whammies! 🤞
  64. ElectricPhase


    I'm experiencing some cognitive dissonance. Unless you're playing outdoors, you're playing in a room. If you want to pretend you're playing in a different room, you add reverb. Isn't this just baking reverb into the IR?
  65. ElectricPhase

    NGD - Suhr Modern Custom

    You, sir, have outstanding taste in guitars!
  66. ElectricPhase

    Easy instrumental song suggestions?

    ...and thread watched. This is awesome.
  67. ElectricPhase

    Waitlist Email

    Aaugh! Put away the torches and farm implements. They'll ship them as fast as they can prep them and stuff them into boxes. It is what it is.
  68. ElectricPhase

    Wish List Display Zoom

    Wouldn't it be amazing if something this were rolled out alongside the FM9.....? :D
  69. ElectricPhase

    Sticking with the FM3? Upgrading to FM9? Why?

    Another 'both' answer. FM9 will be the new gig rig. My FM3 will replace my HX Stomp/Nano board for grab-and-go. The FC6 probably goes out the door as well.
  70. ElectricPhase

    Where is usb-A?

    The FM3 USB-A port is the Mary Celeste of the Fractal Audio world.
  71. ElectricPhase

    FM9 Announcement!

    You're not wrong....but keep in mind that the FM9 has a high quality internal power supply. If you've been keeping up with current events, you'll know how much that matters.
  72. ElectricPhase

    FC-12 Feature Requests and Discussion

    It sounds to me like you have two wish list items (both of which I agree with), but no bug reports. If you could state them without the editorializing, you might get some traction.
  73. ElectricPhase

    Acoustic/Electric tune, kinda Zeppy/Big Wreck-ish...

    Absolutely love all of the layers you put into this. Outstanding!
  74. ElectricPhase

    Waitlist Email

    I got reasons, maaaaan!!
  75. ElectricPhase

    Waitlist Email

    By enormous luck, I came across the thumbnail for Brett Kingman's video on YouTube right when he posted it. Clicked over to the forum to see if it was real, fired off my e-mail and got the confirmation back at 1:08 PM EDT. I hope this won't turn into....well, you know. 🤪
  76. ElectricPhase

    FM3 & FC6 With FM9 Layout?

    Read the OP again. The built-in FM9 layouts are really nice.
  77. ElectricPhase

    FM3 & FC6 With FM9 Layout?

    That would be a bear to set up, but I'll happily try it if somebody else does the work. ;)
  78. ElectricPhase

    FM9 -- I'll Miss the Rhino Bars

    Looks like there just wasn't room for the AX8/FX8 style bar. Step daintily. 🤣
  79. ElectricPhase

    Announcing the New FM9 Amp Modeler/FX Processor

    Apparently I even misconstrued what Chris said in the video. I guess I'm having a bad morning....I'll shut up now. :(
  80. ElectricPhase

    Announcing the New FM9 Amp Modeler/FX Processor

    I don't know. In the video from Chris, he says that reverb doesn't move the CPU meter much because of a dedicated core. One might infer various things from that.....which would almost certainly turn out to be completely wrong. :D
  81. ElectricPhase

    Announcing the New FM9 Amp Modeler/FX Processor

    I'm gettin' one, no question. ....but I really wish they could have squeezed in that second synth block. :imp:
  82. ElectricPhase

    Announcing the New FM9 Amp Modeler/FX Processor

    So thaaat's why things were so quiet around here. Looks like my FM3 is destined to become my backup unit...
  83. ElectricPhase

    Time to retire the AX8

    I sympathize to a degree. The AX8 has a slight edge in ergonomics over the FM3+FC6 because of the extra travel distance between the FM3 and FC6 switches. It's the only thing that bothers me about the FM3, and I've adapted.
  84. ElectricPhase

    Steve Morse and Paul Gilbert: Black Dog NAMM 2020

    So much sheer joy in their playing. Legendary!
  85. ElectricPhase

    Pete Thorn Videos

    Well, you know what they say. Tone is in the fingers and all that. :D
  86. ElectricPhase

    Pete Thorn Videos

    I don't know what y'all are complaining about. A hotrodded Plexi is the sound of electric guitar. ;)
  87. ElectricPhase

    FM3 Firmware Version 4.00

    Cue the tumbleweed....
  88. ElectricPhase

    Dusty Hill, R.I.P

    Damn. Another great one gone. Dusty, say Hi to Jimi and the gang for me!
  89. ElectricPhase

    Which Guitarists Have You Discovered, Maybe Late In Their Career, That You Never Knew Were Badass?

    This. There are a lot of modern groups that I instantly took a liking to....and later found out that Tim had a hand in doing the guitars.
  90. ElectricPhase

    The 'Complete' Musician.

    Dave Meniketti!!
  91. ElectricPhase

    New Iron Maiden: The Writing on the Wall

    I'd like to see the band in the video....but mostly I'm just happy they're making music.
  92. ElectricPhase

    Brown Sound

    I love this thread!!
  93. ElectricPhase

    People of Target...

    Wait...I see a red shirt. Is that an employee?
  94. ElectricPhase

    ZenRigs FM3 screen protector

    I've gigged in light rain (not on purpose) with it on and I think it might have helped a little...but I wouldn't count on it. Mainly it protects from dropped stuff.
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