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  1. AndrewKirkland

    Understanding Clocking

    I just want to ask for clarification of a few things regarding clocking. It seems I am forced to use the internal clock on the axe FX with an AES connection. I have my interface set to 48khz internal clock with the Axe on auto and it seems like there is no issue. I can also slave the interface...
  2. AndrewKirkland

    Mesa Studio Preamp

    Picked up one of these recently. Recording outs sound excellent straight into my interface, main outs into my xl+ sound even better. Very cool units. Nice tonal variety with the axe FX.
  3. AndrewKirkland

    Tube Preamplifier suggestions

    I have an axe fx 2 xl plus that I love for recording. However I'd like to buy a tube preamplifier for direct recording potentially with IRs. The preamp will be going into a mackie 8 bus for eq or my metric halo. I should mention I like a really bright sparkly clean sound with my gretsch and am...
  4. AndrewKirkland

    311 Flowing Intro sound

    Curious how to make this sound with the axe fx 2. It was done with the preset technochords on the lexicon mpx g2 unit. Says it randomly generates tones into a delay and reverb with a sweep filter that has a controllable range/scale. I am certain this involves using the filter, megatap delays...
  5. AndrewKirkland

    What Happened to the FX Loop Block?

    As I looked at the back of the new Axe FX 3 online, I did not notice a "send/return" like the 2 has. In addition, the FX Loop block graphic is missing from the list of "blocks" in the information regarding the Axe FX 3. I notice there are more inputs/outputs, so how would you route external...
  6. AndrewKirkland

    How to emulate Twist mode from Boss giga delay and Boss space echo pedals?

    I am having a tough time emulating the twist mode from Boss. This twist mode is essentially the delay time speeding up and the feedback also ramping up at the same time. When the footswitch is released the delay slows down again and fades out. This is a very sci-fi,space ship, motorcycle like...
  7. AndrewKirkland

    Input 2, Output 1/2 modes in relation to fx loop useage

    When using another piece of gear in stereo through the fx loop does input 2 mode really determine the output setting of your gear in the loop. And does output 2 mode (send) determine the input setting of your gear. Basically since send is under output 2, and return is under input 2. I have...
  8. AndrewKirkland

    Input 2 Mode

    When using an fx rack in the loop of the axe fx 2( only mono input on this specific rack) what mode should I select for input two? Left only seems to make sense and sounds slightly louder than lr sum and stereo.
  9. AndrewKirkland

    Probing Output Signal From AXE FX 2 XL Plus (Oscilloscope)

    I am curious how to probe the output signal from my axe fx 2 xl plus using an Oscilloscope. Any tips? Line output? Where should I put the ground and where should I probe to get signal? How much voltage will this signal be? (Where to set voltage division) I am only doing this for fun/seeing the...
  10. AndrewKirkland

    Dimension Mode Clarification

    There are three settings for the dimension mode parameter in the ADV section of the chorus block. I have read that low is dry eq off, boost off. Medium is dry eq off, boost on. And high is dry eq on and boost on. How much boost is added the signal and what is a dry eq defined as? Basically how...
  11. AndrewKirkland

    Not a fan of Quantum 7.01 (Personally)

    I just upgraded my firmware from 6.03.1 and was not pleased with the results in Quantum 7.01. I preferred all my old presets and had spent two years refining them to exactly where I want them, using different firmwares. I actually am using Quantum 3 for alot of my presets(amp model version) in...
  12. AndrewKirkland

    Is it possible to use xlr and 1/4 FX loop connections simultaneously?

    If I had two xlrs in the return of the fx loop stereo, and then also had two quarter inch cables plugged into the return what would happen? Or if I had all four xlrs in the send/returns with four 1/4 inch cables would things work when only using four total in any combination of two sends and two...
  13. AndrewKirkland

    Clocking Issues ( Master, Slaves, AES or AUTO)

    Hello I am currently using an AXE FX 2 via AES into my Metric Halo ULN-2 interface. I am a bit confused about the proper way to clock both systems. This bit on the support wiki confused me. SPDIF/AES IN: uses the recovered clock for all input sources. A valid 48 kHz data stream must be...
  14. AndrewKirkland

    Can the Behringer fcb1010 buttons be used as momentary switches for External Controllers?

    Curious if the behringer fcb1010 can be programmed so that a button like 1,2,3, or 4 can be an external controller. Like a momentary switch set to continuous( Hold down the button and have the behavior/parameter change but once you lift off the pedal/button have it go back to regular). I'd...
  15. AndrewKirkland


    I just noticed the tuner calibration does not work when you use AES 3 into an interface. I have the ULN-2 by metric halo and when I put the axe fx on AES clock , the signal is cleaner, but my tuner calibration doesn't work. When I put the clock back to auto the tuner calibration works ( but the...
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