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    Another whole hearted vote for reducing the number of user IR slots here.
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    SKB Travel Case for Axe-Fx III and FC-12

    Yes I'd be interested in a custom SKB case for the Axe-Fx III and FC-12.
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    Power to 2nd FC-12

    I have the Roland PSB-120 adaptor. Works great. Just wish I didn't have to use it. :)
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    Power to 2nd FC-12

    Hey there Fractal folks, Not sure where this belongs or if it's already been expressed, but I use 2 FC-12's and would really love it if there was a way to upgrade the hardware so that power could flow to the second unit and eliminate the need for a separate power supply. Any chance? Still...
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    A bit of Sunday

    Hey all, thought I'd share this clip from our humble team from our little church on the corner. :) We've been streaming our services of late like so many others. Certainly lots of room for improvement, but given that we're using iPhones and a kluged together analog headphone mix I thought it...
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    Molly Hatchet cover / Quad Pitch Shift

    Wow to both! Really enjoyed that. Very nice use of delay and pitch!! :)
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    Help to find AC Power Adapter for 2nd FC

    I ended up going with a Roland PSB-120 power supply. Very nice and works great! No wall wart, longer and more robust cables...
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    Can I make a custom cable for multiple FC's or use a wire loom?

    I have two and am in heaven. :) I bought a Roland PSB-120 power supply. It has an inline transformer so there's no wall wart. Additionally, the cables are longer and more robust than the usual wall warts you can get. I'd love to power both through Fastlink but this works very well.
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    Help to find AC Power Adapter for 2nd FC

    Has anyone confirmed that the MFC101 Power supply will work on the FC12? It does not appear to have info in the tip polarity in the label.
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    FC Power Supply

    Thanks for all the replies. They were very helpful. I found this article which was helpful. I found one I can use from my box of old power supplies. :) Was hung up on amps rating but then remembered that the pedals requirement represents draw (confirmed by the article). So voltage is critical...
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    FC Power Supply

    Thanks! That’s pretty much the only one I’ve seen and a I’ve been looking! I’m in the LA area and can’t seem to find one locally. It appears to be a less common configuration - especially the negative center. A bit frustrating as I need to hook up the 2nd FC to determine whether I want to keep...
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    FC Power Supply

    Thanks for all the replies. I am using 2 FC’s. I understand that Faslink II lowers the first one. Thank you. Thanks also for the heads up I’m barrel size. This confirms that my concerns about finding the right type. I’ve sent a note to Fractal asking for a source. The manual states that...
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    FC Power Supply

    Can someone point me to a source for the right power supply for the FC-12? There are so many different options and I'm not sure of the connector size requirement. Would this one work well...
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    Custom patch panel

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    Vol Inc/Dec

    Oops. Found it. :) Not in the same place in the list as in the manual. It was between Wah1 and Volume4. Thanks Chris!
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    Vol Inc/Dec

    Hey all. Quick question (did a search but came up with nothing). Trying to set Vol Inc/Dec to IA but they do not show up. Menu option goes from Scene 1/2 to None, skipping Vol Inc and Vol Dec. Help!? Any answers? Thanks, Mike
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    Need some help troubleshooting

    Long story short, my boot drive, an SSD, failed. It's a brick at this point. Ordered a new one via Amazon same day delivery (amazing) and am now up and running again. The most peculiar part of the whole thing though was when the same behavior occurred on my laptop. Somehow the II was...
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    Bug? Internal system backup & restore doesn't work/AxeFX II MKII/FW Q1.01

    Good to hear. Thanks as always Cliff.
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    Bug? Internal system backup & restore doesn't work/AxeFX II MKII/FW Q1.01

    Was having problems this weekend and tried the restore user banks function on bank A. The result was all presets blank. :( Unfortunately, by last Fractal Bot backup was not recent enough to capture some work I hated to loose. Ah well...backup and save often folks. Mike
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    Need some help troubleshooting

    Looks like I have bigger problems. Am now re-installing Mac OS. Thanks all. Sorry for the noise.
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    Need some help troubleshooting

    Tried different USB port. Both on Mac Pro and on Macbook Pro. Both Macs running Yosemite 10.10.5.
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    Need some help troubleshooting

    Message is "unknown device". No new software. No config changes. Something in the query for firmware version. USB is working. Note that USB to Digital Performer works. Additionally, Fractal Bot and Axe Edit recognize the II but neither can query the firmware.
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    Need some help troubleshooting

    Tried different cable. Tried different computer. Same results. It's something in the II.
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    Need some help troubleshooting

    Tried reset system params and restore system. No luck. Still fails when attempting to query firmware version.
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    Need some help troubleshooting

    Axe Edit and Fractal Bot have stopped recognizing my II. I'm getting a message from both that says the firmware version can't be identified. I've upgraded the USB driver. The II acts fine in Digital Performer via USB. I've also reinstalled Axe Edit to no avail. I'm running Quantum 1.0. Was...
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    OWNHAMMER Multi-Mic Collections

    Hey Detch, where's that awesome clip? I went to play it for my son and it was gone. :)
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    Amazing Player

    Listen to/watch the short tunes at the beginning of these product demos. Curious how many of you have heard of Shawn. He's an amazing player. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxR6V2YBGXJtEdQ8mFCBTyw
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    18.07 seems to have quite a bit more bass and gain?

    18.07 sounds amazing here as well. I haven't been able to imagine a better rig for a couple of years now, and this one just keeps getting better. Played three sets yesterday. Consistently use a Vox AC 15 with a TAF Vox mix IR, a Plexi 50 High with a TV Mix UR IR, a Friedman BE with a mix of...
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    Another AxeFx II first day impression

    I've been using the Axe Fx since the Ultra. Bought the II as soon as it was released. I am still astounded at just how good it sounds. I'm using FRFR monitors and regularly stop and shake my head at the impossibility of the reality that there are no glowing tubes, power transformers...
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    Poll: Ability to assign categories to the presets

    This would be a FANTASTIC addition to Axe Edit. FAS, any chance of this being implemented in the short to mid term?
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    Typical Entropy

    Thanks again. :)
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    Typical Entropy

    Thanks for all the kind words guys.
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    Typical Entropy

    Thanks Scott. Don't think they're quite ready to shop around yet, but yes, I'm very proud of this as a first effort. It's amazing how difficult it is to form a band or find other musicians at his age these days - either to give constructive criticism or to simply create with.
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    Shirley turned 18 - fw18 preview

    Uncontrollable head shaking due to massive disbelief. No superlative is unjustified. And yet none are sufficient. Great playing too.
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    Typical Entropy

    Hey guys, here are some tracks my son Zachary (18 years old) has been working on. He did everything - writing, playing, recording, mixing, etc. - with a few suggestions from me (emphasis on few). He's looking for feedback so bring it on (constructive please - he's brave enough to put himself...
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    16.05 Test

    I was wondering when you'd get around to simulating mic pre's. :) Fractal Audio Desk: Neve, Soundcraft, Trident, Midas, UA, Manley...assemble your dream console with custom modular digital channel strips.
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    Joe Bonamassa Live at Beacon Theater

    Just watched this. Laughed out loud at least 3 times. The John Hyatt stuff is just ridiculous. Yeah, it's all probably derivative, but who have you seen do this better?
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    Strat + Plexi FW16 is mighty woody...

    That is a beautiful thing right there.
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    Just in case you don't know what genius sounds like...

    I was just reminiscing about seeing Dimeola, DeLucia, and McLaughlin. DeLucia is truly great.
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    Searching for a emotional lead tone

    I liked the tone and feel of this a lot. Would love more info - guitar, string gauge, amp and cab used, etc. I assume you're playing with your fingers - no pick, correct? Thanks for posting.
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    VAFAM vs. Bestronics for Front Panel?

    Yes. I think the price difference was due largely to the fact that Best-tronics uses name-brand connectors. I also like their panel.
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    VAFAM vs. Bestronics for Front Panel?

    http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-discussion/55874-custom-panel-best-tronics.html I opted for Best-tronics. It was more expensive. Very solid build. Still very happy.
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    My Tone Conundrum....and a request/challenge

    Henry Cow - Living in the heart of the beast - YouTube
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    Tone and Feel of the Board

    Is this in response to my OP?
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    Tone and Feel of the Board

    I bought the Amp Factory Legends IR pack this evening and spent a few minutes trying them out. I really liked what I've heard so far and was happy I bought them. I jumped on the board to add my thanks to the News thread regarding the product. I was dismayed to find yet another thread...
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    Dweezil Zappa, no more AxeFx?

    Good grief.
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    Do You Hear a Difference

    What bothers me most are the tactile differences between the Axe Fx and real amps. The knobs on the unit are easier to rotate than the real thing. They stay that way for every amp selected. They neither vary in their rotational resistance nor do they vary in position. They're always in the same...
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    Do You Hear a Difference

    There's a kind of ethereal aura about the first one - a sort of whispy nasal bouquet that evokes feelings of euphoric transcendentalism, while at the same time producing a subterranean gravitational resonance reminiscent of quantum diode vortex synthetic substitutionary molecular alignment. If...
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    When You Tell The Soundguy You're Using An AXE FX...

    At a recent gig, I was told that when it came around to me at sound check, the sound guy said, "that has to be an Axe Fx." :)
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    I'm just saying...

    I have to admit that I do get frustrated with threads that start with "this thing doesn't work right" and end up with 100's of replies as the debate rolls on and on. They do leave me with the distinct feeling that something other than misconfiguration is at play. But this should be a place to...
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    Major ding in new Telecaster

    Stuck my Anderson headstock in a ceiling fan this weekend...
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    Axe-Edit 3.0 Sent to Final Testers

    Ahhh...very cool.
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    Suddenly I got gain/saturation..?

    Any update on this? Thanks.
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    where did cliff go to school?

    Love that.
  55. Y

    Wish Me Luck

    Congrats Cliff. Holding your newborn child is an experience like no other. Enjoy him. Time flies. I have five from 13 to 25 and am always wishing I could slow time down.
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    Short Blues Noodle Clip featuring Bassguy 65 and ODS100

    Truly masterful work Paco. Thank you.
  57. Y

    Dyn Presence and Dyn Depth - who's using them?

    I thought it was, "there is no spoon".
  58. Y


    I can't get over how much more organic all the amps sound. Seems like Cliff made some comments about non-linearity, or unpredictablility, or something to that effect. The Dirty Shirley is uncanny. Blooming, harmonically rich and varying tones with massive pick sensitivity. Bends sound like a...
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    How much improvement is 10 for you?

    I skipped a couple of releases as well.
  60. Y

    Quick Thoughts on 10

    Cool. Thanks. Played for a while last night. Still dialing things in but am constantly slowed down with preoccupation with how good each amp sounds.
  61. Y

    Quick Thoughts on 10

    Upgraded this weekend. Over-wrote my old presets and am starting from scratch. A little jarring at first as everything seems brighter. However, with a little tweaking that soon gives way to the realization that things are indeed better than ever. Won't reiterate all the superlatives and...
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    V10 Update

    But seriously Cliff, if you're serious and your wife is expecting, blessings on your growing family. :) And for the community here, get ready for a "slightly" altered schedule of releases and updates. :)
  63. Y

    V10 Update

    "Lamars" is for engineers about to give birth to a major software release. :)
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    V10 Update

    Cool. Very excited to get this.
  65. Y

    V10 Update

    Was just listening to that this week. Brilliant, brilliant piece of work.
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    FW10 beta preview from Vinai T

    I knew it.
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    John Goodsall tones wanted

    Can't direct on the tone question, but so cool to see Brand X is still around. Percy Jones and John Goodsall man. Miss Phil Collins in the band though. Listened to those guys a great deal in the '80's.
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    Ultra died - question...

    Ultra died this afternoon - starting breaking up the pop then dead - burning smell - display and front panel lights blinking on and off. It seems apparent that the blinking is an indicator of some kind. Question: has anyone seen this and does anyone know what is indicated by the blinking...
  69. Y

    Am I crazy?

    Guys. It's a battery powered practice amp. No, don't sell your Axe FX's. That would be silly. But for what it does, this thing is pretty cool. If you can point me in the direction of something that fits in a large cable pocket of a gig bag and runs on batteries that sounds as good or...
  70. Y

    Am I crazy?

    Hey guys, wouldn't sell either Axe Fx for this. But don't mock until you've played through this thing. It blew me away for what it is. Extremely musical and versatile and runs on batteries or AC.
  71. Y

    Phil Collins or Peter Gabriel?

    He's a good player. Ever here his work with Brand X?
  72. Y

    Phil Collins or Peter Gabriel?

    What about "Wind and Wuthering", "Trick of the Tail", "...and then there were three" and "Duke"? I loved those albums. They did a great job of "Supper's Ready" on Seconds Out. And at least one side of "Three Sides Live" is great. Abacab had some good tracks. After that, well...yeah.
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    Unreal Firm 9 Ac 30 tone ....

    Man. I don't often ask for presets, but that tone is like nectar. The composition and playing doesn't hurt either. Gave me chills. Can't wait to hear the whole track. Any chance of you sharing the patch?
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    End of searching, finally!

    Can you elaborate on this? Sounds interesting.
  75. Y

    Curated Section

    I would gladly pay a subscription fee to access a curated section of this forum. Essentially, it would be a sub-forum populated by posts that are relevant, helpful, instructive, and/or news-worthy for Axe Fx users. The posts would be selected from posts available on the wider forum, but would...
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    Phil Collins or Peter Gabriel?

    I remember hearing Lamb Lies Down On Broadway when it was released in - what was it, '77? I was an 11 year old kid living in Germany (my father was in the Air Force) and they played the entire album on Armed Forces Network radio. Genesis and Gabriel have been influencial ever since. I very...
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    Phil Collins or Peter Gabriel?

    Yeah, I saw that when it aired as well. Fantastic.
  78. Y

    Phil Collins or Peter Gabriel?

    Yes. Couldn't have said it better.
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    Bug? Magic 8 ball in 8.01

    I'm going to ask again. Can we please leave this alone?
  80. Y

    Bug? Magic 8 ball in 8.01

    ...I guess not. :roll
  81. Y

    Bug? Magic 8 ball in 8.01

    Seriously - can we leave this alone now? Please?
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    FRFR tests at AXE-FEST WEST 2012

    Thanks man. I appreciate the kind words. Before the EAW's, I was dialing in patches using an old pair of Event 20/20 monitors. Not the best. But closer to flat than most of the prosumer powered monitors out there. When I first made the switch to the EAW's, I found that the patches I had...
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    FRFR tests at AXE-FEST WEST 2012

    Just a note here and a follow up to previous posts on this subject. The EAW's are not "cab like". Again, they do an excellent job of transparently producing the sound of the model and IR chosen in the Axe. (This assumes cab simulation is on and inherently assumes a mic'd cab.) I find they do...
  84. Y

    FRFR tests at AXE-FEST WEST 2012

    Yep. Simply put is put better. :)
  85. Y

    FRFR tests at AXE-FEST WEST 2012

    Yep. I would just say that you can't compare the Axe Fx through an FRFR with an Axe FX through a poweramp into a traditional guitar cab. It's not the Axe Fx that represents the variable. It's the speaker solution.
  86. Y

    FRFR tests at AXE-FEST WEST 2012

    I'm not sure you can really compare the feel of playing through a guitar cab with playing through a full range monitor. They are two different experiences. I really, really like my EAW's. But the other day, just because, I hooked up my old rig (TOL 100 and THD 2x12). It was revelatory. I...
  87. Y

    FRFR tests at AXE-FEST WEST 2012

    I actually noted that myself and agree.
  88. Y

    FRFR tests at AXE-FEST WEST 2012

    Well, what they are thinking is that they will have one of the most neutral solutions available with which to do exactly as you described - dial in your Axe Fx with no questionable tone issues in the best PA systems. Having the ability to take that solution with you to play through (as against...
  89. Y

    FRFR tests at AXE-FEST WEST 2012

    Yep. Thanks for the kind words Alexander.
  90. Y

    EAW speakers and AxeII

    Yeah, that was the UK price I referenced below that someone else had posted. Something not quite right going on there.
  91. Y

    EAW speakers and AxeII

    The NT series are no longer made. I do see them show up on ebay every once in a while. I'm not an expert but I'll tell you what I know. There were 4 NT models - 59, 56, 29, and 26. The first number denoted the size of the LF driver - 5 = 15, 2 = 12. The second number denoted horn dispersion...
  92. Y

    FRFR tests at AXE-FEST WEST 2012

    Lest anyone think I'm wealthy, let me re-iterate, I paid nowhere near that amount. I got them for about what you'd pay for a pair of the nicer 12" RCF's. Also, I seem to remember that when I bought them, I found a few new ones going for between $6K and $7K for the pair. $6K each doesn't sound...
  93. Y

    Axe-Fest Live Report

    I have a dream of one day renting an IMAX theater for an hour and playing my Axe II through that system. :)
  94. Y

    13% Off at Best-Tronics - Thru Nov 1

    I like these guys. Had them do a patch panel for me and am very happy with it. Highly recommended.
  95. Y

    FRFR tests at AXE-FEST WEST 2012

    Good grief. Well, I paid nowhere near that amount.
  96. Y

    FRFR tests at AXE-FEST WEST 2012

    See my previous post. They aren't new.
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