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    To jest wspaniałe. Chciałbym coś takiego kupić. Jest poza wszelką konkurencją. Fractal, proszę zrób coś takiego. FM18-FXIII
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    Problem Axe-Fx Ultra and Roland FC-300

    As a result of a button simultaneously to effect enable and disable the second effect. Help, please.
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    Problem firmware 8.0.8

    Firmware 8.0.8: 1. My presets. Control> LFO1> LFO2> ADSR1> ADSR2> SEQ> ENY> and Ax-Fx Ultra hangs. There is no sound, no reaction. You must disable the ax-fx, and turn-fx ax. An error. Factory presets - all ok. 2. AXE-EDIT - Setings>Load Config>Run Profiler>OK. Stops. There is no end.
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