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  1. solo-act

    Replaced gig dolly casters: surprisingly satisfying

    I pounded the hell out of these for over 20 years, and my dolly had already lived life as an airport dolly for who knows how many years. Went to buy front wheels locally, but on closer inspection these were frikken industrial grade. After some internet searching, turns out the same company is...
  2. solo-act

    More sound science, literally

  3. solo-act

    YES! (SpaceX)

  4. solo-act

    One in a billion / millennium photo

    Catching the space station passing between Jupiter and Saturn in a 10-second shot. Photographer Jason De Freitas
  5. solo-act

    First person to choose this as their band name gets the reward...

    "Iter will confine hot plasma within a structure called a tokamak in order to control fusion reactions." https://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-53573294 Tokamak. LOL. Your reward is you can either go with the Dr. Evil explanation of your band name -- we're named after a structure that...
  6. solo-act

    SOLVED: Problems after changing battery

    Not sure if anyone can help but all hell seemed to break loose after changing the battery. I replaced the energizer cr 2450 with the same battery as a proactive move (rig has worked flawlessly, no issues). On power up, a few things happen It powers up but when I rotate the value knob the unit...
  7. solo-act

    When you can’t do what you do...

    You blast high-rise apartments from the ground, safe-distance, Italy style! When I get a chance I’ll edit some video. They had a drone out last time and live-streamed at ground level as well.
  8. solo-act

    Coronavirus silver lining: Guitar parade at Mike Campbell's house

  9. solo-act

    Forum members livestreaming? Please post

    As the title says. Posting here as it involves a recording of tone, performance, and maybe some shop talk. Please move if needed. If there's one silver lining in the pandemic, it's the chance to see everyday, non-famous working musicians around the world from the comfort of home. I'm starting...
  10. solo-act

    Any forum members livestreaming? Post here!

    As the title says. Posting here as it involves a recording of tone, performance, and maybe some shop talk. Please move if needed. If there's one silver lining in the pandemic, it's the chance to see everyday, non-famous working musicians around the world from the comfort of home. I'm starting...
  11. solo-act

    USA & International Stay-at-home / shelter-in-place orders: please post

    Thought a separate thread would help anyone wondering where things are trending across USA states as we become the new epicenter of the pandemic. Please post any stay-at-home orders and closures of non-essential businesses Also please post any stay-at-home advisories that include reduction or...
  12. solo-act

    Livestreaming? Let's talk tech

    Any detailed info would be great. If you're doing it, or know someone who is, or you're watching others, let's discuss. If you can describe platform, requirements, specs, capability, routing, integration, etc. for any of the following, fire away: Preferred platform Add-on audio routing software...
  13. solo-act

    Coronavirus = more firmware!

    Has anyone made this conclusion yet? If this gets bad enough, Axe-Fx II users might even get a new version of Ares. I'm certainly NOT advocating for things getting worse! However, in dark times we must strive to seek out the light.
  14. solo-act

    March 16: the day the music died (bars/restaurants in the USA)

    March 16: a day that will live in infamy for everyday working musicians. As someone who's gigged for a living for 25 years, it blows my mind that all public bar & restaurant gigs in the USA are vanishing practically overnight, including mine. Feel free to post your state, city or county if it...
  15. solo-act

    Latest medical work targeting noise induced hearing loss

    Here you go. https://kfor.com/news/local/researchers-in-oklahoma-city-developing-hearing-restoration-pill/ Was surprised to learn it's been in human trials for years. Looks like next step is nailing down just how effective it is.
  16. solo-act

    Tested new recording gear at pub gig

    2-minute video. Mixed a live room mic with mixing board output so only 2 tracks for DAW and nothing fancy on post-production. Probably too compressed/loud, but not bad for first try. I can remote-trigger from stage - easier to snag, mix and upload a few songs vs. sifting through entire sets of...
  17. solo-act

    Guitar made out of iPhones

    The redefines hollow body construction - LOL If it doesn't play due to ad blocker, click title to open in YT
  18. solo-act

    Roomiest Green Room ever

    Gig details said Green Room is room D. Bit large for a solo guy - LOL. Maybe there’s a marching band scheduled too...
  19. solo-act

    How to make your Axe-Fx rig look really small

    A room this size shrinks your rig like cold water shrinks your other rig...
  20. solo-act

    Impulse responses and Notre Dame

    A little something for Fractal’s cab team. https://arstechnica.com/science/2019/05/acoustic-maps-of-notre-dame-could-help-recreate-the-cathedrals-soundscape/
  21. solo-act

    Riddle me this: CCs for scene changes killing Axe-Fx

    I'm about to troubleshoot this further and wondered if it's happened to anyone one else. As I think through info below, maybe it's just system file is corrupted and I should restore or from backup. Or...the Axe-Fx is going on 6 years old -- maybe it's just the battery? Please read and let me...
  22. solo-act

    FYI, Fender Tortuga picks

    Just FYI to check these out. https://reverb.com/item/14410658-fender-tortuga-picks-551-medium-6-pack I've been using an EJ Jazz III for electric and a thin standard size pick for acoustic (CoolPicks beta carbonite). But I switch guitars a lot in my show so I'd like split the difference and...
  23. solo-act

    Gear you didn't think you'd see on Craigslist

    https://denver.craigslist.org/msg/d/custom-18-string-meguitar/6600677803.html Reminds me of a platypus - LOL
  24. solo-act

    Tom Petty: First test of 2-cam remote shooting

    Had first slot of the day at a local festival, only crowd were nearby strollers and a musician friend (Hey Alec!), so I tested 2-cam shooting triggered with bluetooth remotes. Audio is 2 iPhone mics mixed together and automatically synced by Final Cut Pro (great shortcut). Next plans are to add...
  25. solo-act

    Steely Dan 2018...holy sh**!

    I've always wanted to see SD, but sadly didn't get a chance until Walter was gone. Donald said he really missed him but but is carrying on (as his partner would've wanted). They KILLED last night in Denver. I also was very impressed how strong Doobie Brothers still are vocally. If DB is this...
  26. solo-act

    Axe-Fx II Mark 1 does Acoustic

    After years of agents asking me for an "americana/country-ish" acoustic/voice demo, here's my first serious shot at it. I learned as I went and should be able to improve on this in the future. I played through one of my acoustic patches in front of 2 studio mics with Axe-Fx reverb bypassed. The...
  27. solo-act

    FYI for midi footswitch DIY enthusiasts

    The latest from Xavier at Gordius below. In short, he's creating a mini-brain logic/control unit that will adapt to any footswitch layout (16 switch max) that you throw at it. Actually this is one of the aspects which we intend to take one step further with our next line of products. The small...
  28. solo-act

    Not a Bug Looper: Undo appears to be non-functional

    On Axe-Fx MK1, Q9.03, undo is not removing the overdub "take" recorded between stack on and stack off, not even with the front panel. Using front panel, the circle for undo goes dark briefly, but has no impact on a just-recorded stack/overdub. All other CC functions on the axe-fx are working...
  29. solo-act

    2007-2017: 10 Years with the Axe-Fx

    Time flies when you're having fun. It just occurred to me that yesterday was 10 years to the day a used Axe-Fx standard arrived at my door. It was sent by GuitarDojo, a forum member who is still active here. We've heard the stories from nearly every user imaginable. So I'm not adding new content...
  30. solo-act

    Boss EV-30 dual expression pedal

    Since the EV-30 is a relatively new pedal and I was doing some relaxing today, I thought I'd post a few observations. Video of the cam mechanism. To see into the shadows, I had to lighten exposure so much the the pedal washes out, but it is hollow and has space for a battery since it shares...
  31. solo-act

    Quick note: AC30 & FW 7 beta2

    If you notice your AC30 TB missing a little oomph, try amp page > dynamics > Preamp CF Compress I noticed it was at over 75% (don't know if that was me or prior FW) and after selecting another and and reselecting, it's down to zero. I brought it to about 25% and that helped get some punch back...
  32. solo-act

    Go-to bass amps/cabs for classic rock & motown/funk?

    I'm finally getting back to remastering my backing tracks, re-recording bass and adding some new songs. For the Fender P users, what are your go-to amps/cabs for classic rock and motown/funk? I use a made-in-Japan Fender P. My prior bass tracks were Pierce Electronics BC1, solid state amp and...
  33. solo-act

    FW 7beta: Suggestions for SuperVerb "fix"

    Has anyone compensated for Super Verb gain error yet? Thought I'd ask before I dive into my patches. I'm digging 7beta way too much to go back to 6 tonight - LOL
  34. solo-act

    Fractal good luck charm

    Had to remove a front rack handle to make room for a bulky wireless unit. Wife had a spare pin from Hawaii that looked the part, so I covered the hole with it. :sunglasses:
  35. solo-act

    MK1 & MK2 owners: How many FW upgrades have U done?

    From July 21, 2011 to Q 4.01 just now, I've downloaded 70 unique firmware packages. I've loaded 55 of the 70 to my MK1. So I've done 55 actual FW upgrades on my MK1 where I reviewed or redialed my 40 presets and backed them up to a unique folder. Has there ever been a consumer hardware company...
  36. solo-act

    Prince's vocal range = every fret

    RIP Prince - big inspiration in my life. Like other mourners, I've been surfing info and songs. Check this out and listen from 3:30 to 4:30. Prince was so wired for guitar that his voice can cover every fret of a 20 fret guitar (see small disclaimer below). Correct me if I'm wrong, but if this...
  37. solo-act

    Superbowl Pregame & "Seal"

    "No he's never gonna survive....unless he gets a little Antares" Someone forgot to turn on Seal's autotune!
  38. solo-act

    I love listening to Jeff Beck

    That's all. Just had to say it. His expression, phrasing, note choice, and the immense range and reserves of emotion - delicate to dangerous - that you can hear in his touch and performances. Hard to get tired of that.
  39. solo-act

    Bug? Tone match export doesn't include smoothing

    Bug or by design? When exporting a tone match that has smoothing applied, the smoothing doesn't export, only the raw tone match without smoothing.
  40. solo-act

    Tone match export with smoothing issue

    I was helping a new user with tone matching today. Axe-fx II mark I, Quantum 2.0 beta. Tonematch preset has only tone match block in it. I created an audition preset with only a cab block in it. We tone matched his piezo in his Parker to a recording of an acoustic and he liked smoothing at 80%...
  41. solo-act

    For the Trekkies out there -- bitch-slap Kirk

    To boldly slap more than no man has slapped before http://www.slapkirk.com
  42. solo-act

    Monster Mash

    Some cheese to go with your Halloween candy. Produced this for a Halloween gig (minus guitar and main vocal). Instruments and voices are me except for clips from Young Frankenstein at the end. Love that movie.
  43. solo-act

    Anyone play these pickups yet?

    If anyone has some real world insights beyond this video (which sounds great) please chime in. Would've been nice if they'd left their mid-boost pedal out, but it does show how the pickups react to mid boost. The guitar in the video is a 70's reissue with heavy gauge strings.
  44. solo-act

    QUANTUM dynamics - post your thoughts!

    Quantum is a huge update. Thanks Cliff!!!!! Let's do a thread focused on dynamics. My thoughts: Compared to the awesome innovations of G2, MIMIC & G3, progress on dynamics has felt incremental. Cliff has provided many tools, and I use and like them. But they sometimes felt like bolt-on...
  45. solo-act

    So I stuck a mic in front of the PA...

    It was NGD recently (new gear day) so I tested an audio interface and some software. I do my own sound and having a reference is useful. Nothing from the board, just a mic in front of the PA, 5 ft high and close enough to minimize reflections since the venue was basically a hall reverb. I...
  46. solo-act

    For Cliff: Cat purring at 67.8 db

    Perfect cat for axe-owners whining about fan noise.
  47. solo-act

    FET Preamp ("drive" pedal) is nice on cleans

    I'm late to the game on this one. Threw it on a bright surf guitar patch and it made it bigger-er, smoothed highs and has a nice light compression. Tweaking EQ on it can help reduce coloration as you increase drive. Works great on cleans.
  48. solo-act

    The new 2x12 TX Star M160 UR cab is sweet

    It's replacing all my vintage fender-ish single coil cabs. The low end is natural, not boomy, highs are balanced and it has a nice midrange mojo that, for a lack of better words, sounds the same as the covers I do in that realm. I'm curious what's different about that particular cab. Fits on a...
  49. solo-act

    Concert I was in last week

    I threw a mic in front of the PA and cut the gig down to 17minutes of song hooks. It was cold and rainy, but the crowd there was awesome. FYI - The entire thing was put together with a total of one and a half rehearsals…not perfect, but pretty good given all the styles and arrangements...
  50. solo-act

    Which FW sounds best

    Gotta get to my gig tonight. Had to load the best sounding FW of these three different FW. Tell me which is the warmest, most lively sounding to you. All three are exact same patch, same gain etc, no sliders/parameters touched on axe-fx or board. Signal is axe-fx AES out to Metric Halo ULN-2...
  51. solo-act

    Small bug on Vibrato Lux?

    On axe-fx front panel, Vibrato Lux amp, amp tab DYN, I can hear the output compressor working as I turn it up, but unlike other amps gain meter isn't indicating anything. Meter might not be connected on that particular amp. Can anyone else confirm? Thanks! FW 15.02
  52. solo-act

    How many cabs are you using?

    I'm at 20 unique cabs - I'd like to trim it down, but certain cabs are good for certain songs and I do a wide variety. How about you?
  53. solo-act

    Heartbleed bug and Fractal SSL

    Is Fractal store part of the estimated 66% SSL sites that need to update to close the heartbleed vulnerability? I went to buy cab lab and cab pack4, looked up, saw https:// at the URL and decided to bail out of purchase. Might be a good idea for FA to inform users of heartbleed status given...
  54. solo-act

    Poll: who is rocking a tablet?

    The Tool Click here to to learn more about Axe for Lemur 3.xx (PDF file) There's a free touchscreen editor for the Axe-Fx that completely rocks for dialing presets. It's faster than pushing a mouse around, requires very little navigation, runs on an iPad app called Lemur, and some of us are...
  55. solo-act

    Amp Factory Cabs: what's in that photo

    If you're like me, you saw the TAF cabs photo and thought, "OK, what exactly am I looking at?" And if you loaded the 10 free Ultraz cabs, the mystery deepened. Unlike Fractal, TAF only put speaker size/config in some of the cab names, and not at the start of the cab name. I literally did not...
  56. solo-act

    Calling all Coders!

    Do you recognize this language? Several forum members are looking to continue development of the Lemur iPad editor and we need interested coders. Below are a few random samples from the last template the developer released before he vanished with zero communication. You can view more code by...
  57. solo-act

    Gigging members: which songs 2000-2005 are working best for you?

    I posted a 90's thread. Feel free to contribute there I also need some post-2000 songs but nothing past 2005. Longevity gets dicey on anything newer & it's not worth learning. What I have now:Jason Mraz - I'm Yours Jack Johnson - Bubble Toes That's it - Tell me what works the most across...
  58. solo-act

    Gigging members: 90's songs requested/working across the most venues

    Gigging members: What 90's songs are working best for you? I can't decide if I should add more 90's or more 2000-2005…my experience with 90's has been mixed at best. I could ditch half my 90's and nobody would miss them. I wouldn't mind adding more, but I don't want to waste my time. What's...
  59. solo-act

    Instruments and music at night memorials in Kiev

    Not a political post, just FYI - the night memorials at Independence Square are a good musical tour of Ukrainian music and instruments rising to one of the greatest calls of music & song…healing hearts of a nation. This is a live feed. Memorials happen during the day for us. The guy right now...
  60. solo-act

    Ultrarez Ownhammers shallow around 500hz?

    I bought OH packs when they came out. All but two were unusable because midrange punch was too shallow vs. Fractal mix cabs which sat way better in a live mix without needing any EQ. The 10 OH Ultrarez are really nice, more dynamic, full and musical so I've been swapping them out, but they're...
  61. solo-act

    3 ominous things said at the grammys

    1. The Royals, song of the year: "We were recording this to give it away for free" 2. Macklemore, best new artist: "We made this album without a record label" 3. Paul McCartney, best rock song: "I did this is in two hours on lunch break" Thank god there's still someone around to show how us...
  62. solo-act

    Just finished a cool book...

    "Ingenious: a true story about invention, automotive daring, and the race to revive America." By Jason Fagone. I enjoyed this because I witnessed some of it in person and because I continue to do work for the one of the central characters in the book. But IMO, anyone can find inspiration in...
  63. solo-act

    What I did over the holiday weekend.

    No, it's not Djent or other high gain recorded in my bedroom over the weekend, just Axe-Fx doing acoustic, but it was a lot of fun. Other impersonators included Heart, Joni Mitchell, Stevie Nicks, Cher, Tom Petty, John Cougar, Madonna, Al Green, John Denver (me), Don Henley, Stevie Wonder...
  64. solo-act

    On Mac, what is axe-fx USB plugin named & where does it install

    I've checked the two places where midi drivers are installed on a mac, and it's in neither. Searching for .plugin doesn't find it either. library/audio/midi drivers users/me/library/audio/midi drivers
  65. solo-act

    Review - first gigs with FW 11b

    Updated & dialed & gigged with zero issues. No need for detailed release notes - keep the secret sauce secret!! Analysis - To me it sounds like Cliff solved the dynamics mystery, A.K.A. how frequencies compress based on the attack envelope the player is feeding the amp with fingers and pick...
  66. solo-act

    Denver members and Heart's "Led Zep Experience" concert - who's going?

    Shoot me a PM if you'd like to meet up. I think it'll be a good concert. August 20th, Tuesday, at Fiddler's green. I'll be there in general admission with the little lady and a close friend (she's kinda cute too). I rarely catch summer concerts because I'm gigging so much. Looking forward to...
  67. solo-act

    Teaser of me as Arlo Guthrie at "Woodstock"

    Shot with an iPhone, nice EAW system - Far out mee-an! Click "i" on video for details. I'll put up a longer version if/when I get full video and if it's usable. This was just a snippet someone grabbed on their phone. Supplied wig was more afro than hippie, supplied band had only run it once...
  68. solo-act

    FW 10 Roulette (and review)

    Firmware Roulette (and V10 review) The Axe-Fx is in the garage and the little lady is too sick to go out. Good time to write some long rambling garbage about V10. Enjoy. The day V10 came out, I loaded it up and played Firmware Roulette: I upgraded and headed to the gig with nearly zero...
  69. solo-act

    Tablet editor for the Axe-Fx (Axe for Lemur) full PDF manual

    The Axe for Lemur manual https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/54889552/AxeforLemur_presentation_v2.pdf Skip to page 34 if you want to see what this outstanding editor can do for dialing your Amps and cabs and all the blocks in your Axe-Fx. See PDF for limitations of the app. In my opinion...
  70. solo-act

    On behalf of the 999 club, 1000 thanks to FAS!

    Fellow 999ers, jump in and say something! I stopped at 999 posts and waited for FW10 release, just for fun. When others joined in, they made a statement that FW10 is more than a software milestone. It's a milestone for this community, a marking point in our relationship with the forum, the...
  71. solo-act

    I'm saving my 1000th post for firmware 10 - WOO HOO!

    A hearty thanks to Cliff and crew and customers for keeping the dream alive. Really looking forward to this epic update!
  72. solo-act

    2013 Grammys in 10 words or less

    I was gigging so I missed some, here's my 10 words or less. Let's hear yours. 2013 Grammys: Music rebooted! Guitar rebooted to the civil war. Mumford: Whitesnake headbang choreography meets bicycle mustache banjo. Timberlake: Wow band vs. white singer = band wins! Rihanna: Great audition...
  73. solo-act

    2012 New Year's Eve gig videos - post 'em here

    Who was gigging this year? Post your video and tell us about the gig!
  74. solo-act

    Describing Keith Richards' top 10 guitar riffs

    Thought the forum might enjoy this one. Happy Birthday, Keef: Keith Richards
  75. solo-act

    Why playing solos live is hard: Reason #34

    Sticky notes
  76. solo-act

    I'll never learn "Call me maybe"...however...

    there's nothing wrong with this version Cookie Monster covers "Call Me Maybe". [VIDEO]
  77. solo-act

    The Ferrari of Axe-Fx editors: iPad w/ Lemur

    Ready for V 7.0 Disclaimer: Not trying to slam Axe-Edit, it's amazingly powerful and will be an incredible one-stop-shop for all kinds of user needs. This iPad editor doesn't have nearly the capability, it's more like a stripped down Ferrari. It does one thing extremely well: edit blocks...
  78. solo-act

    While everyone's talking firmware 7, I need a hand

    Since there's a lot more members here for FW 7, I could use some help. While you're going through your patches with 7, can you take a minute to figure out the blocks you use the most and list them here? Example: Amp1 Cab1 Drive1 Drive2 Reverb1 etc.. If you use less than 18 blocks, please list...
  79. solo-act

    Nice place for a rack

    Not THAT kind of rack. That said, it was in a place called Beaver Creek, Colorado. The entire town is gated right off the interstate. I assume when the people are done "slumming it" in Vail, they stay here. People buy booze at beaver liquors. Obviously it's OUTSIDE the gates :-) Beaver...
  80. solo-act

    Another perfect stand for the Axe-Fx

    :-) Another in the "left my axe-fx stand at home and no chairs to put my rig on" series. Yesterday's gig at a wine bar.
  81. solo-act

    My new singer

    They get younger every year! Had a couple kids at the July 4 pool party that wanted to sing. And yes, I AM looking at the guitar chord I'm playing! She was 12/13 tops. Hell, who knows nowadays! Probably the most I've glued my eyes to the fretboard in recent memory. That said, it was a lot of...
  82. solo-act

    Bizarre gig week

    Wed - Played at a big neighborhood pool party and it was a big hit despite it being so hot kids and iPhones were overheating. They're hiring me again and are referring me to other neighborhood event planners. Nothing unusual there, great gig and opportunities coming out of it. Good stuff. Fri -...
  83. solo-act

    What blocks do you use most? (18 block limit)

    I could use your help gang, I'm working on something and need as many block lists as I can get. Thanks a million for pitching in and post your list. Like title says blocks you use most - with 18 block limit. If you use very few, include your one-off specialty blocks as well. Or, if you have...
  84. solo-act

    Iron Maiden...next on Axe-Fx artist list?

    Bruce is an amazing athlete. As the rock singers voices fade around the world, he goes out and does this in 2011. I'm not even a Maiden fan, but the lyrics are great, song rocks, he's singing his ass off and is all over the stage like he's immortal or something. Lots of bands trying to do...
  85. solo-act

    Introducing The Rack Cam: In the Cougar Den

    Cougar chicks rock! Who's your favorite? The thing on the guitar is a remote video trigger/microphone. The camera holder is motorized and tracks the remote (when the batteries aren't dead). It did move a bit on "brick house" though. I put magnets on my guitar headstocks so it can...
  86. solo-act

    The perfect stand for the Axe-Fx...

    when you forget yours or you can't find a chair (not a chair in the place...all high armchairs and stools) The floor coming apart underfoot is a nice twist. Kept kicking pieces into the corner. Appropriately, this was the favorite pool stick there...an actual stick.
  87. solo-act

    V5 bounce on girl's night out

    Just crappy iPhone audio and short, but thought you'd enjoy a little scenery:-) V5 "bounce" shows up nicely on hammer-ons, and I love that Axe-Fx II bloom.
  88. solo-act

    Singers are back! (2012 Grammys)

    Wow - I enjoyed the Grammys this year...
  89. solo-act

    Did first V5 gig tonight

    After having fun dialing all my patches with V5, I did first gig in a new room this evening & took a couple photos after everyone got drunk and went home. It's been open since 1947. Funky place -- a time capsule in the middle of gangster land on east side of the city. The chandelier bulbs were...
  90. solo-act

    A little V5 bouncin' clip

    Just a quicky. Played it slower to highlight the dynamic envelope. A touch of post-clip compression to knock a tad off the biggest transients. Alder strat-style gtr, rosewood board, old-style PAF bucker. Patch info on sound cloud page.
  91. solo-act

    Gig-testing beta firmware

    How many actual gigs does a beta go through? Is testing happening simultaneously at homes and on stages? "gig-beta" is probably random and not tracked, but I'm curious. I'd enjoy being a part of the gig side of testing while the others guys wring out FW at home. I'm out there every week...
  92. solo-act

    Little Giant midi footswitch tutorials

    A fellow Gordius user, tutorial extraordinaire, put these together. Very informative! GORDIUS LG Tutorials - Video 1 - Introduction - YouTube
  93. solo-act

    Hecklers from the crowd: one solution

  94. solo-act

    Father just died - Thanksgiving day

    Father died Thanksgiving day (update: 1 month) Slumped over in my Brother's living room in front of wife and grandkids right after pre-thanksgiving grace. Sudden, fast, quick. Heart stopped, breathing stopped. Paramedics there in an instant and no one could revive. Just wanted everyone to know...
  95. solo-act

    Spam alert: Something to do while you wait for the II

    Finally got my facebook fanpage up and running. Hit "like" if you like. www.facebook.com/ericlanemusic Also finished a profile on gigmasters. Thnx to Fractal, I can fly to pretty much any party anywhere www.gigmasters.com/variety-band/Eric-Lane/ Let me know what you think. Any promo...
  96. solo-act

    June 6 arrives...no Axe-FX II

    Not sure if I should feel like this: or this: *disclaimer* 1) I'm joking 2) I know June 6 is an estimate for a possible date that units might be ready to ship
  97. solo-act

    Post your Axe-II manual favorites/insights/questions here

    Thought It'd be good to have insights, favorites, questions, and general excitement posted in a central thread. Have at it gang!
  98. solo-act

    Hello Standard, my old friend...

    "I've come to gig with you again because a countdown started from the blue, it made me sell my Ultra, yes it's true..." No wait -- maybe it's more like this: "Hey, it's good to gig with you again I know you're not my standard but you feel like a long lost friend yes, 'n hey it's good to gig...
  99. solo-act

    Sticky the ESTIMATED June 6 POSSIBLE shipping date?

    So everyone knows? IMO it should include a "no diaper patrol" clause for those inclined to whine. Or maybe just lock it except for updates.
  100. solo-act

    AXE-FX II Q&A compilation - plz look here B4 asking

    Link is in post below.
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