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  1. lauke-lux

    Plaques de protection écran LCD Axe Fx III, FM3 ou FM9 France

    Ma hantise avec le FM3 est qu'un jour lors d'un changement de guitare je fais tomber le jack sur l'écran du FM3... J'hésite à me faire faire une plaque de protection polycarbonate transparent épaisseur 3mm juste pour recouvrir l'écran. Les plaques CEBA sont les meilleures mais avec les frais...
  2. lauke-lux

    Channel mix fading for delays

    I guess this is not possible, howbeit.. : Tried to balance delay mix values for a patch I made. In this patch I change from (multi delay quad tap) delay block channel A (8% mix) to B (30% mix) using the same effect block with different mix and feedback settings. Actually this results with some...
  3. lauke-lux

    Hotone midi controller

    Latest setup with a new Hotone controller. Works flawless
  4. lauke-lux

    Bug? Earthing noise

    Encountering a weird problem, since a few months probably, but yesterday as I was parametering my patches on live level without band it became quite insupportable. Whenever I play open notes ie with no left hand on the string I get low crackling noises at each string I touch. It came on...
  5. lauke-lux


    Am in construction and engineering and had to do an analysis on the price difference between 2 similar projects constructed at 7 years interval. If salary and expenses didn't go up that much, I was shocked to notice price rise of aluminium, copper and steel up to 300%. Edit : How about that in...
  6. lauke-lux

    Vibrolux // Squier strat 1985 Japan with CB '57 alnico III PU

    All is in the title. Just very nicely surprised by these 100 Euro CB pickups (https://www.cbpickups.com/) and the wonderful sound of the Vibrolux, a pleasure everytime I put on my FM3.
  7. lauke-lux

    Bug? Values not stored correctly at preset save

    Actually - using FM3 Edit - recalibrating my reverb mix and Plex Delay level settings after a rehearsal yesterday. I'm using a quite CPU intensive preset (86-87%) and experience that parameter values are not stored correctly on "save". Exemple : PLEX DELAY mix 100% to 50%; remains at 100%...
  8. lauke-lux

    Just for kicks...Fever with Vibrolux amp FM3

    Just messing around a bit with the Vibrolux amp, I changed close to nothing, except the cabs, took a 1x12 and 1x12 rear...works out fine IMHO.
  9. lauke-lux

    Squier 1985 pups

    One of my brothers in law left me a '85 Squier for kicks. I opened the guitar and beyond the absence of any screening of the guitar's pick-ups cavity the tremolo block was quite good in comparison of what they actually provide. Nevertheless I was surprised with the pickups that seem to have a...
  10. lauke-lux

    External footswitch per preset function

    Did not find this question anywhere. I use an external footswitch on FS2 input (double fsw) for scene 7/8 toggle in the perform menu, applies to all presets I use with this menu. Is it possible to assign in one preset a "per preset" function or override to this switch so to have it execute a...
  11. lauke-lux

    Cello preset for FM3 translation of M@ preset

    Translation of a preset M@ made for Axe Fx II. If anybody can make it less sensible to fretting issues when not playing thanks for your help. To be used with Cello-L and Cello-R user cabs.
  12. lauke-lux

    2 synth patches translated to FM3 from Axe Fx II (simeon)

    Hello, tried to translate 2 synth patches from simeon to FM3. As far as possible with only one synth. Hope this amuses somebody. http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=8820 http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=8821
  13. lauke-lux

    Not a Bug CAB2 name comes as CAB1 in perform page

    All is in the header, here's the image. Very tiny bug.
  14. lauke-lux

    Brittle high end since I downsized to 010-048 strings

    Hello. Lately I changed strings and tremolo on my strat. Used to play with 011-052 strings since 2005 on a strat and tremolo equiped with a brass block, graph tech saddles and lollar SC dirty blonde PU. Great strat sound, nothing wrong there. I had to go to 010-048 strings as I had the more and...
  15. lauke-lux

    FS Axe-Fx 2 mk1 + rack + midi controller Gordius LG2 + stand (France / Europe)

    All is in the header; For sale in France Europe, pls hereunder the advertisements with photos. Bought in 2012 from G66 in Germany. https://fr.audiofanzine.com/simulateur-d-amplis-guitare-en-rack/fractal-audio-systems/axe-fx-ii/petites-annonces/i.2184986.html...
  16. lauke-lux

    EXP1 -> EXP2 and vice-versa

    Hello for pure reasons of weight and space I'd like to act my expression pedal on pedal input 1 to be able to modify the CC it controls so to have the pedal act as a wah or volume pedal just on the press of an instant switch (not latching). Any body already did this, or knows if it is not...
  17. lauke-lux

    Harmonic pitch shifter question (help !)

    Hello, pitch shifting subject....maybe there is no solution, but howbeit: He who doesn't ask is sure not to get an answer ! Find joined here to a patch I used in Axe Fx 2 for a cover version of Dany California that I'd like to translate to FM3, if possible. My question concerns the solo part...
  18. lauke-lux

    Melaudio Midi Commander vs Harley Benton MP100

    These controllers are identical and coming from the same factory if my info is right. Has anybody tried to load the Melaudio Patches into a HB MP100 controller ? It appears there now is a scene mode patch which makes it an almost ideal extension for FM3 : https://meloaudio.com/pages/manual
  19. lauke-lux

    Wish Tuner on long first push via Tempo button : back to principal UI screen on long second push

    Not always motivated to search the tuner button via the footswitches I tend to access to the tuner via the tempo button (long push) on the unit. Would it be possible to return directly to the principal screen with a long push again instead of going back to the temp screen first and having to...
  20. lauke-lux

    Not a Bug Small audio glitch in Wah block graph EQ ON/OFF control

    When I link the graph on/off control to an expression pedal commanding the wah, there occurs a small audio glitch. Don't know if it is really useful BTW to link this On/OFF to a control parameter. As the wah is on auto on/off, I just put the EQ on "ON" (permitted me to exit a separate GEQ block...
  21. lauke-lux

    Question about Plex Delay (Plex Shift)

    Question about the use of Plex Delay. In Axe Fx II there was a crossfade parameter. I don't find this parameter in the FM3 Plex Shift Delay block (it only exists in the shimmer delay that is using way more cpu load), but there are these enveloppe parameters. Is there any way to obtain this kind...
  22. lauke-lux

    Not a Bug Pls check Blues OD pedal FM3 vs Axe Fx 2 loose a lot of treble in FM3 version

    Strange difference, in FM3 I've got the impression I put a blanket over my sound when putting on the Blues OD pedal, something wrong or has some modelling been redone/corrected vs previous FX2 version ? Admit I use it at very low drive level (0.874, tone 2.78) 10-2200Hz
  23. lauke-lux

    Phase issue while importing the same cab L & R in cab block ?

    ???? pls check 1st image hereunder. I confirm it sounds weird also...and cannot dial it out. Strange enough when I startup the FM3 the L cab's Auto Trim seems to be working correctly as the IR starts at 0ms (2nd image). When I pick again the IR from the user cabs the autotrim doesn't seem to...
  24. lauke-lux

    Low end

    I got two patches here, one for FM3 & it's original from Axe Fx 2. In mid and high range I get close to the same sound. In the low end I can't get them to sound the same, some precision & fullness I get on my Axe Fx 2 is not translating which makes it sound slightly flubby on FM3. Some of the...
  25. lauke-lux

    U2 presets

    A few old U2 presets I managed to recreate from their Axe Fx 2 originals. Not yet Streets with this orgue sounde, as this one really takes up to much CPU, I'll have to think about it later. No layouts as I'm not totally mastering the layout subject on FM3...
  26. lauke-lux

    Controller values per channel?

    By error I hit a channel B button while checking my controller buttons for a patch. Is it really possible to define different scene controller values for different channels ?
  27. lauke-lux

    Fixed Multitap Delay Quad Tap Delay, can't get 100% feedback controller issue ?

    Am experiencing a strange phenomena with Multidelay - Quad Tap Delay. Feedback controller and input gain controlled by the same EXP1 pedal at same time : 100% feedback doesn't seem to function with all delay feedbacks at 100%. Pedal correctly calibrated
  28. lauke-lux

    Closed Functioning of ENGAGED/BYPASSED controller parameter?

    I am confused with the difference of labelling of ENGAGED/BYPASSED in FM3 Edit and OFF/ON in Axe Edit. Has the functionning been inversed ?
  29. lauke-lux

    Wish Centered X-Axis and Y-Axis for modifier grid

    Is it possible to have a grid line at the 50% values of the modifier grid like we used to have in Axe Fx 2 ? 50% is the value at which an effect block on/off will trigger...in the actual state it is more trial and error.
  30. lauke-lux

    Not a Bug Modifiers not shown correctly on Controllers/Modifiers page

    Not sure if this concerns the Firmware or FM3 Edit, or maybe Fractool. Pls compare images hereunder as an example : The used modifiers are PEDAL 1/SW TIP and PEDAL 2/SW TIP (expression pedals). Indication in modifier page is PEDAL 1/Ring for Delay 2 and GEQ block. These modifiers have been...
  31. lauke-lux

    Amp Input EQ page

    Can anybody explain what is the first 3 parameters (peaking, 1000Hz; 0.707) and how they interact with the parameters indicated lower as they do not alter the frequency curve. Difference towards Axe FX 2 ?
  32. lauke-lux

    Advice for best way to start with FM3

    Hi there just a few questions as I'll be receiving the unit in a few days. usb problems are related to specific DAW or rather Windows version orientated? I also use an axe fx ii, will it be possible to run on the same computer the different drivers and editing software? Start up configuration...
  33. lauke-lux

    A small song recorded during covid period

    It's not about COVID, just a song we did as a homework job. It's in french, and I don't have the translation in english :cool:
  34. lauke-lux

    FS Gordius LG2

    Got me a second one a few months ago but resell to compensate some other material acquisitions. Works flawless, good condition close to new. Most versatile midi controller pedal ever made IMHO. I even use it to program time based sequences that run autonomously to drive synth sequences. 250...
  35. lauke-lux

    piezo on Reso, any advices ?

    Hello, got me this terrible Resophonic 'pawnshop version'. It' a Harley Benton N150 CE low cost axe. But...the former owner put in a Beard Cone & spider and reinforced the bearings inside the guitar and acoustically it sounds astonishing. The PU on the guitar is only magnetic so does not...
  36. lauke-lux

    lapsteel on axe fx Any User ?

    Actually considering to add a lapsteel to my "catalog". Anybody already tried or known artists using axe fx II ? Recommendations for patches ?
  37. lauke-lux

    Some people say Axe-Fx is not for blues.... I think they're wrong

    Sunday morning blues..sorry for some dings and dangs, but we had a lot of fun making this. Hence we continued a bit.. And again And again, starting to get tired for a sunday morning.. Oops, time to quit...let's grab a beer and lunch All recordings direct to DAW from Axe Fx II, room...
  38. lauke-lux

    Harley Benton PM100, anyone tried ?

    Size seems ideal to integrate in a pedal board. Price is a no-brainer https://m.thomann.de/fr/harley_benton_mp_100_midi_foot_controller.htm Just this strange Power supply 5Vdc over USB seems a bit unpractical....impossible to feed it over a 7pins midi cable without some risky solder work..
  39. lauke-lux

    First album at 52...fun, hope you enjoy

    All main and solo guitars Axe Fx II; violin Zaragoza and Synth on Le bulbe : Axe Fx II (stolen patches from M@ and Simeon; thank you so much !). We also amused ourselves making a video on youtube... All homespun, homeproduced...(no money !) Edit : sorry...it's all french (almost all) Edit ...
  40. lauke-lux

    Bug? MIDI Thru functionality

    AXE FX II mark I : When midi thru enabled and receiving Channel defined as ch1 (not omni), no other channels are let through on midi thru for other devices declared on other channels. For me midi thru should echo any midi signal from the input. Bad use or bug ?
  41. lauke-lux

    midi sequential commands question

    Hi, in order to limit Mexican tap dance during solos I would like to automate some scene transitions on tap tempo counts. For example : at a delay of 16 counts goto scene 3; at a delay of 32 more counts goto scene 4 at a delay of 32 more goto patch nr 18...etc. I have a Gordius LG2 that has...
  42. lauke-lux

    Not a Bug Bug or bad use of reverse Delay ?

    Using reverse delay. Tempo is at 110bpm Delaytime set at 1 tempo, calculated as 2128ms When I hit and let sound for , expect sound to come back reverse 1 time but part of it does come back a 2nd time afterwards Feedback at 0%, run on, trig restart off. Am I doing something wrong or is this a...
  43. lauke-lux

    Forum profile Option : exclure and sales adds

    Anytime I check on new or recent posts the more and more, lately, I see about at least 25% of the threads that come up are sales topics....IR's, patches, equipment...etc. It starts to nerve. Can't you just exclude these threads from standard search filters or create an individual profile option...
  44. lauke-lux

    Great solos from unknown (or almost) artists

    Fell on this this morning, a great great player from french south west region. Happened to do an opening set during spring this year just before his band "Freak" replacing a guy in another bend. This guy is taking infinite element toneladders for breakfast...his name is Vincent Agar
  45. lauke-lux


    As nothing came from some requests here and there; plse find here my go for a hyperspace like effect. Looking forward to any improvements. http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=5205 Still can't upload any .syx file on the forum BTW...
  46. lauke-lux

    Bug? Error message while saving a preset with changed cab starting with a preset bundle

    To be confirmed if this is a bug or not : Uploaded the Deluxe Dirty LM bundle. Did some tweaking and changed also the cab to a user cab stocked on my Axe Fx II mark I, a 1x12 Tweedverb; sounds great BTW, a bit more punch compared to the LM cab included in the bundle When saving the patch to...
  47. lauke-lux

    Temperature range of Axe Fx II

    Hello, Next saturday we'll play out in a village. Action for French "Téléthon" campaign, a national charity event to gather money for medical research. We'll be playing outside on a trailer, expected temperature is about 7°C (say 44 Fahrenheit, oups...). Beyond taking mittens, a second...
  48. lauke-lux

    Humbucker for HSS Squier -> F-spaced or not ?

    Hello, actually plan a cosmetic modification on one of the two VM Squiers I own. Surprising guitars BTW for low price, at the condition you change the PU (allthough the surf strat VM I own was really amazing right out of the box as is, but with lollar's it became just that bit better I needed)...
  49. lauke-lux

    Copy X values of an amp of a preset to X values of amp in another preset

    Anybody knows any shortcut instead of having to copy the parameters one by one ?
  50. lauke-lux

    Anybody already had MOJO pickups around here

    Hi there, am about to try a few strat PU sets, anybody uses MOJO PU here on the forum ? Searching for something close to strat 73 PU Thanks for any input.
  51. lauke-lux

    Research - Cheapo Backup "backpack transportale rig"

    Actually got myself a RP255 for playing when travelling for my job for longer periods and not having the possibility to carry the Axe FX with me. The thing actually is a piece of shit but, can be useful as long as it justs remains to keeping my fingers in condition. Lately I found this on the...
  52. lauke-lux

    You know your amp is too big when...

    Found this on audiofanzine.fr today, and decided to translate, I thought it could be the beginning of a funny thread.. Yes ! Finally you bought the amp of your dreams, the one of your preferred guitar hero. You did yourself a bit pleasure, maybe a bit too much, and know your amp is too...
  53. lauke-lux


    Changed strings today, was at least 3 months ago as I had some job travelling the last quarter, and decided to pull up a Dean Markley Blue Steel 011-052 set I had laying in a drawer for more than a year. Bought it just for a try but then never ever touched them. Since 10 years I use cheapo Darco...
  54. lauke-lux

    Any opinions about Squier Classic Vibe 50/60's strat or modified surf strat ?

    Having an attack of GAS recently and am looking for a cheap correct sounding strat sound with a good twang, slightly aggressive. After a lot of searches I came down to the Squiers in the title of my post. I'm opting for the 50 CV strat or a modified surf strat. Anybody here had those...
  55. lauke-lux

    Question regarding use of sweep delay

    After having discovered there is a sweep delay in the unit (thank you Simeon, BTW for me: please RTFM !!), I started to experiment a bit with it. I found this in the manual : 5.6.5 Sweep Delay The Sweep Delay uses the same algorithm as the Stereo Delay (above, p. 67), but adds an...
  56. lauke-lux

    CPU overload on tape delay

    Experienced a unit freeze with tape delay yesterday night. Changed from sweep delay to tape delay, tweeked around a bit and then pushed up the feedback too much -> Output overload LED on and message indicating too much CPU load, unit got instable and freezed. Tried the recall button but had to...
  57. lauke-lux

    Discriminating same notes with arpeggiator

    Hi, actually I'm working on a cover of Kids in America, Shaka Ponk version. I made myself the synthesizer patch using some info on the web and then decided to put in an arpeggiagor just tu simplify the playing and not have the hassle with the envelope/treshold in the gate and having to damp the...
  58. lauke-lux

    Latency on looper launched over MIDI

    I had this patch that worked out wonderful in V11 but does not seem to synchronize anymore since I put in V12 in the magic machine. I use a FCB1010 using switch nine to start loop recording and then repush the same button to stop the recording and start replay the loop immediately. But now when...
  59. lauke-lux

    Bug? Axe edit makes unit switch back to AMP (PWR) screen at modifier parametering (solved)

    AE3.02 Have EXT 1 of FCB1010 linked to LEVEL control of Deluxe Reverb amp. Go to LEVEL in PWR menu Press Enter to parameter the modifier Parametering MIN and MAX values 6dB lower, as soon as there is communication between the unit and AE (for visualisation on the computer screen), the window...
  60. lauke-lux

    Bug? Unit hangs up at global block unlink

    FW11.05 loaded this morning, also did total system cleanup and reparametering of all the system params & user cabs upload Doing an overal volume reparametering of the unit as having volume pb on a few patches (not the one hereunder) Did not restore my bank A backup Patch used : Fremen Fix You...
  61. lauke-lux

    Bug? AE preset screen does not visualize "space bar" as first characters of patch naming

    - Axe-Edit Version 3.0000.01 - Your Axe-Fx II Firmware Version V11.03 - Your computer OS/Version W7 - Other connected USB peripherals Hard disk on PC USB and FCB1010 to midi in - Detailed steps to reproduce the problem Select a patch with AE Store (on the Axe FX) the patch changing...
  62. lauke-lux

    Bug? Small bug on AE Preset screen

    - Axe-Edit Version (found by clicking the main logo of the program) To be checked, screen reports 3.0000.01 - Your Axe-Fx II Firmware Version (Note: Axe-Edit 3.0 requires Axe-Fx II Firmware 11.0 or newer!) V11.03 - Your computer OS/Version W7 - Other connected USB peripherals External Hard...
  63. lauke-lux

    Request for QDLY>ZeroCrossPDL patch from M@ converted to Axe Fx II

    Could anybody recreate for AxeFxII the QDLY>ZeroCrossPDL patch that Matt made for ULTRA, I tried and tried but never found the sweet spot for the pedal and probably effect settings must be a bit different. I would be very grateful, as I used it for a "hybrid" version of "I don't like Mondays"...
  64. lauke-lux

    4Ohms recording, finally...

    Just for fun...we finally did some studio work lazy as we are. I even managed to put it up to our myspace version which turned out to be a hell job fon their new Beta version. Man, didn't open up the site since 2011... You can find it here ...
  65. lauke-lux

    Looking for fat sounding strat PU with fat sound

    Hi there, Made the decision to change the PU on my fender jap strat deluxe from 1985. I bought it in 85 as a double fat strat. It has a Floyd Rose and string locks. I changed the PU to SC in 2006. Got me some chubtones 1963 with custom hybrid stagger by then (unfortunately he doesn't produce...
  66. lauke-lux

    minor bug on Axe II Screen 9.02

    Maybe this bug existed in former versions, as I did not tweak under 9.00, 0.01a & b. Usually when editing f.e. an effect, once you pushed the edit button, some kind of black "pointer" would indicate in the User Interface what exact variable of the page you're on and that will get modified as...
  67. lauke-lux

    New toy for FCB1010 sysex

    Got informed about a new programming tool for FCB1010. Just for the perusal of .CSV nerds, check here : CSV1010 - an easy way to edit FCB1010 presets Personnally I use Uno version and will surely remain with Ripwerx.. Cheers
  68. lauke-lux

    question for a french std user

    On a french forum a std user reports following problem : At startup all goes well for about 5-6 seconds. Then the CPU load goes to 60% at 10 sec and finally rises to 89%. The sound gets distorted and inaudible. The guy is using active PU but reports all is OK on classic amps. Reload of FW...
  69. lauke-lux


    Here two patches I use for a U2 cover of the Fly
  70. lauke-lux

    Enzo sutera patch xlated from ULTRA

    Here a patch I liked a lot on my ULTRA & redone lately for Axe II. EXT3 for deepening the effect, EXT1 for delay mix & EXT2 for volume hope you enjoy it.
  71. lauke-lux

    Wide chorus preset & some others

    Hoping that Axechange will soon be up... Here some stuff I use for 2 songs or our (amateur) band. One of these is a patch of Madmatt converted to Axe II; will have to retweak it a bit but howbeit. Usually I do not put up my patches but as these turned out quite good on FOH of a place I played...
  72. lauke-lux

    db technologies flexsys fm12; any Axe Fx users ?

    Hello everybody. Has anybody on this forum yet used this coaxial floor monitor : db technologies flexsys fm12 ? I actually sell my Traynor K4 because it is a bit too heavy to run down the stairs every weekend and also the dimensions unfortunately don't make it easier to handle the beast (but...
  73. lauke-lux

    Dirty-Clean settings

    Have my Axe Ultra since one and a half year now and completely happy with the crunch & distorted tones. "Dirty-Clean" tones however remain a bit flat in the low end so I guess I'm missing something somewhere I'd take any advice for dialing in good clean & dirty-clean tones, have some...
  74. lauke-lux

    Valve settings

    Lately I sold my old 2101 and 3 weeks later decided to get one back as I still couldn't get the sounds I wanted with Axe/combo amp, allthough I come a lot closer now and I have to say that Axe Ultra through PA is perfect now (for me at least !) and better than anything I had before. The sound of...
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