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  1. GreatGreen

    Friedman BE/HBE Thump Values?

    I've also heard of Peavey doing this with Depth controls. It's awful and it's for this reason alone I wouldn't lose a wink of sleep if they went out of business. Sleazy business practices like patenting incredibly fundamental amp circuit elements, that had been done before, do nothing but hold...
  2. GreatGreen

    The CNFB Method

    Wow, can't wait to check this out, seems awesome! 👍
  3. GreatGreen

    Old Grumpy Ultrafart Emerges From Grave

    And if you save over that template preset... who cares, it's a template. The whole reason it's there is to be messed with. If you save over your favorite patch when you're using it as a template... uh oh, you've lost your favorite patch.
  4. GreatGreen

    Old Grumpy Ultrafart Emerges From Grave

    It's this. Just making a new baseline patch from scratch and naming it "Template" or taking an already-made patch and saving another instance of it named "Template" or whatever is all there is to it. Whether you make a dedicated template patch or use one of your favorites as a starting point...
  5. GreatGreen

    Old Grumpy Ultrafart Emerges From Grave

    The best thing anybody making their own patches can do is MAKE A TEMPLATE PATCH FIRST. This can't be overstated enough. Put all the block you'll want on the grid in the order and routes you'll want, save it, then when you want to make a new patch, just copy and past that template patch first...
  6. GreatGreen

    Adobe Sucks

    If you're just using Adobe Acrobat for viewing PDF's, it's awful. Slow bloatware. I swapped to Sumatra a couple years back and have loved it ever since. It opens PDF's as fast as notepad opens TXT files. It's amazing. It can't edit PDF's or anything, but as a viewer, you can't beat it.
  7. GreatGreen

    Speaker Impedance Curve - how to use when doing a Tone Match?

    Tone Matching is nothing more than a high resolution EQ applied after an Axe-Fx amp model. The idea is that you setup an Axe-Fx amp model as close as possible to your real amp, then the Tone Matching process listens to your real amp and the model and applies an EQ to eliminate the EQ differences...
  8. GreatGreen

    Almost One Year In

    The Axe-Fx (and these forums) has taught me more about guitar amps, cabs, and effects than any single other source by at least an order of magnitude. Do you have a question about almost literally anything guitar gear related? Just lab it out in the Axe-Fx and learn the answer for yourself...
  9. GreatGreen

    Matrix GT800FX or GT1000FX to power a Friedman Cabinet

    I have two XLR cables going from the Axe-Fx III's Output 2 jacks (set to -10db) to a Matrix GT1000FX. I play this rig at the house a lot and it's super easy to keep the volume anywhere between whisper quiet to "normal TV volume" using only the Axe-Fx's output knobs, even with the Matrix's...
  10. GreatGreen

    What if?! Two Axe FX 3's - one for left and one for right monitor

    Sure, why go with one when you can get two for twice the price!
  11. GreatGreen

    Grrrrrrrr Microsoft!!!!

    Something else that could be worth considering, if you can virtualize your primary workstations, you can automate periodic snapshotting (including RAM) in your hypervisor, so if you do find that something has happened, you can simply revert to the latest known good snapshot and continue on from...
  12. GreatGreen

    Grrrrrrrr Microsoft!!!!

    It might cost some money upfront, but if you can put your computer on a domain (which is probably a good idea for a company anyway), you should be able to control things like this completely through Group Policy and update management software like WSUS or similar. Eh, it's been at least a...
  13. GreatGreen

    Axe-Fx III Cab Block as general purpose mic pre?

    Cool, has anybody tried these? Do they work?
  14. GreatGreen

    Axe-Fx Firmware Release Version 18.00

    It's not exactly that simple. If it was, it wouldn't be a compressor, it would be a volume block. A compressor reduces gain that exceeds a certain threshold by a certain amount per db above that threshold. With an ideal studio compressor, for example, it should be possible to make the...
  15. GreatGreen

    Power amp with real cab garbage sound

    Mesa 2x12 recto cabs are notorious for this, I think it's due to the brighter 16 ohm V30's Mesa uses for that cab, where their 4x12 cabs use 8 ohm V30's. I bought a Mesa 2x12 horizontal cab a few years back and it was so bright and had so little low end that I thought it was broken. A few years...
  16. GreatGreen

    Axe-Fx III Cab Block as general purpose mic pre?

    Actually I'm specifically thinking of the Cab block's mic preamp emulation where you can choose between preamps like Tube, Bipolar, FET, Vintage, Modern, etc.
  17. GreatGreen

    Axe-Fx III Cab Block as general purpose mic pre?

    I checked the manual but wasn't able to find a solid answer. Can I use the Axe-Fx III's Cab block with a flat IR to emulate a general purpose mic preamp? In other words, can I simply connect something like an SM57 straight to Input 2, then route the Input 2 block on the grid to the Cab block...
  18. GreatGreen

    Power amp with real cab garbage sound

    That's what I'm getting at. If you're using a physical cab, then that's effectively an eq filter on your overall sound. Using a cab block on the grid plus a physical cab should sound super dark and muffled, like there's a blanket over your speakers, because that's effectively two eq's filtering...
  19. GreatGreen

    Power amp with real cab garbage sound

    Post your preset! Also, what 2x12 cab are you running? If it's overly fizzy, a quick fix could be to add a Parametric EQ at the end of the chain, set the highest band to Blocking, then just start experimenting with those values until the fizz is sufficiently reduced.
  20. GreatGreen

    A Curious Case of Diezels

    The OP isn't complaining about amps. This thread isn't about tone. The OP is suggesting there could be a bug in the Axe-Fx's Amp block where when you go from one amp model to another, some settings from the old amp block are being carried over when they shouldn't be.
  21. GreatGreen

    Need your input with Power Amp + Real cab

    Step 1: Find an impedance curve in the Axe that's most similar to your actual cab. Step 2: play white or pink noise via the Synth block and adjust the center frequency of the Low Resonance until it's the loudest. At that point it's probably matched up with the natural low resonance of your...
  22. GreatGreen

    Why not put the Cab block at the end?

    Putting the cab after the amp mimics real setups and that's what people are used to, but you're right to ask the question. I always run the cab block at the end of the chain because I split my signal between my real cabs and Front of House. Best of both worlds.
  23. GreatGreen

    Matrix GT800FX or GT1000FX to power a Friedman Cabinet

    I've heard the GT1000FX has to be turned up to about 2:00 or so for the low end to fill out to being flat with the mids and highs. At that level, how easy is the Axe-Fx to control at low volumes using the front knobs? Do they feel like they have a hair trigger or is the sweep still pretty smooth?
  24. GreatGreen

    Just took the Axe FX plunge...

    Makes sense. I often go for a treble boost and bass cut to the front end of the models I use. Helps to tighten things up and add some extra aggression if I need it. Oh hey this might be useful for you, there's a small single-band parametric EQ section in the Input EQ tab of the Amp block in Axe...
  25. GreatGreen

    Just took the Axe FX plunge...

    It's ok to hit the red occasionally at the input block. The Axe has been calibrated like that. Barely hitting the red when you're playing your hardest is about where you want to be. If it stays lit all the time then the guitar is probably too hot but if it doesn't light at all it might be too...
  26. GreatGreen

    Seymour Duncan Powerstage 200 Users

    You can do that, but it would be better to route things like this: Route Output 1 to your Powerstage and only use the Powerstage to power your cabs. Route the Axe's Output 2 to Front of House. The Axe-Fx will be way, way better at simulating cabs than whatever filter the Powerstage uses for...
  27. GreatGreen

    Seymour Duncan Powerstage 200 Users

    I have a question about this routing. In that config you'd be using the PS 200's built-in cab modeling, right? You'd only be getting one signal from the Axe and if it's going to real cabs via external poweramp, then it shouldn't have a cab block routed into the chain. I don't know how great that...
  28. GreatGreen

    How to dial in a great tape delay in Axe-FX III

    Tape delay is an interesting thing that seems to describe a distinct combination of multiple elements that impact the delayed signal. EQ filtering, saturation, tape engine modulation, tape malfunctioning artifacts like crinkling, etc. To me the best element of any tape delay is the wow and...
  29. GreatGreen

    New pedal for next FW...

    It's a shame it doesn't track pitch, just volume. Still, the internet being what it is, it will probably sell out quick and show up on reverb for $700 in no time.
  30. GreatGreen

    No difference at Input 1/Instrument level between medium and high output pickups

    I find the EMG 81 to be more of a medium to slightly-hotter-than-medium output pickup. Actually, tonally, my 81 I've had for years has always sounded and felt like something between a single coil and humbucker to me.
  31. GreatGreen

    Cab Lab for summing Fractal IR's to save CPU

    Fractal Audio's specific recommendation for support is to consult these forums. Also, I've tried to DM Cliff before about other matters and never got a response. Posting here for me is being as private and as close to the source as I can possibly be. This is the Fractal forum, specifically in...
  32. GreatGreen

    Cab Lab for summing Fractal IR's to save CPU

    Are you saying Cab Lab exports can only be succesfully uploaded and used in the Fractal ecosystem? If so, then it's even more confusing that we can't mix the included IR's.
  33. GreatGreen

    Cab Lab for summing Fractal IR's to save CPU

    Encryption? Fractal could design Cab Lab with the ability to use Fractal IR's, but when a Fractal IR is used and placed in the Cab Lab mixer, Cab Lab will only output an encrypted version of whatever IR is exported, that can then only be decrypted and used in the Fractal Audio ecosystem. If...
  34. GreatGreen

    Cab Lab for summing Fractal IR's to save CPU

    You've been on these forums a long time and I respect most things you say, but your response here honestly seems like disingenuous gaslighting. I didn't buy the FAS Reverb VST and am now asking why I can't import patches from it into the Axe-Fx. I didn't buy a Chevy tail light assembly, and now...
  35. GreatGreen

    Cab Lab for summing Fractal IR's to save CPU

    What? Why not? They were certainly fine with not including that information anywhere on their website or in their documentation before they happily accepted my $80 to buy their IR tweaking software, which I bought specifically to tweak the IR's included in their $2,000+ modeler that contains...
  36. GreatGreen

    Cab Lab for summing Fractal IR's to save CPU

    Hey everybody, I'm trying to use Cab Lab to take my favorite IR's in the Axe-Fx and sum them into a single IR to save on CPU for my patches. I'm having trouble accessing the IR's in the Axe-Fx though the app though, and the manual doesn't seem to explain how to access them. Can anybody point me...
  37. GreatGreen

    Accurate low-end in Mesa Boogie Mark IIC+, Mark V, JP-2C

    I see what you're getting at. Honestly I think the difference between the slowly resonating "woomm woomm" sounds and the tight, stocatto "chuck chuck" sounds, assuming all other factors are equal, is probably mostly in the hands. Specifically it's in how hard your right hand is muting the...
  38. GreatGreen

    Accurate low-end in Mesa Boogie Mark IIC+, Mark V, JP-2C

    No, I'm saying that those two videos aren't good for comparison because there are too many unaccounted-for variables in them, most notably the cabs / IR's / room ambience, whatever post-amp factors are influencing the tones in those videos, which are hugely influential to those tones, btw. No...
  39. GreatGreen

    Accurate low-end in Mesa Boogie Mark IIC+, Mark V, JP-2C

    If JP is saying that, he and I are in agreement. I said "turn up the bass knob so it's just audible but doesn't distort" which is the same thing as "stop turning up the bass knob if the sound gets flubby." Bass distorting in the preamp is always flubby. On the songs where JP is chugging, you're...
  40. GreatGreen

    Accurate low-end in Mesa Boogie Mark IIC+, Mark V, JP-2C

    Tight bass is clean bass. The secret of the Mark's tight low end is in the delicate balance of getting just enough low end through the preamp that doesn't distort, but not so little that the GEQ doesn't get any low frequencies to amplify. This can be a challenge, as the Mark's lead gain channel...
  41. GreatGreen

    Axe-Fx Firmware Release Version 17.01 Public Beta #2

    So there's a new Megatap Delay algorithm called "Decepticons." Just wondering... any potential copyright / legal issues there?
  42. GreatGreen

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 17.00

    What does this change mean? "The buttons in the effects GUI have been simplified to a single page."
  43. GreatGreen

    Announcing Axe-Fx III Mark II TURBO

    Standard versions use 1.00 GHz processors. Turbo version uses 1.25 GHz processors. The end result according to Fractal is more CPU processing headroom on the grid. The speculation due to the math is that a patch that would have used 80% CPU will now use only 64% CPU, but could be a bit more or...
  44. GreatGreen

    Announcing Axe-Fx III Mark II TURBO

    Wouldn't the SPDIF connection be a bit faster though? two fractal devices connected in series with instrument cables: 1. AD conversion 2. however many samples it takes to process the signal in device A 3. DA conversion 4. AD conversion 5. however many samples it takes to process the signal in...
  45. GreatGreen

    Announcing Axe-Fx III Mark II TURBO

    I'm curious about this. If you connected these units the normal way, your total AD/DA conversion lag would be the the sum of the regularly advertised lag of both units combined. If you connect them through SPDIF, how much less lag would there be?
  46. GreatGreen

    Announcing Axe-Fx III Mark II TURBO

    CPU upgrade is from 1.00 GHz to 1.25 GHz. 80 / 100 = 0.8 = 80% 80 / 125 = 0.64 = 64% 64%. That's the ultra simple math, anyway. It might not work exactly like that due to overhead and other variables I don't have access to though.
  47. GreatGreen

    Ooooh... Charts and Graphs Redux

    Can I ask how these results were generated? Was there a test tone or frequency sweep or something like that?
  48. GreatGreen

    Anyone ever buy an amp because of an axe fx model ?

    1. EVH 5150 III 50w 2. EVH 5150 III 100w EL34 3. Mesa Lonestar 4. Mesa Dual Recto Multi Watt 5. Marshall JCM 2000 DSL 100 (Because I discovered how much I like the Axe-Fx's JCM 800 models and researching them made me realize I like the JCM 2000 DSL 100 juuust a bit more than the 800) So yeah...
  49. GreatGreen

    Metallica uses Axe Fx

    When I hear somebody calling Metallica "sell outs" I can't help but picture them as some 50+ year old burnout who goes to places like the grocery store on Tuesdays wearing no shirt under a studded leather jacket and having hair down to their knees, hasn't showered in weeks, and basically never...
  50. GreatGreen

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 17.00 Public Beta

    This is awesome. SUPER useful change.
  51. GreatGreen

    Metallica uses Axe Fx

    If you look close in the video of them playing at the observatory, you can see shots where the camera is at the right height to see straight between the heads and cabs. No speaker cables plugged in back there. Cabs are mic’d to look authentic but less care is taken around the back of the rig...
  52. GreatGreen


    I'd be cool with the Axe-Fx III Mk I being reconfigured to support 1024 User IRs and 32 FullRes IRs. I haven't even come close to filling up even one User IR bank, personally. And just for the record @FractalAudio , there might be a very small minority of people complaining that the Axe-Fx III...
  53. GreatGreen

    Tonewood is BULLS*T!!!!

    I don't see how anyone who has played a lot of guitars could say wood doesn't matter. I ordered an EVH Wolfgang about a year ago from an online store and loved everything about it EXCEPT how it resonated in my hands unplugged. The neck was fantastic, strings stayed in tune, the pickups even...
  54. GreatGreen

    Getting my cabinet "moving"

    That's a fantastic idea. I'd absolutely use a global impedance curve. When I'm recording, I tend to setup a cab block with a handful of IR's I like first, then stick with them. And when I'm playing live, like most people, I tend to pick a cab or two and stick with those. Being able to audition...
  55. GreatGreen

    Announcing the New FM9 Amp Modeler/FX Processor

    Yeah, this was a good idea. Congrats Fractal :)
  56. GreatGreen

    Automatic Gain Staging for Input

    I am. I'm saying that if you have a main guitar you want to adjust the input Level for, so every patch will default to that specific input level adjustment, you can control that parameter here: Then, if you have additional guitars you want to adjust the input levels of separately from the...
  57. GreatGreen

    Automatic Gain Staging for Input

    Yep! You can set the global input gain for your main guitar, then adjust your other guitars on a per-patch basis if you need.
  58. GreatGreen

    Automatic Gain Staging for Input

    Eh, just because it may have been done doesn't mean it's necessarily good or reliable. Actually, it inherently cannot be because it would depend on wildly inconsistent variables to work every single time it would happen. And more importantly, it wouldn't be better or even easier to use than the...
  59. GreatGreen

    Automatic Gain Staging for Input

    I see. The original request is asking for the guitar's level, immediately after it has been digitized and placed in the Axe-Fx's Grid, to be automatically adjusted to some "optimal" value that differs from the natural volume of the signal the guitar sends to the Axe-Fx. In that case I don't...
  60. GreatGreen

    Automatic Gain Staging for Input

    You said "it's not about the Instrument Input, it's about adjusting the level of the input." Which input do you mean?
  61. GreatGreen

    Automatic Gain Staging for Input

    Most people know that as you adjust the input sensitivity in the Axe-Fx, what you are doing is basically padding or boosting the signal sent to the AD/DA converters. What a lot of people do NOT know is that as you do this, the volume is adjusted equally but oppositely in the digital realm...
  62. GreatGreen

    PSA - Check your guitar tone knob...

    Have you ever tried removing the knob altogether? I've always liked Strats but I can't stand how close the volume knob is to the bridge pickup. Moving the Volume knob to the 2nd knob position and only wiring in one Tone knob changed the whole guitar for me.
  63. GreatGreen

    Enhancer block sound, without the enhancer block?

    When I want a sound like that, I use the Van Halen "Balance" tone trick. Phaser block after the amp and cab set to Detune mode. voice 1 set to -6 ct full panned left, voice 2 set to +6 ct full panned right. Mix to taste. This makes your guitar sound huge, even when collapsed to mono. It's...
  64. GreatGreen

    Exploring The Various Tube Types

    I feel the same. I've gone through and tested them, and there might be something like 2 power tube types out of the 13 available where I can sorta-kinda hear a difference if I really pay specific attention. Aside from those one or two very subtle differences, I do not think there are any audible...
  65. GreatGreen

    Fractal AXE FX III + ?????? (closest Metallica sound)

    Glad I could help! I will say again that if you have the chance, try and play your Axe-Fx through both FRFR speakers and a solid state amp + guitar cab setup. Both can be great but they are quite different from each other. The other thing is that if you choose FRFR, you're going to want to...
  66. GreatGreen

    Fractal AXE FX III + ?????? (closest Metallica sound)

    Nah. In general, pushing speakers doesn't affect tone nearly as much as pushing the power sections of amplifiers. However, Metallica's distortion is almost all preamp-based and their poweramps are running fairly clean. As such, the typical Metallica tone doesn't really require high volume. And...
  67. GreatGreen

    Fractal AXE FX III + ?????? (closest Metallica sound)

    Metallica uses both. They listen to their own tone through in-ear monitors but they also use real 4x12 cabs on stage and in their practice/recording space as well. The Metallica sound we are all used to hearing comes from the PA system, as almost none of us are standing next to James' or Kirk's...
  68. GreatGreen

    Is there a way to define GEQ frequencies for each slider?

    There is not. You can choose from a fairly broad selection of GEQ's though. If you want to define 5 or fewer frequencies, I would recommend using a Parametric EQ block instead.
  69. GreatGreen

    Marshalls sound bad

    With 4-hole Marshalls, I’ve always thought of the Treble Volume control as the Gain knob and dialed it first. Then once I get that where it sounds good, I’ll use the Normal Volume control more like a Bass knob and dial it in to be just loud enough to be audible and balance the sound out but not...
  70. GreatGreen

    Anyone else dig the bona fide Marshall amp models more than.....

    Yep. I made a thread a long time ago called something like “the Axe-FX has no mojo and I couldn’t be happier about it” making the point that when every amp is just a name on a list, and suddenly all that mystique that comes with boutique extra fancy tolex and logos, unique fonts and colors on...
  71. GreatGreen

    Just blew a transformer

    Did the speaker cable short out?
  72. GreatGreen

    Seymour Duncan PowerStage power amps?

    I'm a bit confused that Seymour Duncan hasn't updated their PowerStage 700 with the expanded controls of the PowerStage 200. The addition of the Presence knob allowed the Treble knob to shift down a bit into a more "guitar suitable" frequency band, and the Mid and Bass knob center frequencies...
  73. GreatGreen

    What makes the 5150 power section special? What dedicated poweramp cops it the best?

    Yep, it's really just a clean poweramp section with Resonance and Presence controls. Maybe there's something to the fact that part of what makes them sound the way they do is that a 5150's power section is typically relatively cold-biased. But more practically, there's probably just a whole lot...
  74. GreatGreen

    Wish Power Tube Type + HF and LF Resonance and Q interactivity

    According to Cliff's article about the differences between power tube types, those differences mostly present themselves in the form of what the impedance curve ends up looking like when plugged into a given guitar cab. For example, EL34's will have a higher damping factor than 6L6's so the...
  75. GreatGreen

    Fixed Amp Block: Speaker Tab - Speaker HF Resonance knob move

    That is amazing. Thanks to @Admin M@ and @Michael Pickens and everybody on the team for this!
  76. GreatGreen

    Axe-FX III Setup with Atomic CLR Active Wedge (FRFR)

    One thing I’ll add is that it’s fun to start out auditioning presets and downloading different sounds from people, but you’ll get the most out of your Axe-Fx by building your own presets from scratch. Downloaded patches never sound as good as the ones you build yourself. Just think about how...
  77. GreatGreen

    Do all power tube types sound the same through a given Reactive Load? (bonus EVH amps info)

    Another thought... this would also explain why changing power tube types in the Axe-Fx's Amp block doesn't really do anything. Power tube differences show themselves through changes in the impedance curves generated by their interaction with speaker cabs... but that impedance curve has already...
  78. GreatGreen

    Do all power tube types sound the same through a given Reactive Load? (bonus EVH amps info)

    Considering Cliff's article about the differences between tube types, specifically about how each type of tube doesn't really do anything to the sound other than change a poweramp's damping factor (EL34's have higher damping than 6L6's, which is why 6L6 tubes can sound more mid-scooped than...
  79. GreatGreen

    Fixed Amp Block: Speaker Tab - Speaker HF Resonance knob move

    In the Speaker Tab of the Amp Block: The top row is arranged: Freq, Q, Level The bottom row is arranged: Freq, Level, Q This is just a bit confusing, and I think it would streamline the Speaker tab if the HF Resonance knob was moved to where the HF Slope knob is so the HF Resonance knob...
  80. GreatGreen

    mini game : JP2C VS axe fx 3

    The idea is that you could: 1. route a real tube amp -> real Suhr Reactive Load box -> Axe-Fx 2. select a "Suhr Reactive Load" impedance curve in the Axe-Fx's amp block That way when Tone Matching or comparing, you could fully account for the "impedance curve" variable, as opposed to just...
  81. GreatGreen

    mini game : JP2C VS axe fx 3

    The "LB2 US" and "LB2 UK" curves represent the two impedance curves of the Fractal LB2 that you can switch between. The resistive load represents a load that is flat across all frequencies. Think old-style resistive load boxes like the THD Hot Plate. The Suhr Reactive Load's impedance curve is...
  82. GreatGreen

    mini game : JP2C VS axe fx 3

    Would it be feasible to add the Suhr impedance curve at some point? I'd love to properly tone match my tube amps + Suhr reactive load with the models in the Axe so I can get a good reference tone before going to town on the advanced parameters.
  83. GreatGreen

    Delay Block Update

    As long as the digital delay defaults to "exact, uncolored replication of the source material"... go nuts with the options!
  84. GreatGreen

    Didnt have time to finish. Is it good?

    I didn't denigrate anybody's art. I'll repeat myself just so we're clear. I said that if anybody (I didn't reply to any post directly, I used the royal "you") has a musical vision or idea they want to convey, then however they can get it onto tape and into the listener's brain, more power to...
  85. GreatGreen

    Didnt have time to finish. Is it good?

    I didn't make any accusations about anyone speeding anything up. I was providing my thoughts on where to draw the line in general between what's ok and what's not when it comes to any kind of musical work or performance. Maybe you're the one coming off strangely for defending that youtuber to...
  86. GreatGreen

    Didnt have time to finish. Is it good?

    As long as you're honest about it, anything goes. Whatever it takes to get what's in your brain to the listener's brain is fair game. Who cares, so long as you create something that someone (even if it's just yourself) enjoys. But don't go out of your way to try and fool people into thinking...
  87. GreatGreen

    Review - Axe FX 3 - After a year of using it.

    To clarify I was discussing the idea, not the person. I don't think Omri is stupid, I think Omri is exaggerating to bring a finer point to his other complaints, and the idea that it would take anybody six months, or anything close to that, just to get up and running with the Axe-Fx is nowhere...
  88. GreatGreen

    Review - Axe FX 3 - After a year of using it.

    Not to be rude but if "learning the basics" means getting to this point: ...and then clicking on a block, for example the amp block, to reveal its controls like this below: ...if it takes six months to work that out, that's not really Fractal's fault. Personally I think the Axe Edit...
  89. GreatGreen

    It's finally time to say goodbye to my pedals.

    I recently put together a pedalboard for my tube amp rig, the "B rig,” specifically because the Axe-Fx taught me how fun effects can be, hah. Before the Axe I was pretty much 100% a guitar-straight-into-amp kinda guy. I really dig the board I built, but I have to say... I had absolutely no...
  90. GreatGreen


    Life spontaneously happened on Earth, so we know life can happen in the universe. Think about how unfathomably big and complex the universe is, and then how unlikely it would be for life to only have happened in one place within it. By that same token, due to the vastness of the universe...
  91. GreatGreen

    Using Axe-FX III with Tube Amp and Universal Audio Ox

    If you want to plug your guitar straight into your tube amp: Physical cables you'll need: 1. Guitar -> Tube amp input 2. Tube Amp Speaker Out -> Ox amp input 3. Ox line out -> Axe-FX Input 4 4. Axe-Fx Output 1 -> your audio system setup, whatever that may be, or guitar poweramp -> guitar cabs if...
  92. GreatGreen

    Wish Peavey Invective - Killer Amp!

    5150 = 6505 5150 II = 6505+ 5150 ≠ 5150 II 6505 ≠ 6505+
  93. GreatGreen

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 16.01 Beta 1 Public Beta

    I'd like to think the ideal modeler starts with the model being 100% warts-and-all identical to the tube amp, but from there you can adjust it however you like, including being able to make it as bright/dark/vintage/modern/overpowered/underpowered/Low-Fi/Hi-Fi/idealized sounding as you want it...
  94. GreatGreen

    Idea to solve multiple block or channel changes with one button press

    There are MIDI foot controllers that can do this. RJM comes to mind. Some RJM controllers let you assign multiple commands to a single switch. You could easily set the bypass states of 11 or 12 blocks (or something like that) to a single switch. What I'm saying is that even if the...
  95. GreatGreen

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 12 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Release Candidate

    So it's not just me! I remember playing an Einstein years ago and wondering if there was a dedicated compressor circuit after the preamp.
  96. GreatGreen

    how to hook Suhr Reactive Load up to axe fx?

    I don’t like putting more than one instance of AD/DA conversion in the chain so when I use my Suhr Reactive Load, it looks like this: Guitar -> pedalboard -> tube amp -> Suhr RL -> Axe Input 4 Input 4 -> effects... ... -> Output 1 (FoH) ... -> Output 2 (Monitors) ... -> Cab block -> Output 3...
  97. GreatGreen

    (Not a bug) Pitch Block Latency after Reboot

    Is the pitch-shifted tone different at zero lag vs some lag? If so, having both options could warrant including the capability if you're specifically looking for a pitch-shifted, zero lag voice in parallel with your dry sound. Perhaps there's a way to get the best of both worlds. Allow Zero Lag...
  98. GreatGreen

    Your favourite Axe-Fx 3 “stuff”?

    My favorite Axe-Fx "thing" I've gotten from the Axe-Fx would be the education it has given me. Messing around with the Axe-Fx for the past... decade or so (yikes) has taught me so much about guitar in general. Like, an unbelievable amount of stuff. Using the Axe, it costs nothing to quickly...
  99. GreatGreen

    Would a pair of subwoofers help the bass presets sound better?

    It's impossible to give a blanket statement about whether a sub will help your specific setup, but if you're using a stereo pair of FRFR speakers in general, then yeah there's a good chance a sub will help, as most stereo FRFR speakers don't really extend evenly down to the lows except for the...
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