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  1. Rich5150

    NGD X2

    So a couple of weeks ago I was finally able to pick up a EVH Frankie locally. I love the detail on it, is it a perfect replica no not by a long shot but it honors one of my main influences so in that respect im glad to have it. Now as for the Lynch, as I was walking in to pickup the Frankie this...
  2. Rich5150

    NuGD PRS

    Picked this up last week, had to do a little work on it, 98 CE-22. I enhanced the one photo to get the top to pop more.
  3. Rich5150

    NBDGD PRS Special Semi Hollow

    New Birthday Guitar Day Thanks to my incredible wife yet once again I'm proud to own yet another killer PRS. With everything that has happened in the last year this is actually a combo 50/51st Present. I can't thank her enough, Now Pics
  4. Rich5150


    Yep ignore what I said about owning a 7 in my last NGD lol, Saw this and couldn't resist getting it and ive been on a major DT kick lately so I really wanted a 7 to jam on some of the tunes. This was my other color I was considering when I bought the Gremlin Green and it was my favorite stock...
  5. Rich5150

    NGD Majesty

    I owned an original run Arctic Dream 7 when it 1st came out and ended up selling it fantastic guitar but Ive just come to realize im not a 7 string player although I get the bug for them once in awhile lol.So around a month or so ago I came across a used Majesty 7 and I sold a guitar I wasn't...
  6. Rich5150

    NGD Jackson Mick Thomson Pro

    Ive been curious to check one of these out since they were announced, found this one used and though there are some small imperfections I would have to have to say it doesn't disappoint. Sounds massive and sets-up and plays amazingly well. On the hunt to find a white one to go with it.
  7. Rich5150

    5153 Preset

    Not trying to truly capture EVH, but i made this up after his passing and I've just been jamming and having fun with it Hopefully some else enjoys it as well. also included the FC-6 layout
  8. Rich5150


    Got rid of some extra gear that was laying around and picked up this used 98 PRS Cu22, Had to swap out those Ugly Amber knobs though for some newer lamp shades.
  9. Rich5150

    Music Room/ Hideout

    A long time coming for this, this used to be my sister in law's old room, that turned into the catch all for everything including my guitars. With being home due to the pandemic we've been redoing some bedrooms and as was always the plan this was to be turned into my room for all my gear and...
  10. Rich5150

    Triptik Classic preset

    Put this one together and I've been digging it, figured id put it up if anyone else wants to check it out
  11. Rich5150

    NGD It Suhr is a nice one

    Horrible pun lol, I bought this last week and thanks to UPS delays I didn't get it till yesterday. I was planning on getting another PRS at the EXP this week but that was cancelled and I really couldn't find anything that caught my eye and was different enough from what I already had, I have...
  12. Rich5150


    I dialed this up with my Cu22 with BKP Mules and run through a Matrix GT1000 and NL2x12, My take on a Modded SLP, I use OH Cabs ( these are the Friedman Cabs) Chan B of the speaker tab is factory Cabs. The OH cabs i used are in the image below
  13. Rich5150

    BASSVIBE Dual Amp 4scn

    Was watching Jason Isbell's EBMM String Theory video and he was talking about using a VibroVerb and 59 Bassman so I threw this together, Im not saying it sounds like his rig but its fun to play through. Stock cabs and the Phaser on Ch B is the FAS Vibe, I tweeked this with my PRS Cu22 with BKP...
  14. Rich5150

    Possible Bug 1st Preset Disappearing

    I just noticed this the other day on my unit where the preset i made just disappeared, seems to have started after the last beta i installed for 12.06 #3. I installed the newest 12.06 and it is still doing it. Has anyone else had this issue, it does seem to be random when it happens.
  15. Rich5150

    Triple Crest 6 scenes

    Diggn this amp i goosed the 2 TC channels with the Mk 5band eq in the output section. I use OH Cabs but i set it up on channel B with something closer from the factory set. And i used the USA Clean for channels 1&2.
  16. Rich5150

    5153 EL34

    I had a preset on my II based off the 5153 and i had changed the power section to el34's. For some reason i hadn't created that bank on my III, i just whipped this one up based on all three channels in 6 scenes with my PRS Cu22 w Dragon II pickups.
  17. Rich5150


    Well it was actually Saturday, My friend had gotten one of the Silver Sky's in Tungsten and left it with me to Setup and play on. I dug it so much had to get my own and thanks to my Amazing Wife who purchased it for me i now have my own Dodgem Blue Silver Sky, I haven't had a chance to take any...
  18. Rich5150

    Added some external switches to the FC-6

    Making use of the stand in switches I set these up to bank up and down through Presets and to get to my FX and back to my scenes more quickly. Need to figure a more permanent mounting system but I have something I'm looking at to take care of that.
  19. Rich5150

    Chris Traynor from Bush

    Seems he’s using an AX8 for the Bush and Live tour, saw them Saturday in NJ and they sounded great.
  20. Rich5150

    1st Preset

    Just whipped this up, with the new toy. love how easy it is to assign the foot switches in the AX8
  21. Rich5150

    Scale the Summit Patches

    I haven't seen this mentioned yet, I received the email yesterday that Chris is selling a preset pack based off the tones on the new Album. I'm always interested to see how the big name guys set up there presets so I ordered it. What I also thought was cool is that he will updated them when new...
  22. Rich5150

    NGD Juggernaut HT-7

    Got it in yesterday, but had no time to even unbox it, I honestly haven't had time to run it through its paces aside for a quick unplugged spot on the couch. I will say this its a solid guitar, I have 2 Broderick 6's and honestly I'm not that impressed with them. So i was a little hesitant...
  23. Rich5150

    Just going to leave this here. NGD

    Seeing as the Holcomb just came in I figured I would post a pic my 4 Core PRSi There are quite a few other guitars but it would take way too long to bring them all out, and I don't have enough stands lol
  24. Rich5150

    Awesome Christmas Present

    From my Wife, she is truly amazing I told her she didn't need to buy me anything like this but she did anyway. I'm still speechless!!!
  25. Rich5150

    Setting up two expression pedals on GCP

    I have a mission ep1 and dunlop vp x hooked up to my GCP, I had the wah calibrated for the ep1 and working fine tried setting up the dunlop as a volume and it all went down hill lol. Now neither one is working I tried killing pedal 2 in the GCP and recalibrating the ep1 and only got a range of 0...
  26. Rich5150

    Ground control pro IA assignment?

    I've been messing with this for awhile and read the other posts I don't think I'm getting it. I have the 4 preset switches to select patches they work fine when I go to assign the cc to an IA switch it does nothing, and if I say assign the delay on my lead patch to remain on and then save it in...
  27. Rich5150

    3 Doors Down using AxeFX

    Looks like the MFC, I find it very cool that so many are realizing what a great piece of gear it is.
  28. Rich5150

    Angel Severe

    Really diggin this amp, finally had some time to play today made a small clip. Axe FX II Angel Severe test - YouTube
  29. Rich5150

    Jason Hook 5FDP using the AxeFX 2 in UK Rig

    Fractal Talk at around 17:10 Five Finger Death Punch Rig Tour with Total Guitar (TG255) - YouTube
  30. Rich5150


    I have been gassing for one of these for quite awhile. I picked it up used( was all could afford for now). Such an awesome guitar def lived up to my expectations the neck while thin is not at all uncomfortable, loving the 20" radius and stainless frets it just rips for playing.
  31. Rich5150

    Some pictures from Dream Theater @ Count Basie Theater, Red Bank NJ 03/31/2014

    Awesome show, it's something else to stand about 4ft away and watch him play for around 3hrs. As a bonus I got a chance to say hi to Fractal's own Matt Picone, Awesome guy and very cool. Dream Theater 3-31-14 Photos by Rich7620 | Photobucket
  32. Rich5150

    Quick test

    Its a little clammy LOL, Just wanted to share though. https://soundcloud.com/rich5150/axefx2-test
  33. Rich5150

    I am simply in Awe!!!

    I have had L6 Pods and even an eleven rack. Now i liked the 11R its a killer unit had to sell it for $ reasons, the pods bleh i could never get a good sound out of any of them. I truly cannot say that about the AxeFX2 IMO very little tweaking. I am so glad i was finally able to get this amazing...
  34. Rich5150


    Finally after all these years my dream piece of gear will be mine, I honestly don't think I've ever been this excited for anything to arrive musical equipment wise I have everything downloaded that i need been reading the manual for awhile and watching youtube vids. Gonna hit the floor...
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