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  1. stratamania

    FX8 In Post L/R connectors and Cables

    Hi Folks, A good possibility that I might be able to get an FX8 Mk II. In advance of that I have been having a read through the manual v3.0 again. From Page 9 Rear Panel. IN [POST] L/R – (Balanced 1/4” Tip-Ring-Sleeve Jacks) Connect the FX LOOP SEND of your amplifier (or the output of your...
  2. stratamania

    FX8 Amp Routing Question

    Greetings folks. It's been a while since I logged on so I hope you are all doing well. My gear journey is taking me now more in the direction of 4CM and tube amps. When I had the Axe FX II most of my decent pedals went. So I'm now looking into options and one of those is the FX8, I've been...
  3. stratamania

    Jet Lag and Ears

    I just got back a couple of days ago from a trip to the US, Florida to be precise. I had to change planes in Atlanta and then fly to Amsterdam. So had two lots of take off and landing from about 40000 feet. While I was in Florida, I did go to a Malmsteen concert and despite the Yngwie wall...
  4. stratamania

    Les and Nigel

    Just happened to see this video...
  5. stratamania

    Animals as Leaders rig rundown

  6. stratamania

    Off to see Eric...

    Eric Johnson, that is. I find myself taking a few days off after Easter and in the North of England. Tonight Eric Johnson, is playing in a small 500 seat theatre in the Spa town of Harrogate, England. So I am off to see the gig very shortly. Also I notice FW10 is probably this week so life's...
  7. stratamania

    BCC the end

    BCC looks to be over and ended. Glenn Hughes, posted something on Facebook to the effect of just so it's crystal clear its over. Joe Bonamassa, has left and won't allow use of the name. Glenn, Jason and Derek, will apparently continue under a different name. Black Country Communion, seems...
  8. stratamania

    New Deep Purple album for 2013

    Confirmed video sighting. This clip sounds as there is going to be some great stuff coming...
  9. stratamania

    Musicman User Experience ?

    I wonder if any of you could let me know your experiences of Musicman guitars. I am planning a trip to the US and thought I might pick one up while I am there. I currently have Stratocasters, Ibanez Jem7V and an 80s Hamer Chapparal Custom which is a 24 fret Floyd equipped superstrat. I am...
  10. stratamania

    Bug? Axe FX Froze

    Playing along to tracks this morning in iTunes the sound suddenly stopped from the guitar and iTunes. The sound was totally muted. This was after about a 30 - 40 minute playing time. Input Lights showed two steady green lights on but no response from unit. Turned off unit waited a minute or...
  11. stratamania

    Have a great New Year

    Everyone have a terrific New Year, and may it bring you peace, happiness, enlightenment and good tones... See you in the next year, don't be late...
  12. stratamania

    Axe FX Control with Cubase Tutorial

    Greetings music lovers. A tutorial on automating bank, preset and scene changes via Cubase. Automating Axe FX Pre-set Changes With Cubase | Stratamania's Music Blog Enjoy...
  13. stratamania

    Firmware Upgrade Tutorial

    I noticed that this morning on the forum with the release of the new Firmware that some new users were not certain of what to do in order to upgrade the Axe FXII Here is a step by step guide with screen dumps that I have made to show the procedure using Midi Ox. As it has a lot of screen dumps...
  14. stratamania

    Jimi Hendrix 70th

    Today, would have been Jimi's 70th birthday. So a video for you. This one I liked as he plays a Cream song on a TV show as Cream had just split up. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jE80W5xYbTI&sns=em Please post any other videos or anecdotes about Jimi, I would love to see them.
  15. stratamania

    How to Multi Quote a Thread

    In answer to a question how to post a reply with multiple quotes showing the author of each quote, this is how to do it. Just to the right of reply with quote, is the possibility to tick the different posts in the thread you want to post (see diagram), click on these to select and then on...
  16. stratamania

    Desert island Gear

    You may remember a radio show Desert island discs, but this is desert island gear. Lets assume you are going to be stranded on a desert island for a year, electricity is available and meals are taken care of. But apart from that you can only play to wile away the hours. You can take one...
  17. stratamania

    Relentless Shred

    This is one for those Neo Classical players and fans. It looks like Yngwie, is now providing lessons. Relentless Shred » Yngwie Malmsteen – Relentless Shred
  18. stratamania

    Marshall Ticket 50 Years of Loud

    I have a spare ticket for the Marshall Fifty Years of Loud concert at Wembley, London this Sat 22nd. Anyone interested in going with me and you can get to and from London for the concert send me a message. Will add a comment to here when its gone.
  19. stratamania

    Rainbow Lick Library

    As Deep Purple, and Blackmore have had a big influence over the years, I was pleased to see Lick Library, just announced this new DVD with Danny Gill, covering some of Ritchie's Rainbow tracks. Enjoy.
  20. stratamania

    Seven String recommendations ?

    I am thinking of perhaps getting a seven string towards the end of the year. I have been doing some research and although a Vai Universe, or a John Petrucci 7 string may be nice I don't want to pay so much for what may turn out to be an experiment. The Ibanez S7420 looks to be what I may go...
  21. stratamania

    Afterglow Black Country Communion

    Details on new Black Country Communion, album Afterglow.
  22. stratamania

    Do you want better tools or upgrades ?

    I am posting this in Axe FX II discussion, although it is concerning Axe FX II, MFC-101, AXE Edit etc. Now we have Firmware 7, we have a huge variety of excellent sounding amps and effects to choose from, the Axe FX II is very mature in terms of sound and effect options whether you want clean...
  23. stratamania

    Machine Head - Remachined

    It cant possibly be 40 years since I bought Machine Head by Deep Purple on vinyl but apparently it is. In October an album Remachined is due for release featuring lots of well known artists. Here is a taster featuring Joe Bonamassa, playing a Stratocaster. If I come across any more...
  24. stratamania

    Steve Vai Rig Rundown

    Premier guitar rig rundown with Steve Vai, MFC, Axe II and other gear... http://www.premierguitar.com/Video/20120808/2034/Rig_Rundown_Steve_Vai.aspx
  25. stratamania

    Steve Vai unleashes Velorum

    A preview of another track off the new album "The Story of Light" out next week. Some article content also. http://www.musicradar.com/news/guitars/song-premiere-steve-vai-unleashes-the-searing-dramatic-velorum-555646
  26. stratamania

    Pete Thorn Matrix Amps

    Pete Thorn talking about Matrix Amps. Enjoy
  27. stratamania

    Olympics versus Guitars

    The Olympics starts in a few hours. For me guitars, music and gear discussions win out over sport unless 16th notes at 200 bpm + count as sport :) Keep the posts coming on the forum here. Anyway will you be playing more or less because of the Olympics ?
  28. stratamania

    Remembering Jon Lord

    I posted some thoughts on Jon Lord, on the Blog. http://forum.fractalaudio.com/blogs/stratamania/7-remembering-jon-lord.html I think he will be missed by many.
  29. stratamania

    Win a Matrix Amp

    iGuitar Mag have a competition to win a Matrix amp this month. Also interviews with Slash Slash Special - iGuitar Magazine - Issue 11 - 2012: Slash iGuitar magazine Interview 2012 - Issue 11 - learn how to get the slash sound on a budget, learn slash licks for free, guitar lessons from...
  30. stratamania

    Matrix GT1000FX power amp Review

    I just received an e mail notification a few minutes ago for the latest iguitar magazine which is free and well worth reading. This month there is a review of the Matrix GT1000FX power amp with a video with an AXE FX 2 with the Matrix Eddie Van Halen - iGuitar Magazine Issue 10 The magazine is...
  31. stratamania

    Artist versus original Tone

    Just wondering how many prefer to match or get close to the tone of an artist or song versus creating a tone from scratch ?
  32. stratamania

    Dual Amp Strat Sound

    I was a little inspired by Tyler Grund's SRV preset that he used for Voodoo Chile, particularly the dual amp approach. So I have been playing around with this preset today, using Tyler's patch purely as a starting point and I don't think any of it is now the same. This has different amps and...
  33. stratamania

    'Scuse me while I kiss the sky...

    Well this afternoon was interesting to say the least. I still need to write a detailed review on the AXE FXII but just wanted to post this quickly. I have recently been moving stuff around etc and when I first got the AXE FXII a couple of weeks ago I had one guitar where I was and a pair of Bose...
  34. stratamania


    A lot of the members on the forum spend a lot of time listening to tones and such. So it occurred to me that this might be a useful place to ask the following questions to see what feedback there is. Just prior to the questions a bit of background my Dad was an organist and pianist who started...
  35. stratamania

    AXE FXII arrived today

    The AXE FXII arrived today. 8) I live in the UK so this has been shipped by G66 the European Distributor. G66 have been really helpful and kept me informed when needed... I was first on the list around six months ago so today has been a bit like Christmas. I knew it had left the UPS depot at...
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