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  1. J

    Fractal Audio Price Increases

    That's just the increase on lumber alone- just wood- not any other materials
  2. J

    Styx new offering.

    This room is what my wife sees when she looks at my 6pc tama set with like 5 snares stacked in the corner
  3. J

    Story concluded: trying out a high-end acoustic

    I've said this before here- I had my heart set on a Taylor 514CE - $3500-3600 guitar- would have to sell an amp or two but it was the time i needed a real acoustic I had an idea- maybe blind folded I'd like a Martin or Gibson better etc maybe a different taylor I played 100+ guitars...
  4. J

    Marantz MPM-1000 microphone - any good?

    If you want to spend $50 on a new mic - The MXL 990 is above average
  5. J

    Sevenstring.org Forum

    Is there anyone seeing this who is, or may know a moderator on the SevenString.org Forum?
  6. J

    Synergy Syn2 or Revv G20 (D20)

    I'd have got an Axe 3 before anything else
  7. J

    Best External Hard Drive for late 2013 Macbook Pro

    Samples should be on a second internal drive - not a mac person so, probably not as easy as it sounds. On the other hand SSD only samsung pro for me, and HDD only WD for me
  8. J

    Shipping with USPS... Need to ship a guitar

    Fedex would be slightly better despite USPS being my #1 choice most of the time. The size/weight would be priority and sometimes they throw them on planes and can get more damaged- fedex ground is always ground
  9. J

    Digitech Freqout or Sustainiac - Thoughts?

    What the sustainiac can do- no pedal can do- by far Schecters are a good value I much prefer the Fernandes Sustainer system - but -you're probably not going to find one
  10. J

    Wish Peavey JSX 120

    My 5150 comment was only about the Resonance and Presence knob
  11. J

    Wish Peavey JSX 120

    I think it's similar to the 5150 There's also a noise gate built in and a knob on the inside behind the tubes for it- it's super clean
  12. J

    Wish Peavey JSX 120

    I own the original hand built prototype of the JSX. It was Satch's main touring and recording amp most of 2003/2004 If Cliff wants to borrow it- he can anytime. EDIT: This amp sounds like a million bucks plus tax, unlike anything out there or that I've ever heard. I've had XXX's and JSX's...
  13. J

    Friedman BE-100 asking price? opinions wanted

    Put it a dollar cheaper than anyone else out there and accept best offers
  14. J

    Block Libraries for Effects?

    I thought of this... 9 years ago... https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/effect-block-preset-library.53068/#post-677480
  15. J

    Transcription software?

    No. But. If I did, I would do it with the Fishman Triple Play system It had the best midi guitar out stuff I've seen. I do it the hard way, in finale
  16. J

    Oops! Mistake at 1am. Neighbors hate me now

    what's the problem?
  17. J

    Recording Studio Electricity

    I know most studios tend to spend a tremendous amount of money on electricity/wiring for clean power. I'm having tons of work done on the house and the electrician is coming soon to do a ton of things. What exactly do people have done in the studio for electricity? or what would you recommend...
  18. J

    James Hetfield and the News - "Hip to Be the Sandman"

    After Robert Fripp last week- I'll never see Enter Sandman the same again
  19. J

    Iron Maiden on a triple neck acoustic

    I got excited and thought it was Abba for a second...anyway- he needs a Mama Mia cover
  20. J

    Studio Lighting?

    I looked into a lot of things... Philips Hue recessed lights are crazy expensive... however they bought a competitor of theirs, and have a Wifi instead of bluetooth series called Philips Wiz - and are super affordable So instead of $55 a light, it's $16 Huge difference on a house with 37-40...
  21. J

    Studio Lighting?

    I'm completely renovating every inch of my house... maybe half way through right now... I've always had a decent home studio- plan is to focus more on youtube/video/content... Any ideas/suggestions on LED/Recessed lighting? I'm surprised I haven't seen more youtubers actually install stuff on...
  22. J

    Sold a guitar, it arrived damaged

    USPS has a way to document damage at delivery- so they can do delivery confirmation while notating it was left damaged... DHL, FEDEX, and UPS- shockingly do not
  23. J

    Sold a guitar, it arrived damaged

    So... none of this is good but... Fedex and UPS don't have insurance they have 'declared value' Which is- pay us to tell us what it's worth and we'll think about it later Fedex and UPS always decline a claim, and then it's a fight to just appeal appeal appeal and if you're lucky in 4 months...
  24. J

    Retirement plan - learning to play the piano - any suggestions?

    My idea has already been shut down but... Scope craigslist for a month or two and get a baby grand for free or $200-500 and pay delivery
  25. J

    Hanging a couple of guitars on the wall… Suggestions requested

    I love this thing... it's called Hang 'em High Guitar Hangers, a local company to me- don't really know them, I just bought a few at like a musicians swap meet they were at a few years back- they're great. https://hangemhigh.net/
  26. J

    Neil Peart's Rush drum kit expected to fetch more than $100K at auction

    They put bullshit low estimates to get more bidders interested in hopes it bids up... so they put 100k on it, and they want it to go for 500k-1m One auction house estimated the high of Zappa's main guitar the last 10 years of his life at like $8000- I saw 8k and I'm like 'that's a steal' and...
  27. J

    After 10 years, updated TV

    In 1993 I was 8 years old... my dad got me my own tv finally, didn't put it in my room but put it in the guest room- and that was where I'd watch tv/hang out, eventually turned into my studio/etc... Through high school...college...etc... just used it- I didn't replace it until 2012. It was my...
  28. J

    Wireless guitar recommendations

    Get a used Line 6 Back in the day I would have recommended a Nady... but given the rush of china wireless junk- I'd avoid everything out there the last few years.
  29. J

    Guitar To MIDI Recommendations

    I've not tried it... But I'd say- I like using guitars I like, and putting them on. But you do get great results with a built in 13 pin guitar- like a godin I have to say- I've never had much need at all for midi guitar because I've played piano since I was 4 and I am pretty good at...
  30. J

    Guitar To MIDI Recommendations

    I wouldn't recommend any roland guitar synth, I'd chose the Triple play today. I liked the GR-33, I liked the GR-55- I love everything boss but I think in a few years, Fishman killed 30-40 years of rolands synth stuff Also I'd recommend a Godin or some sort of guitar with a pickup built in- it...
  31. J

    Guitar To MIDI Recommendations

    Fishman has pretty good results here- I've owned every roland product, and it's just better.
  32. J

    Help !! Dust in the studio ...

    I did some youtube research on cleaners and endust really worked on repelling dust on stuff. I've been using it since with great results.
  33. J

    Guitar Center To File For Bankruptcy

    Lets see... When you lose 100 million a year for 13 years, this is what happens. When everyone's favorite 2012 presidential candidate does what he does to every other business- to this business- ring up debt- pocket it and let it fail on your way out- this is what happens. When you run a...
  34. J

    Hulu and SNL

    I got the MARRIED WITH CHILDREN complete series- for like $10 on dvd Why so cheap? no theme song
  35. J

    Hulu and SNL

    I do find it interesting that we lived in a time where Frank Zappa could...host...SNL
  36. J

    Hulu and SNL

    Yeah a lot of episodes have never re-aired, a lot of performances aren't there- average like 1 per episode I think? Frank Zappa hosted and it never reaired in it's entirety and a few haven't been rebroadcast cast again
  37. J

    Decent guitar and amp?

    You getting a beginner an Ibanez with a floyd- is a great disservice to him He'll never be able to ever even tune it I played guitar 3 years before I got one- it took me a year to figure out. And after only 20 years of professional playing I learned how to block it to tune it and adjust the...
  38. J

    Young teen goes viral for Fleetwood Mac cover – gets record deal!

    If her record deal goes well- she could be bringing in two or three hundred dollars a month pretty soon
  39. J

    Decent guitar and amp?

    Tell him spend $250 and buy him something used
  40. J

    FM3 + Neumann KH120

    I bought a pair of KH120's And after an hour- put them back in the box and put them on ebay
  41. J

    Anyone have a dual HB guitar with parallel switching?

    If you want me to I will
  42. J

    Anyone have a dual HB guitar with parallel switching?

    I have a HHH guitar with 3 series/parallell switches and a 3 'both/half/off' switches I don't think Lawrence Petros is still here/a fractal guy/in this group but he installed it for me
  43. J

    What weird tunings do you have your guitars in?

    I've wrote and played in... DDDDDD
  44. J


  45. J


    I think it's great, and worth the money- even at regular price for everything which is about $130 a year... However, I do hate the bullshit games they play. Every year, they basically negotiate with you- and play games. They're not bad if you call to cancel, and when you do they hit you with...
  46. J

    MP3 to WAV

    Switch Audio Converter has been my goto for years
  47. J

    David Wallimann demonstrates his appreciation for various amps, modelers, and software

    The one that ended up being the Axe 3, actually stood out from all the samples up to that one... I do have to say- and this is kind of me being stupid... What he was playing and how it sounded... and how he was dialing it in- low gain... didn't really put anything he played different enough to...
  48. J

    iphone buying info (buy used from fleebay?)

    Ebay daily deals are the absolute best prices you can find on quality used/new/refurb phones
  49. J

    Donating Gear

    I think it's not secret I've done a fair share of music gear flipping... And there's a lot of charities, and causes... and I regretfully have to say- I never liked anything I've seen out of them. I'm always seeking gear, and sometimes- at the right price I can't say no. About 4 years ago a...
  50. J

    Donating Gear

    I'll pay you a fair price for all the pedals... and you can donate the cash
  51. J

    What sub-$700 guitar sounds, but doesn't look/weigh, like a Les Paul?

    If you like active pickups- LTD EC's are great 400 series, EC-1000 - good stuff I always have one around for EMG stuff
  52. J

    What sub-$700 guitar sounds, but doesn't look/weigh, like a Les Paul?

    Actually I have the perfect guitar I have a Vox SSC-33 It's light, it's comfortable, plays well- but more importantly- have amazing pickups and electronics and sounds hands down better than my two Gibson LP's
  53. J

    Collecting guitars for fun. Thoughts?

    Buy whatever you want, as long as you're paying 50 cents on the dollar There's enough stuff out there/on craigslist that you can get everything for half of what it's worth
  54. J

    Tell me about Tennessee

    A friend moved to Brentwood and loves it - from LA
  55. J

    Did you guys know this?

    18th Child of Bach lol
  56. J

    Can an IR make my violin sound like a guitar?

    The instrument size, tamber, string material, string size, the way the strings are played... I don't think it's at all nearly possible to A piezo into something like a fishman/lrbraggs/even a Boss AC-3 I don't think will get you there, and certainly have that top end that makes an acoustic...
  57. J

    What is up with Fractal, and supply? New Customer

    Every other company keeps stuff secret, make a million of it- announce it and sell it Fractal is more transparent than most companies- tell us about a product - probably way too early - produce products in record time and we bitch and complain about it...
  58. J

    Interface help?

    This is all I'd recommend And a Rack Apollo if you needed more ins Quality of converters is on point - work every penny
  59. J

    Lets talk recording with UAD Plug-ins

    The Distressor for me was life changing
  60. J

    Dunlop picks...

    I don't need to say- different materials make different sound/tone... that's a given. But- There's no reason to have one go to either... In the studio I keep an organizer with literally every pick/size/material And I'm not afraid to grab whatever I need in terms of tone and feel. As for...
  61. J

    Tell me about New Hampshire

    Las Vegas has interesting tax related properties that seem nice.
  62. J

    Guitar tuning / setup question

    I have one.... (RG Mikro/Same thing) It doesn't have 10's, 9s, or 8s I have a set of 7's on it 10-46 on that guitar just sounds crazy
  63. J

    Fractal Audio powers Metallica on Howard Stern, Sirius XM

    I want to say he never used two triaxis with gain at once. One Clean, One Crunch, and backup for each Even when using JC's or Line 6 multi effects rack for clean I think he still blended cleans from triaxis Without looking it up I recall around 2003 it was Triaxis+Krank But Shortly after and...
  64. J

    Guitar store riffs

    For me... two things... 1. I get no use out of trying something at a store- I kinda like buying stuff cheap- and selling it if I don't like it. I can get the money out of the way, I already own it. I can take the time I need to get to know it, mess around with it, think about it... Very...
  65. J

    Any advice for a 24y/o Sonar Tech in Navy interested in career in Music Field?

    That's why I said Berklee - GIT/MI doesn't really give you a real degree It's not regionally accredited which is what makes a real school different from a bullshit for profit school I have seen people get real real real recording skills at Berklee and get into real serious pro jobs.
  66. J

    Any advice for a 24y/o Sonar Tech in Navy interested in career in Music Field?

    Not wrong and today anyone that can pay the tuition gets in- however I was referring to specifically the Recording program, not any other instruments/programs. I just googled the acceptance rate... Julliard School- 7.6% Harvard- 4.7% Berklee 47.6% Private, prestigious music school- half the...
  67. J

    Zoom Lessons - Axe - DAW - Improving The Experience

    A webcam can handle the rapid video better than a the Elgato and a 4k digital camera Logitech 4k is finally back in stock in a few places and i picked up one today It can really really keep up unlike DSLR's
  68. J

    Any advice for a 24y/o Sonar Tech in Navy interested in career in Music Field?

    My high school marching band had some of the best musicians in the state, maybe country... a lot of the people went on to seriously successful careers in all types of music... TWO of the MOST SUCCESSFUL- had music careers... in the navy and in the airforce. --- When it comes to...
  69. J

    Dirty Strat pot

    My amp guy told me almost any pot could be cleaned by just moving it back and fourth- but not for 10 seconds but a full 1-2 minutes... and even when you think you've done it for 1 minute it's probably only been 20 seconds. Try it- with a timer- it works every time. All the way both directions...
  70. J

    Axe-Fx IV release estimate?

    I've had an Axe 3 for 9 months and I feel like I've barely scratched the surface.
  71. J

    So... I got a Kemper and an Eventide H8000 & Austin Buddy...

    Update- I got an Eventide H3000, and it's a keeper. I found all the secrets of Steve Vai and everything 80s and 90s
  72. J

    Ibanez AX7521 Nut help? (Wizard 7 Neck Profile)

    Get a blank and have a luthier cut it from scratch- nothing beats that
  73. J

    Steel wool alteratives

    I use the Dunlop 65 system Their lemon oil just builds up and gunks up- doesn't take anything off The fretboard cleaner and conditioner do a great job
  74. J

    Selling on Fractal website?

    Be specific with your examples Paypal is a perfectly safe platform when you 1. use it right and 2 follow the 3 simple rules for buyer and seller protection
  75. J

    Selling on Fractal website?

    That's not possible- they can't change their address- if they did- you'd be covered because you sent it to the right place say it's damaged/not advertised there's that risk- but in most cases those aren't scams- get the item back, sell it to someone else
  76. J

    Selling on Fractal website?

    There's not. Send to paypal confirmed address with delivery confirmation and a signature, and a Goods & Services payment- there's absolutely no way to get scammed.
  77. J

    Tax on buying used stuff on Reverb and Ebay

    I couldn't get $1500 cash local for a JCM800 half stack... really sought after, original UK import EL34's, vertical input- perfect. Was asking 2000, had a buyer at 1500 backed out... Put it on reverb, sold just the head for $2400, and the cab later locally for $500 I'll take the 3.5% fee and...
  78. J

    Recommend a used 5 string bass

    I'd look for an Ibanez soundgear with bartolini's However, I think to really get a good 5 string bass sound you really need a great and powerful amp- I'm sure you're here so you're fractal so that's not exactly the case... I'd recommend you getting a really good 4 string and maybe a second...
  79. J

    UA audio interface & plugin promotion

    I went ahead and completed my analog classics pro bundle for only $100 out of pocket 450-the plugins I own=$150-50 coupon= $100 While I think I'm crazy for spending $1245 over the last 2 months on plugins.... It's literally $7000+ in plugins.
  80. J

    UA audio interface & plugin promotion

    All their hardware comes with built in DSP chips, if you run out they have satellite units for more processing- it's super efficient and near zero latency. I have 8 processors, and have rarely got passed 25% of one or two of them
  81. J

    UA audio interface & plugin promotion

    A few things... 1. Don't finance stuff that goes down in value- 0% is nice til you don't pay it off- it's what 25% apr? from 6 months before- don't. 2. You could have bought $2000+ in plugins a month or two ago for $400-500 - their sales have been VERY aggressive- don't be pushed into...
  82. J

    Would you get the ADA MP-1 Classic for $100?

    They're worth easy 300-350 But I went 6 for 6 of all the ones I bought had issues- sold for about $100 for parts
  83. J

    So... I got a Kemper and an Eventide H8000 & Austin Buddy...

    @NightWalker I just watched 1 minute each of 20 of your videos - the Axe 8 videos sound 10000x better than the rest. I'm willing to take a blind sound test too- send me audio that I don't know which is which
  84. J

    So... I got a Kemper and an Eventide H8000 & Austin Buddy...

    Two things to that... 1. The first - in your video- that gain structure sound, pretty much is how everything sounded- kinda like a fancier Line 6 pod- where it sounds different but still all the same. There's difference in composition of the gain and sound of a Fender/Friedman/Marshall/Engl etc...
  85. J

    So... I got a Kemper and an Eventide H8000 & Austin Buddy...

    I'm a firm believer in that demo-ing at home is the way to do it. Trying something at a store or watching youtube isn't the right environment to truly get a feel for something. But once you own it, it's different- especially with money involved... I don't have to worry about selling this or that...
  86. J

    Axe vs. Kemper (JCM 800)

    So far in the short time I've used my Axe 3 - 80% of the time I've used the stock JCM800 with the EL34 scene. Whatever settings in the video sounded AWFUL, like my fingers were in my ears/muffled. Just the stock preset sounds amazing - better than anything in the video
  87. J

    Keyboards! Decisions Decisions (Yamaha vs Komplete Kontrol)

    It does nothing though. You're keyboard can be used as a midi controller, and it can work without a computer. You could just buy the $199 Komplete Select on sale and be in the same position
  88. J

    How many care if the Theaters close permently?

    The movie theater gets zero of your $12-20 ticket... Hollywood gets all of it. Only money they make is on the $12 popcorn and $6 drinks And theaters are big, electric bills are big, rent is big and $200,000+ projectors are not cheap
  89. J

    You Knew Etsy Would Ruin Reverb

    The real issue I think that is here, isn't that Reverb/Etsy are greedy- it's just the Reverb has an extremely poor search on their website. Ebay's search is lightyears ahead of Reverbs and is very powerful. Reverb's is just antiquated and limited. So, when it comes to bumps they get priority...
  90. J

    Is Kiesel worth the wait?

    12 weeks is NOT a long wait for a custom guitar. The thing I'd worry about is... it will not hold its value. Dean/Kiesel never have, and it being custom- it's worth the most to you- but finding someone else that wants it, and to pay even half of what it's worth it's tough. I see Carvin...
  91. J

    Richlite and Baked Maple?

    You can't trust anything gibson should have- so you'd have to call about the specific guitar- I have a 2014 Classic- it does have a 60's slim taper neck A traditional is a cheap guitar, not very far off from a studio, a classic is much more expensive and in some years the classics were as...
  92. J

    Richlite and Baked Maple?

    I would buy neither, and get a gibson from the 90s
  93. J

    Mother and daughter

    I got 7-38's on mine
  94. J

    Audio Interface Question

    So, yes- you can do that and the way the Apollo's work- you'll get little/no latency, it's seriously the best- there's no better tracking experience. The clarett 2pre, used apollo twin are around 500 or less So- most studios use rack gear for preamps, compressors, etc- Apollo has onboard...
  95. J

    Why isn't the metric system the only system taught?

    I just turned 35, we learned metric in elementary/middle/high school. It's not used, but we used it in science and math and while we 'use' the other system, we learned and used metric the whole time
  96. J

    Going solar

    Leasing solar is the worst scam bullshit you can ever do with money or sign yourself up... and everyone in AZ has fell for it. Seeing as you priced it out- it looks like you're buying which is smart... but every year the technology gets cheaper and at some point- maybe tesla, maybe someone will...
  97. J

    Slate VMS ML-1

    I was contemplating one at $499...and no bullshit- my lucky day- I found one for $100 at a pawn shop
  98. J

    Audio Interface Question

    I'm going to work backwards to answer you 1. An SM58 is fine, honestly every big artist uses them live when people are paying thousands for tickets- no reason you can't use one in the studio 2. I would not record vocals/guitar at the same time- no reason to, recording is about performance - I...
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