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    Wish Bypass effect after upper limit

    I would love of you could expand the "Chan Inc / Dec"-functionality with an option to "Bypass effect after upper limit". This way you could use one switch, i.ex "tap" on Drive 1 to go from Chan A -> Chan B -> Chan C -> Bypass -> Chan A.... and so on. Now I have to use the Hold mode to bypass...
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    Possible to set initial value per scene AND control by external pedal

    Howdy! I use my AF3 with the FC-12 and 3 external FC (two Boss FV-500 for volume and delay mix, and one Mission for wah). I normally set my delay block with a modifier connected to "input gain"> FC Pedal 1. Works as a charm. Other times I have 'em set to fixed values by scenes. I.ex: Scene1 =...
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    Michael Landau’s 'I’m buzzed' with Axe & UAD

    Noodling around with some fragments of Michael Landau’s “I’m buzzed”. Tried to replicate that “80’s trichorus” sound with Soundtoys Microshift and UAD trichorus. The rest is Axe-FX II (or AX-8, can’t really remember). I believe I used my Plexi 50w preset. Sounds great IMHO. Guess I have to get...
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    Dag Tofteng - Baritone funk

    Inspired by the great Mark Lettieri (Snarky puppy), I decided to give my OWL baritoneguitar a try. The strat is a Suhr Classic with VP60lp pups. Axe-FX II all the way straight into Cubase.
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    Justin Derrico - "Babe, I'm gonna leave you" (Pink version)

    This is my attempt to get some of the essence of the great "Babe, I'm gonna leave you" solo by Justin Derrico (Pink, Funhouse version). Not the entire solo though. Gibson LP Standard 2012 into Axe-FX II (Capt Hook 2B amp).
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    Toggle X/Y/Off

    Hi! Perhaps this should be posted in the "wishes" forum, but I try here anyway, since this also is a question :) One feature I'd really like on my MFC is the ability to toggle an IA like this: X -> Y -> Off -> X -> Y etc... In many of my presets I have set my i.e Delay1 with A= mix 10%, B= mix...
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