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  1. TylerDurden

    FC Controllers Now Shipping!

    FYI: got on waitlist 5/21 2:06pm EST.. Just received invite and purchased.
  2. TylerDurden

    Classes The Complete Axe-Fx III Master Class with Cooper Carter - v3.0 AVAILABLE NOW!

    $120 = pennies on the hour for how long it will take me to digest everything as well as revisit the resource.. Thanks for your hard work.. -guy who lacks attention span for manuals..
  3. TylerDurden

    FC12 timeline?

    Really looking forward to FC - in the meantime I would love to get Cooper Carter's III masterclass to bide my time..usefully.
  4. TylerDurden

    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    III out for delivery. Came across IIXL invoice from 2014. The price has increased by 04 cents. What other company has done that??
  5. TylerDurden

    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    I emailed on 2/5.. didn’t get confirmation but sent another email 3/21 along with original email requesting confirmation (either way). Original date honored - ordered - stoked!
  6. TylerDurden

    Welcome Brian Aubert from Silversun Pickups

    Awesome!.. Now we need a preset for "Panic Switch" and "Dream at Tempo 119".. among others.. :)
  7. TylerDurden

    Stephen Carpenter Patches (Deftones)

    Saw Stephen Carpenter last night after the ( fantastic ) Deftones Tabernacle show. He mentioned his Axe-FX II blowing up and his back up unit didn't properly load his presets. Sounded great to me! He mentioned "buying" another one. Incredibly gracious guy - spent about 40 minutes hanging with...
  8. TylerDurden

    Frustrated to the point of putting it all for sale

    +1 for a complete video tutorial series on the AXE II and MFC-101 - or a prescription for adderall... l still love my rig though!
  9. TylerDurden

    Let's all wish Cliff good vibes and a quick recovery!

    Hey Cliff, Best wishes.. Be well.
  10. TylerDurden

    Missed Pete Thorn's Lesson...

  11. TylerDurden

    trying to illuminate my rack

    I used this.. They have 1 rack unit solutions too.. rackfans.com.. They even sent little "atomic" grill covers on them ( no affiliation ).. but still cool - literally.. Just a thought... Gives off plenty of light to get in behind my rack..
  12. TylerDurden

    Pete Thorn with Axe-II

    The longer we wait for the release - the more these threads remind me of Lord of the Flies.. Thanks for your clips Pete! Nice work..
  13. TylerDurden

    Heavy Duty Ethernet for the Axe-Fx II and MFC-101

    Thanks. I'd show the rest of the rack but there is a giant 2 rack space hole in it til sometime after June 6th!!!
  14. TylerDurden

    Heavy Duty Ethernet for the Axe-Fx II and MFC-101

    Here's a pic of the bottom of my rack..
  15. TylerDurden

    Heavy Duty Ethernet for the Axe-Fx II and MFC-101

    The connector I had in mind snaps around the pre-existing RJ45 so it locks into the EtherCon Jack which leaves me with RJ45 to EtherCon CAT5 cable out to foot controller. Why do all this? I dig my rack. Same reason I had chrome caps on my bike..
  16. TylerDurden

    Heavy Duty Ethernet for the Axe-Fx II and MFC-101

    You are correct. I have a single space bay at the bottom of my rack with combo ( XLR/1/4 ) connectors across. The last slot is currently a 7 pin D chassis I set up to plug into for strain relief and cable management. I wanted to swap out the 7 pin to 5 pin and connect my laptop to the front of...
  17. TylerDurden

    Heavy Duty Ethernet for the Axe-Fx II and MFC-101

    I should have made that clear. Out to MFC101.. So - the way my little sponge is absorbing this - Fractal foot controller via ethernet to EtherCon ( NE8MC - which to my understanding - snaps around a pre-existing ethernet jack ) into D chassis ( NE8FPD ) EtherCon Jack which is mounted to my rack...
  18. TylerDurden

    Heavy Duty Ethernet for the Axe-Fx II and MFC-101

    Best-Tronics Mfg., Inc.: NE8MC Late to the discussion - but I was thinking of using this ( above ) for a "pre terminated" ethernet cable into Neutrik D chassis thru Ethernet ( below ) into my rack.. EtherCon on front through to RJ45 back. Best-Tronics Mfg., Inc.: NE8FDP Anyone?
  19. TylerDurden

    Wow, What A Tease...

    I did the double take too!!!
  20. TylerDurden


    Why is it always veal? Are people afraid of veal in the Catskills?
  21. TylerDurden

    Will you buy an Axe FX II?

    As soon as I can jam it in the cart... A tribute to the quality of the gear and company..
  22. TylerDurden

    Attaching the MFC to a pedal board?

    I ran 6 velcro strips - three 2 in. strips vertically along the back - either side of the back center screw.. I don't think it's ever gonna come off. Forgot how strong velcro can be.
  23. TylerDurden

    MFC with 4 expression pedals- what pedalboard?

    I use a NYCpedalboard ( BIg Shot - standard model ) with 4 pedals and it fits perfectly.
  24. TylerDurden

    So...which 7 pin midi cables work??

    +1 Best-tronics. Great quality, fast shipping. They have a 7 pin ( actually 8 ) "D" size panel mount receptacle for the front of a rack panel. I bought a second 4ft cable to sacrifice inside the rack so I can just plug into the front.
  25. TylerDurden

    Expression Pedal & Cable Quality?

    Does it matter if the connector is TRS or TS? Right angle TRS' are a little harder to find. Mission Engineering seems to show TRS connectors? Could be mistaken.. I have some patch cables I would like to "reuse" with 90 degree connectors to save a few bucks.. Anyone? Disregard the "little...
  26. TylerDurden

    The MFC-101 MIDI Foot Controller

    I just snagged one.. I can't imagine where I am on the "list".. Went through my morning routine of coffee and MFC101 denial and lo' and behold.... Had to read it a couple of times to make sure I was awake... Just got order confirmation.. Can't wait!
  27. TylerDurden

    Expression Pedal & Cable Quality?

    I just purchased the "Big Shot" ( standard model ) from NYCPedalboards in anticipation of an MFC101 - and (eventually) four pedals. The quality is really good.
  28. TylerDurden

    Waiting list????

    No email here. I had some confusion on when I actually got on the list ( sent request last fall - reconfirmed in early spring - got email reply confirmation second time ) ..
  29. TylerDurden

    Case for MFC-101

    I'm thinking of going with one of these pedal boards - comes with a top that becomes the case.. http://www.nycpedalboards.com/
  30. TylerDurden

    Is Mission Engineering gone?

    Very enlightening... Great community here - Thanks again.
  31. TylerDurden

    Is Mission Engineering gone?

    I just ordered 2 EP-1s ( 1 spring ).. What situation would call for polarity reversal? Thanks again for taking the time to respond...
  32. TylerDurden

    Is Mission Engineering gone?

    Thanks for the reply.. -any effect that I wouldn't want a spring load on. I guess my ambiguous question was in regards to the EP-1 working for all my needs ( spring or not ) ; effect or volume..
  33. TylerDurden

    Is Mission Engineering gone?

    I'm thinkng of an EP-1 with the spring option dedicated for wah ( as so many suggest ).. I'm also thinking of a non-spring loaded pedal for an additional effect or dedicated volume. Can anyone clarify this model ( EP-1 no spring ) would still be the way to go. Also - if I'm running two...
  34. TylerDurden

    Ultra into Ensemble

    Thanks, I will. I thought it was a long shot.. I just wanted to make sure I was looking at all alternatives before I finish wiring my rack...
  35. TylerDurden

    Ultra into Ensemble

    I am currently running my Ultra into the Ensemble via balanced ( XLR ) L/R output into XLR input 1 and 2. Is there a way to come out of the Axe digitally ( stereo ) into the Ensemble DIgitally. I'm trying to conserve the anologue inputs.. Thanks in advance...
  36. TylerDurden

    Has anyone been able to "add to cart" this week?

    Is there a purpose to the waiting list at this point? I seem to remember 50-100 bucks off if you were waitlisted. Is this all I'm sacrificing if I successfully "add to cart"? Is Fractal still going by a list?
  37. TylerDurden

    Where are you on the Fractal waiting list?? Who's on first?

    Re: Where are you on the Fractal waiting list?? Who's on fi I hear it'll be in reverse alphabetical order.... :P
  38. TylerDurden

    MFC 101 update ?

    It was meant strictly as a compliment to FA. I was just surprised by how many people cared about looks and LEDs :P
  39. TylerDurden

    MFC 101 update ?

    I think it looks great. I could care less about the bezel - and I don't want an integrated expression pedal. It is my understanding the MFC wil fit into a 19" rack space - or hopefuly onto a slide out drawer. For this kind of functionality and flexibility I'll use my own (favorite)...
  40. TylerDurden

    Any more word on the new Atomic FR cabs?

    I got 2 MBs with 2 passive wedges last week. I only have a half dozen combo amps in my playing years to compare, but I must say it's the first time I have plugged and played completely happy - no buyers remorse here. They are loud - I can't reasonably get 'em past 9 O-clock.. The finish is top...
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