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    Axe-Fx III for Bass: First Impressions and Review

    Thanks for the vid! I'm a bassist first and a guitarist second and have had an Axe-FX 2 for quite a few years. I find the Axe perfect for bass in the styles of music I play(Blues, Rock and Country) When recording most bassists I know DI to the board and do the same live in bigger venues. Amps...
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    Did you sell your "REAL" rig in favor of the Axe?

    I seem to be the opposite. Since December 2011, when I bought my Axe, I've BOUGHT a Mesa 5:25+ Head, a 65 Princeton Reverb ReIssue, and a 1*12 Celestion Gold, a 1*10 Celestion Gold and 2 1*12 Celestion Blue with Home made cabs. I still have the 2 Mesa 5:25 1*10 combos I got in 2008. I still...
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    External Effects

    I've used my Fulltone Octafuzz before the front panel input with very good results, but never tried using anything through the FX Loop.
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    External Effects

    Does anyone use their favourite effect pedals or units with their Axe? If so Do you place them before the input or use the FX loop, or a combination of both?
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    What do you play during sound check?

    Our band has three lead vocalists so most of the sound check is making sure we can hear ourselves when we sing, so we do parts of songs we each sing as well as harmony parts. We play in bars so do not get much time for a sound check. Don't mind giving a tease of a few songs! As the guitarist...
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    The mysterious submenues of the amp block

    You say you are using bass and are underwhelmed with the compression. Why not add whatever compressor you used for your bass before you got the Axe. I find that the Axe takes pedals nicely in front of the input. You could experiment, also, using the FX Loop Input/Output, using an external...
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    Sans Amp...What's your take?

    I play bass and guitar. I have a few character pedals as well as the Bass Driver DI. I have two good tube guitar amps and a good bass amp, as well as an Axe 2. To be honest I usually leave the amps and Axe at home and use a Deluxe Liverpool for guitar(I use some pedals( wah, phaser, in front...
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    Axe-Edit 3.05 Time-out

    Updated today and when I open Axe-Edit I get a Communications timeout - Initialization: get_all_patch_names. I was able to update the new firmware and the presets so I do not believe the problem is in the USB cable Win 7 Thanks
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    Bonamassa Backing Tracks

    GuitarBackingTracks.com has free MP3downloads Lick Library has a CD/DVD Jam with JB if you like that series. Not sure if any of these are what you're looking for.
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    Octave Dist

    Thanks Richard, I'll try that.
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    Octave Dist

    Thanks for the responses. When I run effects into my amp I have the Octafuzz set at the octave setting(toggle switch set at octa with the boost set at around 10 o.clock) as I use another pedal for fuzz after it(Fulltone 69 or 70 or Soulbender) and that is how I want to set up my Axe(using 2...
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    Octave Dist

    I am a newer AF2 user and just received my MFC-101 so its time to start building my own presets! I will be asking a few questions as I go along so forgive me if this subject has been raised in the past I have the Fulltone Octafuzz pedal and use it with the little switch set to Octa with the...
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    MFC Availability 2013?

    What version of the firmware will be installed on the new ones? Thanks
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    How to politely evict a band mate?

    A couple of questions. Age? Are you trying to make it full time as a musician? Ottawa Area is not the best place to do that! Does she have family responsibilities that result in missing practices? How long has she been in the band? From how you describe her singing ability I have to ask...
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    MFC price increase?

    The 699.00 was the holiday special price. I ordered my Axe-FX2 on Dec 30/12 and the MFC was out of stock then, but it had been available up to about a week before I ordered mine. If you had put yourself on the waiting list before the price increase you should be able to order the MFC at the...
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    Does the MFC-101 come with cables

    I just ordered the AxeFX 2 the other day and I am on the waiting list for the MFC-101. Does the ethernet cable that connects it to the AxeFX 2 come with it in the box or does have to be purchased seperately? Thanks
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